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Sunday, February 2, 2020

It Ain’t Easy

By Anna Von Reitz

Very often and very obviously people think that my life is or has been easy.  They imagine that I have not suffered, have not fallen on my nose, haven’t gone without anything, have somehow gotten through unscathed and with plenty to spare. Even those closest to me believe this about me. 

How, my youngest Son asked me, could I have such a sunny disposition and laugh so often in spite of so many wrongs? 

It’s my revenge, I tell him.  I am really just a callous old warrior who decided to laugh, by force of will.  

You might as well.  

Jim and I both started our lives as mathematicians.  Both our minds are wired that way.  The “Government” ruined my career by stealing and suppressing my work, but they hurt him more.  Him, they dragged out into the jungles and around the world, and used his skills as a cryptographer in the Belly of the Whale, a fate no mortal should have to endure.  

We met and fell in love and everything was beautiful.  He healed.  It was magic.  His career in fine art burgeoned.  We had a beautiful home that suited us and a fine income and we were in love. 

And then a wildfire took our home and an unexpected pregnancy turned our quiet lives as early retirees upside down.  With our next youngest pushing twenty, Jim was going to be. Father again— in the midst of the wildfire wreckage at the age of 55. 

God bless him, he didn’t even flinch. 

He got me into a safe new home and got me through the childbirth, but then he collapsed, exhausted, spent,  and haunted by his demons, isolated, plagued by PTSD, and quietly drinking himself to death. 

I was left “alone” as many military wives have been left alone to hold the fort, with a small babe, no money, and a life to rebuild—somehow— for us all.  

Just when it seemed I must give up, when it seemed that there was no hope at all, I simply didn’t have the physical strength or skills needed or will to carry on—- a man appeared. He came out of nowhere I knew, out of Jim’s past, not mine. 

He took the situation in at a glance and he shouldered all of it, everything I couldn’t do. He did it all gently and patiently and without complaint.  And I knew that he loved me and my small son and even loved Jim.  Everything he did was for love.  And then he left, like all such heroes do, like Shane he left me and “little Joey”  and rode out into the heart of the great glowing West.  

I thought I’d break in two. I wondered how I’d go on. But the fact is that he’d made me stronger. He had lifted me up, put me back on my feet, given me what I needed to go on, and so I did.  

I always knew he loved me and God knows, I loved him, loved him for his kindness to me and mine, and everything he did for us, and everything he was.  Everything he taught me. All the little things that mean everything. 

But you see, he and I are actually quite alike, both Devotees of an Ancient Warrior Code, both bound to Absolutes.  He could never speak of love to me, and if he did, I could never hear it—- even though we both knew the Truth and honored it in our silence. 

Tonight he came to me out of the blue and held me in his arms and said the words, all the words that stood in the silence between us all those years ago and he wept like a child. We clung to each other like two castaways clinging to a life raft and I wept, too. 

I always knew, but it is different when you say it.  

The Truth is still the Truth.  Love, once it exists, is Love.  And ours has been a Grande Passion, worthy of renown, honorable and true to the core, never violated, pure. 

Moses ain’t got nothing on me.  I, too, have led my People through the Wilderness for forty years.  I, too, have told Pharaoh to let them go. And now, here I am, on my mountaintop, “dying” in sight of my Promised Land. Too old to go there anymore. The journey spent. 

But unlike Moses, I didn’t gainsay God.  No, I am just sitting here all alone staring into the mysteries of life and love and what we all go through.  What strange crucifixions we each endure.  

And all of this in plain view of the fact that I still love Jim as deeply and well as I always have, on top of, in addition to, in spite of the All of it. 

Lord, grant me the serenity....

To all of you who think my life has been easy, that I somehow bounced through it unscathed—-think again.  It isn’t easy to live in this world. It isn’t easy now, and it never has been. The best we can do is to honor what is True and to love each other truly and faithfully and to the best of our ability, as much as we can, while we can.  

His tears are still wet on my shoulder. The immortal words in my ears, echoing in my heart. And tomorrow we both know that we will both get up and go on and do our best in our separate lives and the days and years and certainly the miles will stretch between us as he leaves and goes where only my love can follow. 

A part of me has been with him through all these many years.  He gave it back to me, tonight— not because he didn’t need it himself, but because he knew I needed it more.  Gallant every step and to the bitter end. 

Never, ever, for one moment imagine that this is “easy” for either one of us. Our hearts have been broken and crushed and blown away in the wind and have gone to places we don’t even know of.  Yet, here we stand, at our respective duty stations. 

And my Son wonders how I can laugh, when this is just (1) one of the inexplicable “lessons” of my life, and still, I tell him to laugh and keep on laughing.  

Remember Sarah, she who laughs.  Remember Mary hunched over at the foot of the Cross. 

Who can gainsay God?  What is, is.  I have never yet loved anyone or anything —and that love has not ultimately returned to me, full tide, and overflowing.  Like my words, they do not go out and come back empty, either. 

All the wisdom of men may crumble to the dust, all that can never be repaid, all those who can never be together, all those who weep, all those who yearn for peace and love and happiness, all those who stand alone, all those in any need at all, take heart the more impossible everything seems, for what is impossible to us, is not impossible to God. 

Behold the Truth, that our God makes all things new, and all things possible, and all things right in the end— and then, you can afford to laugh.

There is a reason that I have been fated to love two great men and a reason they both love me.  We just don’t know, in our present condition, what the reason is— and within the limitations set by our own Code of Honor, we have to bear it for what it is, and let it be, the same way that the sun shines and the rain falls.  Apparently, forever. 

This is my cross, and theirs, too. 

Now tell me again, how “easy” my life has been?  How I am so blissfully unscathed and out of touch with the full range of feeling and misery?  

When I have lived every day of my life literally torn apart for decades? 

And still soldiered on and still loved my husband, and still kept my family together and still paid our bills and still unraveled the evils of our broken  “government” and still took the time and made the effort to defend and teach everyone else who would listen.  

So you are living in a dump?  I lived in a shell made of raw timber, insulated with cardboard.  So you are alone, burdened down, scared? I sat in the ashes with a sick baby and a husband who was so lost in his own misery, he didn’t even talk—just stared into space and drank for five years. 

Think I haven’t been there?  

Nobody gets by without their share of sheer misery and want and terror. Nobody gets by without guilt and pain and sheer bewilderment.  One way or another we all get stuck asking, “Why?” to questions we can’t answer. 

So just know that for sure and know that you aren’t alone and accept it and don’t whine or feel sorry for yourself.  We are all here to learn and there are some terribly hard lessons— but through it all, we are meant to grow wise and fearless and joyful.  

Through it all, we are meant to overcome. 


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About Flags, Brexit, 2007, and the Ongoing Outrage

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I got a blurb from Greg Hallett that indicated that our brethren in Britain and Australia are just as confused about "the gold-fringed flag" as we were, here, in America, for many years.
The "return of Britain to Britain" via BREXIT was fabulously celebrated yesterday with a great deal of flag waving, and the British People rallied in the streets and dockyards, in the pubs and alleys, waving and cheering the Union Jack.
This effusive nationwide flag-waving and the ceremonies marking the end of Britain's involvement in the European Union also brought the gold-fringed flag into the Public Eye, with many Commentators thinking it was an Admiralty Flag. Not so.
As a result of many years of research by American Patriots into exactly this hard-to-track-down question, we can definitively tell the world that flags with gold fringe added to their edges are called the "National Colors" --- and are "Ceremonial Flags" used by the Executive Branch of the Government --- having no other standing or meaning as flags.
That is, they are the equivalent of decorative elements, trotted out --- in this case --- by the Prime Minister's Office, presenting the "National Colors" but not truly representing Great Britain.
This should raise some eyebrows. Why use a "Ceremonial Flag" and not the actual flag, if Britain is truly free and independent of the EU? Was this a mistake? A cry for help? What does the absence of the actual Union Jack on such an occasion mean?
Time will tell what --if anything-- the use of the "Ceremonial Flag" means. But our friends throughout Britain and in the Commonwealth should be well-informed by our experience with the use of this same "fake flag" in American Courts.
Anyone can display a Ceremonial Flag for any reason. It's like bunting. It isn't really a flag.
In the corporate tribunals used to fleece Americans over the past two centuries, these "flags" were used to lend the appearance of authority and to encourage us to assume an association of these courts with our lawful government --- when in fact no such association exists.
Regardless of what the use of gold-fringed flags may portend, it is apparent that rank and file Brits have felt as constrained and as abused by the EU as others around the world, and are fortunate enough to escape relatively intact.
The words "relatively intact" are used because Britain has indeed suffered for a long time as a result of its inclusion in the EU, and trillions of dollars have been drained out of its economy, and its basic industries have been reduced to mere shadows of their former glory.
This has served to leave Britain among the Walking Wounded, but now walking at any rate. It's British Pound Sterling is still viable. It's land ownership and lawful banking movement is burgeoning. People are waking up across the Pond, and throughout the Commonwealth, just as we are.
Some of our most avid researchers and effective advocates are British and Australian. Having caught on to the ways and means of The Great Fraud, they have sunk their teeth in it with gusto.
As a result, we now have proof of a world-spanning conspiracy implemented by banks and members of the Bar Association employed in high-ranking governmental capacities in both Britain and America. The object? To bail-out and reward the banks and other crooks, on the backs of British and American "taxpayers".
Simultaneously, in both Britain and America, in September of 2007, the same exact bank and securities fraud was carried out. It involved misrepresenting securities corporations as banks using trademark names -- "Bank of Scotland" and "Wells Fargo Bank, N.A." ---- the creation of fake ACCOUNTS in offshore locations -- the Isle of Jersey and Puerto Rico, respectively, the establishment of fake lines of credit based on British and American land assets, and the sale of these bogus asset interests to unwary investors worldwide.
These criminals defrauded the SEC and the Stock Exchanges and the IRS out of billions, and the British and American TAXPAYERS out of trillions, plus, placed all our assets at risk ---- all based on the creation of fake offshore bank ACCOUNTS in our names and other "legal" chicanery.
This was the preparation for the bank bailout months before the situation erupted in 2008. The immortal picture of Hank Paulson wandering down the street in a March gale, taken by surprise by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, is complete, absolute, total bunk. A very nice landing for all concerned -- including Paulson -- had been set up months in advance, with British and American TAXPAYERS on the hook for it.
And now, the details of this cozy deal are known and have been extracted from the Public Records in both Britain and America, all of it occurring in September 2007, which definitely suggests a concerted and conspiratorial plan to defraud the landowners and taxpayers in both countries.
Both schemes involved high ranking members of the Bar operating in government offices.
In America, no less than The Office of the United States Attorney General, orchestrated this fraud.
Let's explain a bit about what these shysters have done.
They begin with public land records, which, being public, are available to anyone. These consist of survey and "plat" maps and similar records that identify unique physical parcels of land and soil belonging to people and businesses of all kinds.
Then, they send out people with clipboards, pretending to be agents of the lawful government, and these unwitting individuals are given the task of assigning descriptions to our land and soil assets. This may be as simple as assigning a Parcel Number, or a Street Name and Number, or it may be a "Municipal" Lot and Block designation, and so on.
They use this description to establish false claims on your property.
Imagine that you have a pedigreed horse named "Blackman's Folly" and a Third Party that you don't know and who doesn't know you, wanders down the road, sees your horse, and decides to call your horse "Black Thunder", then goes home and records an ownership interest in "Black Thunder" --- at your address, of course.
It's very much the same situation that has been orchestrated to steal your land and soil and to assert false claims in commerce against you and your property assets. They rename it by issuing a new "property description", register an ownership interest in your renamed property that doesn't actually exist, and then copyright this description in the name of their corporation.
So when they "foreclose" they aren't actually foreclosing on you and they aren't even foreclosing on your property. They are foreclosing on their description of your property.
And we may all judge how much THAT is worth in the actual world of facts. For the cost of employing someone to assign names to property that doesn't belong to them, they pretend to own your land by owning a description of it.
And, by the way, they do the same exact thing with you and your name, only they are a little more subtle about it. They take your Given Name, donated to you by your parents, and by various means of unconscionable contract and subtle variation of your Given Name, contrive to own "you", too.
It's the same basic fraud involving identity theft, identity substitution, and false claims.
This is how they have contrived to "unlawfully convert" patented Freeholds --- private property --- into "public trust" property, and to convert you, a lawful landlord, into a mere tenant.
In the 2007 Song and Dance here in America, they renamed all our Counties using a subtly different style of naming them, pretended that --- "Prest-O! Change-O!" -- these were all new "counties" --- of some kind, and based on this "new" asset base, gave themselves new "Master Form Deeds of Trust" and also, brand new Credit Lines all based on, purportedly, our land and soil.
This is, of course, just more re-labeling of "Blackman's Folly" as "Black Thunder", it's all taking place without your knowledge or consent, it's all as phony as a three-dollar bill, and it needs to be stopped. It's a gross crime and betrayal of the actual Public Trust.
This is what they call "hypothecation" --- a process by which these fraud artists "hypothecate" a debt -- as in, "hypothetical debt" -- against your Good Name and your property, without your knowledge or consent, and then, having committed this crime, hold you and your assets responsible for whatever debts they run up.
Using this identity theft mechanism, they steal the value of your Good Name and your actual property assets by using both as collateral backing their debts. It's as if you co-signed a loan for them, and you were conveniently never consulted about any of this.
Here in America, the involvement of the United States Attorney General's Office in this grotesque scam and the misuse of the Wells Fargo Bank brand name to create the individual ACCOUNTS and the "renaming" of the American Counties, suggests that both the DOJ and The Office of the United States Attorney General need to be liquidated for High Crimes.
It also suggests that the Municipal and Territorial "State of State" organizations that accepted and recorded and helped to expedite these False Claims and the Courts and Court Officers who enforced these False Claims are all engaged in similar High Crimes against the Public Interest and against private property interests, too ---- and also need to be liquidated, with all assets (including but not limited to the Hot Air) returned to the actual owners of record.
After all, no matter what you call him, there is still only one horse, and that horse rightfully belongs to the man who bought him in Good Faith, who feeds him, and waters him, and provides him with pasture, and trains him, and puts a barn over his head.
The horse does not belong to some sorry-assed conniving bureaucrat spinning lies and making up new names and hiding behind a desk in Washington, DC.
Anyone having any trouble understanding these basic facts needs to get in contact with the actual government of this country: The United States of America, Unincorporated, and with the member States which are sovereign entities: 


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