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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Military Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Most people on this planet are familiar with Mahatma Gandhi and the struggle of the Indian people to liberate their country from the ravages of the British Raj.  Most people cheered the return of natural self-governance to the Indian Subcontinent and the removal of the brutal bureaucratic and social oppression of the British Territorial Forces that violently commandeered the Indian economy, subjugated its people, and actively sought to destroy its culture. 

Yet the same exact things have been done to America and the rest of the Commonwealth and all of Occupied Europe and numerous other countries "conquered" by Territorial Forces since the Second World War. 

We may be the Bearers of these Bad Tidings, but we are certainly not the cause of them.  That fault lies with the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Office of the Pope, all of which owe us "good faith service" instead of what we have received. 

Begin with the fact that the words "Commonwealth" and "Territory" have become synonymous, with the only appreciable difference being that the Commonwealth stands for peacetime and that the "Territory" is a wartime fabrication overlaying the Commonwealth.  

Thus, they fly different flags, but refer to the same land and impact the same people.  The Commonwealth is administered by a lawful civilian government under a constitutional framework, while the Territory is administered by a military government operated as a Municipal Corporation under the presumptions of wartime. 

The civilian Commonwealth government is run by the people of the country for the good of their country, while the military Territorial government is an oppressive foreign commercial corporation in the business of subjugation and asset-stripping for the good of "the Empire"-- whatever that means in current parlance. 

It used to mean the Holy Roman Empire and has now been converted to mean the Empire of the Cities ---  Rome, London, Washington, DC, the UN enclave, and Vatican City, etc.  These foreign enclaves existing as "independent, international city states" operating inside the borders of other countries have sought to commercialize the entire world under a single oppressive bureaucratic state promoting a form of Corporate Feudalism. worse than anything experienced under the British Raj in India. 

The incorporated foreign commercial corporations operating "as"  Municipal government service providers and as de facto governments in the same exact manner as Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company did in South Africa, have all joined forces in their illegal and unlawful conspiracy against the lawful governments and the people of each nation, a fact well-known to the conspirators themselves and to their bankers and their flunkies and bureaucrats running affiliated organizations like the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute on International Affairs, the World Economic Forum, and even the United Nations, all of which work behind the scenes to establish One World [Commercial] Government that proposes to treat people as animals and farm them like animals for the benefit of "the Empire". 

This is all modeled on the Roman Empire and we all know how that turned out. 

We have seen it before, and we have no need to see it again. 

This has all been promoted via the same generally applicable bureaucratic means explained by Dick Yardley's history exposing the arrival of Australia, Inc. on Norfolk Island, and its subsequent impersonation of the Government of Terra Australis.  The same thing was done with the arrival of "the" United States of America, Incorporated, on the Island of Puerto Rico, and its impersonation of our lawful international government, The United States of America --- our unincorporated Federation of States. 

This evil is being funded by wealthy Corporatists in the same manner as Cecil Rhodes and by government and banking collaborators acting in the same manner as Henry de Worms (Rothschild) aka, Lord Pirbright, and enforced by British Territorial Corporations acting "as" governments in the same way that the British Raj was imposed on India and the same way the British South Africa Company's rule was imposed on South Africa. 

This has led to national military forces being unlawfully converted into private commercial corporation mercenary forces without anyone being the wiser.  

As an example, when Abraham Lincoln substituted himself and his office of "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Commercial Corporation, and impersonated our President of The United States of America, he also took over the Office of Commander-in-Chief unlawfully, and impersonated our Commander-in-Chief, too. 

This gave a British Bar Association Member and Esquire serving the Queen of England control of our military forces via the exercise of commercial fraud. 

That situation was not sufficient in-and-of-itself to guarantee a British hegemony over our military services, so additional inroads and unauthorized changes were made without our knowledge or permission, to unlawfully convert the political status of members of our military services --- without their knowledge or permission, either --- into that of British Territorial Subjects. 

Americans signing enlistment forms or otherwise enrolling in any branch of our Armed Services unknowingly agree not only to tour of duty requirements, but to adopting the foreign political status of a U.S. Citizen and to comply with the obligations of a British Territorial Citizen born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

Thus, they become the creatures --- not of any American Government -- but of the British Monarch and the Territorial Government of Puerto Rico and the British Crown Corporation employing them as mercenaries.  They unknowingly take their oaths to serve the Federal Title IV  War Flag, without knowing or being told, that this specific flag was loaned to the British Territorial Municipal Subcontractor for their use while exercising our delegated powers as stipulated under The Constitution of the United States of America --- and for no other use whatsoever. 

Obviously, our British Subcontractors have been using our flag to cover their rumps in many, many other circumstances having nothing whatsoever to do with defending our country from invasion, and have not been honoring their obligation to defend us from such direct threats as the current situation at our Southern Border.  

These are all violations of our Treaties with Great Britain and its several governments and more to the point, violations of the commercial service contracts we have with them as well.  They have been excusing themselves by claiming that we acquiesced to this course of action and abuse of our service contracts, but in fact, we were not consulted and were left to assume that they were accounting for their costs and changing their flag to the Union Jack while employed in these various incursions and wars for profit. 

Imagine our horror when we learn that the costs of all their opportunistic commercial actions have been misapplied to our accounts and our flag on loan to them only for duties under our Constitutional Agreement, has been deployed and displayed as if our country and nation was the Perpetrator of all these commercial mercenary conflicts that the British Government and its Territorial affiliates have promoted "in our name" and using our flag, and which they have charged off to our accounts, with no authority or permission to do.  

How the international banks including the Federal Reserve Banks and the Vatican Bank, too, have allowed this situation can only be attributed to ignorance or collusion.  

We note that although our unsuspecting young people have been drawn into this morass of British Commercial Self-Interest and have been unknowingly employed as British Territorial Subjects and as Mercenaries employed by the British Territorial Municipal Corporation calling itself the United States of America, Inc. ---in various iterations-- there has never been a "peep!" of disclosure about any of this wrong-doing and unlawful trafficking of their persons, nor has there been any remedy for it since the Second World War.  

It used to be presumed that when an American left this undisclosed private Mercenary "Service" they received paperwork affirming their honorable completion of that service, and they were presumed to have returned "home" to their natural political status as Americans hailing from one of the nation states of the Union.  

Beginning with the Second World War the self-interested bounders adopted different presumptions and unless the formally discharged service member wrote a letter to his or her Branch Commander and informed them that they were returning to their original political status it was presumed that the individual "voluntarily" stayed in the political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen.  

All of this reveals a criminal and pernicious and purposeful and self-interested abuse of our people and our resources and our flag in Gross Breach of Trust by the Governments of Great Britain, the British Monarch, Westminster, the Government of Ghent, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. 

These trespasses and crimes against us and against our country cannot be fathomed by anyone having a moral conscience, especially in view of the fact that Great Britain itself would have been unlikely to survive World War II without the timely intervention of Americans who gave their lives and contributed their resources to stave off the Nazi attack.  

That our children would continue to be misinformed and drafted and mistreated by the British Government and its various regimes and that our flag has been misused and dishonored in the same vile manner by British Crown Commercial Corporations and the British Territorial Municipal Corporation Subcontractor in their endless wars for profit --- wars that we certainly did not profit from, either ---  fills us with righteous anger and brings this claim against them and their accomplices in these crimes and acts of deliberate obfuscation, impersonation, and all the false commercial claims and charges that have been made against us and our accounts. 

They have been the Perpetrators of all this bloodshed and aggression against other nations, and they have been hiding it behind our flag, using our children as their cheap mercenaries, and profiting themselves by offloading the expenses of these criminal activities against us via the aforementioned bankruptcy, trust, undisclosed registration and currency fraud schemes. 

Not only have we suffered the Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Service Contracts described herein, but we have also suffered the ill-repute heaped upon our nation and country, as other countries have mistaken us as the source of this problem.  

Let us be perfectly clear -- America is not the problem here.  America has not benefited from this war profiteering or foreign subjugation via commercial deceit one iota.  Our people have suffered along with all the other victims of this criminal cartel and we are bringing forward our claims with the single-minded purpose of seeing all these criminals arrested and removed.  

The problem stems from certain groups in Great Britain and from British Commercial Interests and from the unlawful deployment of British Territorial Forces acting at the behest of Municipal Corporations engaged in impersonating national governments. 

All these Municipal Corporations must be liquidated and those responsible for running them into this pit of lawlessness and orchestrating the whole Covid 19 debacle must be individually and personally punished for it, or we can look forward to repeat performances from these same fraud artists and their progeny. 

Those who remember history are not doomed to relive it and we do remember all this history and a good deal more, with documentation to back it up.  

We wish for the immediate reform and restoration of our American Armed Services as a national service serving our country under the limits of The Constitution of the United States of America and for the control of their payroll to be returned to us and our Office of the Paymaster for these Services and for the immediate return of our estates and our estate assets and the dissolution of all State Trusts and Assets in our favor and to our control.    

This is the only way to prevent continuing and future abuses of the military capability of our country and its disservice in the interests of foreign commercial opportunism.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                    In care of: Box 520994
                    Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 23rd 2023


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The National Debt Fraud Revisited

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

When we first sent a delegation to Rome we were told that this was all astounding news, and most particularly, nobody understood the National Debt Fraud prior to those discussions, not even the Pope. 

Let us summarize:

In theory, a debt-credit monetary system is much to be desired, because every transaction in such a system is a "zero sum transaction" -- meaning that no debt accrues and no interest on debt accrues. There is no need to surveil such transactions or keep track of them for more than a single day, which greatly simplifies and relieves the recordkeeping burdens.  

In reality, however, because all the architecture supporting the debt-credit system had to be paid for, and because the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia were unable to actually pay for anything, credit had to be extended to them on an ongoing basis, to do such things as printing the Federal Reserve Notes and running the Treasury offices, as well as all the other functions of government. 

This odd situation results from the Federal Constitutions which ordain that the Federal Subcontractors operate exclusively on credit, and the States operate exclusively on gold and silver species money.  Then add the fact that our State Governments have not been in Session, which led to their assets being cashiered in State Trusts by those who assumed they had been left in charge.  

With our States not in Session and their assets rolled up and sitting in State Trusts, there was no way to actually pay a debt in this country, and apart from private barter and coinage arrangements, there still isn't until now, when our States are back in Session and have issued a new gold-backed currency, plus the remaining United States Silver Dollars. 

Try standing on your own big toe while walking forward.  

All the State assets were blocked and the Perpetrators used these "blocked" assets as the basis to issue credit for themselves, but this then meant that there was no way for the States to actually pay in gold and silver coinage or the equivalents thereof. 

For a debt to be paid, something of actual and tangible value, a physical asset, has to be exchanged.  Thanks to the foregoing situation, our States have been prevented from paying any debts for 160 years.  

A debt can be "discharged" in a number of ways, including offset of mutual debts, forgiveness, and credit exchanges, but it cannot be paid without the use of asset-backed money, and in this case, the specific use of silver or gold coinage-based money is required. 

This situation results in a Stand-Off, in which the offending Municipal Corporations must stand down and the banks must release our assets to our control, so that debts can actually be paid again, and not just kicked down the road like an empty can. 

The petrodollar, which is certainly asset-backed, does not qualify to pay the debts, so the Municipal Corporations hypothecated debt against our assets, instead.   

Hypothecation of debt is only allowed under Admiralty Law, and is one of four things under the jurisdiction of that venerable venue.  It comes into play when there is a wrecked vessel adrift on the High Seas requiring salvage; another ship tows it to shore, and the expense of this service is "hypothecated" against the owner of the vessel. 

The foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia took it upon themselves to provide no notice to the actual owners and instead, to assume a custodial interest in our States after the Civil War. As custodians, then, they could hypothecate debt against our assets, both material and immaterial, to pay for their costs.

They could raise and spend our credit based on our physical assets, or any other asset we might have --- such as the value of our labor and performances, our patents and trademarks, even our souls (issuance of baptismal certificates) and performances (time in jail) -- provided that we were found adrift and incapacitated on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways. 

Here the fraud scheme takes an amusing turn, as the members of the Bar decided that our Mother's "birth canal" would be sufficient to define our location on the "Navigable Inland Waterways" and that a doctor could serve as our doc(k).   

This is not the only occasion when Admiralty Attorneys have displayed a   
degree of whimsey in their endless pursuit of profit, but we must object that this was never the meaning of intent of the phrase "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" in any Naval Treaty we signed off on. 

Likewise, there can be no presumption that we, the States of the Union, were "wrecked" or in need of "salvage" by our Municipal Corporation Subcontractors.  We were not Parties to The American Civil War.

The Confederate States that were members of the original Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation are/were separate business entities operated as States of States, and those entities were the combatants in the so-called American Civil War.  

Their debts were never our debts.  The buck stopped at the level of the Confederation and could never penetrate to the Federation and its member States.

That these Confederate "States" were separate and that they were incorporated business entities is also evidenced by the fact that Abraham Lincoln declared these entities bankrupt in 1863.  

No sovereign State is eligible for bankruptcy protection, because it is the Guarantor in all such situations.   Our States of the Union were never eligible for bankruptcy protection; they have Absolute Indemnity, otherwise known as State Immunity, instead.  They are the only States having State Immunity.

The sum result from all this fanciful and self-interested unlawful activity on the part of our Municipal Subcontractors has been to make False Claims in commerce against our States and our people, and to hypothecate debts against our assets, while preventing and "blocking" us from administering our own affairs via the use of equally imaginary State Trusts and infant decedent estates, both public and private.   

Thus they contrived to use us and our assets as collateral for their debts and investments without any valid contract allowing this, and without disclosure to us.  They also contrived to use our inability to pay debts-- a circumstance created by their own merely assumed custodial interest -- as an excuse to claim that we were paupers of an unknown origin, all the while that they were engaged in illegally and unlawfully spending our inheritance "for" us and keeping our assets and the profits made off our assets for their use as Slush Funds maintained under their control.

 A more egregious example of Breach of Trust and Disservice Under Contract cannot be found in the history of the world. 

A further result of all this behind-the-scenes finagling was the accumulation of their phony "National Debt".  

Every time they presented their Federal Reserve Note legal tender it was honored; their I.O.U.s were accepted and they received actual goods and services in exchange, so that any National Debt thus accrued was accrued by them, not us. 

We accrued the bulk of that debt as a corresponding National Credit, but were not credited for it.  While they kept scrupulous records of their own indebtedness, no balancing of the books took place, because the credit side of the ledger was the responsibility of the State Trusts.

This, then, gives the appearance of an eternally increasing "National Debt" owed by the Municipal Corporations and their foreign citizenry.  

Therein lies the problem. 

Any failure to pay any valid debt, so that interest did not accrue, was the fault of the Municipal Corporations and their State of State franchises which have been administering the State Trusts they created "for" us. 

Any bankruptcy attempting to dump this National Debt expense at our feet must be rejected because: (1) we are, in fact, their Priority and Preferential Creditors; (2) we claimed this position and their debt via UCC action that cured prior to their bankruptcy; (3) their untoward and unnecessary administration of our affairs prevented us from using our own assets to pay our own debts; (4) their lack of performance resulted in the accrual of interest and this is just another example of bad faith and negligent injury caused by these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia. 

From the foreign corporations' standpoint, this allowed them to benefit themselves with virtually unlimited spending based on our assets, and allowed them to benefit their banker cronies via the "interest" accumulated on the unpaid debt --- and then dump the whole mess off onto us without balancing the books.  

The practice of blocking our access to our own assets under the pretense of being our Trustees, and then failure to pay both their own bills and those charges that could have been legitimately paid as expenses related to the exercise of our delegated powers, has resulted in the cyclic abuse of bankruptcy protection by the City-operated Municipal Corporation Subcontractor, which has used this abuse of bankruptcy to offload all their debts and the debts of all their franchises, including international franchises like AUSTRALIA, INC.,  on us. 

For these reasons and their repeat performances, their claim for bankruptcy protection must be denied and our position as the Preferential Creditors, not the Guarantors, must be recognized.  They have been operating under the auspices of foreign Principals this entire time, and charging off all their expenses and the expenses of their international franchises to us, which is a flagrant disrespect of law and logic. 

We have substantial evidence that these organizations deliberately and with malice aforethought accrued as much debt as possible with the intention of off-loading these corporate debts onto the shoulders of the living Americans. 

Meanwhile, the hypothecation of debt by the British Territorial-operated Municipal Subcontractor and their False Claims that we were in need of salvage and were on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways when they "found" us, has resulted in massive illegal and unlawful confiscation of American land and other assets, their unlawful conversion into British Territorial Possessions held under an entitlement system and the use of our assets as collateral backing the British Monarch's debts. 

This is inland piracy misrepresented as a salvage operation. 

We wish for both Municipal Corporations to Cease and Desist. 

We wish to be exonerated from all presumptions and assumptions that we are acting as unlimited Guarantors for the City-operated Municipal Subcontractor. Our responsibility for their debts applies only insofar as they have performed services that are owed under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States. 

We wish to be exonerated from all fanciful suppositions to the effect that our Mother's "birth canal" represents a Navigable Inland Waterway in any sense related to our Naval Treaties, and a general recognition of the fraudulent nature of their claims to salvage rights related to our "vessels" and also a recognition of the spurious nature of their hypothecation of debt related to these purported salvage operations. 

Our responsibility for their debts is limited to the expenses encountered in the exercise of our delegated powers in actual defense of our country and our borders as stipulated by and within The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Either one of these two Municipal Corporation Subcontractors could have informed their employers of the circumstance at any time and could have sought our assistance and guidance to resolve the issues posed by the perceived need to reconstruct the Federal Republic and reapportion or reassign its delegated duties.  Neither of these Subcontractors did the right and obvious thing. Instead, they attacked their employers, stole the Great Seals, and prevented the assembly of the States for decades. 

The Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have pussy-footed around behind our backs and made all these false claims about us and about our condition and pretended to the rest of the world that we just up-ended and sailed away, off to unknown coordinates, leaving our American Government in permanent interregnum, and leaving them in charge of our country and our assets.

This self-interested and clandestined behavior in bad faith was accompanied by many crimes and injuries inflicted on innocent people who had no idea that these lies and suppositions were being asserted against them by their own Federal Employees, no idea that they were being impersonated, and no idea that -- so far as the rest of the world knew -- our American Government no longer existed. 

We are acting as the Preferential Creditors of both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States of America.  We are presenting ourselves with no need or desire for representation in this matter. 

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, stands as the International Naked Owner and Entitlement Holder of all mutual powers and is the Receiver of all released Delegated Powers once exercised by the Federal Republic, our intended American Federal Subcontractor organized under The Constitution for the united States of America. 

The Several States delegated the Mutual Powers directly to The United States of America, our Federation of unincorporated States of the Union. 

The United States of America then delegated the Delegated Powers to each one of the Federal Subcontractors, including the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors. 

If for any reason the Subcontractors fail to provide the stipulated services, the right and responsibility to provide those services automatically returns to the Delegator by Operation of Law. 

The only "Emergency" present is the failure of our Municipal Subcontractors to act in good faith as required by their contracts, and their continuing attempts to usurp upon the lawful government of this country in violation of international law, our treaties, and their service contracts. 

This unlawful activity by both Municipal Corporations mirrors the usurpation of lawful government promoted by Henry de Worms, aka, Lord Pirbright, the Grandson of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who made it possible for Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company to take over the government functions of South Africa and rule it as a British Crown Corporation. 

It also mirrors similar unlawful activities by other Territorial Corporations that resulted in the British Raj ruling over India, Australia, Incorporated, ruling over Terra Australis, and numerous other examples of Gross Trespass committed by commercial corporations including but not limited to the various iterations of the US CORP and United States of America, Inc. that have engaged in similar misrepresentations of identity and authority here. 

This usurpation against lawful government by self-interested commercial interests has to end.  It is our responsibility to make sure that it does not continue and that it does not end badly for the living people. 

We wish for a widespread recognition of the nature of the problem, the source of its genesis in 19th Century British Colonialism, and the need to put an end to it, lest we end our days in Lord Pirbright's Concentration Camps, as the victims of more non-consensual vaccine experiments. 

We wish for permanent eradication of these evils, first by recognizing them, and second, by recognizing them as they present themselves in the guise of World Health Treaties that again seek to usurp upon the rights of the lawful national governments and the living people. 

We wish for the immediate liquidation of all Municipal and British Crown Corporations that have usurped against the lawful governments and which have proposed to sign World Health Treaties "on behalf of" the respective countries in an attempt to overcome national sovereignty. 

We note that national sovereignty is something which these Municipal and British Crown Corporations do not possess and which they cannot speak to, much less give away, or, as the case is, appear to give away, via Sea Treaties among business concerns.  

It is a well-known fact that corporations do not possess the character of living men and that incorporation of government functions results in the commensurate loss of sovereignty.  

These corporations, whether Municipal or British Crown,  should not pretend to give away sovereignty that they do not possess and which we do not grant to their control. 

We have presented a vast compendium of crimes, both violent and in the nature of fraud and usurpation, self-interested conspiracy against the Federal Constitutions and similar Constitutions adopted by other countries, evasion of Constitutional Obligations and Service Contracts, coercion under color of law, unlawful conversion of persons and assets, unlawful taxation, unlawful enforcement of statutory law against non-statutory entities, impersonation, crimes of barratry, racketeering, extortion, deliberate non-disclosure, blackmail, illegal salvage, inland piracy, kidnapping, human trafficking, false witness, biological warfare against non-aligned, non-domestic civilian targets, agricultural sabotage, industrial espionage, theft and illegal suppression of patents, violation of trademarks, copyrighting the Given Names of living people as corporation assets, unlawful and illegal securitization of living flesh, unlawful bills of attainder, illegal and unlawful banking practices, discrimination of all kinds, election substitution, election and commodity rigging, currency rigging, counterfeiting, bankruptcy fraud, illegal surveillance, violation of privacy, money laundering, trespass, malfeasance, misrepresentation, theft, organized crime, profiling, press-ganging, illegal conscription, war for profit, illegal commercial mercenary activities, semantic deceit, enslavement and conspiracy to enslave, medical murder, involuntary sterilization, involuntary abortion, infection with deadly diseases, suppression of the cancer Suppressor Gene, infection with parasites, injection of undisclosed nanotechnologies, non-consensual genome alteration, organ harvesting, pollution of blood supplies, credit theft, unjust enrichment, probate fraud, armed robbery, abuse of private police powers, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, genocide and other crimes against humanity. 

These are crimes committed by corporations against living people and their property interests. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law, these corporations must be liquidated, and their officers must face judgement under Canon Law.   

The failure to immediately dissolve Cestui Que Vie trusts upon the return of the lawful owners is expressly forbidden under Canon Law, yet millions of Americans have suffered this trespass and their assets have not been returned to them or to their lawful government; instead, the Office of the Pope has released our assets to their own British Overseer of the Church's Commonwealth, under the known False Presumption that we are British Territorial Subjects. 

This action amounts to taking the loot out of one pocket and putting it in the other pocket and attempting to call it good, when in fact the purloined assets have not been returned to the lawful Government and the people to whom these assets belong --- as required by both Ecclesiastical and Canon Law. 

These crimes are rooted in pernicious ideas promoted by 19th Century Corporatists in Britain, Germany, and The United States. These ideas include but are not limited to survival of the fittest, forced eugenics and sterilization of those they consider "unfit" to procreate, racial and social caste prejudices, anti-religious prejudices, war for profit, forced labor and internment, prisons for profit, globalism at the cost of national governments, feudalism, colonialism, state controlled education, mandatory euthanasia, peer-based education, belief in their own superiority, assertion of predatory public interest in private assets belonging to the "lower classes", elitism, control systems including propaganda, subliminal messaging, and other psyop techniques used to induce fear, support for self-interested political actions, or opinions supportive of their own, media smear campaigns, media and information control, control of government functions through private agencies owned or operated by private corporate interests, substitution of private police forces for public peacekeepers, punitive taxation, and more.

Throughout, Britain has played a unique and pivotal role as Chief Promoter and Purveyor of these socially and culturally destructive ideas and practices. Adolph Hitler and the German Students of this pagan Corporatist philosophy ultimately became more famous for their atrocities than the British originators of similar atrocities during the Boer War, but ultimately, we need to look at the source of these bad ideas and the seedbed of organizations and institutions which keep them alive.

We wish for vastly increased public awareness and investigation exposing the sources and political affiliations that have brought forward these old evils again, and in an even more virulent and destructive form manifested in the current pandemic genocide..  

We, as a planetary population, should not have to continue to put up with these mentally deficient and emotionally diseased proselytes of evil abusing ill-gotten wealth to promote more of the same destruction. 

We have seen it all before, and have no need to see it again.  

The vaccine genocide promoted by Lord Pirbright and Cecil Rhodes and their compatriots went unpunished, so here we are again, facing a vaccine genocide on a much larger scale, being promoted by the same basic interest groups and using the same template for evil, too. 

This behavior cannot go unpunished again.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 22nd 2023


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