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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

What DNA of the Elohim Means

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who do not read the Bible need to start, and those who read it and don't understand it, also need to get tuned up. 

As the many inhabitants in Hell -- that is, the jurisdiction of the sea, have tried to find "narratives" (lies)  to serve themselves and their corporations (more lies), I have heard about every excuse imaginable for treason and bad faith and gross breach of trust. 

I have also heard no end of claims being made by would-be charlatans and patsies and people who are merely confused--- for example: 

(1) I own the world because I have the DNA of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Family ("King Tut"); 

(2) I own the world because "Marduk" named me as his Successor (that's Kim Goguen's Schtick);

(3) I own the world because I am the inheritor of a Treaty with King George or Pope Innocent;

(4) I own the world because I won a court case; 

(5) I own the world because I have DNA inherited from the Elohim; 

(6) I own the world because I have the initials "TVM".... 

The Truth is that the Creator owns everything and always did. 

Mankind was given dominion over the Earth to act as a Caretaker of it, and was not given the authority to destroy it.  Man's own creations -- corporations, governments, etc.,--- are obviously not given authority to destroy the Earth, either.  

Now, please pay attention, the Creator did not condone or approve of what the Fallen Angels did here by taking and mating with women; their offspring, the Nephilim, were not blessed and are not a legitimate part of Creation.

So anyone on Earth claiming to have the DNA of the Elohim is admitting to being related to the Fallen and the Nephilim, and they have less than no claim to own anything here. 

At best, they are refugees displaced from their natural realm by their own choices, or hybrids that do not have a God-created body, and therefore, cannot be Inheritors. 

Part of the current crime against Humanity has the same effect -- defacing the God-creation with a polluted unnatural genome, thanks to injected mRNA. 

The Faithful Angels continue to incarnate on Earth energetically, but there is no physical DNA specifically related to them, because they didn't mate with women.  They left no Nephilim offspring as a result and did nothing to pollute the pure God-created genome.  

Adam and Eve both had God-created bodies and a God-created genome, but over the years this has been degraded and altered.

Mankind originally had 12-strand DNA.  Now it has two-strand DNA. 

Originally, mankind could live indefinitely.  Now, the lifespan of mankind has been limited to 120 years by artificially "capping" Chromosome 2.  

Likewise, mankind could not have cancer or many other modern diseases, because their original DNA included active cancer and poison suppressor genes.  

We can say this with certainty because of the Biblical records and the fossil records and scientific evidence of gene editing and gene splicing that is evident today

So wrong-headed has Mankind been, that instead of being Caretakers, they and their corporations have willy-nilly experimented with the building blocks of creation-- with no respect for and no understanding of --the sacred and immutable nature of Creation.  

They have committed atrocities including the murder of millions upon millions of babies.  They have created man-pigs, man-dogs, man-reptiles, and more.  They have become addicted to a diet of blood. 
They have practiced every kind of abomination on the Earth and they have not only failed to repent, they've increased their infamy and their offenses against Creation and the Creator, whom the Sons of Cain, the Elders of Zion and Fathers of Cities, call the Primal Creator. 

Men have thoughtlessly broken the First and Second Great Commandments, to have no other gods, and to make no idols or other graven images----and slowly, stupidly, mankind has again fallen into the worship of Satan, Mammon (Money), and Baphomet, and have consigned themselves and their sons and daughters to Hell on Earth, in the jurisdiction of the sea.

When I come to them and say, "No, this is all wrong. Pay attention and come home to the land and soil jurisdiction. Repent all this wrong-doing and live as free men."  

Then those who have thrown away their birthright or let it be stolen from them, want to argue with me.  They are miserable and they are beaten, their own public servants rob them, they have no freedom; they are the prey of every kind of "agency" and dimly they realize that the world is upside down. 

They have no explanation for this.  They want to fight, but haven't bothered to analyze the problem. They run in all directions like so many cockroaches fleeing the light.  They come up with all kinds of theories about this situation, and gurus swarm like flies in August, ready to lead many astray.  

Still, we stand here, we few who hold the truth to be self-evident. 


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  1. All the animals have a yoke stalk or belly button except Adam and Eve

    1. do we *know* that? k'ding.
      its okay either way tho' c'uz jesuis musta had one.

    2. looks like their PlannedAgenda for The BellyButton-less Crowd /"The Aliens" fell out of the sky a faster than a "Chynah Balloon Over Montana".
      now its being speculated that the good American people are being set-up once AGAIN to start a war amongst one another. Thank you God that we are standing together: we know we are all Americans. Thank you God. Thank you for every American who refuses to harm other Americans and for every one of us who is trusting in you and trusting each other, knowing we will stand together and lend a hand, come what may. Continue to bless each and every one of us and those who are our friends in other nations, abundantly spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and thank you that your presence and your peace continues with us every step we take. you are wonderful. you are magnificent. only you are worthy.

    3. Anna's writing above (and most all her writings) are sufficiently valuable to peruse and to read. Valuable if you have at least some, if limited, spectrum capacity with which to evaluate? Those who do not, even they may learn(?)

      Improve your skill at analysis. Comb through her article here, and notate items with which you agree/concur versus thoughts/items with which you can neither agree/nor disagree, for lack of information. And them most importantly notate that which you know to be in fact contrary to all fact, act, past, present or future to be of irrefutable inaccuracy and impossibility.

      And then share all your newly attained analysis with us.

      Thanks, in anticipation of you proving your value to we here, who are seeking, through her 4000 plus articles. Versus sorting out followers wayward mental meanderings, as evidenced by their blogs.

      We are here together, following her word strewn garden of color, light, love, and longing.


    4. you may borrow that term "mental meanderings" provided you repeat it continuously.

    5. I would bet you have a hard time managing your own life, better leave the words other people say to each one and pay attention to improving.

  2. These opinionated writings are driving people away. They are nothing more than AVR's own views, and interpretation of history and current events.

    1. . . .i detect a sap sucking aphid or two, in the garden.

    2. The sap has run dry.

  3. This is childish and deluded.

  4. It's already been proven by Dr. Otto Warburg that any cell can become cancerous by starving it of oxygen. The cells form a tumor and try to live off glucose. Or something to that effect.. He also proved any cell can be cured of cancer by flooding the cells with oxygen. I'm sorry but this article is pure wack job opinion.The rest is just an incredibly childish view of the universe. I already know she'll eat crow on that one.

    1. great reminder on oxygen. wheatgrass juice or barleygrass juice/other, fantastic! ann wigmore did work with rejuvalac: sprout grain in water a certain way and drink the water. soo many good things. very cheap to do!!

    2. I saw the Esteemed Dr. Otto Warburg at a dinner convention, and later also at breakfast. At each eating his mouth was disgustingly grining lathered with long black feathers....eeeuuu!

    3. You sure you weren't looking in a mirror?

    4. Pity unfortunate Dr. Otto Warburg, our waiter had left open a window to the garden, through which came suddenly a cawing massive murmuration of crows, funneling-in and blanketing the good Dr. within a shimmering black mirror of madness. All the guests scattered covered in guano. I never returned, nor did I tip the waiter. I did pay the bill.

    5. So it IS you looking in the mirror then.

    6. . . . and as you would well know, you suffer a dulling seemingly much too self abused mind.

    7. There you go again, projecting your own patheticly broken image off onto healthy people?

  5. Question for all: Who do you know among your circle of friends and family that has been 100% accurate in all their supposed knowledge, thoughts and beliefs? Extend this to the so called professionals and "experts" in the various fields that exist in our society. Have any of them been 100% accurate in their stated beliefs and/or knowledge?
    My own answer to this question is no one man or woman in my life has ever been 100% accurate. Ever. Ego filters always get in the way and distort what is really true. None of us are immune to it.

    1. Are you going to extend that belief to Bill Gates and Soros? It's obvious in the face of what they say that they are wrong. Stop being a blind follower.

    2. Do you lack reading comprehension? Idiot.

    3. Anon 7:35 lacks reading comprehension. The comment is cautioning against being a blind follower. Lol

    4. Read it again. Comment could be either a blind follower OR a warning not to be one.

    5. No. You lack reading comprehension as well.

    6. If you think it means only not do not be a blind follower your thinking capacities are below par.

    7. You dunce. Lol. I asked you who you knew that was 100% correct about everything? The correct answer is NO ONE!!!! . Do you have trouble putting two and two together? My God some of you are incredibly dumb.

    8. i have to admit that these arguments that Anonymous has with itself can be fairly entertaining sometimes.

    9. Then the dunce is the poster who is too dull to grasp that their comment can be understood two different ways... Dull minded. Its sad. No wonder this country is in trouble.

  6. i may be wrong, but i believe that Sasha Latypova was the first to reveal that the DoD has been in control of the Covid campaign from the start. Here is an article she wrote on December 22, 2022 titled "Nobody Knows What is in The Vials.


  7. In politics and life........nothing happens by accident
    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Dr Jane Ruby

    "Does everybody understand that the state of Ohio and essentially all Americans, are the victims of yet another domestic terrorism attack…
    By our own government?

    So Jim Jordan of Ohio has been making the rounds on mainstream media and not one mention of the dangerous catastrophe in Ohio?
    Now do you think your politicians are coming to rescue you? They were ALL bought off long ago my friends.
    And I'm hoping after a swift trial, and conviction, that they are all hung on the lawn of Capitol Hill"

    ALERT: The Ohio train wreck chemical bomb scenario is FAR WORSE than I initially realized. In tomorrow's podcast, I interview a hazardous materials emergency preparedness officer with special training in train wrecks. He sounds multiple warnings. Furthermore, I delve into the issue of #dioxins and how they are extremely toxic and cancer-causing at insanely low concentrations such as FEMTOGRAMS. A femtogram is one millionth of a nanogram, which is one millionth of a milligram. We're talking insane toxicity at ridiculously low levels, and when they set fire to this vinyl chloride, they unleashed a massive CHEMICAL BOMB of dioxins. Farms, homes and local food will be contaminated beyond belief. My title tomorrow is, "Situation Update, Feb 16, 2023 - Devastating DIOXIN exposure from Ohio train wreck burn will CONTAMINATE food, farms and families for YEARS to come"

  8. Yes, 'Eloh' is God's name in Hebrew. Elohim means almighty God, or God is Great as does 'Allah' in arabic.
    No, Angels can't fall, they don't have free will.
    'No other gods' includes pagan practice of making men into gods, including 'Jesus as god' concept.

  9. Someones been watching 5th Element. :P


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