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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Another Supremely Worthy Question and Answer

 By Anna Von Reitz

The question was asked by Dr. Karen Kingston -- why do we participate in evil? 

The particular evil cited was the overall reaction to the pandemic and all the damaging nonsense associated with it.  

Why did some people just go along, and others, like me, didn't? 

First, and foremost, I realized over 30 years ago that the mainstream news isn't news.  So I turned the knob and stopped watching it.  All their state of the art brain-washing technology was wasted so far as I and my family are concerned.  We don't watch it. 

Why should we?  All it is, is a constant recital of commercially motivated death and sex reports designed to make people buy things and respond to bad news that they can do nothing about. 

Who needs that? 

Above and beyond that, we know who we are and we know our rights (and the government's limits) and we know the actual Public Law. 

When all the mandates and other nonsense came about, we printed up little credit-card sized notices of the actual law and gave them to the retail store managers and cops and anyone else who questioned us.  

Once they knew what the actual Public Law was, as opposed to the "corporate policy", they all knuckled under and we had no further problems, except for one "woke" business, which we boycotted, and which went under a couple days later.  No loss. 

Much to our glee, we discovered that it is against the law in Alaska and every other State we researched, for anyone carrying a concealed weapon to wear a mask in any public building or business location.  That lets my dogs out, for sure.  

And also helps ensure that armed robbers, murderers, and rapists will be stopped before they can kill and injure dozens of others without any danger to themselves.  

In the end, why weren't we susceptible to evil practices?  It's an attitude thing, but it is an attitude based on knowledge. 

We didn't listen to all the experts telling us what we had to do.  We checked the Public Law and said, basically, go stuff yourselves. 

We didn't listen to all the ads on radio and television.  As soon as someone said, "In these uncertain times...." we checked our six and didn't suffer any uncertainty.  As soon as someone said, "safe and effective", we asked ourselves --- "Safe and effective for what? Cleaning drains?"

Years and years of Bushwah Detection has benefits.  

After our middle son was arrested for breaking the arm of a gun-wielding assailant who tried to mug him inside a Junior High School -- he disarmed the nutcase and used a little too much force before marching himself and the actual offender to the Principal's Office --- it never occurred to us to send any of our children to "Public School".  That is, school for the Public, so that we all remain stupid. 

We realized right then that school administrators are too politically correct and too stupid to provide a safe environment for children, and we have never seen any contrary evidence in the twenty-five years since then.  

That also helped a lot, because as parents, we didn't have to put up with constant indoctrination and political influence peddling from the NEA members abusing their positions of trust and feeding our kids garbage at our expense five days a week.  

Our kids grew up learning to think things through for themselves, because we didn't consider it our job to do their thinking for them.  That in turn led to them having their own logical thought process and being able to calculate the price of beans in China all on their own. 

You can avoid Evil and avoid participating in Evil, by learning to recognize Evil for what it is and how it operates --- by lies, by presumptions, and assumptions, by "news" that isn't news, by "popular opinion" and "group think" and by half-truths, by assertions of authority and exercise of authorities that don't exist, by failure to think for yourself, by allowing the Merchants of Doubt to call you into question, by not settling things when they are wrong.  

You want to see how to avoid being suckered into evil?  

Go to the website and meet Peggy Hall.  She may not be tuned up on all the same wavelengths we are, but she got it right, simply because she knew who she was and knew her rights and held the government to its limits.  Let's hear it for all the plucky people in America who stood up for themselves and sounded the alarm.  

And let's learn the lesson.  


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Mia Culpa, Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Though I make every effort to review the scientific evidence -- patents and research data, there is no guarantee that the truly important pieces that lead directly to the correct conclusion are in the mix under review, so, with no intention to gaslight anyone about anything, it appears that Dr. David Martin and I and many other Worthies may have been chasing the wrong racoon --- earlier version developments and prototypes and research quite unrelated to the bioweapon that was in fact deployed and the propaganda campaign released around it.

So, to set the record straight in view of information brought forward by Karen Kingston in The Kingston Report this week--- and I quote: 

"Our bodies aren't producing spike proteins from viral SARS-CoV-2 mRNA. Spike proteins are smart magnetic hydrogel, Ai bioweapons, preloaded in the 'vaccines.'"

So,  contrary to the information we've had available, the mRNA "payload" is a red herring and this product is not using anything like the normal cellular highjacking mechanisms that, for example, cause genetically engineered corn cells to self-produce pesticide proteins.  

According to the information Karen Kingston has provided, that's not the mechanism or nature of the evil that has been set upon us.  

It's a pre-loaded complete product, free-standing on its own, not needing to hijack the cellular genetic machinery to manufacture the spike protein, because the spike protein is already present in sufficient quantity within the injection serum itself -- and the only apparent importance of the SARS-CoV-2 research was to provide a smokescreen -- make people believe there was an infectious disease involved, so that they would readily accept the injections. 

It remains to be seen in what sense this hydrogel is "smart" even though the verbiage is being used in the same way as a "smart meter" or "smart television".  Apparently, it's able to receive and respond to wi-fi type radiation signals, but what exactly can it do?  

One can imagine some evil Svengali sending out a signal to such "smart" hydrogel telling it to self-replicate and clump up in the veins and arteries upon command.  Or maybe it's something "less smart", for example, the hydrogel only forms clots when it has been exposed to a certain threshold amount of wi-fi radiation for a certain period of time, similar to a chemical reaction that requires a given amount of heat to get it started. 

Hopefully, Karen Kingston will be providing insight into precisely how this hydrogel works and how it interacts with wi-fi signals as an Artificial Intelligence component.  For example, does it somehow collect data about the victim's health?  Allow drone operators to interject foreign thoughts and impulses?  Or does it focus on a single simple but devastating function, like causing blood clots in our brains?

Our complete thanks to Karen Kingston for nailing it to the floor and getting beyond the smoke and the "obvious conclusions" --- and treeing the ring-tailed beastie we've all been after these past two years: "a smart magnetic hydrogel".  


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Treason in Your Faces

 By Anna Von Reitz

Wake up, Campers.  The CIA and the U.S. Military are at war. 

Actually, if you want the Big Picture, it's the Municipal Corporation under Joe Biden  versus the Territorial Corporation under Donald Trump at war --- carrying on a perpetual Mercenary Conflict, and they are just using our country as a stage, illegally. 

Remember how I told you that since 1937 we've had two of everything?  

We've had the [Territorial] Department of Defense and the [Municipal] DOD, side by side, in complete redundancy, and we've been paying for both.  

We've had the Department of Labor and the DOL. 

We've had the Department of Transportation and the DOT. 

We've had all of these parasites, plus, over 400 illegal, unelected subcontractors of subcontractors, too, all in duplicate if not quadruplicate. 

Yes, we've had the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS. 

We've had the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.

We've had the Central Intelligence Agency and the CIA. 

We've had the Department of Homeland Security and the DHS. 

Are you seeing the pattern at last?  It's been this way ever since our two foreign federal subcontractors got together and colluded to share the spoils and suck us, their Employers, dry. 
The Smoking Gun that explains all this is called  "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" and thousands of copies of this otherwise rare document have been reproduced and distributed all over America and all over the world. 

No need to take our word for it.  It's reproduced on our websites. You can order your own copy. 
If anyone calls you a Tin Hat, rub their noses in it. Black and white. No need to argue. 

So, after the 2020 Election was hacked, the U.S. Military hit the Frankfurt cell of the CIA and took home all the computers proving the hacks and all sorts of other dirt on the Municipal United States Government. 

More recently, January 6th, the CIA struck back, and abducted and tortured General Berger, USMC, Joint Chiefs.  He was finally located and rescued according to Office of Naval Intelligence and Marine Cyber Command reports; Berger's condition is not known -- only that he was found lashed down to a bed, beat up, showing signs of torture, drugged --- rescued by his brother Marines and returned for medical care. 

If anyone in the Biden Administration ordered this attack, even by omission, they are guilty of treason.  In your face treason--- not only for deployment of the CIA within The United States, but for treason by the Office of Commander-in-Chief.  It wouldn't be the first time.  Lincoln did it. 
Wilson did it.  FDR did it.  But three times is a charm. 

Joe Biden won't get away with it. And the CIA won't get away with it. 

The reported four corpses the Marines took out along with Berger, plus one living Witness, will have an adequate tale to tell.  Once that tale is told, you can count on all hell breaking loose all over the world, as all the various "intelligence community" organizations take sides and as the militaries smash them all flat.  

It will be quite a show. Something to make the Game of Thrones pale by comparison. 

Get ready. Brace yourselves. I don't think that the answer will be long in coming. 


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Our Real Strength

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our real strength is our family, so what have our enemies sought to destroy?  

Our unborn babies, our relationships with each other, the sacred bond between man and wife, the resilient fiber of extended families and community relationships.  

We've suffered a holocaust brought on by "relativism" and "upward mobility" --- which is really just chasing around after corporate jobs, because the corporations have destroyed our hometowns with their box stores and their corporate taxes foisted off on private people via their own private courts, which always (96-plus percent of the time) find against the victim of their "system" as in con game, as in criminal "system", as in racket. 

We've been living in a psychopathic version of hell, where everything and everyone is upside down and for sale.  

This week alone, I have twelve funerals to attend to, victims ages 12 to 77, a little school girl collapsed at her piano lessons in Minnesota, and an Oxford don in his apartments, slumped forward over a cup of tea.  

In between are all the other ages and faces, people I've known, people I am related to one way or another, by blood or kinship of spirit or academic pursuit, and these sweet souls "passing on" because they were thoughtful and trusting --- and what did they trust?  

Foreign commercial corporations masquerading as our government.  

Subcontractors so lax that they didn't bother to do their own work, and farmed it all out instead to "agencies" and "commissions" and "councils of experts" --- like the so-called "National Security Council" which turns out to be a multi-national bunch of hacks, with all the key positions left vacant. 

What?  We, the National Security Council, should have a legislative liaison keeping the Congress abreast of our activities and decisions?  Whatever for?  

We, the National Security Council,  should have a liaison keeping the President informed?  Nonsense!  

We, the National Security Council, should have a member working the Border Crisis as a security issue?   National borders---whoever heard of such an idea? 

Well, we did, Bonzo.  And we, your Employers, are just an itsy-bitsy tad bit fed up and sick of you all, especially as we watch our food production facilities and oil refineries being torched and our Southern Border overrun.

The best vengeance will be when we remember who we are and remember our families and our communities and our values, and suddenly appear.  

There will be blood and there will be angels.  The very spirit of the Primal Creator will carry away the guilty, so that all who remain will rejoice. 


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