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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Public International Notice -- Notice to Vacate

 By Anna Von Reitz

1. The commercial organizations that have been hired by the British Government(s) and the Holy See to provide governmental services stipulated under the three (3) Federal Constitutions have been terminated in bankruptcy; our contracts are not with these subcontractors, but their bankruptcy and bad performance does impact us, and we do have cause to manage our own affairs and to make decisions with respect to the new service providers.  

2. Our actual contracts are with the Principals-- the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London.  We have not approved and do not have contracts with any of the new Municipal Corporations and/or Territorial Corporations which are seeking to create contracts by Assumption of Contract in Succession;  

3. We have specifically provided Notice to the other Principals and have denied any assumption of succession by the Biden Administration for Cause. Mr. Biden is a self-admitted influence peddler and crook; there is, therefore, no controversy.  He admits it.  We accept that admission. The number of our Municipal Employees and Dependents who may or may not have voted for Mr. Biden is a moot issue. This decision not to hire the Biden Administration and not to allow it to represent us  and forbidding access to our credit is a business decision, made by lawful Deputies, and it may not be presumed against; 

4. We are the Employers and the Presumed Donors of the Public Trusts; as Donors we have returned and demanded the liquidation of the Public Trusts and the return of the Assets, unharmed and unencumbered. This includes all State Trust and Cestui Que Vie Trust Assets, all gold and silver assets purloined and deposited offshore, domestic and overseas investments, and all credit owed to the American States and People. We have provided the means to accomplish this removal of the artificial trust structure(s) that have been imposed under False Legal Presumptions and have allowed for a safe and gradual transition to State Assembly control; 

5. All the territories that entered Territorial Statehood between 1860 and 1959 have been enrolled as States of the Union and have entered in to their true capacity as States according the Equal Footing Doctrine as of 1 October 2020; 

6. All Territorial State-of-State organizations are provided Notice to Vacate and must begin withdrawal and transition planning. Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations which should not exist under the provisions of the Federal Constitutions have already had ten (10) years to reorganize and liquidate their business interests and are, together with their Federal Agencies, not being allowed to continue unlawful and unconstitutional incursions.  

7. It is unfortunate that this very significant down-sizing and removal of Municipal Interests is necessary, but it is clearly contra-indicated by our Founding Agreements, our Will, and our Public Intent--- not to mention being contrary to common sense and our practical benefit. The mistaken presumption that the Municipal Government represented our civilian government in our purported "absence" has resulted in our States and People being charged for a complete redundancy of Federal and federated state-of-state services by two self-interested  commercial corporations, both in the business of providing governmental services. As a result,  we have been paying for two  departments of labor, two departments of defense, two court systems, two political administrations, and we have been putting up with not only the cost, but the confusion and infighting that results from this duplication of effort. 

8.The actual State Assemblies are now in Session and prior assumptions of authority seized upon by the Territorial and Municipal Government Contractors and their respective state-of-state organizations must be released in an orderly, gradual, and peaceful manner without fear or rancor. Provision for the necessary transfers of authority and measures to re-task and re-employ people affected by this necessary restructuring are underway and should prove beneficial for all concerned. 

9. All members of the General Public and International Investors as well as all members of State-of-State Legislatures have cause to know that as of 1 October 2020, all State Trust interests and all assets contained therein, have reverted to the living people of these Several States of the Union and these assets are not available for any continued speculation, use as collateral, sale, encumbrance, or abuse by the members of the United States Department of Justice serving as the US TRUSTEES nor by members of the United States Congress serving as United States Trustees together with their heirs and assigns, nor are any State Trust assets subject to any sale, distribution, secondary administrative contract, or other agreements entered into by state-of-state legislatures;  

10. The Enrollment of the Western States has been made effective with and retroactively contemporaneous with their original entry into Territorial Statehood; all right, title, and interest must be yielded to those Americans who have returned and who are daily returning to their lawful standing on the land and soil of this country; 

11. As a matter of Law and of proper Public Administration, all rights, titles, duties and interests in the international and global realm which were once exercised by the Confederation of the States of America and the Federal Republic have returned by Operation of Law to our unincorporated Federation doing business as The United States of America which was and is the Delegator of all mutually-held Delegated Powers of the actual States; 

12. Also as a matter of Law and proper Public Administration, all rights, titles, duties and interests in the national and local government realms vest in the State and County Assemblies which are now in Session for the first time in many years, and all foreign trusts and foreign trust interests otherwise presumed to exist are dissolved; 

13. The return of the actual American Government to full force and function cannot be accomplished overnight, but the foundational work to rebuild and reconstruct both the Confederation of the States of America and the Federal Republic is underway and ongoing; as the only true Sovereign Interests in this country representing all people of all ethnicities, races, religions and backgrounds, our State Assemblies hold aloft the banner of national sovereignty and self-determination, and through their unincorporated Federation of States, they similarly uphold the ideals of individual freedom and self-determination, and yet also fully accepts voluntary cooperation with other nations for the advancement of mutual peace, security, friendly trade, social and cultural exchange, and environmental issues; 

14. In the transition period, there will be a migration of elements of the American Armed Forces to occupy the position of the original Federal Republic, which is ultimately an instrumentality of our unincorporated Federation.  In this way the function of the original American Federal Subcontractor can be restored without  having to complete the entire Reconstruction first.  Mr. Trump is selecting those elements of the American Armed Forces necessary for the task before us and they are being funded on a temporary basis until the actual final Reconstruction is in place and the entire American Government is functioning as intended. 

15.  Mr. Trump will be called upon to help us secure all those American assets that have been held offshore in diverse locations and we are all obligated by international law to return control of those recovered assets back to the actual unincorporated Union of States doing business as The United States, which is our domestic National Government of the Several State Assemblies, for reassignment of a portion of those assets to our unincorporated Federation, The United States of America, which is our international and global government, which then assigns resources to the Confederation and the Federal Republic which Mr. Trump and elements of the American Armed Forces, particularly The United States Army and The United States Air Force and The United States Space Force will be occupying. 

16. These assignments and the correct lawful and legal arrangements have already been made and stand upon the Public International Record of the Uniform Commercial Code, but it remains under the watchful eyes of the international community to be sure that no further substitutions or impersonations or other legal chicanery is attempted by the British or other European Interests seeking to derail or delay our process or impersonate our lawful unincorporated government again;  

17. Upon the receipt of control of our returned trust assets we shall be authorizing the minting of United States Silver Dollars for domestic use, and American gold coinage for use internationally; this does not imply that credit-based notes will be removed from circulation, but necessary changes will be made across a spectrum of currency products that are either based on other commodities or are commercial or military scripts; we do not anticipate that anyone needs to be harmed in this process at all; 

18.  We have thus far published the Enrollment of the States created during and after the so-called American Civil War and the first American Public Law in over a hundred years, which establishes punishments and prohibitions for corporations seeking to meddle with the natural genome of individual people using nanotech and patented genetic materials to create the basis to claim these same people are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) subject to ownership by the patent holders.  We have also published and re-issued, several years ago, our renewed Sovereign Letters Patent and our recognition of The Declaration of Independence of 4 July 1776 as the Source and Foundation of our lawful American Government;

19.  The renewed Sovereign Letters Patent referenced above are our acknowledgement and receipt of those land and title interests which are ours by venerable Grant and Treaty Agreements made before, during, and after The War of Independence, and these renewed Sovereign Letters Patent represent our peaceful and mutual sharing of land and soil interests among the living people present within the borders of each one of the Several States, including the members of the Native American Nations, who are as individuals welcome to participate in the State Assemblies and who are inheritors of all the same constitutional guarantees and protections;

20. We formalized and recorded and gave International Notice of these actions to make it clear that we are the lawful Possessors and Inheritors and we are in full command of our records, our history, and our depository receipts, grants, treaties, land patents, and all presumed titles and deeds issued in our purported absence.  We are not confused or incompetent or engaged in any war or controversy and wish only for a peaceful and lawful and logical way forward for our country and for the rest of the world;  

21. Our government is not now nor has it ever been engaged in oppressing anyone, dictating any religious belief,  harming or depriving anyone based on their race or ethnicity, promoting any system of bondage, or depriving anyone of the full enjoyment of their assets both public and private;

22. We recognize and everyone else must recognize that while there are urgent needs to be addressed throughout the world, the necessary and lawful changes will not happen instantaneously or occur at the same pace in all places; a daunting process of evaluation and education lies ahead not only for America and Americans, but for the rest of the world community.  We embrace these challenges and opportunities in a spirit of brotherhood and with great determination to preserve all that is best in our communal past, while forging in the present time a firm and happy and simple basis to go forward into the future; 

23. As part of our dedication to making government simple, sensible, and non-invasive, a great many of the more than 80 million statutory laws, codes, and regulations which have resulted in such nullities as victimless crimes and thought crimes and unconscionable infractions will be set aside.  Both the injustices promulgated by this proliferation of private statutory laws and the economic burden of enforcing them is unsupportable and not in any sense necessary for nor conducive to the Public Good;

24. Legislation which has imposed upon the Natural and Unalienable Rights of individuals and those rights and prerogatives guaranteed by the Constitutions will similarly be rooted out, set aside and nullified, resulting in the release of many prisoners who have been victims of state-of-state, Territorial, and Municipal Prisons-for-Profit schemes; 

25. Along with the long overdue nullification of these burdensome and often oppressive or nonsensical statutory laws comes the similar restructuring and removal of Administrative Codes and Administrative Agencies. The gross duplication of governmental services created in this country and the degree of public ignorance regarding the applicability of Administrative Codes which have no authority outside the corporate administration of our subcontractors will similarly be addressed;

26. All the reforms referenced above necessitate a similar reform of the court system(s) which have been administering the enforcement of these statutes and codes and expediting their improper imposition upon the General Public.  Our American Justices will be returning to their proper places as Administrators and Comptrollers and those Lesser Courts of strictly limited jurisdiction, including the courts of Special Admiralty and their Judges, will be retired and circumscribed as the American Courts revive and the lawful duties and limited jurisdictions of the foreign courts are imposed.  Most particularly, Hired Jurists and Territorial and Municipal elected Judges are advised to recognize the actual identity of Americans misaddressed by court summons and faulty case initiation processes, so as to avoid further trespasses against their Employers; 

27. All Political Parties which have been endured and employed as a means to foment constant Public Policy debates related to our foreign subcontractors and their incorporated commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services--- are merely lobbyist organizations similar to labor unions or professional associations like the Bar Associations and the American Medical Association --- all of which are foreign with respect to our actual American Government and devoid of any authority related to our States, our People, and our Country.  The elections which have resulted from the activities of such organizations are self-evidently private corporation elections, and do not, as they have misrepresented, result in public elections nor the lawful occupation of public offices. While we stop short at this time of outlawing such organizations generally, we do insist that their activities be disclosed for what they are, and that all those elected and appointed to private corporate offices as a result: (1) perform their constitutional duties; (2) observe the limitations of their offices; (3) fully disclose all impacts, obligations,  effects, resulting legal presumptions, and applicability of registration processes-- including Voter Registrations; (4) fully disclose the limitations, applicability, and results of their foreign licensing agreements and foreign guild requirements, in the event that any American thus fully informed should choose to participate or imagine that these foreign requirements and practices have anything whatsoever to do with them.  

28. Insurance is legalized gambling, and in our purported absence, a vast compendium of insurance services and insurance conglomerates with ties to international organized crime have sprung up on our shores and have been used for purposes of money laundering, unjust enrichment, and illegal investment pooling.  While we realize the short term benefits that can be gained by individual investments in various forms of insurance and the institutional profits that can be realized by allowing the insurance industry to exist, we also observe the social evils associated with insurance: bonding of assets, failure to pay, widespread unilateral and unconscionable contracting practices, misrepresentation of Insured Parties, and so on.  The insurance industry like the even more corrupt and corruptible securities industry, has been operating without competent Third Party oversight in virtually all States of the Union; this situation requires the establishment of State-mandated Third Party oversight and enforcement, consumer protection and Ombudsman services specific to the insurance industry, and insurance arbitration services available to the General Public; 

29. Securitization of living flesh is illegal; it has been illegal and unlawful since the days of slavery and was universally outlawed on a planetary basis as of 1926.  Yet, we observe the current situation promoted by the labor bonding practices of the Municipal United States Government and its co-conspirators at the Federal Reserve and DTCC, which have all promoted a ghastly trade in securitized labor and securitized living flesh despite the clearly worded prohibitions which stand as Public Law throughout the known world. The loophole used to promote this abhorrent situation is our guaranteed freedom to contract and the inability of the government to restrict our ability to contract. This freedom has been used as a means to enslave us via unconscionable contracts with babies and other minors, undisclosed third party contracts entered into "for" us by people pretending to be our agents, trustees, executors, or others in power over our affairs and assets, and military press-ganging which has been outlawed for over 200 years.  These claims ask us to entertain the idea that we can choose to enter into contracts to perform illegal acts, subject ourselves and others to criminal practices, enter into unilateral contracts with ourselves and other personas representing ourselves, be subject to contracts we are totally unaware of, and via the exercise of our freedom to contract,  justify any kind of criminal activity whatsoever so long as there is a contractual obligation present.  These practices, claims, and the social insanity predicated upon them are fully denied and rebutted by our Public Law, our actual binding contract requirements, and most of all, by the illegal, unconstitutional, and unlawful results of these foreign legal practices and presumptions being misapplied to Americans--- all of which serves to make the Municipal United States Government sponsored by the Holy See and those corporations conspiring with it to engage in these contracting practices, recognizable as an international crime syndicate engaged in crimes against humanity.  Our Municipal Subcontractors are responsible for the misdirection and misadministration of their hirelings and franchises; they have cause to know the limitations of their service contracts, the Public Law of this country, and their own obligations to anyone born on our soil; they have deliberately and with apparent malevolent and self-interested intent built a foreign, evil, invasive, and unauthorized criminal empire on our shores in contravention of our Public Law and in violation of International and Global Law; they have employed falsified records, impersonation, constructive fraud, and barratry to do it.  As a result of these crimes and the usurpation against our lawful government evidenced by the spread of Municipal Government enclaves and activities far beyond the limitations set by our constitutional agreements already noted, corrective measures have been taken and will continue until the entire criminal edifice is extracted, together with the corporations and interlocking trust directorates and individuals connected to these activities and practices. 

30. In 1865, the Territorial United States Government failed its duty to fully inform and support the Federation of States. The same Territorial United States Government claimed emergency powers that were never granted to it, and used this claim as an attempt to justify its continued abrogation of its own constitutional limitations and obligations owed to the American States and People.  In 1868, this same Territorial United States Government created a Scottish commercial corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America" --- Incorporated, and in an act of undisclosed constructive fraud and attempted legal enclosure, published the Articles of Incorporation as "The Constitution of the United States of America".  In 1870, this same Territorial United States Government acting as the U.S. Congress, claimed that it had the right to issue corporate charters in our names---- something never authorized or granted to the Territorial United States Government, and naturally residing by Operation of Law and Jurisdiction with our unincorporated Federation of States. 
In 1871, these same jackals exercised this false claim of power and authority to create multiple Municipal commercial corporations in our names and used these as instrumentalities of the District of Columbia.  They also claimed to own all United States Corporations and the assets thereof as personal property.  Every iota of this was accomplished under conditions of fraud, non-disclosure, and treasonous usurpation against our actual American Government and all of it was done by self-seeking foreign Employees on our payroll, being either: (a) misdirected by the foreign Principals responsible for their activities, or (b) being allowed to run wild and do all of these things by the other Principal Parties to the Federal Constitutions without oversight.  In all cases, the British Monarchs, the Lord Mayors of London, and the Popes --who owed us "Good Faith and Service" in these matters were derelict and criminally negligent in the performance of their duties, including the duty to protect and inform their Employers. A similar situation accrued to the misadministration of our Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Offices.  As a result, corrective measures have been taken and will continue to be taken.  The ownership interest in United States Corporations belongs to our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, and to the States and People of this country, in whose names these entities were created under conditions that are otherwise constructive fraud and without any vestige of authority to exercise any such sovereign power; all corporations formed since 1860 "in the name of" either the United States or the United States of America are subject to the ownership and authority of the unincorporated American Government and our Public Law, including the Federal Constitutions. All such corporations have been given one (1) year to correct and amend their Articles of Incorporation accordingly, or choose voluntary liquidation. 

31. Our relations with the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London are, understandably, quite strained as a result of these criminal activities and various forms of usurpation which have been employed and allowed to prosper against our lawful government.  Various other Bad Faith abuses of actual Delegated Powers by these same Parties such as Giveaway Trade Agreements, Federal Block Grant kickback programs used as inducement to evade constitutional obligations and unlawfully convert local governments, especially city governments, and widespread improper enforcement of foreign contracting processes and forms of law, including the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, and participation in foreign tax schemes such as the "New Green Deal" and American Wealth Redistribution schemes predicated on the idea that our entire country was "abandoned" and without a government,  and claims by the self-interested Creditors of our foreign Subcontractors that all our assets distributed worldwide were "unclaimed" and "abandoned" ---all of this and more serves for prickly Foreign Relations going forward, as it is abundantly apparent to all Parties that we have been horrendously disserved by our Employees and the Principals responsible for their employment at our expense, for the past 158 years. 

32.  As disturbing as all this is, together with the fact that our supposed friends and allies have in fact proven to be our most intractable and unkind and dishonest detractors, it is nonetheless the Truth.  Our Affidavit of Probable Cause has been published worldwide and distributed worldwide since 2015 as part of our book, "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and wet-ink signed and witnessed copies have been provided to the Principals and other responsible officials; courts serving in the international and global jurisdictions have been given proper Notice and Invocation of the Law, including the International Court of Justice, the Court of the Lord High Steward, and the Vatican Chancery Court--- and all have been moved to action upon Maxims of Law pertaining to the forms of law they each employ.  The fundamental crimes of fraud, Breach of Trust, and piracy both on the High Seas and Inland Piracy, form a common thread impacting all jurisdictions of the actual Public Law on this planet.  Those who have been compartmentalized and left unaware of these circumstances must now awaken and undertake correction, together with those of us who have already labored long and faithfully in the cause of decency and freedom for Mankind. 

                                                       Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                                       The United States of America