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Saturday, October 21, 2023

The End of Evil

 By Anna Von Reitz

In our circles, you will hear us say, "I am done with evil!" often with gusto and a dismissive hand gesture. 

There is a reason for this. 

We've literally had it with evil. We are done. We have made our choices, no matter what wind blows. 

This is not a choice that can be made lightly.  

You have to get to a point of disgust where you can't stand it anymore.  You can't look yourself in the face.
You can't be deaf, dumb, and blind anymore.  

There is a magical moment where you realize that life, as precious as it is, isn't worth living in a world so polluted with evil.  And then, finally, you are set free. 

Somewhere beyond the terror that evil provokes, you find the strength to toss it out like last week's rubbish.  And you choose a different path. Our path. 

You stop lying to yourself or anyone else.  You stop pretending and putting a good face on things. You stop working for companies that do evil.  You stop listening to the Boob Tube.  

And suddenly, you start seeing the misery and pollution that surrounds you, the sick miasma of drugs and self-interest, porn and useless fantasies, violence and alienation, idolatry of all kinds, and grinding poverty of vision, of soul, and of body, everywhere you look.   

Dystopian is far too clinical and limited a word to describe the multi-layered muck of our purported civilization.  

Initially, all your stunned psyche can do is to flee from it. And hide. Gain a few days, weeks, months, or even years to evaluate what you suddenly perceive. 

Even the music is deliberately off-key.  

When people point at the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Queen or now, the King of Britain --- you know better. You know that as weak or as criminally-minded as these people may be, they are pawns. 

Even if they wanted to do something better or different, they can't.  Evil has them in its clutches and plays them like so many sour violins. 

You can see it in their faces. They are empty or they are delusional.  The empty ones are scared for their lives and the delusional ones sound like Adolph Hitler. Or Barack Obama. 

Hitler and Obama were racists of the same kind, trying to use race and tribalism as a basis to promote a generalized racial superiority that doesn't exist. 

There are other delusional people in the world besides the racists. 

There are Satanists worshiping their own destruction.

There are those who literally try to bring back an idealized version of the past.  

There are idolaters who actually believe that their money will continue to have value if they kill 90% of the other people on Earth. 

There are those who, once the problem of poverty is more or less solved, want to find other "fonts of victimhood". 

All these people are crazy, though they wear nice suits and dresses and make speeches and attend political rallies and command armies. 

I think you all intuitively, instinctively, know that evil -- at least potentially and to an extent -- lives in all of us, and we are in a constant struggle to recognize it, avoid it, and if we have to, fight it.  

And increasingly, we do have to fight it, even if we don't know how. 

I think you know that evil goes far beyond this delusion or that delusion, beyond any race baiting, beyond any religion, and certainly beyond any politics. 

So I have your attention? You are thinking about the problem of evil?  Maybe you even feel the stubborn prod of morality and logic?  

The first thing you need to know -- beyond the fact that we are all under assault by the evil polluting our world -- is that evil broadcasts like a radio station, and we are all little transponders. 

We can shut evil down, at will, and not spread it any further.  Individually, each one of us holds the ultimate kill switch over evil.  

We just turn off Satan's channel and tune into Love 101.5. 

The other thing that you can do to end evil in yourself and in others and in our world, is to stop thinking in terms of differences.  Think in terms of unity and similarities, instead.  

Realize that all the evil in the world thrives on dividing us, and all the love in the world thrives on uniting us. 

So let go of your False Pride and excuses. You're not a victim, though you may yet be a hero.  You are a man or a woman with choices to make.  

Realize that money is idolatry, and idolatry is false. 

We have been duped into giving power to a "symbol of value", and while we were eased into this idea via the use of gold and silver coins that actually do have some intrinsic value, the people playing this game have so far reduced our common sense as to believe that digits they entered in a ledger have value. 

What made their fingers and keyboards so magical? 

As a child, maybe four, I once tore a rose apart trying to figure out what made it smell so sweet?  I was left with the stem and the golden heart of the flower in my hand, and I turned to my Father who was watching me, and he could see I was utterly bewildered.  

Don't worship the creation.  Worship the Creator of creation.  

Give into the wonder of life and accept it. Cherish it. Value it as a whole, a sum total. 

We are the value and we give value to everything else. 

We are not meant to assign values to things we did not create and cannot reproduce.  

We didn't create life and have no right to destroy it. 

Nor are we meant to create petty standards to measure the gifts we have been given, including our time on Earth. 

Money -- especially digital money -- has no value, and time does not exist; yet, the entire world has been fooled into measuring things that don't exist and valuing things that don't have value. 

The "hour" was literally invented as a means to measure the value of a man's labor, which is, of course, dependent on a man's life. 

These charlatans have contrived a means to tax the value of your life on Earth, something that only you determine, and which doesn't belong to them. 

Please, dear children, wake up. You are in the thrall of insanity, and only you can make it stop.  

The mystery of a rose cannot be deconstructed into its parts and the value of your life cannot be measured. 

So then, you turn to me as I once turned to my Father.  WTF, or the equivalent, is running through your head.  

How do you put a stop to evil?  How do you crush its head under your foot?  

By committing yourself to truth and to love and to life.  By saying, "Evil, talk to the hand!" and meaning it with all your heart.  By leaving all your False Pride behind, and accepting yourself as one small part of eternal glory.  

When enough of us make this commitment, all the lies break apart and blow away like dust. When we set ourselves free, no prison can hold us. When we commit to The Truth, no delusion can fool us. 

This is what lies at the heart of the rose. This is what Jesus and Buddha and so many other teachers  have taught you. 

You are the secret and you are the answer. 

Choose life.  Choose love.  

You have the ultimate power over evil in the palm of your hand.  Turn the knob. 


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