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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Addendum to Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia:

 By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding the idea that the "Civil War" was a contest between Eastern Orhodoxy and Roman Catholic Patriarchy --- you'd be laughed right out of the room by all the Southern Baptists. And me, too.  You'd also be an easy victim of both sides of the scheming Uniparty if you think that the Dutch and the British Investment Groups were ever opposed.  

They have been BFF since 1702. 

There was no "war" between Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Patriarchy; just look at the bank accounts of the Eastern Prelates to establish that fact. They got their shares out of this violent swindle and went back for more. That's how Prince Philip's family insured their "royal" Greek fortunes.  

What did happen was an illegal Mercenary Conflict ginned up and foisted off and purported to be over the issue of slavery, when it was never actually about slavery -- at least not in the view of the States-of-States that were members of the original Confederation.  

Lincoln himself said it several times. He was content to let the institution of slavery alone, so long as he could glom onto the natural resources of the Southern States and use them as chattel to back investments desired by the Northern States-of-States that were also members of the original Confederation.  Those proposed investments were counter to the best interests of the Southern States-of-States, so they said not only no, but Hell no.

The British-affiliated Territorial Government wanted the Confederation to invest in failed cotton plantations that the British Parliament bought in Egypt, and in new cotton processing and milling facilities in Europe.  The Northern States-of-States wanted to do this, but they were already in debt and leveraged to the hilt, so the only ones that had abundant unencumbered property assets that could be used for this, were the Southern States-of-States that would have then been funding their own competition.  

The Southern States-of-States said no politely at first and then with gathering force.  They saw no reason why they should put their hard-earned assets at risk to borrow money to fund bad British investments designed to compete with them for the cotton market they largely depended upon. They would have had to take the losses already on the books from the failed Egyptian cotton plantations. 

"If we are free men, able to make our own decisions about our investments, why in Heaven's name should we do this?" The leader of the Southern Convention asked Mr. Lincoln. 

"For the sake of amity," Lincoln replied. 

In other words, bet against yourselves at your own expense to benefit your rivals, or we will come to blows over this. 

Contrary to your statement that "The Papist Government has bankrupted all the functions of the "Federal United States".... that's not what happened or is happening, either.   

The Holy See, which is separate from the Municipal Government of the United States, has been forced to bankrupt these corporations because they have been operating unlawfully and causing injury to living people.  They bankrupted Municipal Corporations and Territorial Corporations, alike, as they had to, to preserve the agreements that allow corporations to exist at all. 

All corporations and incorporated entities are required to function lawfully and for lawful purposes.  Note the word "lawful" --- not "legal".  This is the Prime Condition allowing corporations to be chartered and to conduct business at all. They are not allowed to defraud living people or cause us any material harm, and if they do, they must be involuntarily liquidated.  

These corporations all had the choice set before them and they all made the wrong choice.  It had nothing to do with politics.  It has everything to do with these corporations scheming to gain coercive power and enrich themselves by injuring living people and/or unlawfully converting and confiscating our assets.

Also contrary to your assumptions, all the physical assets belong to me and the rest of the American people, not your corporations --- and the assets always did belong to me and the other living people. Not to the foreign "Persons"  who pretended to act as our custodians and trustees.  That's all behind us now, Jack. Now your cover is blown from sea to shining sea. 

All the assets --- the land, the soil, the gold, and every other physical asset that comes from the Earth, belongs to the living people, not corporations.  And to prove this point, I will continue to bankrupt every corporation you paste up. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America -- Unincorporated

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.


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  1. Spot on, again Anna! Hate to be the adversary when what is true is shining like the Sun at high noon on the equator in the dead of summer. :-)

    1. ".. in the middle of Summer"
      Just sayin, m

  2. Only a Confederation was ratified by the American people. no Federation ever has been.
    and no Federation is ratified by the American people now.
    thats just the way it is.

    the Imagination: "annainc"/ LivingLaw FICTION and its Pretended FederationFICTION does not, and cannot, have authority over land, labor, people, or anything else God-made.
    i can though and i do.

  3. Who the hell is Jack Chapman? These names of people engaged in some sort of nefarious activity keep popping up all the time in Anna's postings. It would be nice if there was a little bit of basic journalistic who, what, when, where, and how accompanying these names. Somebody please clue me in, or at least let me know where to find this basic info.

  4. Nevermind. i searched for "Jack Chapman" and the search gave me Anna's "Beware the 169,000 Cow Pies" article. Apparently, Chapman is some sort of grifter attempting to use The Reign of Heavens disaster to con people.

  5. Dear Anna, James, Paul et alia i am whole heartedly with Your awesome
    work and grand-toil.

    Let it be.
    DearAlmighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  6. All due respect, Anna? You are my hero. I love you...and your team. Thank you. You give hope. Best regards to your husband. His writing has been inspiring. - Scott Arthur Newbury


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