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Monday, November 21, 2022

Where is the Money?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Isn't the answer obvious?  It's where it's been (illegally) since 1863.  

It's in the possession and control of the U.S. Military and all their various minions administering the equally illegal National Banking Emergency Act and National Securities Emergency Act: the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements --- and all of which crimes against our Government and our People, remain largely unabated. 

Soldiers and sailors don't know much about money, except how to spend it. 

Nobody from first-to-last wants to take the blame for it, because these are all capital hang-from-the-yardarms crimes. 

We could do what I've suggested, and blame Abraham Lincoln and FDR for it, both of whom are long-dead and who are the point sources for the worst of it, but tempers (and fears) are running high. 

The actual government of this country has offered amnesty in return for cleaning this Mess up, but some people are aware of just how Draconian the Uniform Code of Military Justice can be and they fear what their own hands have done. 

Many corporation CEOs, doctors, nurses, and attorneys are just waking up to the fact that they are occupying military offices. That means that scumbags like Bill Gates and insiders like Warren Buffett aren't considered civilians when it comes to this. 

It also means that many of these "officers" are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, tearing up their Bar Cards and leaving their posh medical practices behind, trying to find a nice safe out-of-the way hole to hide in. 

This is adding to the overall chaos and clamor, especially in places like New York and DC.   For a great many of the elite members of society, this is Cover Your Butt (and your neck) time. Entire hospital staffs have been decimated and a great many people have taken "early retirement" to avoid being complicit (or further complicit) in the jab debacle. 

Add to this,  somewhere just woke up for the first time in 160 years and realized the function of Central Banks -- that they are commodity rigging enterprises, and while they primarily rig the supply of money and credit, they also rig labor markets and more conventional commodities like orange juice and sow bellies.  

Since we began our quest to reclaim and recoup American gold and silver resources and hold the banks and collection agencies(IRS) accountable for failure to provide our exemptions and remedies, a giant kerfuffle has begun on a worldwide basis with all the various governments and Agencies and banks trying to simultaneously: (1) cover their butts and (2) blame someone else.  

The U.S. Military, aka, the British Territorial Raj of _________ (fill in the blank with the name of your country) is resisting the inevitable denouement and remediation.  Right now the big struggle is over who gets to spawn and profit from the next generation of "notes" and what form those "notes" will take. 

The British-Chinese-controlled replacement for the UNITED STATES, INC. wants to put a Chinese-style Social Credit system in place, which would allow their government Draconian control over buying and selling activities worldwide.  

It's just another kind of commodity rigging scheme that uses computer surveillance and "keys" and algorithms to do the same thing Central Banks do, but they do it on the level of each individual.  

You don't like someone?  You turn off their bank account and steal their money with a keystroke.  

That kind of oppressive power can never be allowed to any government.

Especially not a backdoor British Raj Government pretending to be Chinese. 

The people pushing this are British in Chinese clothing, and they speak perfect Mandarin.  They are the elite bankers of Hong Kong and Shanghai who have been schooled by the Bank of England for more than a hundred years.  

They, not the Communist Party, are the Comptrollers in China--- and if we sit still for it, they will shortly be telling you which brand of state-sponsored mayonnaise you can buy.

They will also be telling you when to sit down and when to wipe your butt and when to die, because Bill Gates sold them the technology to "imprint" your bodies with 5G "resonant Dot" technology that was delivered via the Covid-19 vaccination. 

So, you've got Idiot Joe, and you've got Trump, who is a sharp businessman, but not, apparently, able to do more than stand in the background like a cheerleader spinning narratives.  

The bid by Larry Fink (BlackRock) and the Bush Clan (Vanguard) didn't work out, because, once again, someone woke up and realized that the entire mortgage industry worldwide is crooked, and so is the insurance industry.  None of those asset claims can hold water. 

The top Barristers in England and the top Jurists in the United States have now concluded the obvious --- that this entire system which has grown up over the past 100-plus years, is inherently criminal, built on fraud and coercion and unbridled racketeering under color of law, enforced by "District Courts" as in "District of Columbia Courts" which have no proper authority to exist outside of the District of Columbia.

The fight over "going digital" --an option provided by the CIA Operation nicknamed "Crimson Door" for a reason, versus a Cash Economy is crucial.  Humanity has to win this one. 

And if we go for a cash economy, whose cash do we use? 

The Government corporations are reduced to operating on somebody else's credit (ours) so they have to use Notes.  Naturally, their attention is centered on creating more and more and more credit for themselves, not on creating more valuable assets -- which is short-sighted in the extreme, but nonetheless true. 

The most obvious and most immediate answer is to use the Kennedy Dollars that JFK and Marcos agreed upon and which have been sitting in "uncut" condition in warehouses since the 1960's, but the U.S. Navy doesn't think that they could control these well enough to keep them from disappearing like dew in the morning, straight into investor's pockets and out of the actual economy.  And we are not willing to give an "Open Endorsement" to authorize unbridled printing of gold certificates against our assets, so there would be no way to keep up with worldwide consumer demand. 

The Navy is probably right about the "snowflake on a grill" assessment for the use of Kennedy Dollars, as hoarding instincts are at an all-time high and investors are perfectly desperate to find convenient, fungible, gold-backed investment options.  What is brewing now makes the shortage of MTN's for banks and institutional investors look like a child's tea party and it bleeds down to the consumer level. 

So, then, what?  The frontrunner for a cash economy would then be the "United States Note" which would be based on the value of all US Corporations and would make the Corporations the slaves instead of the people.  Of course, the Brits and certain other parties in Rome are kicking like Army Mules against that idea, but it would work, and there is a certain poetic justice to it.  

There is also our Global Federation Dollar, which would be based on the value of all resources, natural resources and created products and labor, worldwide.  The GFD is a natural and desirable option because it includes everyone's assets as a market "value" parameter and that then gives everyone a seat at the table and an incentive for doing good in the world. 

The only way the currency gains ground is if the nations get off their butts and take care of the oceans and forests, and invest in your health and your education. Such a "positively incentivized" currency has many social and practical advantages, not the least of which is its ability to act as a hedge against local market losses. 

Oh, excuse me, but you mean --- where is your relief right now?  Your money as in, money in your bank account? Money that our team has been fighting to get to you for months?  It's held up in the squabble of how and with what do we replace the infamous Federal Reserve Note? 

The Federal Reserve Note is going bye-bye so with what, exactly, are we going to pay you -- and with what transfer system? 

Right now, your money is safe enough, piled up in vaults and symbolized as digits, but the digits have to pay out in some specific form, and if it's no longer viable to use Federal Reserve Notes -- what species of credit note can the government  run on?  

That question and the means of delivering your monetary relief, as digits or as cash money, are being fought over and many big, vicious dogs are in the fight. I am not a big, vicious dog at all.  I'm a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, who happens to hold the key to it all. 

Sooner or later, they have to talk to me. So far, they've been running and hiding for seventeen years, but in the end, it still comes down to me, the lonely Fiduciary for The United States of America, Unincorporated. 


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  1. my "money" is on the digital "credits" issued by the banks. I wish I am wrong.

  2. Hold the line. Anna. Don’t be lonely. You have us. 💖

  3. Phyllis: WE THE PEOPLE...

  4. "Sooner or later, they have to talk to me." I hope this is true, and not just wishful thinking. Time will tell.

  5. I pray for you every day morning noon and night that u are being honest and forth coming there is only one other to really trust that Yahweh God and any other name u want to give HIM.

    1. Yahweh is YHWH is Jehovah is Jupiter

    2. Yhwh is not going to save you. Yhwh is the reason we're in this mess.

    3. ref.: exodus 3:13, 14 says
      he told Moses when asked What is his name? he said 'i am that i am'; say, 'i am' sent me.
      je suis in Fr. is 'i am' and the French, it seems, were the first 'catholic' church... up until the mid- to late 300's A.D. when ROME, after meeting in TURKEY, decided how the Divinity of Je suis and his connection to God would thereafter be presented to the world!!!

  6. Hi Anna I would like to suggest you contact Dr. Michael Hundson so he may
    give you some idea's on how to proceed .
    Tom Dolecky

  7. Ann Vandersteel is a State Nation through the Americas-Assembly (David Straight method). They support Trump and actually oppose AVR's methods.

    1. Who the fuck cares about ann vandersquat and Dave Steel? Dave Straight? Dave Who cares?

    2. What is the difference between Anna’s and David’s process? Many people have done both processes and here is why:

      Anna’s process is actually bringing back Our (We the People) Original Government that has ceased functioning since 1861. You become an American State National (ASN) in the Original (de jure) Government set up by the Founding Fathers.

      David’s process is actually changing your status in the de facto Government that is operating now as we speak. You cease to be a US citizen and become a State National on the Land and Soil of your State.

      To sum it up, Anna’s process is bringing back our De Jure Government run by We The People and David’s process is changing your status within the currently run De Facto Government.

      Anna is calling back all the Jural Assemblies in all 50 states to assemble to take the place of the Corporately run Government. When there are enough People who join the Jural Assemblies or Original Government in their State, then We can vacate their positions (because We the People can throw off the Government-Constitution) and fill their positions with State Citizens and run the Government Unincorporated, as was originally intended by the founding fathers.

      David’s process is changing your status so you can operate as an American in the fraudulent Government being operated today. Both are important because when you change your status in Anna’s process your status is not a Court of Record in the current system, but David’s process will make your status a Court of Record in the currently run system. It’s good to change your status in the current government so you can operate more freely in the system we are in right now until we bring back the Original Government. David will change your status in the government right now, but has nothing to do with the Original Government. Both are equally important at this time of transition.

    3. no "anna's" process does not bring back the Govt set up by the originators!!
      1. our Govt is a Confederated Union of Free and Independent States(bottom, up authority), not a Federal Republic (top, down authority)
      2. it began in 1776, not 1861.
      3. neither the UnanDecl nor Art of CONFEDERATION mention "Federation" or "Republic" even one time.
      4. THEIR CORPORATE Constitution is
      • not ratified by the people/ the governed,
      • not signed except by Witnesses who have no responsibility for carrying it out
      • "Adopted" by those who have no authorization from the people.
      • so, is as unlawful the Birth Certificates....... wonder all you people comment on here anonymously and dont want anyone to know who you are.


    5. If you read the enclosed document, both Anna's method and David's are both incorrect. For We The People to be We The People, it is necessary to look prior to 1776. The Declaration of Independence was the fraud and death knoll for America.

    6. no john.
      your own reference there identifies itself as LEGAL.
      The Unanimous Declaration is common law.
      you cant mix the two.

      and *IF* there were Infiltrators, Acting in a FICTIONAL/ Legal Capacity trying to damage the integrity of it by scrawling their Signature on it, that does nothing to change the *intent* of the governed.

      common law exists before Legal/Crown/ Secret Societies
      and is higher authority: being law-full, so actually, every FICTION/Monarch in europe and the pope too could have signed it with ill-intent, but that would do absolutely nothing to change the people's intent declared in common law before God and man. nothing. its the intent that matters, not the piece of paper the intent is written down on.

    7. With respect, my comment has not countered your reply in any way. Nothing i have said agrees with anything legal. Nothing.
      I truly stand as a Man and child of the Heavenly Father. "Their" legal titles attached to "State" documents were returned a number of years ago. "Their" bank accounts were closed and any offer to accept their NAME in any form is returned unopened. I make no claim or use of any title outside of that which was given.
      The religion/cult that calls itself the Roman Catholic Church, proclaims itself as a God above the one True God. It is only through this absurdity that they lay claim and steal all that is owned by the Heavenly Father. It matters not if you are a purported king or queen, "nobility", a Pope or the Common Man, we are ALL tenants and can only be tenants of the Land Created by the one True God.

    8. I am attaching a Book that was never allowed to be entered into the Bible. I trust your astute mind will comprehend upon its completion, the True role we were given in caring for the Heavenly Father's Creation.

    9. you said the UnanDecl is a fraud due to some Templars Signing it.

      i said it is not.

      FICTIONAL CHARACTERS scrawling their Signature on our paper does nothing to change the intent of man who declares his intent before God and man, using his God-given law-full authority.
      i believe there most likely are British Infiltrators/ Signers who had ill-intent, most likely one of their purposes was to have an excuse to break the Treaties the British had made with the indigenous nations of people. but if thats what they did, then in law:common (and other), they are still held to those Treaties.
      anyways, Templars Signing our Declaration would carry no more weight in law than anyone else making a false claim. thats just not going to fly.

    10. john,
      and i intend no disrespect toward you either.

    11. The document i posted lays out the fraud. I didn't write it nor claim it. It has been great speaking with you. I have enclosed another document for your perusal which can be found in another comment. Peace be with you.

    12. yes, thank you. will likely be taking a look at both.
      but just for clarity, what concerns (a) man never changes regardless of how any FICTION tries to over-write or alter it:
      the FICTION is always in-ferior to the man and
      (a) man cant be mixed with (a) FICTION.
      a FICTION -AL CHARACTER playing a Role/Office/Title who *Signs* a piece of paper concerning a man does not affect (the) man in the least, in law.

    13. Alas, the people do not realise that JOHN ROBERT DOE is Satan's deception and there are no gains/advantages from using it. The dead cannot make claim to anything. They are rendered lesser than the beast. Whereas, John Robert sits below the One True God and is afforded everything. I am enclosing a further link that is deep in nature and uncovers the meaning of words and how they have been used to suppress. May i suggest starting with "The Long and Short of it" and proceed from there in the order written.

    14. great, john, have put all three on my ToDo List.
      in present, i see the starting point for our Solution as similar to what (i think) you said above: about our place being under God... and i say: with no man or other in between.
      the System being used (now against us) actually seems like a good system for taking care of the relatively small portion of people who genuinely need help. its evil mens' gross abuse of the System, not the System itself, that is what is causing the problem. imo. the System likely actually started out functioning to the good of the people and then got overtaken.

    15. Don't make a judgement based on one article. The author is not in the system. Period.

    16. i plan to re-visit, some of the Titles look interesting.
      i had heard kate is/was/was born a man? looks like thats true?... and also is old news now? ....what that might have to do with anything is that some believe trans gender ism is a part of a DS de population Agenda, so that knowingly or unknowingly some who participate might be part of A Plan to de-pop.
      that said: (this is not directed at you john)
      i am sooo tired of all the versions of the "Blame the Victim" Narrative
      spun forth by the men who choose to do so much harm to people, and seem to be using "Legal" /FICTIONS/ "presumptions" to do it.
      they may not want to deal with it but my rights do not end when some man decides he wants what belongs to me and makes up a Story; and then abuses me in anyway for asking questions andor saying NO to going along with things i dont want to do. they know thats slavery dont they?
      since none of this has *STILL* yet been made known directly to me, appropriately and lawfully in my own native tongue and so forth, by the people who have done it, then until THEY do for purposes of making it right, i consider myself to not have received notice.... because i havent.
      so none of this can be blamed on the victims.

  8. I guess this means we are not getting the Sign in America check this year either? Why won’t they give us a letter so the banks will stop foreclosing on our homes since the US treasury is the beneficiary in each foreclosure after all?

    1. "anna",
      where is this man/womans check?

      why arent you assisting your followers?

      you going to just keep grinding out Articles?... "anna",...why dont you actually get involved and help about 100 people by the end of 2023?... . teach them the ropes,... then they have to help 10 people in return, and so forth? you could get it knocked out pretty quick doing that.
      how about just helping this one and let everyone see how to lawfully, fairly and successfully utilize your system?... or find out what the glitches are..?

      where are you "anna"?
      do you think its time to answer?



    3. woman:janmarie

    4. john,
      ive just barely skim-read your reference above and it looks like it pulls alot of the bits and pieces together that have been being "dropped" or that we, man, have uncovered on our own.
      seriously, it kind of brought tears to my eyes because most man dont realize how deeply spiritually- rooted EVERYthing thats being done to man is.
      its hard to believe that there are groups of people all over this world who for only- God-knows how long have tried to count themselves as superior in their essence from other man and had such deep and undue hatred for others that their lives apparently center around destroying what God created?
      or "Capture /Enslave/ Control" it.
      and if any dare to oppose

    5. something has been interrupting my posts for the past few days.
      or keeping me from posting... wiping the comments out as im typing!!! :):):)... someone scared of my posts? just asking :):):)

      anyway to finish...

    6. happened again!!

      anyway, to finish....
      its hard to believe that these man, when opposed, apparently will stop at nothing to rid themselves of the opposition. Lying, cheating, murder??? --- all just tools for control so they can build and reign over only THEIR version of how things should be? completely without conscience?
      with no abomination off-limits? no act too heinous?
      nothing forbidden as long as they get what they want?
      thats sure what it looks like.

    7. The 2 things i found of interest that pertain firstly to those in America, is the word "state" in relation to how others use it. For those in the UK, it would be the misconception of the Chancery Courts. Hope the document can be of use.

    8. john,
      im not criticizing you at all in anything in this comment. thank you for posting this.
      i have to laugh though: when i got to page 7 where it talks about the Five Signatories to the Unanimous Declaration who are Templars and that their Signature negated the Declaration because they were signing a "contract" with themselves... i did laugh out loud.
      what has kept this "Crown"/other at bay is The Unanimous Declaration.
      almost everything in it could possibly be twisted, except for one thing: '...from the consent of the governed'. and they know it. and so do i and many other man.
      the words: 'we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by THEIR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights, AMONG these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness...' runs a close second.
      the Unan Declar is a common law declaration of law-full intent, being carried out, in law, before God and man, by man. its law-full.
      its impenetrable.
      it says that: the Signers, States, Legislators, Electors, Deputes, People, Government and so on, are NOT over the governed, the governed are over the governed.
      that is common law. and it is law-full.
      jesuis taught it the same way.
      the HEBRAIC Law of the Tens taught it that way too:

      anyway, im still chuckling about this because, leave it to the Attorners/Crown if they take every opportunity to TRY to GASLIGHT the (free) people by trying to throw their Cloak of their Legal, Temple, Wizzardry FICTIONS over the top of our beautiful common law.

      i dont doubt that some of the Signers were Infiltrators and liars and were there to do harm to the people, however, that only makes them and *their* Signature unlawful /"Fraud", it does nothing to change man's intent because a Lying Infiltrator committing a dishonest act doesnt carry any law-full power or authority in common law.
      and it is so.

  9. My main concern is true freedom. Not money. I'm ready to leave this reality. Nothing here moves me any more. I've outgrown this place.

    1. nothing says youll find true freedom in the next reality either.
      stick around... youre probably still here for a reason???

  10. thats-interesting:dear

  11. So , Dear Anna , when you are gone who is left to deal with ?
    Your Friend , Kevin C.

  12. alot of people here missed class last night.

    1. Yes! And that was by conscious choice. Have listened to way too many ramblings by Anna that provided very little important information that couldn't be found in her articles.

  13. Funny. I guess the Mutual credit offset thing hasn't been recognized or honored or people would have had their mortgages and debts cleared by using the MOCU. This babble has been pouring forth for a decade plus now and its not making any difference to the two main democrat/republican narratives that the majority of the "normies" seem happy to be entertained/enraged by. Ah well. Spin on.

  14. Anyone who's "signed in america" might now be on a list like the one generated from the jan 6th insurrection. What happens if they use that list in-absencia to judge people and condemn them for signing up? Doesn't signing up infer ones looking to undermine the existing american federal government? All these things which fail to deliver on repeated made promises should start to stink when nothing materializes from the constant commentaries claims but people seem to want "out" so bad they sign up to anything that looks like it lets them get out. Just something to consider. I tried to use the mocu to clear my mortgage, and got some claim reference number back from the "state assembly" but it did nothing to clear the mortgage. Has anyone successfully used the mocu via their "state assembly" to clear their mortgage while retaining ownership of their own property?

  15. The Naturalization Act of 1779 doesn't exist. The first such act was passed in 1790. So why does the 1-pager have 1779?

  16. Actually, the difference between Anna's movement and DS are obvious! We are assembling with others. We are connecting with our fellow ASN's. Men and women were meant to gather and flock like birds and fish. That is why the division started early with the Civil War pitting N and S. David's method is an every man for himself method. One is left to fight for gis piece of the pie alone; without a sense of community. That is why Anna's movement is superior, in my opinion.