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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

How to Describe a True State National and Write to Members of Congress

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's true that we, actual Americans, don't act as shareholders in the two foreign corporations that provide "government services" directly and via their State-of-State franchises and agencies, and therefore, we don't vote in their political party-dominated elections of corporate officers, either.. 

In fact, the so-called Fourteenth [By-Law] Amendment to the British Crown Corporation entity's "Corporate Constitution" issued in 1868 makes it a crime for anyone (especially Municipal employees and dependents) who isn't a U.S. Citizen to vote in their elections. 

As a result, we have not granted our "proxy" to anyone in Washington, DC, and retain our right to convene a Continental Congress to settle all the hash of this country, including that of our Public Employees.  

We also retain the right to correct and direct and demand performance from our Public Employees.

Recently, I explained the difference between "American State Nationals" described under Federal Code, 8 USC 1101 (a) 21, etc., and actual American State Nationals -- a political status that arises from actual nationality within a sovereign organic State, and which is not a condition defined by or conferred by any legislative act or Federal Code.  

We, Americans, derive our nationality from our organic States of the Union.  We are New Yorkers, Texans, Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, etc., by birth.  This is what we mean by "American State Nationals".  

Federal Territorial Employees and Dependents also have a designation called "American State National" which is conferred upon people living in foreign territorial States-of-States and US Possessions, such as American Samoa or the [Territorial] State of Vermont, for example. 

So, the same words "American State National" are being used to describe two completely different political statuses.  Which one are you?  If you are a Federal Military or Civil Service Employee or the Dependent of such a Person, you might claim to be an "American State National" as defined by Federal Code (David Straight's process).  If you are a member of the General Public, you are an American State National in our system by birth, and you are an Employer of all Federal and Federal State-of-State employees by definition. 

When you write a Nasty Note to one of the corporation's officers or appointees or even to their Agency Subcontractors, Commissions, etc., or, conversely, you wish to applaud something they are doing, you do so as their Employer.  

You are the Boss, they are the Public Employee.  

So think about your role and their role.  

First, you identify yourself --- "I am a natural born New Yorker owed every iota of the guarantees provided by the Federal Constitutions." --- for example. 

Second, you don't mince words.  You are direct and to the point:  "I am very concerned about the continuing impact of Covid-19 "vaccinations" on the General Public, which you are supposed to protect at all costs." --- for example. 

After identifying the general subject that your communication concerns, you can follow up with bullet-point information.  "Initial and secondary statistical reports show a 70 to 75% spontaneous miscarrage rate among pregnant women who received Covid-19 vaccinations and a commensurate numerical percentage increase in fertility impairment issues overall. The adverse impact on our population, economy, and future cannot be overstated." -- for example. 

You don't pile on pages of information.  You keep it short.  Just two or three pithy paragraphs per letter will do nicely.  

Think about it. Your Boss doesn't have to explain everything in the Western World to you when he or she brings a problem to your attention and expects you to do something about it.  Why should you send a member of Congress a 150-page treatise?  

Long, flowery, over-explanatory letters are not necessary and don't get read.  Staffers enter a tally mark beside the "subject" if it's a popular subject, and another tally mark to indicate if the letter is "positive" or "negative".  If your letter is short and direct, and contains interesting information, they might occasionally pass it on to the Big Cheese.  

Otherwise, they respond to "communication statistics".   If they get 1879 "negative" letters about Subject X and only 6 positive letters about the same subject, they start to pay attention. 

Your role is to get their attention and prod them into appropriate action.  Oftentimes, they act on information that is completely rudimentary: "Covid Jab = Bad", for example.  

Now, y'all have about a gozillion subjects to cover with your Employees, don't you?  

The abuses you have suffered from unelected, unaccountable "Agencies" and things like the "National Security Council" and "Public Utility Commissions" and the quasi-military court system are enough to fill volumes --- so write a dozen letters, but keep each one short and to the point. 

"I am being misidentified and misaddressed as a Municipal citizen of the United States --- RAYMOND P. GRUNDY, and repeated letters to the United States Secretary of State and the Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Department of Justice have failed to correct the record. 
I am a natural-born Wisconsinite and have not adopted any such foreign political status and do not stand under any Municipal or Territorial law. I would appreciate it if you would serve my interests as your actual Employer and notify the United States Secretary of State and the State of Wisconsin Secretary of State of my actual political status and current location in Herbert County, Indiana.  Please instruct the Bureau of Consular Affairs and Department of Justice to notify all departments of the Federal Government and State-of-State franchise organizations and Agencies, that I am not a Federal Employee or Dependent and do not wish to be presumed upon.  Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter. -- Raymond Patrick Grundy, in care of 8721 Belmont Circle NW, Indianapolis, Indiana 45231" 

As the Employer, you don't do any groveling or pleading or pretty-pleasing-with-sugar-on-top. You don't "Respectfully Submit" anything, including yourself.  You aren't impolite.  You don't swear.  You don't threaten.  You carry your authority with decorum.  But you don't beg.  You don't have to.  You are the Employer.  Act the part.  


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  1. Dave Slater Pennsylviana AssemblyJanuary 18, 2023 at 6:45 AM

    Anna, Just What are you implying with the example of the letter here? "I am being misidentified and misaddressed as a Municipal citizen of the United States --- RAYMOND P. GRUNDY,. As I see this as the 928 Paper Work submitted is NOT WORKING? Or Being Ignored? And Just who do I send this letter to?

    1. From an independent student:

      Well Dave, are you not very fortunate to not ever be mis-identified/mis-addressed as a Municipal citizen of the United States --- DAVE SLATER.!!!

      May, I guess you have never been, nor are you ever again to suffer being mis-identified/mis-addressed?

      Just because you've reclaimed your preferred status, etc. does mean the theives are going to go along with you.

      In a battle, sometimes you have to keep driving forward, and shouting skyward.

      Or am I wrong?

      from a Student.

    2. ...but whats the answer to DaveSlaters questions?
      he didnt ask your opinion on battle tactics, he asked specific, logical questions.
      whats the answer? ty!

    3. Yep, always some clown wants to chime in with opinions from a "student". Guy writes like Fulford... multiple sources agree.

      I'd been asking if the 928 is recognized by any incorporated authorities and its evidently NOT being recognized. Its why this 928 fiasco is probably just a hopium being sold to get Patriots to self identify on public registries. Guess we'll see if/when accountability returns huh.

    4. the corporation can only address corporations, they can not cross bounds and address State National on land, when will you people realize that?

  2. Once we have Corrected Our Status, we should not any longer, be misidentified. Is that Correct? And, when will the State approved Z Tags be issued?

  3. I'm in AR and running a Z Tag now, but it was not State issued. Any advice? Thanks

    1. How did you get your z tag? Which agency and what part of that agency did you apply to.

    2. anna has a post "Whattodo"

    3. Eric Winbigler was saying on 1.05.23 Land Patent Committee you can record your Z tag in a LRO. He said other interesting things. I'd love to hear more about all this. We need to pierce the corporate veil with the lic. crapola.
      Also, Eric said our autos fall under Consumer Protection as "goods", therefore not subject to their whims. That's if I understood all this correctly.

  4. What forms and what office do I need to be addressing?

  5. Constitutionally speaking, my Right to Freely travel has been unlawfully charged fees for my entire life, til 59. I'm now 60. I want to know verbiage and what individual to go see to resolve these matters, for good. My contact info is recorded with my State Citizen/National Forms.

  6. Also, I just got my Flag. It's our Peace Time Flag. My question is this, are we not at War? The Southern Border gets invaded daily with illegals and cartel members bringing in drugs and killing Americans. That is Acts of War. If not, please explain. Thanks Anna for your Commitment to Freedom. And All who are in this fight.

  7. The paperwork is a waste of time and money. They don't understand the paperwork and ignore it. Only knowledge and understanding work. And even then you'll have to be impeccable. Yes I've done the paperwork. It doesn't amount to Jack.

    1. Hopefully it doesn't amount to a list of people to take care of once the multiple co-opted narratives are made illegal and we return to a common narrative...

    2. The paper work was for Thou and Thou only, not for You, which is plural-izm. Get this ASAP.

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    3. Each man/woman is so powerful. These Not-Elites want us all to feel like a cheep disposable slave having no effect. We fall for the lie and they win. We know who We are and We win. Just a matter of time folks! If we go through a dark time, know we will rise again... stronger than ever. A small light in a big room chases all the darkness away. You see what a Problem THEY have??? The light terrifies them.

  8. Yes, and all this "noticing" and letter writing is going to get you targeted as a "domestic terrorist".

    1. Actually that won't. I know because I sent a Judge packing and it wasn't the paperwork that sent him running. It was a Public Notice that sent him running. Why? Because by Law he has to rebut my facts or they stand as truth in Law. That is the power of a notarized testimony in the form of an affidavit. That one worked and he resigned and ran.

    2. just a note, for consideration only:
      i:woman believe true that:
      Notaries, Testamonies, Affidavits are for use by DeadEntities. Statutor-ily. in Commerce.
      example1: the Notary is authorized by the Corps(es') own SecsofStateInc"Office".
      example2: ref.: hebrews 9:16, "For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be THE DEATH OF THE TESTATOR."
      example3: refs a. and b.: etymonline datte camme:
      a. affidavit "written declaration upon an oath"
      b. related: "jurat"/"jurate": "one who has taken an oath".
      ref.: c.: matthew 5:34 "But i say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne... v.37 But let your communication be, Yea,yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh from evil." jesuis.

      its how the System of man caring for self, loved ones, and one another is being misused by selfish, God-rejecting man that is evil.... the people who are trying to find a way out from under that misuse are not evil nor doing evil. were doing our best to exit/"exit us" /"exod us" from that misuse, in peace, and there is nothing wrong with that. its our right, our choice.

    3. Testimony or truth in the form of an affidavit. Not simply an affidavit. And you can simply write it out as a letter if you want. As long as you put yourself out there for the information you put forth. Otherwise it's toothless.

    4. You can use witnesses if you don't want to mess with notaries. Just put it in writing that you are telling the truth. I agree that everything is made up and we are not on the hook for their crap. Unfortunately they don't see it that way. Which is why you use their own systems against them. It's imperfect but all we have right now

    5. Get the Peace flag and have it with thou at all time.

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

  9. I'm afraid Anna has had A LOT more loses than wins. You don't win by fighting the defacto.

    1. Well, we're dealing with idiots and criminals. Trust me, if she had our cowardly military to back her up you'd see a different result. It's not her fault. Without our help it all goes nowhere.

    2. You're correct, Anna does not have the military backing her. And she can't get any funding for her bank. She is up a creek with no paddle.

    3. There in No DeFacto when Fraud has been discovered,
      because as this Lawful Maxim States "Fraud Vitiates All Contracts Public and Private
      (US vs Throckmorton, 1878)

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    4. Nobody wins by laying down in front of an enemy either. Exactly what the **** do we have to lose when they are trying to kill most of us? Goodness gracious the negativity is rife. What purpose does negativity serve other than to seal defeat? A nine year old told his Dad the other day Love can't be defeated. We really need that child-like trust and love to guide us. Cheers! PS we need a healthy dose of common sense as well. I won't be getting on any kind or type or style of cattle car...

    5. m,
      so well said!!
      perfect logic.
      please post that EVERYwhere! if you dont, im going to! :):):)

      this kind of logic is exactly why OurVeryOwn American common man is the Solution to all of our problems: the ability to reason using honest logic.

  10. Repetition is the best parrotry huh. Say it enough, someone ELSE might actually do whats being noted, since the ones noting it and in the position to do what they claim is possible is sitting on their Thumbs!

    1. Here's the deal. If someone accuses you of something and serves you with a notarized and recorded notice or testimony in the form of an affidavit, the clock is ticking and you have to respond and rebut those facts with your own. And both of you must assume commercial liability for the affidavits. If you don't respond, or if you don't accept commercial liability for your your stated facts, you are screwed. You have admitted to the charges. Those a-holes understand that. So, they run. And you do not serve them by their titles. You use their names. They've got nowhere to hide then.

    2. a1042a,
      and may i add this for consideration for all of us who are motivated to "search the thing out", (as kings do :) ) and see what we can pull together to get rid of this mess ?:
      universal law: man cannot harm man and
      if man harms man, man restores man.
      this is also American common law. [and also law jesuis taught.]
      now, TheDetails for those so-inclined:
      the broad principle that ive recently been introduced to:
      Princ. 1. the State cannot cause harm to the people, because the people are the State's create-er and the created thing cannot harm the one who created it.
      universal law.
      so, if something is going to harm the people, the elected State reps have to trans-fer responsibility off onto some-thing else: an Agency, Bureau, Department, Convention.
      example: the Constitutional Convention....: since the States' (elected) Legislators could not do anything against the will of the people who created the State, they appointed/ commissioned others to go to the ConConvention... and go against the will of the people, causing harm.

      Princ. 2. the Federal-[govt, other] *can* cause harm to the people, because the people did not create the FederalGovt: the States created it.
      of course, logically, we realize that is non-sense, as most of their Self-Serving ImaginaryWorld Crap is, because we all know by now, hopefully, that even OUR UnanimDeclar recognizes, firstly, the universal law that the common man under authority of creator is the ONLY *INHERENT* POWER on earth.
      to prove that spiritual and material point:
      even they have to revert to and recognize the common mans power and do so in their "Bill of Rights", Article 10:
      "The powers not delegated....are reserved... to the people."
      NOT: to the "People" /"Electors" /"Republics"/ "Republicans"/ "Aristocrats" that are all are man-made and therefore are FICTIONS...
      but they recognize that, first, any un-delegated matter goes back to the States that (supposedly) created the Federal Govt: and then back to the **people**/ common man who created those same States.
      that the last place said matter is returned to is the **people** shows and proves that even they know, and in a sneaky way, have and do bow to the universal law that: the ONLY holder of INHERENT power on the earth is the common man, because of man's direct connection to the source of all that is, who most of us call "God".
      universal law.
      cant be changed.

  11. 🙏💕🙏💕🙏

  12. Seems there is really no magic bullets. Every ending is a beginning and things go on. If you need to send more to accomplish something and it works that does not mean go back and watch TV or it is done eternally forever. Freedom is won not given and must be constantly guarded. Perseverance often has helped in my endeavors even with doors slamming on you keep at it and one day it will pay off.

    1. yes.
      and until we once again recognize universal law: that we are God-created *man* under direct authority from our creator with no man or other in between,... we will continue to be misused by evil, violent men and women as Stupid PuppetCharacters in the False Narratives, under the FakeLaws they make up.
      our forefathers and mothers knew this.

    2. women:janmarie, you were created by your Mother and Father - who arduously carried the message of life forward, somehow blessed. How about honoring Mama and Daddy, and the truth? The truth is you were not aborted by them.
      You, seem to live in a fantasy world. Good luck with that.

    3. a2:18p,
      whats your point?........ if you can figure it out. :):):)

  13. Thank you Anna this article was very helpful. We have recently contracted the lead attorney at the Secretary of State here in Massachusetts and your advice in your article will help keep the dialog open.

  14. The only people I've seen actually getting anything accomplished are the ones who are learning rules of procedure. Filing lawsuits as pro se litigants. The burden of proof is on whoever claims you owe them. Get a ticket for running stop sign. Call the stop sign to the stand for cross examination, next call the officer. How did I injure you by running a stop sign? Its actually pretty basic. There is no magic paper to file to get the government to leave you alone. I know people who no longer pay any kind of taxes, travel unimpeded, no sewer bill, no electric bill. Remember the county corporations have been delegated the authority to tax commerce in exchange for providing essential services. If you are not operating in commerce, you are free as a bird ,unless you injured someone or their property.

    1. Freeman, share how they’ve been able to do that, no elect, etc. I have seen 100’s of Anna’s videos but not 1 on these subjects & if subjects fall under the same thing (for example Regulation Z), unless you know the statute or code and where it is, a lot of this we are trying to fix for us to show others is for naught. I have a Z Plate on my vehicle in FL, they do Not give them out & can Not be purchased at the tax collectors offices (they don’t call them DMV’s here). I have not been stopped since November when I put it on.

      I’m going to link a video here, everyone should watch this young man interact with LE when he gets pulled over for no Plate, DL, Insurance & wouldn’t show his VIN. (Paul, I hope this is ok to post, it is not trash, not a site selling anything etc).
      If we all spoke like he did, with courage & knowledge,
      There are very few Creator/Yahuah fearing men in the USA, they’ve no spine & sadly they believe the lies of religion & refuse to research Translators, Scribes, Pastors & Pharisees, who Yahushua our Messiah tells us to watch out for.
      They’ve changed His word, they’ve changed & hidden His name from us. I AM THAT I AM/Yahuah told Moses He wanted His people to know His name & He told Moses His name & it isn’t God, god, lord, Lord Jehovah or a plethora of other pagan names. People don’t know His Sons name either, it isn’t Jesus, lord or Lord either. There wasn’t a letter J until 500 years ago, it’s impossible for His name to be Jesus.
      PS Christmas was against the law in a few states until the mid 1800’s, Yahushua was Not born in December, that was a pagan god born that day, thank the Catholics.
      Who changed the Shabbat & says they can forgive sin? Catholics. What are the definitions of blasphemy in scripture? Changing Times & Laws and forgiving sin, which only the Father & Son can do.

      Millions of people were alive during Noah, only 8 made it, I suggest folks stop listening to their Corporate 501c3 churches & stop reading their Catholic King James Bibles & other garbage Bibles, the Messiah was a Hebrew who spoke Hebrew & Aramaic. Nobody changes their name when they go to another country, man changed the Father & Sons names.
      Also research the Torah, this will tell you everything you need to know about what our Creator expected from us. In Torah law you had to be 30 years old to be a Rabbi, at 30 Yahushua started His ministry, it lasted 3 1/2 years. He allowed them to kill Him for us, when was that again? In the month of Abib/April, count 6 months from April, it’s not December 25th. Deci means 10, Octagon means 8 etc, they changed Times & Laws, if this doesn’t make you think, then you want to stay blind.
      April was our Creators first month, this is scriptural.
      Stop reading the sliver of the back of the book, if you don’t know the beginning, you won’t know the end. The First Testament is the Second Testament Concealed, the Second Testament is the First Testament Revealed. Many say Yahushua our Messiah did away with all the laws, Shabbat, dietary laws etc, well if that’s true how did Noah know which animals were clean & unclean? We didn’t start eating animals until after the flood & Nosh wasn’t Jewish. Messiah said “Follow Me”. There are 42k different denominations of Qristianity, that should be a Red Flag for millions! Messiah never call Himself a Christian nor did His disciples He said “Follow Me” as He followed all the Torah Laws or He would have sinned, He also said “IF you love me you’ll obey my Commandments” & “Until Heaven & Earth pass away, Not 1 jot or tittle of the Law will pass away, I looked outside, the earth is still here. In His 1000 year reign we ALL keep & teach the Torah Laws, many think they were abolished, but they never stopped, only most of mankind stopped.
      Our Creator has always had a Remnant, that’s what we should all be striving for. Get back to obeying His Commandments/Statutes/Laws, He will cover His own in the horror that’s happening.

    2. anony107a,
      hope you keep posting. which bible version do you believe is closest to the original meaning? will you post references next time for those who are interested?
      also, looks like Torah doesnt mean "Law", but "Teaching". yes? no? maybe both? ty.

    3. Hello woman:janmarie,
      This is a question I cannot answer because of the translator's, scribes, pastors, teachers, publishers etc but I read nothing Catholic. I have the Bible App on my phone and I mostly read Complete Jewish Bible but I use World Messianic Bible, TS2009. Cepher is not in the Bible App but this book has books not in 99% of Bibles & it’s the only one that I know of that spells the Son by His name Hebrew name Yahushua, Yeshua is often used and is fine because it’s the Aramaic version, a dialect of Hebrew & He spoke both. My favorite book in it is called Susanna.

      The Torah doesn’t mean either of those, Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible where ALL the Commandments/Laws/Statutes are, so Torah just tells you what they’re talking about.

      I spent years trying to find out why all the different spellings of both the Father & Son and it’s just man not doing the research. This is who I found to be most credible in the spellings I use, he shows me by the Hebrew language which is difficult at best. I first found his website and recently found him on YouTube, here are the links.
      I just found his YouTube, this is the only video I’ve watched of his, so I’m not promoting him just the video.
      Other ministries I watch on YouTube or their sites:
      119 Ministries, Unlearn The Lies, Triumph In Truth (he was a Sunday Mega Church/Prosperity Pastor) & Yahweh showed him the truth & he gave it all up, big church, millions etc, not many would do this, so he’s a favorite of mine. Now he follows Yahushua & the Torah to include the Commandment that men today I feel have helped cause USA to fall, #4 it’s the only one Yahweh tells us: “REMEMBER” to keep Shabbat Holy, the 7th day rest. There are many reasons He tells us to not work on this day or make others work on this day. Shabbat is the only day our Creator named. He wrote these Commandments with His finger, He is serious about all the Commandments, they aren’t multiple choice. Shabbat is Not Sunday, the Catholics admit they changed the day & Protestants followed like they follow the Catholics in many things. A great documentary were some things went wrong is “From Babylon to America” by School for Prophets on YouTube. School for Prophets is a 7th Day Adventist which I’m not a fan of, but. The documentary talking about Shabbat/Sabbath made me research what else I had been lied to by churches for 30 years. I disagree about who he says the antichrist is but it’s worth watching, millions have watched it.

      There’s a disagreement about when Shabbat starts, millions say it starts Friday evening & goes to Shabbat evening, I disagree. There are 2 Holy Convocations where Yahweh tells us to start in the evening, these 2 days are “High Sabbaths”. In the 1st month, 14th day at evening is Yahwehs Passover. Leviticus 23:5. On the 10th day they pick an unblemished lamb or goat. Animals are not to be killed or live in factory farms, this is opposite of Yahweh/humanely. I know animals are crying out to our Creator to end their suffering too.
      Animals were created before Eve. Only males, females & animals get to have Yahweh breathe the breath of life into their nostrils.
      They kept the animal until the 14th & killed it that evening/sunset, it can last until sunrise the 15th, sunrise of the 15th starts “The Feast of Unleavened Bread” & lasts 7 days).
      The unblemished Passover Lamb was the spiritual representation of Yahushua, Passover today is the spiritual sacrifice of Yahushua atoning for our sins, but we must follow all the Commandments just like He did.

      The 2nd Holy Convocation starting in the evening is “The Day of Atonement”. It starts in the evening/sunset on the 9th until the evening of the 10th in the 7th month.

      If Shabbat starts at evening on Friday to evening on Saturday then Yahweh wouldn’t have to give us specific details to start the only 2 High Sabbaths in the evening because evening would be a given. I Shabbat on the 7th day we call Saturday sunrise unless I sleep in, to sunset.

  15. Thank You all for this educational exposé, may TrueGod Bless You all for Your efforts and time.

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m


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