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Monday, November 21, 2022

How To Steal an Election


November 21, 2022

Where is the Money?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Isn't the answer obvious?  It's where it's been (illegally) since 1863.  

It's in the possession and control of the U.S. Military and all their various minions administering the equally illegal National Banking Emergency Act and National Securities Emergency Act: the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements --- and all of which crimes against our Government and our People, remain largely unabated. 

Soldiers and sailors don't know much about money, except how to spend it. 

Nobody from first-to-last wants to take the blame for it, because these are all capital hang-from-the-yardarms crimes. 

We could do what I've suggested, and blame Abraham Lincoln and FDR for it, both of whom are long-dead and who are the point sources for the worst of it, but tempers (and fears) are running high. 

The actual government of this country has offered amnesty in return for cleaning this Mess up, but some people are aware of just how Draconian the Uniform Code of Military Justice can be and they fear what their own hands have done. 

Many corporation CEOs, doctors, nurses, and attorneys are just waking up to the fact that they are occupying military offices. That means that scumbags like Bill Gates and insiders like Warren Buffett aren't considered civilians when it comes to this. 

It also means that many of these "officers" are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, tearing up their Bar Cards and leaving their posh medical practices behind, trying to find a nice safe out-of-the way hole to hide in. 

This is adding to the overall chaos and clamor, especially in places like New York and DC.   For a great many of the elite members of society, this is Cover Your Butt (and your neck) time. Entire hospital staffs have been decimated and a great many people have taken "early retirement" to avoid being complicit (or further complicit) in the jab debacle. 

Add to this,  somewhere just woke up for the first time in 160 years and realized the function of Central Banks -- that they are commodity rigging enterprises, and while they primarily rig the supply of money and credit, they also rig labor markets and more conventional commodities like orange juice and sow bellies.  

Since we began our quest to reclaim and recoup American gold and silver resources and hold the banks and collection agencies(IRS) accountable for failure to provide our exemptions and remedies, a giant kerfuffle has begun on a worldwide basis with all the various governments and Agencies and banks trying to simultaneously: (1) cover their butts and (2) blame someone else.  

The U.S. Military, aka, the British Territorial Raj of _________ (fill in the blank with the name of your country) is resisting the inevitable denouement and remediation.  Right now the big struggle is over who gets to spawn and profit from the next generation of "notes" and what form those "notes" will take. 

The British-Chinese-controlled replacement for the UNITED STATES, INC. wants to put a Chinese-style Social Credit system in place, which would allow their government Draconian control over buying and selling activities worldwide.  

It's just another kind of commodity rigging scheme that uses computer surveillance and "keys" and algorithms to do the same thing Central Banks do, but they do it on the level of each individual.  

You don't like someone?  You turn off their bank account and steal their money with a keystroke.  

That kind of oppressive power can never be allowed to any government.

Especially not a backdoor British Raj Government pretending to be Chinese. 

The people pushing this are British in Chinese clothing, and they speak perfect Mandarin.  They are the elite bankers of Hong Kong and Shanghai who have been schooled by the Bank of England for more than a hundred years.  

They, not the Communist Party, are the Comptrollers in China--- and if we sit still for it, they will shortly be telling you which brand of state-sponsored mayonnaise you can buy.

They will also be telling you when to sit down and when to wipe your butt and when to die, because Bill Gates sold them the technology to "imprint" your bodies with 5G "resonant Dot" technology that was delivered via the Covid-19 vaccination. 

So, you've got Idiot Joe, and you've got Trump, who is a sharp businessman, but not, apparently, able to do more than stand in the background like a cheerleader spinning narratives.  

The bid by Larry Fink (BlackRock) and the Bush Clan (Vanguard) didn't work out, because, once again, someone woke up and realized that the entire mortgage industry worldwide is crooked, and so is the insurance industry.  None of those asset claims can hold water. 

The top Barristers in England and the top Jurists in the United States have now concluded the obvious --- that this entire system which has grown up over the past 100-plus years, is inherently criminal, built on fraud and coercion and unbridled racketeering under color of law, enforced by "District Courts" as in "District of Columbia Courts" which have no proper authority to exist outside of the District of Columbia.

The fight over "going digital" --an option provided by the CIA Operation nicknamed "Crimson Door" for a reason, versus a Cash Economy is crucial.  Humanity has to win this one. 

And if we go for a cash economy, whose cash do we use? 

The Government corporations are reduced to operating on somebody else's credit (ours) so they have to use Notes.  Naturally, their attention is centered on creating more and more and more credit for themselves, not on creating more valuable assets -- which is short-sighted in the extreme, but nonetheless true. 

The most obvious and most immediate answer is to use the Kennedy Dollars that JFK and Marcos agreed upon and which have been sitting in "uncut" condition in warehouses since the 1960's, but the U.S. Navy doesn't think that they could control these well enough to keep them from disappearing like dew in the morning, straight into investor's pockets and out of the actual economy.  And we are not willing to give an "Open Endorsement" to authorize unbridled printing of gold certificates against our assets, so there would be no way to keep up with worldwide consumer demand. 

The Navy is probably right about the "snowflake on a grill" assessment for the use of Kennedy Dollars, as hoarding instincts are at an all-time high and investors are perfectly desperate to find convenient, fungible, gold-backed investment options.  What is brewing now makes the shortage of MTN's for banks and institutional investors look like a child's tea party and it bleeds down to the consumer level. 

So, then, what?  The frontrunner for a cash economy would then be the "United States Note" which would be based on the value of all US Corporations and would make the Corporations the slaves instead of the people.  Of course, the Brits and certain other parties in Rome are kicking like Army Mules against that idea, but it would work, and there is a certain poetic justice to it.  

There is also our Global Federation Dollar, which would be based on the value of all resources, natural resources and created products and labor, worldwide.  The GFD is a natural and desirable option because it includes everyone's assets as a market "value" parameter and that then gives everyone a seat at the table and an incentive for doing good in the world. 

The only way the currency gains ground is if the nations get off their butts and take care of the oceans and forests, and invest in your health and your education. Such a "positively incentivized" currency has many social and practical advantages, not the least of which is its ability to act as a hedge against local market losses. 

Oh, excuse me, but you mean --- where is your relief right now?  Your money as in, money in your bank account? Money that our team has been fighting to get to you for months?  It's held up in the squabble of how and with what do we replace the infamous Federal Reserve Note? 

The Federal Reserve Note is going bye-bye so with what, exactly, are we going to pay you -- and with what transfer system? 

Right now, your money is safe enough, piled up in vaults and symbolized as digits, but the digits have to pay out in some specific form, and if it's no longer viable to use Federal Reserve Notes -- what species of credit note can the government  run on?  

That question and the means of delivering your monetary relief, as digits or as cash money, are being fought over and many big, vicious dogs are in the fight. I am not a big, vicious dog at all.  I'm a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, who happens to hold the key to it all. 

Sooner or later, they have to talk to me. So far, they've been running and hiding for seventeen years, but in the end, it still comes down to me, the lonely Fiduciary for The United States of America, Unincorporated. 


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Banal Money Influence

 By Anna Von Reitz

I think we are all familiar with the idea of "Robber Barons" -- they used to build castles and block passes through the mountains, forcing merchants and other travelers to pay tolls and protection fees, etc.

These early racketeers feeding off the merchant class were reprised in the 19th Century, but now instead of blocking mountain passes, the Robber Barons set their sites on creating monopolies and commodity rigging schemes, obstructive transfer schemes and "beneficial public and private partnerships". 

These Robber Barons wore really nice suits, were often affable, and highly educated. They used their money and social positions to gain access to public opinion-makers, whether that meant newspapers or professional organizations, and from within these organizations by means of bribes of various kinds, were able to twist both public and professional "opinion" to their benefit.  

As someone once put it, "Training the American Bar Association to commit crimes was as easy as training dogs to beg for treats." 

And here thanks to a soul doing actual investigative journalism, we have a very enlightening example from Professor of Dentistry P.P. Hujoel who published a paper exposing exactly how the American Dental Association was effortlessly misled into reversing its position on Fluoridation and the use of Fluoride in dental products, with nothing but spending influence and banal conversation. 

What is so damning about this discovery is that the source documents, 1940's era meeting minutes and documents of the American Dental Association, show the seduction of reason by self-interest, in appalling detail.  The end result has been exposing generations of Americans to an active biological poison -- fluoride, and that exposure is still routine and ongoing based on nothing more than casual observations having nothing to do with science.  

Read this commentary and shake your head. After reading this synopsis, one can easily imagine a Bill Gates or other Billionaire reading "The Population Bomb", being scared silly by this quasi-scientific tripe written by a man who obviously wasn't a scientist --- but was a "Professor at Stanford" --- and, by talking it up with other billionaires, creating the whole cruel idiocy of "depopulation planning" based on nothing but already disproven and decidedly non-scientific nonsense.

And the same kind of self-interested influence peddling could easily account for the politicization of science that has been going on ever since.

That's what turned a poisonous by-product of Aluminum processing into a viable and profitable side product and got it into our mouths and adrenal glands.  Wouldn't it be interesting to research whether or not Kellogg had investments in Aluminum mining and processing --- that were perhaps in a slump after losing war time demand for new airplanes and bombs?  

I am reposting this from a dentist friend who is also an inventor of dental products that actually do help people. 


1940s Documents Show Sugar Industry Captured Dentistry, Pushed Fluoride

Culling truth from History...

An examination of the records of the American Dental Association has revealed the key role of business interests in converting dentistry from a guild that opposed fluoride and a diet rich in refined carbohydrates to one that favored both, according to a new paper by University of Washington Dental School Professor P.P. Hujoel in the Nutrients journal.

Hujoel ties the promotion of water fluoridation and fluoride pills to an alignment of dentistry with the cereal industry, with the result that “Leading global organizations currently recommend fluoride supplementation because they recommend high carbohydrate diets which can cause dental caries. Low-carbohydrate diets prevent dental caries making such fluoride recommendations largely unnecessary.”

Hujoel reports that key personnel and management changes in the dental guild, influenced by the cereal industry, including the replacement of editor of the Journal of the American Dental Association, coincided with the complete reversal of dentistry’s opposition to fluoride.

Internal documents show that private interests motivated the events which led these expert panels to engage in pivotal scientific reversals. These private interests biased scientific processes and these reversals occurred largely in an absence of supporting evidence,” he wrote.

He highlights a change in the ADA’s view of the safety of topical fluoride applications as a crucial development in the acceptance of the toxin.

“A pivotal reversal which helped to open the gates to the fluoride-supplemented high carbohydrate dietary guidelines occurred in 1947. In 1944, 1945 and 1946, the ADA’s official policy as published yearly in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) was to discourage topical fluorides because in part “the full extent of their possible harmful effects” were not known. 

In 1947, the ADA CDT [Council on Dental Therapeutics]—as will now be shown—reversed on their position on fluorides in the absence of apparent new data on safety. The new position became-- that topical fluoride applied by dentists had “relative safety”, was effective, and could be recommended for a “highly susceptible population.” It was a watershed moment for fluoride as a universal therapeutic,” he wrote.

Hujoel highlights the role of the president of the Kellogg Foundation, who became the first chairman of the guild’s new Council on Dental Health in1942. 

“This Kellogg president was not an insignificant person; he supervised 2.2 billion dollars inflation-adjusted donations from Kellogg (reported as 290 million dollars in 1970) during his subsequent 27-year tenure as president of the Kellogg Foundation….In an ADA Council on Dental Health meeting, the Kellogg president commented in a fluoride-related discussion how “the thyroid problem in Michigan has been almost completely overcome by compulsory addition of iodine to salt”, to which a committee member replied “that would solve the problem (i.e., dental caries)—compulsion”. 

It is one of the early references to the view that dental caries could be the result of a fluoride deficiency, just like thyroid problems could be the result of an iodine deficiency, and that dental caries could be solved “with compulsory addition” of fluoride to the diet. One member of the ADA Research Committee wondered whether the introduction of fluoride in the water would “initiate any diseases” to which another committee member replied: “The beneficence is sufficient to warrant the chance.”


Has anyone checked the correlation between the addition of Fluoride to the nation's drinking water in the 1940's to the meteoric increase in cancer cases ever since?  

It is certain that cancer was relatively unknown in this country prior to the First World War and as our diet and toxin exposure parameters have changed due to the vast increase of unnatural chemicals in our food, water, and environment caused by the use of chemicals like Fluoride in our drinking water, petroleum-based fungicides and insecticides and herbicides, petroleum-based fertilizers, the ubiquitous use of plastics, etc., we have experienced a phenomenal and inexplicable increase in cancer statistics. 

The vectors causing the cancer phenomenon may be too varied and numerous to easily correlate, but then again, it could be just one "added factor" like Fluoride added to drinking water, that makes the rest of the chemical cocktail so deadly.  

In science as in history, you never know until you start looking and thinking. 


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Hiding The Cheese -- Tools for Researchers and Rat Watchers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Two great new sources have recently landed on my desk --- sources that I have known about and used, but haven't had links to in the form of digital documents or digital archives. 

The first jewel is a dictionary published in the critical year of 1776:

This is of critical importance because it ends the endless argument about what words did and didn't mean at the time The Declaration of Independence and other key foundational documents were written. 
Download this dictionary and print it out in hard copy.  You will never be sorry you did.  

The second jewel is an archive of Presidential documents culled from Presidential Libraries and the Library of Congress and Museum and University Primary Source Document Collections: 

This is not a complete or totally exhaustive collection of Presidential documents by any means, but it is a good collection of many important and hard to find documents.  Again, download as much as you can and everyone who has a few hours, please peruse and share. 

People who are new to Rat Watching are often astounded to find that information disappears --- or moves, or is renumbered, placed in a separate filing system, hidden under a desk..... but to Old Hands, this is so commonplace and taken for granted that we don't always mention it. 

This is called "Hiding the Cheese".  

Just to give you an example, in 1925 the Bar Association "Re-codified" The United States Statutes-at-Large, which resulted in the "Revised United States Statutes-at-Large".  Everything in this new "codification" was renumbered and rearranged so that people who were familiar with the original "Unrevised" version couldn't find anything and had to search very diligently to locate citations they were familiar with.  To top it off, the Revised United States Statutes-at-Large were never actually approved, so they remain in use, but in an unofficial capacity.  

If you quote anything from the Revised Statutes-at-Large in a court case, the citation is routinely but silently disallowed. 

Another example: beginning in the 1930's and especially after the Second World War, a parallel index of "Split Jurisdiction Cases" was developed. 

This issue of split jurisdiction arises when we have subject matter that belongs partially to the sea jurisdiction and partially to the land jurisdiction, and commonly arose when maritime contracts were exercised on the land or port facilities and similar locations were involved.  Some of the most interesting court cases in American Jurisprudence and those most friendly toward the rights of the people arise in these cases. 

But when you quote them, nobody can find them. And if they do find them, they will tell you that you are balmy in the head, because, according to them, they looked and they can't find the information you quoted anywhere in the case.  

This is because of the so-called "parallel index" used to archive these cases.  This is how they do it.  

Say that the decision of the Sea Court was in the case, "Darryl Hawkins  v. Delaware Boot and Shoe Company", as an example. The corresponding Land Court decision will be found under, "Delaware Boot and Shoe Company v. Darryl Hawkins".  These case decisions are often diametrically opposed, with the commentaries being very different depending on whether the Jurists are acting as Judges (Sea Law) or as Justices (Land Law). 

As another example, people will often try to tell you that average Americans, such as yourself, have been declared "Enemies" under the Trading With the Enemy Act, but this is not true.  Hidden in Section 25 of the Second Appendix, average Americans are exempted.  That's the published remedy for crimes including incarceration of civilians in internment camps without due process --- but they don't want you to find the remedy and use it, so, they moved it from the body of the legislation into an Annotated Version and then into the Second Appendix.  

Some of these documents have to be mined as if you were mining for gold and the process is just as arduous, because they are "hiding the cheese".  

These Babylonian Grifters that we have been dealing with have been hiding, "editing", rearranging, obfuscating, and destroying books for a very, very long time.  I think it's safe to say that the "pagan" Library of Alexandria was burned not because it was pagan, but because it shed too much light on the practices and religions of Babylon and the Levant. 

We see the same practices throughout history --- King James rewriting the Bible so that the words selected conform with the Law of the Sea, the British burning the White House during the War of 1812, hoping to destroy the records of The United States (Trading Company) and The United States of America (Trading Company).  The Nazis burning books about the Bible and Biblical Archeology, the Hindu Vedas, and so much more.  

Keeping us dumbed down is a big part of their entire program, because then they can lie to us and we will have nothing concrete to form other (correct)  ideas and opinions. 

Many people still don't know that the King James Bible, despite its majestic language, is often quite misleading, simply because every word in it has been brought into conformity with the Law of the Sea.  The Geneva Bible is, conversely, written in conformity with the Law of the Land.  

Go figure.  

When I was in college I noticed something very odd.  The people who joined cults of various kinds, religious, philosophical, scientific cults, were always the kids that hadn't read the source books.  They were easy to lead astray because they were relying on secondhand interpretations being fed to them by others. Nine-tenths of the time, the morons responsible for doing the misleading were just conning for money or sexual favors or political endorsements--- and had only a cursory knowledge of the source books themselves.  

When you are well-educated, you are well-armed. So arm yourselves, and store up the literary "ammo" as it comes your way.  There is nothing more satisfying than to put your thumb and forefinger on a primary source document.  

Many thanks to Max and Yefrim for picking up on these two precious jewels and sharing with me and with all of you.  

As Red Green used to say, "Keep your stick on the ice" ---and your eyes on the cheese.  


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Red Alert -- All of Mankind in Danger

 By Anna Von Reitz

We realize that the madmen in charge of this particular effort are deluded enough to think of living men and women as "things" and so, are emboldened to also rationalize "connecting" said men and women to "the internet of things" ---- however, men and women are not things. 

Things are not alive. 

Things are corporations, anvils, shoe laces, hats, and bootstraps. 

Everyone and we do mean everyone associated with this patent and its approval needs to be arrested immediately for crimes against humanity: 

US11107588 B2Methods and Systems of Prioritizing Treatments, Vaccination, Testing And / Or Activities While Protecting the Privacy of Individuals

This is a gross, unfathomable, unforgivable invasion of privacy and undisclosed violation of freewill which deserves an immediate sentence of death for genocide and crimes against humanity for anyone involved in the creation and deployment and patenting of this technology for profit. 


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Status Report/Public and International Warning

 By Anna Von Reitz

Bear in mind that the General Public in America doesn't  have a dog in the fight. 

All the presidential elections, all the political parties, all the "Voters" are participating in activities related to two foreign, private, for-profit corporations in the business of providing governmental services, and their employees and dependents called "U.S. Citizens" and "citizens of the United States".  

So we are witnessing a dog-fight among factions of Federal Employees and the factions are becoming more and more obvious, though which faction(s) are telling the truth and which are not---if, indeed, any of them are telling the truth, is up for grabs. 

Considering some of the whoppers that have been told about me in recent weeks, I can only imagine the outlandish mud-slinging going on now as these different Employee factions cling and claw and blame each other, apparently in hopes of casting blame on their cohorts and avoiding it themselves. 

It's certain that a blame-fest of gigantic proportions is going on, and that three factions have finally arisen from the Swamp Goo, and all three factions are claiming to be the real Uncle Sam.  

1. First Faction: the honest-to-God Deep State, which is foreign and operated out of Europe, and includes numerous foreign governments secretly and not-so-secretly colluding in the effort to control our country and its resources to benefit themselves.  

2. Second Faction: the Republican group currently led by Donald Trump, which is apparently embroiled in its own chaotic self-discovery, and preparing for the 2024 election cycle at the same time it is bringing forward evidence of long-term worldwide election fraud--- which was perfected and practiced by "our own CIA" to topple banana republics and Eastern European and African governments at will.  

When you think about it, what they are doing doesn't make any sense. 

They are knowingly preparing for a rigged election?  Really? 

3. Third Faction: the Traditional (not Deep State) Democratic answer, claiming that Al Gore won the 2000 Presidential Election and that he is now sworn in to act as the U.S. President and has the support of General Milley and is making all sorts of waves and changes and is pursuing the issue of the Mitterand-Wanta-Reagan accords and what happened to that money.  

I recently said that the "Angels" had once again split in a three-way, with a third committed to the way of Satan, and two-thirds supporting the Creator, albeit for two substantially different reasons. Of these, one-third is simply world-wise and smells the wind, and one-third really is patriotic and honorable and wanting to do the right thing. 

The Deep State is, of course, interested in maintaining coercive and financial power--- and not just over this country, but over a majority of countries worldwide. 

The "face" or storefront the Deep State is using now is China, and China via a very healthy loan from the British Royals transferred by the Vatican five years ago, has bought out Joe Biden's bankrupt UNITED STATES, Inc. interests, so that he is now taking his orders from them--that is, China. Or the Brits in cahoots with China. Or the Germans in control of the Brits.  Or the Romans in control of all of them. 

It really is a farce. 

So it looks like China is the enemy, when in fact, our interests have been betrayed once again by our purported "friends and allies". 

The Deep State's actual leadership is largely German ("the Frankfurters" and House of Wettin) and British and Roman Italianate, with a dash of House of Saud thrown in.  

We have to treat the Deep Staters as criminals and handle their activities as organized crime. 

The Trump Faction is carrying a lot of baggage from prior Republican Administrations, including --- very likely ---- the 911 disaster. Mr. Trump will be haunted by the backwash from his support for the "vaccination" program and for pardoning G.W. Bush.  

The Gore Faction, we have to ask --- what's putting wings to their discontent after 22  years and who is filling their pockets?  Who or what would have the authority to inaugurate a "President Gore"?  Even if the election was stolen -- which is likely, what would Gore be "President" of at this point?   The Office he sought and claims to have won, disappeared along with the bankrupt corporation it was attached to. 

What are we supposed to do about it? 

Send a nice explanatory note?

"Dear Al, it was a terrible thing they did to you, but time has gone on, and the Office you sought and say that you won, doesn't exist anymore. The whole corporation went belly up and the remains including the secondary trademarks were sold to China by the bankruptcy Trustees, who also backdoor financed the sale." 

"PS, if you really want to help, ask the questions: "Isn't it illegal for bankruptcy Trustees to finance the disposition of  trust property to Third Parties? Especially if they benefit themselves by doing so?"  

Get a full view of the Snake Pit:  Prince Philip (and the late Queen) pocket $950T from selling off the purported British interest in America and Canada to China, and the Vatican Agents acting as the Bankruptcy Trustees in charge of the UNITED STATES, INC., Receivership, finance the deal for China using American gold to do it.  

And all the while, both "Principals", the Holy See and the British Queen,  are under contract to provide us with good faith service and are obligated to protect our persons and to act as our Trustees in the jurisdictions they oversee. 

Is there a Hypocrites Hall of Fame? 

Wrap your mind around it, Peeps.  They used our assets to generate $950T in credit for themselves and, while acting as our Trustees, used our gold to finance a deal allowing China to buy out a bankrupt corporation that was functioning as part of our Federal Government-- a commercial corporation that China is now manipulating like a sock puppet to destroy America, and everyone is standing around taking Biden seriously as the President of this country?

Of course, the Chinese are angry -- now they are in debt and they have been sold a pig in a poke.  Their dream of peacefully parking their boats at Long Beach and farming the rich prairies and hills of America and Canada to feed their people back home have been dashed. 

If they have any sense, they aren't angry at us, and they won't listen to any slick-talking Brits again, even if they show up in Chinese bodies speaking perfect Mandarin. 

Short of coming up with some new clap-trap corporation, like "The America the Beautiful Foundation" there's nothing left for Al Gore to be "President" of on the Federal side of the equation. 

The Gore Faction is shouting "Treason!" and promising guns and fighting on American soil.  They may be right about the treason, but they had better rethink the guns and fighting on American soil.   

The land and soil belongs to us, the Forgotten Americans, not to our Public Employees.  It's not theirs to trample.  

We can't vote in their private elections because we aren't shareholders in their foreign corporations.  Equally, they can't fight on our soil, because they are here courtesy of the Residence Act.  They don't actually own a cubic centimeter of America.  

Their filthy capitol and everything connected to it as a seat of a foreign government on our shores has no standing to conduct any form of war --- or "mercenary conflict" on our shores. They are welcome to fight it out within the sealed borders of the District of Columbia ---which remains the only portion of this country loaned to them for the conduct of their internal affairs. 

We'll gladly sacrifice the District of Columbia and clean up the mess afterward, simply to be rid of all of them. 

Considering the "war" that the Territorial and Municipal Government Employees have fostered here for 160 years --- all to benefit their Monarchs and Popes --- we feel that it would be poetic justice to mass the Territorial forces in the District and the Municipal forces within the boundaries of the Municipality, let them bring all the armaments that both sides have pre-bought with our credit --- and have their final showdown televised for the world. 

The bureaucrats can man their bayonets if they have guts for it, and try to physically hide behind the millions of pages of printed gobbledygook that have been their only substantial product. And if they do, it's not our business as long as it takes place in the District of Columbia. 

If they come one inch onto our soil, if they kill or maim any of our people, then the Principals are already on the hook to pay a Trillion dollars in gold for each American killed or maimed, and the world has already seen that self-executing contract published. 

We warn all mercenaries that they won't get paid if they start anything and kill Americans, and that using different ridiculous legal terms as in, "Un-alive all the people in that city." will not save them from the reality and the punishment of the actual government. 

Any killing started here will result in the death of innocent Americans and that is in total dereliction of any duty of any government or corporation employee. 

Accordingly, any government employees or corporation officers or corporation employees participating in armed conflict will be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and charged with treason, insurrection, conspiracy to evade and undermine the Constitutions, murder, racketeering, inland piracy, and mayhem. 

The consequences of starting anything on our soil outside the District of Columbia are likely to be very severe both for the participants who are 100% commercially and personally liable, and for the Principals misdirecting them and for the foreign corporations they work for --- all of which are 100% commercially and personally liable.   

The participants and the Principals and the corporations responsible for misdirecting them will not only be dead, they'll be broke. 


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