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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Fastest Move Ever Against The IRS

By Anna Von Reitz

Now I know many of you are suffering the plague of the IRS or from fear of the IRS, or both.  

And we all know that everything has been politicized by these vermin infesting DC, so that if you do anything at all to displease one of them or have anything that they want, they sic the IRS on you as their first move. 

So there is need for a fast and sure remedy, an answer for all classes of people, in all various political statuses.  

Here is the fastest move ever against the IRS, brought to you by one of my friends, Vern.  

It's not the kind of permanent solution that revocation of election offers, or that forcing them to admit lack of jurisdiction offers (the Texas Method) --- but it stops them dead and then leaves them abruptly beating feet out of Dodge.  

That can be a very handy thing to have in your back pocket, so here it is to know and to share: 

The only domestic currency that the Federales have had since 1913 is the Federal Reserve Note, which by definition is a Promissory Note --- an I.O.U. which is evidence of debt, not evidence of income. 

So as long as they don't pay you anything but their eternal indebtedness, you have no profit, and if you have no profit you have no income, which is defined as "profit separated from capital". 

This also proves that at least since 1913 they have been knowingly collecting Federal Income Taxes under false pretenses and owe everyone --- including federal employees --- the return of all that credit plus interest.  

What were we thinking?  What were we allowing them to do? 

First, they got our goods and labor for nothing but hot air and paper, and then they taxed us heavily for the privilege.....just another little fact that needs to be brought home to the perpetrators. 

The glory of this reply is that it works for everyone at all times and in all circumstances.  It doesn't matter if you are a federal employee or working in the private sector. It doesn't matter if the "PERSON" being taxed is an "individual" or a business.  It doesn't even matter that the entity being addressed is a PERSON and not a member of the people. 

There's no profit in a debt and never has been.


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  1. That is why you always print on the back of any check you deposit:
    Account No. 0123456789
    [Do not sign it!]
    This makes your deposit a non-taxable event. All banks accept this. One time I made a mobile deposit like this and it was rejected for improper endorsement. When I called and got my contact on the phone, she looked into it and called me back that it was a new girl they just hired who did not know that this was a proper endorsement and it was immediately corrected with an apology.

    1. Yes! Thank you for sharing this valuable statement-instruction 1freeman!! Priceless for All moving forward, and by necessity(for now until our Lawful money IS the dominate, re-stored True Value currency backing our lawful lives and Private trades fully again)

      All who have initiated the texas process of signed "Judgement" based on No Jurisdiction by the US District Tax Courts, please consider that until you Finalize As The Living, Lawful Authority ON top of These Corporate Acts via "two Witnesses" Certified and Authenticated by the "Middle Entities-Public Offices" claiming Authority Over Their Creations-works, Just as Process IS Necessary for COLB, for our Final acceptance, acknowledgement to have All our Works be Wholly and Finally complete. ALL Parties Must be Certified Present and Authenticated for Our Final Acceptance Always. Otherwise our Acts/Deeds still remain As "subject" to "middle-agency-assumed appointed-voluntary Authority Over Your Original Works and Still "holding" and Bounding your Private "property" works As Negotiable "Custodian Property" "Holders In Due Course" OVER your original works. We Must direct our private works all the way through to have ALL wet-inks beginning-middle- and for Our Final wet-ink Principal Authority Acceptance and Acknowledment to be placed On top Always.

    2. We must Be the Final Authority Present and On Top on each returned Act/Deed and Be the Lawful Soul-Spirit-Body-Mind As the True Living Flesh Lawful-Legal True Private "Agency-Competent minded Custodian and True Holder In Due Course" On ALL our Original works/deeds As Naturally Ordered and Intended. Its time to take Full responsibility and completely follow through Now to Re-Store the Proper Order and Be Fully the Lawful Standing Authority Over All Your "Titles-Deeds-Acts" Now if you Desire to be Fully Recognized and Seen As the True Principal INLawful-Legal-Secured Authority Now. Time to Put those Silver Slippers back on Dorothy and Reconnect with your Property Standing and True Original Solid Ground-footing Now!! No More "Colorable-incomplete-incompetent-unjust-inequitable- exchanges acceptable Any Longer!!

      With Much Gratitude, True Awareness, unconditional forgiveness, Pure Love, and Eternal Peace-Joy Be For All Now

    3. To Be fully Recognized As The Living-Lawful-Legal True Authority Your Final Acceptance on each "Act" of the "Title-Deed" acknowledged with your wet-ink sign and seal on top, Especially the returned envelopes as they Are The Legal 'Contract" on Record for Inter-national(Land) and International(Sea-Air) Jurisdiction for ALL Commercial "Posted" deeds both in the Public "Offices" and Private Trading "Posts" As distinguished Per How We Choose to USE Or Receive through Our Properly "ADDRESSED" By and between Both Parties In their Corrected (NOT Locations) Standing-Capacity-Status In Full Lawful-e-state-lawful-state-legal-Living Being. The Contents of The "Contract" Properly "ADDRESSED Declarations In Proper Conductive ORDER to Be on its Face as The True Product "Act" ENVELOPE, are LOCATED Privately on the INSIDE as the Lawful Directives"terms and Conditions" signed with All "Assignments" Located Under The Proper Authority and "Post" Paid In Full.
      We Finalize our Orders Via acceptance of EVERY "conducted act" In Between As We Direct to for a Final and Complete RECORD on Account for True Records-Accountings for the Act To Be Fullfilled and Wholly Completed-Finished.

      Once You have every Act Returned and In Your Possession for Your Final Judgement and Authority Present and In Proper Order On Top And In ALL "Acts" from Beginning, ALL Middles(Including ALL Accepted/acknowledged envelopes-Top Right) and All Returned.
      Draw up a Certified True Statement of the Final Judgement Record And Assign this Certified "Statement" a New Completed Red Labeled Registered Mail Number and Have as many "True Copies" of this original "statement" made as you think may be necessary, and on file for All Public/Private Notice of "Proof of Record" and Admissable "Evidence" along With Certified True Copy of The Properly Ordered and "Addressed Between the Actual Parties" "Envelope" As PROOF of Registered Mailing, Inter-National-International Private Registration "Sealed Records" Do Exist and Are True In Fact, and You Are The True Living-Lawful-Principal-Secured Authority and True Holder-Custodian In Due Course Over These Privately Registered, Titles-Deeds-Acts Solely. No Other Authority Can or Will Ever Be Able to Claim Otherwise as long as You Address the "Parties" Correctly AND Always, Always Affix $21. In Lawful Money Actual Postage Stamps on the "Contract a.k.a. REG MAIL Envelope" As This one step Alone Activates Your True Lawful Land-Sea-Air Natural Court Of Living Record and Lawful All Encompassing Capacity and True Authority Jurisdictions.
      The "Degrees" and Proper "Indentifiers" to stand On are Still a work in Progress to simplify our Proper Mailing Capacity-eState-state Status to Be Properly "Addressed" and In Properly Ordered, Formal Natural Authority Is where some input would be most helpful and much appreciated for All Now. I apologize if my writings seem hard to grasp or understand fully, due to my struggle with attempting to communicate effectively what I know in my heart to be true, and I can see clearly each step/element-essence in my heart-mind that's needed for fully accomplishing our desired results and Final Enforcement Authority, but it's been difficult for me to put it All Into proper words, in proper order, and for others to "Get It" and inner-understand as well. Please consider what I'm trying to communicate here on a deeper internal capacity for your higher guidance to assist you in seeing what I'm attempting to express here. Let Your Internal Councel Within Be Your True and Wise Guidance Always!!

      In Due Time, It Will All Come together!! I Have complete Faith, Always!!

      Much Love, true Awareness, unconditional Forgiveness, Pure Love and Eternal Peace-Joy Be For All Now

    4. PS: direct deposit overcomes tax ability in the same manner since it is a direct "credit on account" as an exchange of labor for non-redeemable FRN's (IOU's) and which is not income. You can use this in any IRS defense. Alos, the definition of income is gross profit less cost of goods sold. Most pay checks are simply a non-taxable exchange of labor for credits aka money of exchange. They could not stop the march towards DD so they were counting on the sheeple to not understand this and with the benefit of quicker payment, completely not pay attention as to whether this was a taxable event or not.

    5. Is this true also of DD IRS tax refunds?
      For businesses?

    6. Depends on how you setup your business. Sole prop, yes, any form of fiction, no.

    7. I tried one time in my foreclosure case, to have the post office to put $21 in stamps on my envelope and he looked at me and said I'm not going to do that and just metered it out, like he was either taught or he just recoginized that only patriots (crazys) ask for this kind of stuff..!!

    8. James, you could have just purchased $21 in stamps, put them on the envelope and ask him to stamp them.

    9. 1FreeMan, it seems to me that trying to tell an IRS guy 'its not income because its just applied credit to my account in exchange for labor' would only cause the IRS'er to say.....'yeah, but you got it as income when you went to the ATM and when you wrote checks on that account'. Then what would be your response, allegedly.

      I say 'allegedly, because we actually have the right to privacy in our papers and don't have to show anything or say anything via the 5th Amendment, to help them build a case against us.

    10. Abby, that's easy. You never got any "income". You got IOU's. That is all the ATM spits out. When you write a check, you are creating money as a banker by your "Authorized Signature" as it so states on what looks like a signature line but in reality is made up of the words "Authorized Signature Authorized Signature Authorized Signature" so tiny to make it look like a line. Take a string magnifying glass and read it yourself. They owe you but of course they never credit it to you but get paid twice. This is exactly Anna's point in her above article. All you ever got was loans evidenced by FRN's = promissory notes = IOU. If you borrow money to buy a house or a car, do your report that loan as income? Of course not. It is not a taxable event. Then why would you report so called money you loaned to them as income when all you got was FRN IOU's? You never got lawful money which is silver or gold. Besides even IRS' own definition of income is "profit separated from capital" or gross profit less cost of goods sold. See Anna's description above. FRN's are only evidence of debt that they owe you, not evidence of income, and which certainly does not apply to you unless you have a corporate business. Your answer to the IRS agent? "I don't have any income. I never did have any income. Am I allowed to file a 1040 if I don't have any income?"

    11. 1Free, good response. One would have to be prepared with such answers ahead of time, if he decides to talk. I remember about 25 yrs. or so ago I became acquainted with a man who wrote 'america's hope: to cancel bank loans without going to court'. He was a retired CPA and expert witness in courts, regarding banking and money matters.
      I remember when I first read his book telling all about how banks operated and how loans worked, I was so flabbergasted because it was so opposite of what we were all lead to believe. So I had to read it about 4 times over and over to finally get my thinking turned around in the right direction. So I've had a long-time understanding of their 'money mechanics'.

      As for the IRS, they have no jurisdiction at my door step, as I am outside their 'federal jurisdiction'......since they want to pretend to be ''the federals' lol. (playing their Role, too)

    12. Federal corporate gov't employees all have profit and gain attached to their "wages" which is why they say we owe a 1040 tax. They don't say you owe an Income Tax. They are clever in their wording. There is no 1040 kind of tax. But everyone assumes they are asking for your fair share of the International Corporate bankruptcy of US. The Judges in California are all bought and paid for puppets of the global cabal. They will not listen to any argument that we have nothing but debt notes to purchase with. If anyone has used this defense successfully in California, let me know.
      Soon, we won't even have to worry about this anymore because Trump is breaking the Federal Reserve and it's going to be restructured as a National bank with dollars backed by gold. The debt we owe the Fed will be forgiven.
      2019 will be the End of the Fed.

  2. Does one write the actual account number to which the deposit is placed, or a fictional number?

  3. Graybeard, why would you want to write a fictional number? Don't you want it deposited and credited to your account?

  4. I'm guessing the Canadian dollar is also an IOU since we borrow from the IMF thanks to Trudeau in 1974

  5. I would just like to state that you guys need to be careful with this argument because the courts have ruled this as a frivolous argument in a few different court cases. In my opinion, the defendants didn't present their case properly. These courts work off of assumption and contact and unless you have done your homework, I would not try to take on this battle. You have to be careful on how you present your case and WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. They tell you, you have the right to remain silent but that doesn't mean to stand there like a deaf mute. It means to not say ANYTHING that could incriminate yourself. The words in our English language don't have the same meanings in the legal language so watch what you say. Example...we think of the word "include" to mean in addition to but in the legal sense the word "include" means to confine within. If you dont know how to fight the battle then you will lose. That's like going into a karate match only knowing how to tap dance. I have been following Anna for quite some time now and if theres anything she has taught me its to be diligent and do your research. There are plenty of honest resources out there you just have to be willing to take the time to find them. If you are just going to sit around and read articles that people write and base your logic on those articles instead of doing research and verifying what is being said, you are going down the road to destruction and you mise well just hang out with the rest of the sheeple. Our founding fathers gave us the chance to be "Self Governed" so lets show the world that we can be and what the human race is actually capable of. We will NEVER get to where we need to be if we continue to fight each other. Work together and help your neighbors and we can ALL live with prosperity and happiness.

  6. "First, they got our goods and labor for nothing but hot air and paper, and then they taxed us heavily for the privilege.....just another little fact that needs to be brought home to the perpetrators."❤

  7. Where can one find study resources for "the texas method"??

    1. Chris, here you go:

  8. "The real point of audits is to instill fear, not to extract revenue; the IRS aims at winning through intimidation and (thereby) getting maximum voluntary compliance." -- Paul Strassel, Former IRS Headquarters Agent, Wall Street Journal 1/28/80

    1. Leland, perhaps in 1980 that may have been the process, but I think almost 30 yrs later, the new generation of agents have a different approach. In Canada, Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) will send notice and then if you are on any kind of government program, they will deduct from your pay and not fairly I might add. Especially if on Old Age Security(OAS). When they send notice, there is no name of the person/employee who sent it, it is just computer printed. There is an option for contest, but without a formula as to how OAS is calculated, if they say they overpaid you, one cannot determine if they are right or wrong. For example, they claimed they overpaid my wife $20/month for 18 months and overpaid me $20/month for 12 months. They took back $150/month from my wife and $100/month from me. The loss of 250/month was significant to our normal pension living. When I checked into it to have the clawback reduced since they paid out the wrong amount over such a long period, it was going to take almost 6 months and a boatload of red tape paperwork to request a reduction in the clawback. They grab you by the short and curlies and what can you do.

    2. Thanks for giving us American Nationals here that Canadian perspective Dan.😃 So many ways to skin a cat I suppose 😣

    3. Dan Carpenter: Here is a man from Canada that teaches about the bc and all the other problems we are having with the gov. I notice that they are some differences in the way things are done here in the U.S. compared to Canada.

      His you tube channel is "Justinian Deception" here is one of his videos to start checking his videos out. I have listen to several of them, he seems to know what he is talking about.

    4. For Michael, Dan & other 'normal' people here...& maybe a follower😅🎵

    5. Leland: A most interesting read indeed, thank you.
      Michael: to clarify, the Justinian Deception is not my channel but one I referenced, and indeed a very interesting channel.
      While on the site, there was a link in the left column called "The Christmas Story" by Patrick K. Bellringer. It too was a most interesting story surrounding the birth of Jesus. Fact or Fiction? I know not, but interesting none-the-less.

  9. There are other ways to dance around some of these issues. As for the IRS here, they are not even an official arm of the government, but merely a collection agency, so why is anna not focused on that? Since when do they have any real authority to do any kind of business with we the people, to begin with?
    Isn't the IRS just another entity Role Playing in this silly Game that is going on? (remember my Downton Abby story/scenario?)

    1. Abby,

      Anna is 100 percent right as she lays out remedy in degrees according to ones capacity. The moment you signed a W-4 as withholding agent, you agreed to pay unwittingly. Forget all the other government/non government non-sense. It would be wise to study up on issues, instead of elucidating total ignorance.

    2. cube, I know all about the W-4 which gives employers your ok to deduct tax from your paycheck. But I also know that you will not get hired if you don't, dont you? The real problem comes from unlawfully strong-arming employers into being unpaid tax collectors for the unlawful entity called the irs, which you surely know as well as I do. This is all part of that deep deep rabbit hole that Ive often spoken about, and I may know way more about the entire picture that you do. So don't bother trying to insult my intelligence.

      Remedies? What remedies, lol. I have no intention of wasting my life wading thru paperwork, and participating in the Game 'they' have set out to occupy all your time.

      The W-4 is just part of the fraudulent Game of tyranny. And being 'well studied on issues'' or not, will not change those issues.

    3. In Canada, you must have a social insurance card to work and when you begin employment with any employer, you must fill out a TD1 to define personal exemption status or don't get paid. Unless, you get paid in cash under the table, but even as an employer I could only pay an employee as casual labourer without a TD1 on file and it had to be casual, not continual or I would be forced to pay the income tax on behalf of the employee plus penalties or charge the employee and pay the penalties myself. They get you both ways here.

    4. Abby,

      I do not have any trouble at work using a 8233 form. IRS does not have jurisdiction unless you gave it to them or they are imposing things which are not legal. There are a few of us here that have called IRS out and won. Why haven't you, being so knowledgeable? Cheese with that wine?

  10. Here in the USA, the Treasury must issue a delegation of authority for an employer to act as withholding agent for national government. Can Treasury issue authority for income tax law that doesn't exist except in the title of the Act only? Private employers can't even ask for people to fill out paperwork. Thats why employers need you to fill out a W-4, no authority, fraud from the beginning.

  11. 1) Please let me know links online to essentially all the best e-books and articles that thoroughly educate me with all the techniques that can be used to minimize taxes.
    2) And, I run a healthcare 501(c)(3) nonprofit which is dedicated to helping people with airway obstructions from breathing problems. Please let me know any information that can help with nonprofits.
    Thank you!



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