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Monday, August 14, 2023

My Father's Birthday

 By Anna Von Reitz

I see him every day, looking back at me from the mirror: his fair skin and sunny eyes, the thin upper lip and Cupid's bow lower lip.  I only have to glance at my hand to see his tapered fingers mysteriously allied to my Mother's broad palm. 

More mysteriously, I feel his spirit blended to hers and to mine.  

We are a threesome forever. 

This would have been his hundred and second birthday.  

Each one of these facts hits like a chime being struck, a reminder of life, and the time of my day. 

I still love him and love them just as much, though he died in 1981, more than forty years ago, and my Mother, much more recently, in 2016.  

She spent 35 years as a widow. 

Another fact, echoing in the silence of this day.  It's very quiet here at "the Spa". A fit day to recollect. 

Seeing the span of empty years opening up in front of her, I asked my Mother early on why she would never date or entertain the thought of another man.  

She just smiled and shook her head and looked somewhere off in the distance. 

"That could never be," she said. "There will never be anyone like him again."  

That precious idiosyncrasy that makes each one unique, however similar to others in other ways, left it's indelible mark on him: God's thumbprint. 

Beloved always.  Beloved forever. Those aren't idle words, when the right woman says them.  

And just today, this day, I was talking to a good man, a Marine I have known for 25 years, facing his third undeserved divorce --- and I thought: there has never been a woman in his life with the strength to stand beside him.

They've all been whiners concentered all in self, worried about "me, me, me"  and instead of helping him as a helpmate should, have left him to stand his faithful course, the object of pity and wonderment. 

People shake their heads and look away.   

I think of my parents and their happiness and I think of him.  Even in her grief, my Mother was happy because of the happiness she had known, the one True Love in her life, shining like a beacon forever. 

My friend has never had that, not even once in his life.   

So I lift my Marine buddy up to Heaven today, asking on my Father's Birthday, that someone right and good will be waiting him, someone who will say, "Yes, beloved, always and forever." and mean it with her every fiber. 


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Help Comes When You Least Expect It

 By Anna Von Reitz

Behind the scenes, and in addition to everything else that goes on, I have been a Cancer Coach for the past seventeen years. 

It began when a good friend was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.  She called me up in tears. 
And somewhere in my soul, I said, "No." 

So I showed up on her doorstep armed with what I had learned about Native American cancer cures and the Gerson Diet Therapy, and a massive old-fashioned Juicer --- and the adventure began. 

I had no idea if it would work or not, but we had no reason not to try.  So I bought organic fruits and vegetables. I made the juices.  I counseled her according to the books.  We studied together.  

We prayed.  

And she lived.  We did the whole Gerson Diet Therapy for that summer from July into September, about three months, before her befuddled doctor admitted that the cancer was gone and dubbed it "spontaneous remission". 

That's what they call it when the body heals itself. 

Since then I have personally coached fifteen people through the process of overcoming their terminal cancers of all kinds: lung, stomach, pancreatic, ovarian, skin, lymphoma, bone, liver, uterine ....systemic cancer.   It hasn't mattered what kind of cancer or where in the body it showed up. 

They have all lived.  

Over the years, our knowledge about cancer has increased and we have fit together the pieces to the puzzle and refined the treatment.  Recently, there have been announcements in the mainstream medical and scientific community that correspond to our conclusions about this opportunistic disease.  

We are all standing on the cusp of an unimaginable improvement in the health sciences, and true understanding of how our bodies work, but today I want to share something that will help you and possibly your friends, family members, or caregivers----right now.  Today

These are three videos that we are currently using as part of Orientation for cancer patients. Obviously, our slant on this is health and recovery from disease, and this is just one component of a multi-layered program that includes changes in diet and specific medicinal herbs and vitamins; but, this is core knowledge that gives insight into why our methods work, and why your attitude toward health and toward each other contributes so much to the outcome.  

This information can help you to overcome disease of any kind, and more generally, it can revolutionize your life and your relationships.  

Begin with what we call the "Pet the Bunny" video. 
This explains how love and "pets" can direct what our body does with inputs -- even bad inputs, when we are loved. 

Then spend an hour and a half with Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the primary researchers in the exploding field of epigenetics.  He explains in his own words how he discovered the nature of the "biological computer" we live in and how we program it. 

Finally, experience direct programming of your body for health with a video featuring 528Hz "whole tone" music which redirects your DNA at a cellular level. 
Whatever your illness or the illness of a loved one, you can enlist the vast wisdom of DNA to heal.  

Big Pharma is never going to tell you a word about any of this, because this has the power to destroy the entire allopathic medicine paradigm we've been fed ever since the Flexner Report. 

Please note that Hunter Aki was the one who discovered the importance of 528 Hz resonance.  

I am also including a one page guide to our cancer recovery program that "at a glance" describes what we believe cancer is and why the program works. This is only our surmise based on what we have directly experienced, but so far there is nothing contrary and plenty of supporting evidence corroborating what we call the "Cancer Plaque Theory". 

If you are battling cancer or any chronic inflammatory disease, this information can save your life, and a lot of money, too.  So share it and be grateful for the beautiful new world that is opening up before you. 

This short clip demonstrates that love makes a difference to health.

Bruce Lipton Video:

This video shows us scientifically why love makes a difference.

And this implements the reasons:

Listen to this soundtrack as you go to sleep and as you putter about the house; it reprograms your DNA to promote health and well-being using 528 Hz whole tone music. 

"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, praise Him, all creatures here below...."  

This should not be taken as "licensed" medical advice.  It's what it says it is --- advice from Grandma, based on her life experience and educated surmises, and the experience of others who have survived terminal cancer by acting on this advice.  


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