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Monday, December 17, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz will debut later this week with the exhaustive and irrefutable evidence that this was a satellite and GWEN tower-based electromagnetic weaponry attack on Paradise, California.  Watch for it.  

The apparent motive was the town's name, "Paradise", which of course, the Hell fans among us despise, and the town's location -- in the way of a planned NWO rail corridor. 

We have THEM in our sites.  And I am not talking about a photojournalist opportunity.   It's time to send THEM where they apparently want to go --- straight to Hell with a one-way ticket. 

What they tried to do here in Alaska and what they got away with in California is genocide. They all need to be rounded up, tried, and either shot or hung by the neck until dead, as the murderous criminals and armed insurrectionists and commercial mercenaries that they are. 

It's sad but it's true that disaffected former US military contractors did this and used equipment that was purchased using the credit of the victims.  They were trying to blackmail Trump into giving them a new contract.  

You know what we said to that?  "Don't pass go, don't collect $200, go directly to jail." 

Start the ball rolling, folks.  Especially all formerly brain-dead Californians.  Jerry Brown left you all open to this kind of assault. 


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  1. I suspect a similar branch of the UN caused the Fort McMurray fires in Alberta as well. Some have rebuilt but others lost so much they never came back.

  2. Couple of different stories going around about the Cali fires
    1: Hillary and Obama gave California and Hawaii to China for the dept that they owned of the Unites States.

    China wants people off their land, plus when they destroyed the houses the could not be build back because of a law that was passed I think in Obama's game line.Called the scorched earth policy, $4 and $500,000 destroyed and a company was already going through offering Half price for the land.

    Plus there is supposed to be a new railroad build like the ones they have in China and the route lay exactly along the houses that were turned to dust. As ex cop that worked fires put up a you tube channel ad show pics of houses that were considered demolished by fires, comparing the ones he showed there was always some parts of the frame of the house left standing, the ones with the DEW weapons used on them look like an atomic bomb had went off except did not burn the trees around the homes, no comparison

    The other version is that there has been a group of Aliens living there for a very long time. There houses had elevators going down in the earth from inside their home to under ground bases, because they could not stay on the service for long periods of time.

    They were know as the Centurions, they had a treatise with the powers that be for about 500 yrs. According to David Wilcox had knew about them since 2003 I believe he said. He was setting up a meeting with them in the near future ( I think he said it was suppose to be a type of soft disclosure) and the cabal losing so bad destroyed Paradise because of the Aliens living there and to stop the soft disclosure.

    Up until now no one is for sure if China still owns California and Hawaii or if the dept has been paid. Take you pick. Either way all you have to do is listen to the people that lived there to tell the fire was no ordinary fires and that it was another masses take over of people's property.

  3. Agreed...I will build the gallows, volunteer for the firing squad detail and go arredt everyone with a warrant and armed Marshals.

  4. Katrina, Harvey, Gulf oil spill all done by man to either exterminate (UN depopulation agenda) or relocate the cattle off the land to build their NAFTA Super Highway and create the North American Union just like they have done in the EU
    Might interest the viewers to see what was dumped on the Deep Water Horizon oil spill
    And while they clearing out the space (Space Force ring a bell now) to take over the land and the resources they are herding the human cattle in to FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities they have designated where the human cattle can live - Agenda 2030/2050 plans for the New American Century
    All part of their plan and California is no different
    I refer you to this blog
    There is no coincidence that after Iraq was detroyed that there is now a 2030 plan to rebuild according to the controllers specifications
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Funny how no one is taught in their indoctrination camps about the OAS (Organization of American States) or how about The Summit of the Americas.
    No coincidence either that they created MAGA when in reality this is about creathing the NAU.
    No coincidence either that there is One America News Network (get it one America that contains different countries)
    How about The Weather Channel - (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and NASA Owning the Weather by 2025)
    Behind the scenes the hidden hand has been creating the disasters and then they put it on tell lie vision for the human cattle to consume, this way they get the human cattle ready for their own slaughter
    Climate change/global warming hmm I wonder if them dumping aluminum in the air for the last 20 or more years have anything to do with climate change
    You want to see what they dumped on Paradise California right before the fires - massive operation to drown that area with accelerants prior to the ignition
    They want everyone off the coast lines, out of rural areas and in to the designated FEMA Regions so they can be tracked and traced 24/7 through the 5G IoT (Internet of Things)
    ID2020 is part of that initiative as it contains all of your biometrics for the tracking and tracing
    I know I am not a cow nor is the crap they show me on tell lie vision a government - all of it being orchestrated to cull the human population
    Birth certificate or not I was born a free woman on the land and no one nor a written piece of paper like the constitution or the bill of rights gives me my rights, I am born with all of them
    They can have the damned name I was given at birth I don't want it my name is Shelby plain and simple
    Again I refer you to this blog
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. No Doubt, Judge Anna is smarter than average people. Sorry folks, even though she isn't perfect she she still knows a lot. I predict Google trouble with the Law ahead, like Facebook, infringing on our freedom of speech. Anything they put in public access, they cannot claim as their private network.

  7. You want to see what actors who were involved in the lastest 'event' to push the agneda to disarm
    There is information on this site that indicate that land surrounding Standing Rock was being sold and the land owners being removed for the purposes of the pipeline - and guess what actor said well go right ahead with that pipeline once he 'took office'
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Have a look at the nexrad radar and the EMF's and the microwave radiation they are polluting the atmosphere with
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. China has been sold intellectual property, land can't be sold, it can be granted. It is easy to get sucked into the non- sense.

  10. Question for people that read this blog. Does anyone actually do any of their own research to validate the stories and concepts espoused here or is everyone just mindless sheep who can't think for themselves, use judgment or logic or take the time to bother to do their own due diligence?

    Lets step back and analyze this. I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person. Is there any validity to the statements Anna has made here?

    Where did the idea come from that Paradise, a sleepy foothill community lay in the path of a planned rail corridor? Is this the high speed rail project?

    Nope that can't be it. The proposed high speed rail projects runs from San Diego to Sacramento as shown on this California High Speed rail interactive map;

    Paradise is about 87 miles north of Sacramento as can be seen on this site,

    Is there any new proposed railways that will be going anywhere near Paradise? No, a thorough research of the CA state website, google search of proposed planned railroads all come up negative.

    So where do these stories come from? Is it propaganda, fake news, sensationalism or just a conspiracy theory? Is it meant to confuse an uneducated mass or create a false premise, a false hope or is it a vice to further divide the people as a means of control and the spread of disinformation?

    I will leave that decision to you. For me I will continue to do my own research to validate facts and dismiss fiction. We can no longer be the blind leading the blind. We need to come into the light of Truth and that starts with each individual.

    God bless and, I wish the best for everyone.

    1. Mike Haines; one the NAFTA corridors will run north from Sacramento all the way to Vancouver and the map you show is only the railroad. The Nafta highways will have car lanes, truck lanes and rail lanes running side by each. The link following shows the brown line on the west coast and from other maps it appears to start at hwy 30 and goes to the Canadian border. I think you have been misinformed. I don't know if it will go through Paradise, I haven't found any clear maps on the coast yet. My interest is the Canadian portion.

    2. Don't even bother wasting your time asking loons questions.

    3. From Anna Von Reitz:

      Well, Big Mouth, you are about to find out all that and a lot more as this new site comes fully online. It's not just a north-south proposition. In fact the larger more important system runs ultimately east-west and does involve Paradise.

  11. Well, if it is just about byways, maybe they need to be reminded about Eminent Domain. But it is also said that 'thars gold in them thar paradise hills'.


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