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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Down, Bottom Up and World Government Leadership

Where is the Top Down coming from? Who is facilitating the Bottom Up collectivism?

Erica Carle puts it all in perspecitve.
January 18, 2011
Top Down - Bottom Up

"Glenn Beck is correct – absolutely, positively correct - when he recognizes that our Constitutional government is being attacked from the top and from the bottom. But the problem is, we need to know who controls the top and who controls the bottom. The answer is, and has been before us for generations, but it is so simple and so huge that most people cannot see it and believe it."

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Why I could never be a "Libertarian"

The following article written by the Actor Michael Moriarty puts into words what I have been thinking about "Libertarianism" for a long time.
One must pay attention to the hierarchy of law, the highest law being "positive divine law" and the next being natural law, both of which are authored directly by God Himself. The laws of man should always reflect God's law, but this is a touchy subject and deserves careful consideration. I think Michael did a brilliant job.

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