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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Our Real Strength

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our real strength is our family, so what have our enemies sought to destroy?  

Our unborn babies, our relationships with each other, the sacred bond between man and wife, the resilient fiber of extended families and community relationships.  

We've suffered a holocaust brought on by "relativism" and "upward mobility" --- which is really just chasing around after corporate jobs, because the corporations have destroyed our hometowns with their box stores and their corporate taxes foisted off on private people via their own private courts, which always (96-plus percent of the time) find against the victim of their "system" as in con game, as in criminal "system", as in racket. 

We've been living in a psychopathic version of hell, where everything and everyone is upside down and for sale.  

This week alone, I have twelve funerals to attend to, victims ages 12 to 77, a little school girl collapsed at her piano lessons in Minnesota, and an Oxford don in his apartments, slumped forward over a cup of tea.  

In between are all the other ages and faces, people I've known, people I am related to one way or another, by blood or kinship of spirit or academic pursuit, and these sweet souls "passing on" because they were thoughtful and trusting --- and what did they trust?  

Foreign commercial corporations masquerading as our government.  

Subcontractors so lax that they didn't bother to do their own work, and farmed it all out instead to "agencies" and "commissions" and "councils of experts" --- like the so-called "National Security Council" which turns out to be a multi-national bunch of hacks, with all the key positions left vacant. 

What?  We, the National Security Council, should have a legislative liaison keeping the Congress abreast of our activities and decisions?  Whatever for?  

We, the National Security Council,  should have a liaison keeping the President informed?  Nonsense!  

We, the National Security Council, should have a member working the Border Crisis as a security issue?   National borders---whoever heard of such an idea? 

Well, we did, Bonzo.  And we, your Employers, are just an itsy-bitsy tad bit fed up and sick of you all, especially as we watch our food production facilities and oil refineries being torched and our Southern Border overrun.

The best vengeance will be when we remember who we are and remember our families and our communities and our values, and suddenly appear.  

There will be blood and there will be angels.  The very spirit of the Primal Creator will carry away the guilty, so that all who remain will rejoice. 


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  1. Von Reitz never fails in outlining the topic in clear, un-ambiguous copy. Most profound admiration for such insight, presentation and implications. Would that her by-line appear in such rags as WJT or given prominence (earning the outlet much-needed credibility) to info streams other than blogosphere. Avid reader here, and never fail to sing her praises to unwashed.

  2. There sure seems to be a lot of dimly lit folks blindly following Anna. I bet if she told them to take the jab, they would.

    1. Why are you here please go away.

    2. No, use the criticism first then watch and look around and see what is up that thou living human like not, and figure it out for your own self, or just be Free and on your way out of here.

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

  3. We may be arriving at a time of judgment where we must "spare not".
    The plague is upon us and we must prepare to do what is required in order to "stay the plague".
    We need our families back, our cute little general stores, porches, and looking after each other again. I miss those bygone days immensely amid this corporate voodoo world of amnesia and blight.

  4. [thats-interesting:dear]


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