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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia (Everyone Else Follow Along):

 By Anna Von Reitz

They, the British Territorial interests, formed the first version of the “United States of America, Incorporated” PRIOR to the Mercenary Conflict known as the American Civil War, and after the hostilities ceased in 1868, they ginned up a slightly different version, “The United States of America, Incorporated” — a Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1906 in preparation for the First World War.

The same pattern has persisted ever since. These commercial corporations pretending to “represent” us go bankrupt prior to starting another war for profit.  They are doing it again right now. 

That is why they all need to be liquidated for cause right about now. 

Lincoln worked for the first “United States of America, Incorporated”, bankrupted it in 1863, and the next version, “The United States of America, Incorporated” was formed in 1868. 

Both of these were British Territorial Crown Corporations and had nothing to do with the Papist side of things.  

The Papists sided with the Southerners because the Romans have always made their money off slavery and secondarily because the Southern States-of-States were, technically, right.  Man cannot guarantee contracts much less “perpetual contracts”.  

Thus there were two parties on each side of the Mercenary Conflict we call the Civil War, making a total of four recognizable entities involved. 

The British Territorial entity dba the “United States of America” — a foreign commercial corporation and the Northern States-of-States that had been part of the original Confederacy together made up one side rather deceptively calling itself “the Union”. 

The other side was made up of the Southern States-of-States that were former members of the original Confederacy — The Confederate States of America — and the Papist “Union of Confederate States” together  made up the Southern side of the conflict. 

The Dutch interests — the remnants of the Dutch East India Company — fought with the North and were centered (still are) in New York so both commercial investment corporations were “winners” in the conflict. They were not, as you suppose, enemies —- both were colluding together in a war for profit scheme and had a history of such collusion ever since the Bottomry Bonds Scandal led to the dissolution of the Dutch East India Company in 1702.  

The British East India Company offered them safe haven in America. 

By the time the so-called American Civil War broke out they were both accomplished in the art of privateering and generating war for profit based on collusion. 

They are still doing it. 

Donald Trump, a Dutch “President” representing the British Crown Corporation is playing the carrot while Joe Biden the British “President” of a Dutch-Chinese Municipal Corporation plays the stick as they jointly attempt to create World War III out of nothing. 

If you haven’t noticed, they have been trying to foment a war for profit ever since Obama took office. 

So, instead of spreading lies and fanciful rumors you’d all be better off simply facing facts and getting on board to help support and restore full function of our rightful government. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America -- Unincorporated


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  1. add to that "NotNews": that just as supposely- "James" is writing Articles encouraging Americans to scream for 'The Involuntary TakeDown' of all of the VaticanIncCon-Structed Corporation s [FICTIONS], "BloomBerg" is also Reporting that the "U.S. TREASURY"FICTION may "De-FAULT" FICTION by July!

    how utterly predictable.

    ITS ALL FICTION! :):):) it only applies to the FICTIONAL CHARACTERS THEY MAKE UP!
    none of their Acts and Plays and Characters and Courts/Banks/Benches apply to God-created *man*.
    we know.
    we say "no".
    theyre PAN-ICK-ing!!

    1. looks like all this HORRIBLE CRAP has all just been for the purpose of scaring people into the NewMonEyeSystem??????
      bankruptcyFICTION?? Ba'a lone eye.
      looks more to me like these LAZY STOOPI D LYING WORTHLESS A**F*C* POS THIEVES just tried to steal what God gave to the good people!!
      We're not having it! Get back under your rocks youcock suc--, i mean roaches :):):).
      hows bout yall jes keep jamm thm provossscuss in yourown ice and leave the people who dont want to be with you alone? hmmm?

      cuz y'no iherd yall cant make (a) man violate his conscience before God and man, and other things, or yall lose yar CoverHood OffUs *as* Ba'al Priests!!! is tha tru? cmon tellus now.:):):)

    2. one could make a good living doing Stand-Up Comedy using their IGNORANT, ILL-LOGICAL Narratives:
      example: a woman had sex with a snake. you have GOT to be ignorant as hell is hot to even come up with something like that, especially when they also want to "claim" the bible is theirs and the bible says each reproduces after its own kind.
      .... meaning all this snake hybrids alien business by people who claim the bible is theirs too is just distractive destructive lying CRAP and they know it.
      because, no, a snake is not doing evil to other men.
      its men doing it because man is the only one allowed to DO anything on earth right now unless God dispatches angels or man ALLOWS his body to be used. otherwise the spirit-ual be-ings have no physical bodies to use.
      snake schmake. its men. and they all know it too.

      they may have a twoballsandcane ring stuck on their bloated finger, but the same God who made those twoballs is the one who is going to judge what theyve done in THEIR body, whether for good or not. and Saturn is not going to come to their rescue either because the same one who is going to judge them created the distant "flying dustball" Named Saturn, and it will remain silent with the rest at the judgment seat.

    3. Most importantly - You woman:janmarie in name and if flesh, and if with a soul(?) you are, from top to bottom, over and under, in and out, fiction.

    4. @woman:janmarie : you are so wrapped up in yourself, the recognition of your own hipocritical, fictional character/persona eludes you, causing your virtue signaling and religion to be constantly exhibited as phony and vain. you present yourself merely as an ignorant and obnoxious penwiper ! imo.
      You really need to get over yourself !!!

    5. anony1217p,
      nobody is listening to you.

    6. anony325p,
      youre the one who just wrote out a paragraph about me.
      how about this: stop obsessing about me? :)

  2. we already won the "War" that they already started on us. again.
    the good American people that they "Recruited" by lying to them have already backed-off and want no part of the fraud that they can now see is going on, if any:).
    the only ones left standing now are the liars and the ones they are holding against their will, using threats and abuses.

  3. how about: dont forget what bubba just posted?:

    ** whenever man's law, even common law, conflicts with God's law, God's law wins. **

    bubba said it better than that.

  4. Thanks to Anna and James for all of those historical exposés. May Divine Province of Almighty TrueLivingGod keep Anna, James, Paul et allia safe.

    (Fraud Vitiates / Voids All.
    AllContracts PublicAndPrivate.)
    (US vs Throckmorton, 1878)

    Dear Almighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    P. S.
    Please remember February 17, 2023
    Brunson Brothers vs SCOTUS #22-380

    P. S. 2
    News from E. U. FraudMachine!
    Every eggs producing hen farm must have a license to lay eggs.

    "EU rules require all laying hen establishments (production sites) with 350 or more laying hens to be registered and allocated a distinguishing number. If they are not registered, the eggs produced are not allowed to be marketed for human consumption."

  5. God Bless America! Lets Show Them We The People Will SAVE AMERICA!!!!!!! ANNA You are LOVED

  6. Anna I love you, but I have a had time believing Donald Trump is a player in this evil. Geez, I thought you 2 were working together and on the same page. What about law of the military and the executive orders he wrote that are in place? Trump did not start any wars and he ended Obama's warmongering. I stand to be corrected if needed.

  7. Trump was a toy boy brought in to NYC
    By Roy Cohan like Obama Chicago bathhouses.
    Multiple videos of Trump calling for confiscation of Guns and using military to administer kill shots.
    The myth of issueing executive orders like the state worshipping Pendergast spouts is for Q fools .
    The (((fake jew Zionist))) would just do it with zero repercussions.
    He’s following a script .

    1. Oh and Anna “the civil war was to turn American into a corporation “.
      Retired federal judge Dale

    2. I have yet to see any solid evidence of Trump knowingly being part of all of this stuff. If he is, then by all means, show the proof instead of just making endless accusations.

    3. I have seen the evidence! and wake up can be painful good luck!

    4. Trump is Jesuit educated; he owed the Banksters $1,000,000,000.00 --- by their own public statements on national television: [rather than write him off (💸 )] "he owes us a billion dollars, we decided to have him work for us"! He works for 'them' --- nuf said !

  8. Thanks Anna and Paul and all involved, for your commitment to these issues.


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