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Monday, December 17, 2018

ET Propaganda and the Seventh Seal

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been seeing a lot of ET Propaganda.  It's usually nothing but fear-mongering combined with flim-flam science and testimony by experts, most of whom don't recognize the aliens they see every day. 

People often ask me --- do you believe in ETs?  This is usually accompanied by a wide-eyed stare. 

Excuse me, but I grew up in a Christian community where almost everyone believes in ET's by definition.  

Ever heard of "angels" both good and bad?  Ever considered the nature of "God"? --- He just showed up out of nowhere in Genesis, took a stroll on the dark waters, and.... 

Well, you know the rest of the story, don't you?  

Please note that His Will was exercised by His Voice -- by sound.  Also note that He said, "Let there be light!" --- not "Let there be darkness!" ---- so, light created and defined the darkness, not the other way around. 

Things are seldom what they appear to be, and yet the Truth is not hidden from anyone.

The "fallen from the sky" angels are ET's who are pirates and outlaws on their home planets.  Earth is being used as a pirate base.

What's hard to understand about this? 

ETs are really no different than anyone else you encounter.  There are the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.  Each individual has to be evaluated, one at a time, to arrive at the truth.  

Satan is a seraph, but, so then is Michael.  

So when you hear these broadcasts trying to whip up anti-ET fears and making all sorts of assumptions and accusations, turn a deaf ear. 

Keep working to shake loose and dissolve the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island.  Keep sending the energy of your compassion like a wave breaking over it, like a force field moving through it, until the last of the blockage is gone.  

Yesterday, December 15th, at about 4:15 Alaska Standard Time, I felt the first release, the sudden shift and correction of the energy flow of the Earth. 

It was like sudden sun through dark clouds, combined with that moment when a puzzle piece falls into place.  And I knew instantly what it was.  

The Seventh Seal is failing.

That adjustment yesterday was just a small breakthrough, a leak in the dam, but it gave me a delicious taste of what the change will be. 

Everyone in Africa, Australia, and South America join in with the rest of us and make it happen.

Imagine your compassion and healing power as a wave breaking over Bardsey Island and soaking through every square centimeter of its haunted ground, bidding the sacrificial victims peace.  

Imagine the wave of your compassion regaining momentum and passing on and washing over the rest of Britain and the European Continent, over Asia, over the Pacific, over America, and finally back to Bardsey Island on the West Coast of Britain.  

Sink the wave of healing deep into the land soaked with the blood of 20,000 martyrs and tell them its okay now.  They can go home at last. 

Or, imagine your force field as a transparent shimmering wall of energy moving deep through the ocean bottom and high into the sky,  or like a curtain sweeping through and over the depths of the ocean, and passing through Bardsey Island from the roots of the rock buried in the sea floor to the crest of its highest hills, and sweeping through, clearing the air above it. Feel how the ocean purifies itself and how the air, also, responds. 

Feel the balance returning to everything.  Breathe deep.  Feel the natural flow of energy moving outward and onward, no longer held back by anything. This is your true power, the reality of your imagining, the power of your will.  

Let it be like a prayer without words, a firm envisioning of cleansing, clarity, release, and peace.  

When the Seventh Seal goes, you will all know it.  Every creature on Earth will know it and feel relieved.  I have no doubt that I shall live to see this happen and I am storing up my tears of gratitude for when it does.  


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  1. Wow! My wife and I awoke at different times yesterday and we both expressed how beautiful the day was, she imagined a late fall day and I imagined the last days of winter as the snow that had accumulated over the last few weeks covering everything was almost gone and a new hope for spring. Then we looked at the calendar and said the thoughts were great while they lasted. The fact that we both felt this lifted spirit is not a coincidence. It was a surprise to me because my wife is very negative about the winter weather.

    As you mention the Seventh Seal then yes, the seal is cracking open. Thank you for your insight. Many may challenge this but to each their own.

  2. Oh you guys are good for a laugh, LOL. Anna, your imagination is running away with you, or visa versa. And you even have the audacity to mention 'christian' here and try to associate yourself with it, and then run off an entire article that is totally unchristian.
    What a funny lady you are, and those that fall for your silliness of some 7th seal of your imagination. And worse, you have people thinking you can all ''send energy'. Now that is a picture for the comic books.

    1. You don't know GOD can give anyone abilities HE wishes? HE clearly just isn't including you, Abby.

    2. Abby is just another person that doesn't see the whole picture

    3. The abyss (abby) clearly glorifies her friend satan when she is in one of her fault finding rants against Anna. I sincerely hope all who read this blog are able to discern the true ignorance in the abyss' (abby) heart and just how much precious energy she takes from readers every occasion they read her responses. She is what is called an energy vampire.

      Abby, we are all wondering just how long you have been working for Mr. Soros.

    4. It’s really easy to spot them now

    5. Hey Abby, Don't you believe that Jesus is the so called God. (He said if you have seen me you have seen the father and the father and I are one, and no one sees the father except through me: Then the other name, Emmanuel means God with us,

      If you take that meaning been true, then is Jesus the son of God or is he God? Also what did he mean when he said that we could do greater things than he did? What did he mean when he said we are all Gods. What did he mean when he said the kingdom of God is within you. If the kingdom of God is within you, why are you looking out in the heavens for his kingdom to come?

      If we can do greater things than he did and the kingdom of God is within us and we all are Gods, why are we waiting on someone from in outer space to come save us, why can't we use the powers that Jesus said we had and be the Gods that he said we are? Or do you pick and choose to believe certain things he said are true. Or do you live if FEAR and don't believe you are what he said you were so that you can hope he will take care of everything instead of doing greater things than he did and instead of looking inside for the kingdom of God you are afraid that you will find something else residing in there instead of what Jesus said was there. If there is darkness in you, just how dark in that darkness, maybe so dark that Satan resides there instead of the kingdom of God so you keep looking outward for someone to appear in the sky to say they have come to save you.

      Well the government has had that technology for a long time. Also the voice to skull technology where they can make you think God in talking to you and you will believe it so much that you will be telling everyone that Jesus talked to you last night or yesterday.

      I remember where our military used that technology against a group of Muslims that they were fighting with and when our military used that technology against them they heard their God Allah telling them to put down their guns and not fight and that is exactly what they did. The military ask then why they surrendered and they said they heard Allah talking to them in their minds to lay down their weapons. Not just one heard the voice, everyone of then heard the same thing.

    6. Michael, what does any of your posting here, have to do with me?
      I've made my statements and I will stand on them, today, tomorrow and the next. You've read enough of my posts that I don't think I need to repeat myself.

    7. Michael,
      "Well the government has had that technology for a long time. Also the voice to skull technology where they can make you think God in talking to you and you will believe it so much that you will be telling everyone that Jesus talked to you last night or yesterday.
      Michael, So you do not see the danger?
      Who is talking to Anna? Who should we follow, the Man Yahusha the Son, or all these "gods?"
      Now we are to believe that man also is the one and only cause of natural disasters?
      Thinking and behaving as if we are literal 'Gods)' is what brings destruction and wrath.
      The world has removed God and replaced Him with themselves.
      So is the following repeating, Is this not dangerous?
      And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great ...
      The 7th seal of the Bible has a complete and opposite meaning than the one Anna has put forward.

    8. Michael kelli...if the military has that technology , than they can also transmit a frequency to certain people to kill randomly...!!
      And that is also how "they " stay safe, while innocent people go to jail...!!

      The spirit within your talking about is written right into our DNA and has been decifered as a message to us all that "Yeway" (jesus) lives within us and wants this secret shared peacefully amoung all peoples...!!And we do have incredible powers but our govt made sure to block our only access to his dimension by fluoridated the water and calcifing our "pineal glands"...the body's 3rd eye, which is our only way to tap into HIS dimension...!!
      Look up David Sereta.....!!

  3. Your messages are usually more practical in nature then this but then again how can you be more practical then the fundamentals you are describing here? Keep up the good work

  4. Sorry Anna,but you cannot whitewash the ET's thingy trying to say that angels and demons are ET's. You know very well that most everyone thinks of ET's as some entities or ''people' from other planets or otherwise, weird looking things. Turn your 'blender' off.
    Angels and demons are angels and demons; why do you try to confuse the issue? And actually, I tend to think that those weirdo looking pictures of what is said to be ET's are really failed experiments by our own military or gov. such as at area 51. That is what most people think of as ET's, so lets not try to fool people here by your attempt at 'mixing'.

  5. Abby, go back down into your Mariana web now. You clearly are a product of the Covenant. I recognize you as what, not who, you are.

  6. hi anna love what you do please watch This explains a lot about our universe. holy crap. notice the symbols.hebrew olive branch/swastika/star of david and the papal bull inside our brains (we are all gods)also read these 29 pages from fioa. OUR universe is made up of the plank field witch is in every thing.we are holograms our brains are antennas.ask the universe a? and you shall get a answer.only if you have love in your heart and care for others. If you dont believe me just ask this guy. was trying to teach us to go inside our self to find god.This is why satan started religion to deceive us gus he didnt want go out an get is own lunch. make a little magic and the people will get it for you.Also watch this guy a self taught physicist the main stream doesnt like.(watch all his vids). (WE MUST ALL COME TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME AN THINK THE SAME THING FOR IT TO WORK}LOVE YOU ANNA

  7. that was my comment from tony r pc stupid sorry

  8. also watch decodes the cabala tree

  9. hay abby watch this you better get some love in your heart .

  10. hay abby heres your et"s

  11. This article surely requires certain veils of consciousness to be pierced before it can be digested by some. Anna certainly has a clear picture of our multi-dimensional reality.
    I’m curious if Anna knows James Gilliland from ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence). If anyone is still having issues with accepting our friends from way out of town he is the man to see. ECETI is the place to go... my wife and I will be making our way there this summer.
    The truth is if you want to see an extraterrestrial just look in the mirror;)

  12. Anna please do some more study on the 7th seal. It is the completion oc tribulation and the coming fire that clesnses the the Earth. No mistaking that wrath.

    1. Anton, correct. The only 7th Seal is that which God opens, and it is mentioned in the book of Revelation Chapter 8. All of those 7 Seals are opened during the time of the coming Wrath of God upon the Earth.

      We who have studied for years know already that satan is a liar who has his own 'religion' wherein he counterfeits everything that God does.......and so this so called 7th Seal that anna speaks about is nothing but a counterfeit of Gods Seals which are never removed, but are Opened to Reveal something.

      Rev.8 And when he had opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour 2 And I saw the seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets etc etc etc

      So we can see the Seventh Seal is opened by the Lamb and simply introduces the Seven Trumpet Judgements upon the Earth. There is no other seventh seal of any significance anywhere else.

      Anna, I plead with you to stop trying to tie together your New Age False religious BS ....With ANY words that you steal from the Bible to try to give credence to Your very false philosophy and trying make it sound like it has anything at all to do with does NOT.

      Anna, you have fallen into some ditch, for which you ought only hope you can repent of and confess to this Forum exactly where you have gotten such slanted information from and that it is all a lie. It is a cross between New Age false 'religion' obtained most likely from channeling yourself or from people you are associated with, and mythology. You are badly deceived and now deceiving others.

    2. G = Gold
      O = Oil
      D = Drugs
      In this World.

      We only have the limitations that exist in our minds. Religion is Man made to control us. Jesus lived but he certainly was not of the man made Christian Religion.

      We are not to worship false ●GODS● so maybe the word GOD is not a good word to use for the Creator of Man / Wombman. All Man is connected and it is blatantly obvious this EVIL here on Earth practices mind control, so how would Man be as a whole without that control?

      As I read the post from UNKNOWN, claimed by Tony R, It was like my own beliefs. We have to come together no matter what. EVIL is the opposit of LIVE and are any of us truly living with the mind control going on in this world?

      Only Love is going to eliminate EVIL. If we hate our brother because he believes in a different man made religion or man made political affiliation or because he is a different color or was born on another spot on earth outside the imaginary man made borders or because he follows a different Football Team, this mess will continue until we all are all DEAD. What is true Life? To be free of FEAR and to truly Love Our neighbor as Ourselves. But most do not Love Ourselves. We are led to see ourselves as not perfect. The spirit within us was made in perfection and then corrupted daily by the workings of those who seek to destroy for their own Gain. The answer is within us. We have the power to change our thought process. Public School= The place we send our children to be taught not to think for themselves. Thanks Tony for the great post and my PC has done the same thing so I always use my phone to post. Peace and Love to all.

    3. Annie,

      This is one of the best post ever. I love how you say the answer is within us. I often laugh at how brain washed I was - foe a better half of my life. I attempted to brain wash my children too. However, when the very first articles came out of pedophilia in the churches I completely walked away. That was around the same time that the pope announced there was no purgatory. What a joke.
      Most of my fam....still have their head in the sand loke Abby here but that's ok..not for me to judge. I was once there myself. Like what you had listed it is all like a cult. Religions, the school's.
      We do have the power to change our thought process and most people are afraid of that because humans fear the unknown.

    4. Annie & Bizideo (& Bardsey Island)๐Ÿ’“๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    5. Busidio...exactly..the entire problem is "FEAR"...Because every patriot site keeps telling us we have to fight all alone..!! That's the "BIGGEST LIE" of all, and the exact mentality govt wants all of us to believe, so we are easy pickings for the courts...!! Only together do we have any power....look at FRANCE...!!

    6. Old tech, too♭♯

      “What’s interesting about the battle of Jericho is that this particular use of the [trumpet] clearly seems to be the same thing we’re seeing with particle ray technology, death ray technology [and] thunderbolt technology. It very clearly seems that once again we have an extraterrestrial technology the ancient people had at the ready to use when needed for military campaigns”.

      David Wilcock 

    7. Some of you in here need to wake up and read: Churches are NOT Christianity. Only Christ established true CHRISTianity, and he sent the Apostles out to preach it and teach it TO anyone who would listen, but mainly they went to the body of Believers who ARE The Church, the only Church.
      People are the only Church that the Apostles taught, and they were not denominations, but designated only BY their Location, such as Corinth, Ephesus, Galatia, etc.

      It is satan who has successfully turned folks away from christianity because YOU have let yourselves be fooled to think that church Buildings are 'christianity'. LOL.
      Anyone who can't even separate buildings and man made Organizations....FROM the Truth of the Word, then you are lost due to your own ignorance. You willingly threw the baby out with the bathwater, by finding fault with some Man's 'church' and threw out the Only Savior available to you.

      Wise up, quit your whining and bellyaching and complaining and making assumptions about ''christians'' trying to tie them together with your own very ignorant ideas......and go pick up a good Bible and read the Truth for yourself. Quit being a baby; You can read for yourself, so why should it make any difference to you WHAT some 'churches' do or say, anyhow??

      Otherwise, You have let the devil snare you and get you lost just like he planned to do, by making you think christianity is in ''churches''. So the devil put 'wolves in sheeps clothing' in pulpits everywhere, and then it was easy to run people off....and You played along, Lol.

      I havent been in any church bldg. in probably a good 20 years.....BUT I do have my Bible and it still says the same thing it said 40 plus years ago !

  13. heres another good one

    We are all drawn to the ideas of communication and collaboration. Communication implies enrichment, expansion of knowledge, broadening of vision; collaboration suggests the warmth of shared creativity, and promises levels of achievement beyond the reach of isolated individuals, in our field, especially, plagued as it is by chronic funding problems and endless battles for recognition, communication and collaboration are necessities, not just luxuries. But neither communication nor collaboration “just happen”, automatically; they must be actively pursued and reinforced. This is especially true when geographical, linguistic, political, cultural, or philosophical factors obscure and obstruct sharing and interchange.
    I think it is clear, at this point, that difference in parapsychology are inevitable and that, at this stage in the development of the field, we cannot specify priorities, objectives and methods which are universally preferable over other ones. Our criteria for “good science” reflect specific assumptions and values, which in turn may be culturally bound, or the result of a particular historical tradition. Consequently, in reflecting upon how better to communicate, it is important we appreciate the relativity of our own perspective, and develop a tolerance for, and respect of, differences. Once we accept tat all approaches probably have some strengths, and some weaknesses, we may begin to exchange more freely and make room for collaboration. After all, to work together, we don’t really need to speak the same language; we just need to understand what the other is saying.
    ~~~Peace. ra

  15. heres a artical on teleportation. remember the cia is 150 yrs ahead of what we see.beam me up caption.Everything is light

  16. the word god came from the word tetragrammaton.thats in the prefix of the bible . the plank field is what makes matter and holds the memory of every thing even you.We do not die just change to a differant form of energy.thats why the scum running the planet are going to pay just like anton lavay

  17. When you start mixing solid Christian principles and values with the new age pagan ideas of nonbelievers., that’s when I stop paying attention.

    I want to know what book she has been reading to get these weird ideas, and who she is been hearing it from? I would have thought of her age she would not be so susceptible to New Age philosophies. But I guess not.

    Yesterday was satellites. Today it’s ET’s and trying to release your cosmic energy onto the terra firma. I have heard a lot of things in my life, but these things are very far out there.

    I must agree with Abby!

    1. i agree with Abby,most of the time. Sometimes disagree with her way or mannerisms.And yes i know that none of us are perfect.
      i know what Abby means about funny, yet it is not funny, many people being misled. Not funny.
      False prophets and false hope, not funny.
      Hey on a happier note, did you hear the current economic bubble is being called the "Everything Bubble?"

    2. Wasn't Pagan here long before Man made Christianity? Seems to me it's OLD AGE not NEW AGE. Just like the NEW WORLD ORDER is just the OLD WORLD ORDER dba Usual. After being brought up Catholic in the narrow minded world that only Catholics are right and get to go to heaven it was impossible not to have a more open mind. The objective of EVIL is for Man to have a closed mind and to blindly follow. Why couldn't the EVIL people create weapons to control the weather and start fires while the idiot brain Dead masses are distracted bY Football or some other such foolishness? What is your distraction?

    3. Anni...i have been saying it for years now, that the best weapon the "globalist" have ever come up with to distract and dumb down the ignorant public with is "professional sports". I know people who's lives would be totally over if they didn't have their sports channel...I think it also ruins a lot of marriages...!! I know I'm offending some people but even hard core football fans are tweeting about the NFL and how entitled they think they are by taking a knee...!! People are burning their $100 pair of Nike's just to prove how serious they are with all the politics displayed by the players...!! Maybe we are at the precipice of a new order...!!

  18. sorry hers artical on teleportation

  19. Not that it matters what I think, but I too agree with Mrs Anna that everyone should spend ample time daily thinking about a positive, beautiful, healthy, future, BUT DO IT AWAY FROM THE AVERAGE HOLLOW EYED, STUMBLING AROUND IN THE DARK NEIGHBOR, FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER, etc. cause they will, uh ...lets say “wet” on your dreams!

  20. Anna why are you the only person that speaks of this so called 7th seal of Bardsey Island? Does it make you feel self important? There is NO other mention of this on the internet other than your writings.

    Yes we all need to ban together to help heal this world. WE need to reveal the truth wherever it might be. The truth will always be self evident and backed by proof, facts and figures.

    I applaud you on the research you have done on our form of government and our current situation, I think you are spot on for the most part but when you veer into other areas, it tends to lead to much confusion, disinformation and at times sensationalism which seems to have no relevancy in reality other than your word.

    I think this turns off many of your readers and puts the impression into the mind that you are too out there to be taken seriously. Please keep on point with what you do best.

    1. Anna has the right to write about what she chooses and she is not here to fix our individual problems. The events of Beardsley Island are certainly recorded, I had no problem looking it up. There is certainly a spirit of the Earth. It Lives as we do. We are of the same elements. The movie Avatar was a good example of how a planet and people might live in harmony if left alone by the vultures seeking to profit from its natural resources. Can we all not Live in abundance on this planet without digging up every speck of gold under the soil? The people who died on California can't. My insurance company just changed the terms and conditions of the contract, if a Hurricane hits the East Coast. Deductible 10 times higher. After of course they inflated the value of the house. What good is insurance if you could never possibly pay the deductible? Did the insurance company get a heads up and we are next? Anna isnt the only one talking about such weapons.

    2. A word to the wise regarding household insurance. Replacement value is the terms used. I had a basement flood and over $12,000 loss. I was only able to claim loss for the things I REPLACED not the things I lost. Example, I was a retired hairstylist. When I opened my shop I purchased 2 hydraulic chairs at $857 each in 1992. I kept them after I retired. The 'flood recovery' company took both. I could only claim the loss of those chairs if I replaced them. I was not smart at the time. I should have at least purchased one chair to get a 50% recovery since I still cut hair for family and friends, but at the time of turmoil and only 6 months to replace everything, I chose only the important things I could see that I really needed. To top it off, I had to pay for everything then get a refund. On a small pension($550/mo) it was challenging and a maxed out credit card didn't help. I know the value of the chairs because I still had the receipts. Replacement insurance only covers that which you replace, not what you lose.

      Insurance companies are as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

  21. Uh. Why do I have a monster headache?

  22. The Master healer is at the helm, many people (millions upon millions) are walking in darkness without His healing and edifying light, in confusion wherever they go and whatever their influence. These walk in darkness when they are unwilling to "harken to His ("My")word". God the Father and the Son, two individual intelligences are joined inseparably together in purpose, walk in mysterious paths (to us) that seem and are unfathomable, as the spirit world encompasses everything. God is in and through all things, for the Holy Spirit of God, having only Spirit (not a physical body, but a spiritual body) may thus be everywhere and give light to everything so as to give life to the spirit, yet our vision is so dull, our bodily and spiritual senses so naturally inadequate we are unable, unless quickened by the Spirit, to perceive even a part of his glorious creation.

    Look tonight at the order of the stars and galaxies in their infinite variation of light and intensity, extending on forever, and some sense of what I am trying to describe as His domain and creation will come to you.

    We stumble for words limited by dulled sensibility through a coarse body made of earthly clay and similar elements, and driven (craven?) by natural appetites, it is no wonder we fall short of comprehending God and His creations in our dulled condition in comparison to the glorious, living, vibrant spiritual worlds. Our dullness we mistake for our own importance, yet in God's words we are the dust of the earth and "to dust we shall return".

    Sensing our temporal selves with passing years, we wonder what is the spiritual, the matrix of micro and macro energy charged oneness of things, and where our own place is.

    If we persist in seeking to find God, and yield to the enticing of the Spirit while guided by His word, eventually we realize we must exercise faith... and as we practice what is good and true and recognize that which testifies of Him - as do all things - our faith begins to yield a sweet fruit, our perception awakens to begin to perceive faint outlines of the intimate love He has for each of His children and of the grandeur of his greatness and awesomeness, encompassing all things from the infinitesimily tiny to that which is larger than galaxies, all moving together in harmony under God's abiding watch care and direction. Harkening to His Word in faith kindles the flame of the Light of Christ, starting us on our journey home. Walking in faith to apply his Word opens greater vistas with passing time, line upon line, precept upon precept... We begin to see and know our Creator and Redeemer, Father and Son, One.

  23. Ok. A few things.

    First, thanks for the swelling words, Joel. I surmise they are about God the Father, YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Jesus Christ who is Emmanuel.

    Next, I don't think you mean craven. That means cowardly.

    Next, God is not in everything. That's panentheism.

    1Ki 19:11  And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the LORD. And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake: 12  And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

    1Ki 8:27  But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded?

    And lastly, none seeks after God. I prefer to recognize that God is Sovereign, Almighty, and deals with men as He easily as He does the elements and the host of heaven. He calls and we answer His will. He speaks light into our dark heart, as He spoke light into the darkness upon the face of the deep:

    Gen 1:2  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 4  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

    That's my Father, and Jesus my King, and the Holy Spirit my constant strength. :)

    Will God indeed dwell upon the earth? God does not dwell in temples made with hands. God indeed dwells in His people, the temple made without hands.

    1. My prior comments were in reference to two distinct beings, one Elohim, the other Jehovah. The former, God the Father the second God the Son. God the Father directed God the Son to create the earth, and the universe as we know it. It was
      a series of acts Genesis refers to as "days". Since God's "days" are not measured as we measure days we must strive to find the fullest instructions that are available to assemble as many pieces of our comprehension to the puzzle of the mysteries of God.

      Craven seemed without checking definition a simile for "craving", which is the meaning I had in mind. Thanks.

      "all things denote there is a God" is scripture I intended to convey.

      "Seek and ye shall find", Knock and it shall be opened unto you." Of course God wants us to seek to know Him, that is why He sent His son who often taught "When ye see me, when ye hear me, ye are seeing what I have seen the Father do and say, ye are seeing the Father in me"...paraphrased. How are we to become more godly if we do not seek godliness by imitating and emulating the Son of God? To believe our higher purpose is other wise is to self limit and wear a helmet of self or doubt or Satan imposed darkness.

      God is The Sovereign, whom earthly kings try to use to justify their vain ambitious claim to sovereignty. This is at the core of what Anna's articles attempt to get people to comprehend... We are God's children, delegated by Him to have dominion of the earth, to rule by establishing the holy order of peace and righteousness that God taught to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, expressed in American Common Law.

      Anna shares insights of whose birthright it is for rightful sovereignty over our land in The United States of America, that it has been taken by legal trickery, semantics, false claims, presumptions, etc, etc. Through Paul's website and Anna's offerings of lessons we are getting closer to comprehending and getting traction to regain our rightful sovereignty over our States, lands, families, homes, towns, counties, government service providers, corrupted judges, American Common law, Jural Assemblies.

  24. Mr Gumm, good post. And accurate. And upon Christ's Return to earth he will remain and rule for a thousand years as king of kings and lord of lords, and his redeemed children will also return and rule with him.
    Rev. 20:6

  25. Bless you, Abby. And I got my pans flipped. God in everything is pantheism. Everything in God is panentheism.

  26. Satan was a cherub, not a seraph. Ezekiel 28:14.
    Michael is an archangel, not a seraph. Jude 1:9.

    1. From Anna Von Reitz:

      Nothing "pagan" from me-- all the pagan ritual sacrifices that resulted in this problem were done by Druids long ago. It is apparent to me that you have not read, or if you have read your Bible you have not understood it properly. The Bible very clearly reveals that a person's soul is at least partially contained in their blood and their blood continues to "call out" to God even after death. So what I am referring to is well-documented as FACT in the Bible-- that the blood of these 20,000 martyrs does in fact continue to have force and effect. This is further corroborated by magnetic and electrical anomalies over Bardsey Island and by Kirilian photography of the Island. You may not like it, but what is true is true. So you can either pray for the dead of Bardsey Island to be released and try to visualize peace and healing coming to this awful place or you can sit on your self-righteous rump and do nothing to help. It's up to you.

    2. Now I can certainly agree with you on that, being a pre med major...!!

      There is definitely a "life force" in blood that never really dies..even when it's spilled all over the ground...!! That's why God made a commandment never to kill anyone except in self defense, because taking the "life force" from someone else means you are trying to play God himself...!!

    3. It does not matter where the soul is; upon death, it leaves the body. Period. Otherwise, you insinuate that the soul gets buried after death; or blood is drained out and disposed of at funeral homes; or when folks are say, lost at sea, that their soul just becomes 'unknown' or scattered.
      If there is ANY scripture in the bible that 'clearly explains where in the body the soul is' then please quote it. Because I have never seen it anywhere. And from which of the many tainted bibles you quote it from.

    4. Astral energies folks....dna related as well♭♯

    5. Why would we pray for 20,000 men who wanted to die? They as much as 'suicided' didnt they. Besides, you cannot pray for dead people; once dead, their fate is already sealed. Its catholics who think they can pray for the dead; oh, but Anna denies she is catholic. And its only catholics who call the last book in the bible 'Apocolypse' so Anna slipped up again right there. Still, she denies being catholic.

    6. Your self taught "theology" and private interpretation of the Bible is getting you into trouble here Abby. The truth about what the Church has taught is right below, but you probably won't read it. And by the way, Anna is a long way from being a Catholic.

  27. Funny how these posts of Anna's that are called "So out there" by some, get so many responces. Certainly sheds a light on how people interpret things. I wonder if Jesus will show up today to get rid of the EVIL? If not I guess I'll soldier on. Time to chase the FRN. Peace!

  28. Jesus is definitely not coming back to this particular earth nonsense, but hey, u can still visit him in your dreams๐ŸŽถ☄

  29. Done!

    May the irrepressible energy of Love & Light sweep out every dusty corner, and set all free from their held sorrows...

    Like a phoenix we rise, transmuted by the Light

    1. Oh you 'love and light' folks, Lol. Hate to tell ya but all that light does is help you see in the dark so you dont fall and break your neck or walk off a cliff at night, if ya sleep walk. And love is akin to a form of sanity, cause if ya go gaa gaa over any person, you gotta be a bit crazy, lol. But neither one is gonna ''transmute' anybody or sweep up all this dirt, lol.

  30. Hi folks... I'm a little late to the table on this one since we just went through a wind storm that took our power and cell phones out for four days. Now I look forward to getting a transistor radio, a coleman lantern, and a separate power storage unit for our cell phones, as well as some more kerosene!

    As to Anna's post.. when you get beyond the city lights and look up, it's BIG out there. It seems arrogant to think that Life here is an exception, although I've never met anyone that I could accurately identify as ET. I have seen some lights that move in ways that appear to defy 'known' technology... 'known' being the pivotal word here. So I 'file' the info and wait for validation one way or the other.

    The multiple denominations of Christianity say to me that Biblical scripture has and still is subject to differences in interpretation, although what is written as the teachings of Jesus seems pretty straightforward. The practicality of Love as a Force that encourages kindness, cooperation, self and mutual respect, and thoughtfulness in word and deed has been a Work in my own life. I've also seen the evidence of the power of prayer. The work of Masaru Emoto with the ice crystals could be an example, although this is not in a Christian context, and consequently has the potential of being easily dismissed as another of Satan's illusions. The healing of my granddaughter's scoliosis when she was 7, was in a Christian context but I have only the evidence of witnesses and the results, for which I'm grateful. I did look up Bardsey Island and it is reputed to be the burial ground for 20,000 'Saints'. If this happened all at once it would have taken considerable toll on the 'holy people' of the Isles, whos absence would have been sorely missed. If they were Druids, I can understand this because some branches of Christianity had a history of conveniently removing those who were not easily converted. The re-translation into saints or martyrs as history was written also seem plausible. If they were Christian saints, this was probably a work in progress over some extended period of time. The 'prayers' to establish the binding would have been specific and passed down through the church 'keepers' in that location. To call this Sorcery might be an understatement. If our collective prayers, supported by our clear vision and imbued with all the Love and Forgiveness we can access can diffuse and dissipate some of the 'stuck' energy in the British Isles, where's the harm in it? what will it cost us? Ten minutes a day? There's certainly been enough BS pitched our way from that location and if some of the protection and concealment 'they' have been afforded has been from the abuse of the sacrifice at Bardsey Island, it needs to go.

    1. Mae, most people associate churches with christianity and believe that christianity is presented in churches, but that is not the case. Churches are simply places where one man tells all the listeners what he thinks the bible says. But christianity is not learned from listening to what one man tells people. It can only be learned directly from the bible that has not been changed by various people who did not like the real one and chose to soften it up.

      All of these main stream denominations were made by people who did not like something, and went off and made their own ''church'. So today they each have either added some things, or subtracted some things, making their preaching ''false gospel' not to be relied upon.
      They are most certainly not using the one true gospel, and its teachings, or else they would not have strayed off and made their own brand of 'christianity', right?
      2 Tim. 4:3 for the time will come when they will not endure Sound Doctrine............. 4 and they shall turn away their ears from the Truth and shall be turned unto fables.

      That Time is already here, and thats why almost nobody wants to hear the real truth, but wants coddled and be told ''sweet nothings' to please themselves.

      If you pick up a bible and just hold the New Testament with your fingers, you will see it is not very thick at all. And it is the NT that contains the Gospel and the Instructions for christians.
      The Epistles of the apostles which were their direct teaching to the Church, begin with Romans thru to the end of the book, Revelation.
      Matt, Mark, Luke and John were before Christ died; book of Acts is a transition book bringing over the OT saints into the Church Age.
      It was Christ dying that established The Church which consists of anyone who is a true believer. It became Official 40 days after He rose again, when He left and sent us the Holy Spirit of God, on that Day of Pentecost in the Upper Room.
      Those 120 that day in the upper room were the first official church members and they came from near and far, all kinds of people.
      People ARE The Church. Not organizations or buildings or denominations with all sorts of names they gave themselves.

  31. From scriptural sources it has been revealed to the seeker to understand that Earth is a living creation. Many spirit beings assisted in its "creation" (better understood as its organization of matter from unorganized matter). The earth has come to its being to serve as a sanctified habitation created for God's Holy purposes one being for His spirit children to experience mortality, our second estate wherein we are clothed with natural bodies of flesh and blood, a "temple" for our spirit. (Speaking in spiritual terms, not natural.) This mortal second estate follows our first one and will be followed by our eventual third estate. When one is naturally born or sometime prior to that the spirit and body unite for the experience of mortality when the previous spirit experience is soon forgotten. This allows us as we come to an accountable age to be "tried by trials of faith", not recalling what came before, and we are then subject to the temptations and challenges of being separated from God and His spirit, and life's experiences are poured out upon us so to speak. By this we are being prepared to either dull our hearing toward God's word by distractions, pride, ignorance, peer pressure and cultural traditions, self centered-ness (ego, pride, vanity...) etc., etc., or to somehow recognize through humility (often through events where we "hit a wall"), making us aware of our frailties and imperfections coming to realize we are not the center of all things, contrary to popular notions and traditions like humanism. Now we are open to new possibilities, new perspectives. Earthly perspectives such as life through a particular nations or cultures views are far too small and self centered to take in a plan as great and extensive as Christ's mission to redeeem his brothers and sisters in a great all inclusive plan of salvation, for us to consider until our limits are made known to us by degree. Now the word of God may entice the humbled man or woman to re-consider, to ponder and pray, and to begin to exercise faith in believing the word, even if only to hope that the word of God might be true.

    Now something called realizing our nothingness before God, our filthiness in comparison to a holy being like Christ and His father God, awakens in us, and we begin to reconsider our foolish pride and imagined superiority. We begin to realize we are beggars reliant on our God for every breath we take.

    Anna's posit there may be souls stuck between passages may be possible but not without God's overarching watch, if that could be true. After mortal death all return to the world of spirits, life as individual intelligent spirit being does not end upon mortal death, and our progress in the spirit world depends on the principles by which we have lived here. We may be advantaged in our progress or disadvantaged, according to by what law we lived while mortal on earth. Getting well acquainted with God's word is a precursor to striving to live higher laws and principles, inspired by the Holiness of the purposes and love motivated acts of God.

    1. There is so much being hidden from us that it is near impossible to know anything for certain..
      I was just watching the History Channel today and it was all about this current POPE (Fransis), as the last Pope, and the extensive archives the Vatican library contains..If stretched out, it would be 53 miles in length...Of which not even the Vatican really knows what's in it, until someone stumbles apon it by accident...But a lot of it is covered up by the church itself...!! If they aren't LYING they are withholding the "TRUTH"..!!
      The oldest of the 3 children of "Fantama" was still living as a nun and was asked by Pope John I believe to give her description of what was shown to her what the last days would look like...She did write it down for him but was sealed with wax and an imprint and ordered never to open it up until 1960...well pope Paul the 2nd was almost killed by someone who shot him 4 times, but he still survived...barely..!!
      So he finally opened the letter, but it sits in secrecy to this day in the Vatican archives...!!
      The Vatican is holding vast arrays of TRUTHS that would probably turn history on its head, as well as our exsistance...!!

    2. There are no souls stuck between anything anywhere. Those making such claims, please give proof of where you get such info. For in Gods word it plainly states Heb.9:27 'as it is appointed to men once to die, but after this the Judgement.'
      There are other scriptures throughout indicating that the soul leaves the body immediately upon death. The soul does not die, but the body does, and no soul can live in a dead body. Otherwise, the living soul would get buried in the grave or else burned up.
      Neither are souls sent willy nilly into any spirit world, it goes back to the Creator of it, and He sends it on to its ''appropriate place'. Either to eternal life with God or to a place to await judgement.
      For those who already have attained eternal life, they have been been 'born again' here in the Now, during their ordinary life time
      here on earth .....which means they are not ''nothingness' nor are they 'filthiness' nor do they have 'foolish pride' or any of the other worldly attributes of sinners. The absence of all those worldly characteristics have been removed by God, which is why it is called 'being born again'. Meaning 'being made all new' and brought into alignment with Godly ways, in conduct and in their Mind. Corrections are made here in this lifetime; upon death, one's fate is already sealed.
      (God makes the corrections in us that he deems need to be made; not us. If we could correct ourselves, then we would have no need of God and that would make us merely 'self-righteous' not Righteous)


    1. Every constituent in the body carries DNA which forms the genetic code. The DNA molecule is a system of your consciousness and not your brain, and in the endocrine system the pineal gland, conducive to altered states accessed in a soul body, releases its secretions into the blood stream. All types of blood carry DNA in their white cells.

      Spiritual evolution does not happen without DNA activation. This is one way of understanding soul which can be known, although not as yet proven scientifically.

      When a soul enters a body through the process of vibrational compatibility, it is together with that physical vehicle and partakes in the effects of that vehicle, its blood and how it works. Soul concomitant with the physical body is an indissoluble function of our evolutionary process. Process? The desire for soul to have experience in physical vehicles…with blood.

      Scientists know that trauma can change DNA albeit according to them, soul does not come into their equation. The degree to which the body and its functions can effect the Soul depends on how aware, how awake and connected you are to your soul.

      However if one accepts, or better knows the reality of soul, trauma registered physically, emotionally and mentally, can either awaken your connection with soul or numb you into slumber, and either way it has its effect on the genetic sequence (blood again). If one thinks that effects on the physical vehicle have no result on the soul, it means there is no connection and thus no life. Life here is dependent on the body/soul connection to Source, not the life of a soulless clone or android.

      Blood and DNA appear to be intimately connected to Soul. In one sense life, blood and DNA are synonymous. No soul housed within a body can function unless in contact with ‘life’s blood’.

    2. Soul is above the matter, energy, space, & time☄

  33. To All:
    Sara Ruth Ashcraft, Survivor of Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Child Porn, and Sex Trafficking. Philosopher by education. Truth warrior by divine command. #SayBraveThings #MAGA

    Peace. ra

  34. Did any body watch this.This explains god.ITS the field that everything is made of and goes back to we are the gods we just need to know how to use it.If there is somthing in human form its dang alien.Also watch

  35. The heart math institute has proven time and again that the ether carries the frequencies of all and regardless of where we are on this planet that all the intelligence it carries is available to us should we choose to access it. And that must come from within.

    I believe our task is to tap into that godly resource for the good of the planet and mankind and shining light onto the darkness filters that ether clearing the path for future generations.

    Science has come a long way, and has provided sound foundations for many things, but I think in the end, trying to understand how God does his work is a futile effort at best.

    The authors' interpretations of the good books are in my opinion, just that. I take my lessons and guidance from the ether weighing the good over evil.

    Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins is an amazing study of emotions and the power of Godly energy scientifically verifiable through kinesiology. It can prove that what you believe may be irrelevant to the truth. A word of caution to the bible thumpers everywhere.
    Ok so now the sparks will fly! LOL


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