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Monday, December 17, 2018

Committee of 300 v. 7,000,000,000 Victims

By Anna Von Reitz

I just received Notice from the Committee of 300 that Queen Elizabeth II will be stepping down as leader of this group of psychopaths in favor of "someone" younger -- yet to be announced.  

Join me in recognizing the fact that the "Committee of 300" and the interests that these "Thirteen Bloodline Families" represent are all  either: (a) criminal enterprises or (b) criminally connected enterprises, that need to be liquidated and the assets and profits returned to the victims.  

They are blaming the Hapsburgs for their sins  --who are really the least of the problem, but then, that is typical of liars and thieves and pirates. They seek to deflect attention and blame from the more active and virulent members of their criminal enterprise, while those who drag their feet and "cause problems" are singled out to take the blame. 

Rotten to the core and to the end, because whether they realize it or not, this is the end.  The Apocalypse. The time when the Sword of Truth is unleashed.  

And it's already over, except for the shouting. 


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By Anna Von Reitz will debut later this week with the exhaustive and irrefutable evidence that this was a satellite and GWEN tower-based electromagnetic weaponry attack on Paradise, California.  Watch for it.  

The apparent motive was the town's name, "Paradise", which of course, the Hell fans among us despise, and the town's location -- in the way of a planned NWO rail corridor. 

We have THEM in our sites.  And I am not talking about a photojournalist opportunity.   It's time to send THEM where they apparently want to go --- straight to Hell with a one-way ticket. 

What they tried to do here in Alaska and what they got away with in California is genocide. They all need to be rounded up, tried, and either shot or hung by the neck until dead, as the murderous criminals and armed insurrectionists and commercial mercenaries that they are. 

It's sad but it's true that disaffected former US military contractors did this and used equipment that was purchased using the credit of the victims.  They were trying to blackmail Trump into giving them a new contract.  

You know what we said to that?  "Don't pass go, don't collect $200, go directly to jail." 

Start the ball rolling, folks.  Especially all formerly brain-dead Californians.  Jerry Brown left you all open to this kind of assault. 


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The Fastest Move Ever Against The IRS

By Anna Von Reitz

Now I know many of you are suffering the plague of the IRS or from fear of the IRS, or both.  

And we all know that everything has been politicized by these vermin infesting DC, so that if you do anything at all to displease one of them or have anything that they want, they sic the IRS on you as their first move. 

So there is need for a fast and sure remedy, an answer for all classes of people, in all various political statuses.  

Here is the fastest move ever against the IRS, brought to you by one of my friends, Vern.  

It's not the kind of permanent solution that revocation of election offers, or that forcing them to admit lack of jurisdiction offers (the Texas Method) --- but it stops them dead and then leaves them abruptly beating feet out of Dodge.  

That can be a very handy thing to have in your back pocket, so here it is to know and to share: 

The only domestic currency that the Federales have had since 1913 is the Federal Reserve Note, which by definition is a Promissory Note --- an I.O.U. which is evidence of debt, not evidence of income. 

So as long as they don't pay you anything but their eternal indebtedness, you have no profit, and if you have no profit you have no income, which is defined as "profit separated from capital". 

This also proves that at least since 1913 they have been knowingly collecting Federal Income Taxes under false pretenses and owe everyone --- including federal employees --- the return of all that credit plus interest.  

What were we thinking?  What were we allowing them to do? 

First, they got our goods and labor for nothing but hot air and paper, and then they taxed us heavily for the privilege.....just another little fact that needs to be brought home to the perpetrators. 

The glory of this reply is that it works for everyone at all times and in all circumstances.  It doesn't matter if you are a federal employee or working in the private sector. It doesn't matter if the "PERSON" being taxed is an "individual" or a business.  It doesn't even matter that the entity being addressed is a PERSON and not a member of the people. 

There's no profit in a debt and never has been.


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"National" Bankruptcies and Qanon

By Anna Von Reitz

It is impossible -- literally impossible -- for such a thing as a "National Bankruptcy" to exist with reference to a sovereign state.
A sovereign state is never eligible for bankruptcy protection, which means that any "nation" being bankrupted has to be a "dependent sovereignty" and cannot be the actual country or people of a country.
Thus, if we are all being made to suffer for the sins of a wasteful and criminal political minority living among us, it is more than past time for us to recognize what these people are doing and how they are doing it, and put a stop to it.
The Qanon motto: "Where We Go One, We Go All" is a fine enough and catchy sentiment. I like it, but I observe that up until now, that has not been the reality.
Instead, we've had a determined, crooked, and reprehensible minority of political lobbying interests camped out in Washington, DC, exercising authority never granted to them under the pretense that our States magically disappeared simply because our Federal States of States were destabilized in the wake of the illegal commercial mercenary conflict known as the "Civil War".
[Please note how fond the Liars are of the oxymoron : "civil war", "sovereign citizen", "liberal Left", etc., etc., etc., ]
The actual duty of both the Territorial and Municipal United States Governments should have been to help us reorganize the Federal States of States, not tidily moth-ball them without proper Notice and substitute their own franchises instead. So, "Where We Go One, We Go All" was certainly not our experience with any Federal entity to date and we are curious to know what Qanon intends?
A reversal of past practices that divided America into American Slaves, Territorial Slaves, and Municipal Slaves? What now? Are we all to become UN Slaves?
Or is this slogan meant to represent a truly reformed American Government that includes Territorial and Municipal citizens as equals along with everyone else---free to enjoy their Natural and Unalienable Rights along with the rest of us?
This latter proposition I could support, as the entire idea of having different "kinds" of citizenship in America, some of them being second-class and some being third-class, is against our founding principles and common sense.
But as long as Qanon remains in the shadows and doesn't explain things in a forthright fashion, I assume nothing.
Making assumptions is how we all got into this mess in the first place.
Remember reading about the "Reconstruction" in U.S. History 101, and assuming that because all that happened 100 years ago (150 now) it had to be all complete, finished, over and done with?
Enough said.


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ET Propaganda and the Seventh Seal

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been seeing a lot of ET Propaganda.  It's usually nothing but fear-mongering combined with flim-flam science and testimony by experts, most of whom don't recognize the aliens they see every day. 

People often ask me --- do you believe in ETs?  This is usually accompanied by a wide-eyed stare. 

Excuse me, but I grew up in a Christian community where almost everyone believes in ET's by definition.  

Ever heard of "angels" both good and bad?  Ever considered the nature of "God"? --- He just showed up out of nowhere in Genesis, took a stroll on the dark waters, and.... 

Well, you know the rest of the story, don't you?  

Please note that His Will was exercised by His Voice -- by sound.  Also note that He said, "Let there be light!" --- not "Let there be darkness!" ---- so, light created and defined the darkness, not the other way around. 

Things are seldom what they appear to be, and yet the Truth is not hidden from anyone.

The "fallen from the sky" angels are ET's who are pirates and outlaws on their home planets.  Earth is being used as a pirate base.

What's hard to understand about this? 

ETs are really no different than anyone else you encounter.  There are the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.  Each individual has to be evaluated, one at a time, to arrive at the truth.  

Satan is a seraph, but, so then is Michael.  

So when you hear these broadcasts trying to whip up anti-ET fears and making all sorts of assumptions and accusations, turn a deaf ear. 

Keep working to shake loose and dissolve the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island.  Keep sending the energy of your compassion like a wave breaking over it, like a force field moving through it, until the last of the blockage is gone.  

Yesterday, December 15th, at about 4:15 Alaska Standard Time, I felt the first release, the sudden shift and correction of the energy flow of the Earth. 

It was like sudden sun through dark clouds, combined with that moment when a puzzle piece falls into place.  And I knew instantly what it was.  

The Seventh Seal is failing.

That adjustment yesterday was just a small breakthrough, a leak in the dam, but it gave me a delicious taste of what the change will be. 

Everyone in Africa, Australia, and South America join in with the rest of us and make it happen.

Imagine your compassion and healing power as a wave breaking over Bardsey Island and soaking through every square centimeter of its haunted ground, bidding the sacrificial victims peace.  

Imagine the wave of your compassion regaining momentum and passing on and washing over the rest of Britain and the European Continent, over Asia, over the Pacific, over America, and finally back to Bardsey Island on the West Coast of Britain.  

Sink the wave of healing deep into the land soaked with the blood of 20,000 martyrs and tell them its okay now.  They can go home at last. 

Or, imagine your force field as a transparent shimmering wall of energy moving deep through the ocean bottom and high into the sky,  or like a curtain sweeping through and over the depths of the ocean, and passing through Bardsey Island from the roots of the rock buried in the sea floor to the crest of its highest hills, and sweeping through, clearing the air above it. Feel how the ocean purifies itself and how the air, also, responds. 

Feel the balance returning to everything.  Breathe deep.  Feel the natural flow of energy moving outward and onward, no longer held back by anything. This is your true power, the reality of your imagining, the power of your will.  

Let it be like a prayer without words, a firm envisioning of cleansing, clarity, release, and peace.  

When the Seventh Seal goes, you will all know it.  Every creature on Earth will know it and feel relieved.  I have no doubt that I shall live to see this happen and I am storing up my tears of gratitude for when it does.  


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