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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

International Public Notice - Valentine's Day, 2023

 From James C. Belcher

Since before the Revolutionary War, there have been two large investment companies active in this country -- whether corporate or incorporated -- and for the purposes of simplicity, we will just call them "the US, INC." and "the USA, Inc.".  

The US, INC. we see today is largely influenced and controlled by Continental European investment groups and has gone through numerous self-serving "bankruptcies".  The most recent such bankruptcy resulted in China claiming (falsely) to be its Priority Creditor and acquiring controlling interest in the assets, including Joe Biden.  

The USA, Inc. we see today is British based and controlled by the British Crown Corporation. It, too, has recently undergone bankruptcy of a less drastic form and is about to resurrect itself. 

Both of these players have developed spin-off corporations, calling themselves ---  the "United Space Service, INC." and until recently, when Donald Trump officially created the new Space Force as a separate Armed Service, the "Secret Space Program", still functioning as the SSP, Inc. 

Both of these corporations, however represented, make their money off of war and everything criminal you can imagine.  

Both of them employ mercenaries though they call them "soldiers" and fool people who are inducted into these services into thinking that they are working for an actual government instead of acting as cheap mercenaries. 

These two commercial corporations in the business of providing "governmental services"  are not "American" though numerous individual Americans work for them, and some wealthy Americans have invested in them knowingly. 

However, the American people are not in control of their operations and don't deserve to be blamed for their existence and mismanagement.  We wince every time we hear about how "America" is doing something awful somewhere in the world, and instead, it is always an action being pursued by these two foreign commercial corporations "in our names" without our knowledge or consent.  

These foreign corporations were originally hired by our actual American Government to provide certain "enumerated services" spelled out in three different Constitutional Contracts issued in 1787, 1789, and 1790.  

Since then, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. have collaborated and colluded to evade their obligations under the Constitutional agreements and have deliberately impersonated and misrepresented their American Employers.   

Both of these corporations have made contact with "Alien Races" --- and kept this and a great many scientific advances (both man-created and from alien sources) secret, so as to create advantages for themselves. 

What we are seeing right now is that the USA, Inc. has acquired a new "unstoppable" weapon from Alien Sources.  They paid for this new weapons technology by selling Americans as slaves and "meat bodies" in exchange, and they hope to mask the disappearance of these large numbers of people behind the smoke and mirrors provided by their illegal biological warfare and genocide program. 

They have also lied to the Aliens and told them that all these people who got jabbed "volunteered" to sacrifice themselves for the good of their country and planet.  They had to lie about this because Universal Law requires free will, and no, there weren't billions of people willing to sacrifice their lives to buy new toys for the Pentagon.   

The USA, Inc. is now moving against Russia (which did not sell its people) and Germany and Iran and numerous other targets and is seeking to create an excuse to use its new insurmountable weapons technology.  The new USS, INC. run by China also sold its people, but bought defensive technology to shield itself from the scalar and solid state laser weapons the USA, Inc. is deploying. 

This is why we are all being told that we are on the brink of World War III and Putin is a madman, apparently because he wouldn't join in the mass genocide and wouldn't tolerate having the "western powers" running illegal bioweapons factories just across his border. 

As I have noted before, the treaties that created the modern country of Ukraine have clauses that allow Russia to invade under precisely the conditions that Russia has invaded.  So Vladimir Putin has done nothing wrong, but both the USS, INC. (through Biden) and the USA, Inc. (through Trump) have participated in the genocide-for-profit and arms race technology.  

Also note --- the new "QFS" financial system these cretins are trying to push on the entire world?  It was developed by the CIA at Wright Patterson AFB under the Code Name "Crimson Gate". 

Go figure. 

These horrific actions by both corporations and their "space programs" and their "quantum financial system" are nothing but coercive crimes against humanity and both need to be liquidated as criminal organizations without further adieu, along with their accomplices. 

Americans have no reason anymore, if they ever did, to support either one of these lawless organizations or the Principals that have employed these corporations as a means to pillage and plunder this country and its people under False Pretenses, entrapped us individually and collectively, and used us as fodder for their war-for-profit schemes.  

These criminal corporations and their subsidiaries in Europe and abroad have been misdirected by the Holy See, the British Monarchy, and the British Crown Corporation operated by the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London --- all of which have operated under cloak of secrecy, color of law, Gross Breach of Trust, and violation of their service contracts--- the Constitutions referenced above. 

Both of these criminal organizations have colluded together to violate virtually every international law and rule of common decency.  The Public Records prove it and their private actions prove it. 

So, how are we to run our country and ensure a peaceful and better world for all concerned?  We propose that the offending corporations be involuntarily liquidated for cause and placed under new management approved by the American people acting under conditions of full disclosure.  

Speaking for our lawful Federation of States in possession of the international land jurisdiction of this country, we insist that these changes be made and ask for international cooperation to make it so.  

A copy of this Notice is being sent to the so-called Department of Justice U.S. Trustees, and we note that there is not now and never was any consensual or necessary "trusteeship" authorized by us or our ancestors allowing our Employees to "salvage" us or otherwise represent our interests, cashier our assets, or trade upon our sovereignty.  

Issued By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

                  The United States of America


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  1. That’s the south not sour

  2. Wow another well said article.

  3. I wonder how many of My friends & family are aware and/or involved. I grew up 8 miles East of WPAFB. I knew not to get anywhere near the things spoken of. I decided to work hard trying to get these people in America to WAKE UP. After 50+ years at that task, I can safely say that will probably happen the same time pigs fly. But then again, the REPUBLIC was reinstituted so fruit is seen. May you be successful in getting Rome to do anything for the Greater Good of mankind. Bless you. Patriot 1592 out

  4. Thanks James another down to earth post.

  5. This warms the cockles of my hear sir, a joy indeed to read them.
    "So, how are we to run our country and ensure a peaceful and better world for all concerned? We propose that the offending corporations be involuntarily liquidated for cause and placed under new management approved by the American people acting under conditions of full disclosure."

    To be sure, the carrying out of this proposal will require the mustering of the full courage and strength of the founding fathers, and perhaps a little more still. Thank you sir, for your clarion call to muster the braves. Of one thing I am quite sure of, is that we face a far greater satanic force this go around, and will need to muster that greater resolve. Many around us it is already apparent, have not repented of their evil ways, and could well rise up against us too. They are the ones who follow the father of lies.

    Your words make me ponder a recent discovery, where the two witnesses in the Bible are not really two individuals, but two groups - the one gentile and the other Israelite (Philadelphia and Smyrna) , belonging to the two churches of revelations that were not rebuked. These same two after their 3.5yr ministry during the tribulations chastising the world, continue to war against Satan's minions during Satan's 3.5yrs. This has puzzled me as it implies a unified armed struggle. Now I wonder if this struggle does not in fact blossom into a broader like manner. with the people also rising up in other nations, becoming part of the tribulations of the end-times. The Saints do not capitulate - they fight the evil hoard. So I must ponder some more.

  6. I'm surprised, disappointed and sad that our Head of State believes in "Alien races" and scientific advancements from "alien sources".

  7. HugeThanks to James for epressing the true will of living world wide American people.

    (Fraud Vitiates / Voids All.
    AllContracts PublicAndPrivate.)
    (US vs Throckmorton, 1878)

    Dear Almighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    P. S.
    Please remember February 17, 2023
    Brunson Brothers vs SCOTUS #22-380


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