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Monday, December 17, 2018

"National" Bankruptcies and Qanon

By Anna Von Reitz

It is impossible -- literally impossible -- for such a thing as a "National Bankruptcy" to exist with reference to a sovereign state.
A sovereign state is never eligible for bankruptcy protection, which means that any "nation" being bankrupted has to be a "dependent sovereignty" and cannot be the actual country or people of a country.
Thus, if we are all being made to suffer for the sins of a wasteful and criminal political minority living among us, it is more than past time for us to recognize what these people are doing and how they are doing it, and put a stop to it.
The Qanon motto: "Where We Go One, We Go All" is a fine enough and catchy sentiment. I like it, but I observe that up until now, that has not been the reality.
Instead, we've had a determined, crooked, and reprehensible minority of political lobbying interests camped out in Washington, DC, exercising authority never granted to them under the pretense that our States magically disappeared simply because our Federal States of States were destabilized in the wake of the illegal commercial mercenary conflict known as the "Civil War".
[Please note how fond the Liars are of the oxymoron : "civil war", "sovereign citizen", "liberal Left", etc., etc., etc., ]
The actual duty of both the Territorial and Municipal United States Governments should have been to help us reorganize the Federal States of States, not tidily moth-ball them without proper Notice and substitute their own franchises instead. So, "Where We Go One, We Go All" was certainly not our experience with any Federal entity to date and we are curious to know what Qanon intends?
A reversal of past practices that divided America into American Slaves, Territorial Slaves, and Municipal Slaves? What now? Are we all to become UN Slaves?
Or is this slogan meant to represent a truly reformed American Government that includes Territorial and Municipal citizens as equals along with everyone else---free to enjoy their Natural and Unalienable Rights along with the rest of us?
This latter proposition I could support, as the entire idea of having different "kinds" of citizenship in America, some of them being second-class and some being third-class, is against our founding principles and common sense.
But as long as Qanon remains in the shadows and doesn't explain things in a forthright fashion, I assume nothing.
Making assumptions is how we all got into this mess in the first place.
Remember reading about the "Reconstruction" in U.S. History 101, and assuming that because all that happened 100 years ago (150 now) it had to be all complete, finished, over and done with?
Enough said.


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  1. Well considered Just a chosen few are the real heirs of the signer's
    or for that matter their posterity.
    By blood. I never signed the con---statution or with full disclosure
    fall under the burden of a constitutor. I am not chattel a slave to their posterity. Did any of you , or your great great great great great grandfather's sign that corporate charter? I know mine didn't.

    1. The Constitution is a contract plain and simple. People write Constitutions, Corporations write Charters. Has nothing to do with our rights. If the Bill of Rights had not been added to that Document this confusion of where rights come from would not be an issue. Creates the illusion that rights are granted from a piece of paper with words that supposedly restrict rights into neat little articles and make some believe a piece of paper gives Rights to Man and there are no other rights but what is listed on that paper and tgat some how we are subservient to words created years ago. Then to make it worse they have several that sound the same but are extremely different in just who they might or can effect.

      Know who you are.
      Man = inherent Rights
      Citizen = limited Rights

      Pick one!

    2. I never did either, and if presented today to sign the Con situation I would respectfully decline...quickly...!!

    3. spot on annie, we only have constitutional immunites and protections that the bill of rights further elucidated against government overreach via their trust indenture. The people have unalienable Rights granted by our creator; Citizens have civil rights and liberties granted by man which are limited and fluid.

  2. To anyone willing to help me with this question, very much appreciated. When Anna talks about the Claim for Life lineage, she says use private seal and private seal stamp.

    My question is about the private seal, I know the definition of private seal is a wax seal and it also they no longer use the wax so it is usually a mark or drawing.

    Do you just make up a drawing and maybe put your name or initial on it or could you use your family crest? I looked at the one Anna used but it is too blurry to read what she put on it.

    Could I just draw up something similar to the kelley crest in my own design and put my name or a name on it and that would by my private seal?

    Would someone please give me a fast correct answer so that I can get some paper work finished. I know it is probably simply but I need to make sure that I get it correct, hopefully answer tonight if possible. It would be very much appreciate. Thank you, how about you Paul?

    1. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that your thumb print with red ink was your seal over the top of your signature.

    2. read this link quoted from Anna 2014

    3. It is Anna's post # 25 - autograph your documents.

    4. Private Seal = Thumbprint

      And you can use any other seal you want to create, just record it. That's what's so cool about being a man, can create things for yourself. Your thumbprint already comes with a common law copyright. There is no other just like it. Same goes for your autograpgh, which is not a signature unless it is on a contract where all terms and conditions are fully disclosed and all parties are in agreement. So use the copyright symbol at the end of your autograpgh and always use a red thumbprint over the end of your autograph. Peace!

    5. Dan Carpenter & Annie McShane thank you very much for answering me back so fast. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. yes annie very true, but in trust law that does not hold true with agreements, not contracts, which is why they can get us with only one signature unilaterally and do if you do not have a preponderance of evidence to the contrary entered properly on the record which 99% of persons DONT.

  3. "Where we go one we go all." ...sounds like socialism to me and disrespects personal choice and conscience. Qanon supports the military generals some call "white hats" but keep us in endless wars of empire for fortune 500 and global resources.

    1. ?? sounds like a conflict of interest/knowledge on your end. The MIC/black hats/deep state/communists is not Q (a group) and (Q+ aka trump); they are MI/white hats/american republic, trying to pull us out of deep state wars, otherwise known as black hats (FBI/CIA/NSA/MIC/SES aka the german SS/bavarian illuminati/jesuits/sabbteans brought over after paperclip).

      Q has only been around for less than a year i believe and nothing to do with wars. just good intel and disinfo to make people think critically and guessing, doing the due diligence on your end is a necessity...dont let anyone think for you or believe what you hear. listen to everyone believe nobody and think critically for yourself...Q uestion the narrative, enjoy the ride its about to get bumpy fasten your seat belts we are about to hit some turbulence...

  4. Obama ""change is what you need America " evoking the radicals to action. .working class do the same thing day after day cause it works.
    lots of white hats in military and I'm sure they are plotting and watching.i worked in command centers I know how they think.
    extremely hard working and good ppl.

  5. Obama should have been aborted and that's my opinion, and I believe All lives matter. Took me about 15 minutes to see if my opinion would change before making the post. Nope...

    Obamacare the great boost in profits for the Corporate Health Care Industry. Can't afford health care, get fined by the IRS when you never had a tax liability to that Foreign Agency in the first place. Yeah let's have some more "OBAMAS" and make them all multicolored with horns so we see them coming. Please don't put that burden on another Man of any certain skin color. Get a F**king Life bubbapatric and go back to work for the people feeding off single mothers just trying to put a roof over their kids head and feed them while paying outrageous insurance premiums for healthy children cause if you don't the IRS will get you at the other end. I will grit my teeth for one more minute, forgive you for wishing harm on the inocent and then go enjoy my day!

    Peace to the world and a little bit more to myself after reading stupidity first thing in the morning.

    1. Sorry Annie, I think bubbapatric was pointing out that Obama promoted change but Obama's meaning of change and what the people thought change would be were two different stories. Obama evoked the radicals and it certainly has awakened many. I'm not an Obama fan but in the long run, I think his actions may have been just what America and the rest of us needed, unfortunately not in his favour.

    2. Annie, I believe trump got rid of the irs penalty for not having health care insurance.

    3. yes
      and yes.
      annie you are fiery i like that and how you think. keep it coming a rational head is needed on here.

  6. Qanon, Anna Von Reitz, Ben Fulford, Neon Revolt, David Wilcock & countless others ~ including even DEAREST Abby r ALL doing the VERY BEST they can to upgrade this horribly junkyard run planet into a non quarantine planet worthy of interstellar travel for ALL of its denizens🌠

    1. Wrong. I am doing nothing about this junkyard run planet, because I know it is beyond help. Now I couldnt care less about it; it needs a good thorough clean-up and disinfected and I can't wait for that to happen. Thats the only way to get rid of garbage and filth.

    2. There u go again ABBY DEAREST😂 proving yourself to be an abysmal liar as well or else why do post here ALMOST EVERY DAY 😃 (while hiding behind your idiotic biblical end times NONSENCIAL mindset☇)

    3. yes leland i do not think she realized she just confirmed your supposition...she said the same thing just in abby words ;o)


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