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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Public International Notice to the United Nations and Bank of International Settlements and World Bank

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

I am the Fiduciary for Julius Shiva, Owner and Assign of the Global Collateral Accounts underwriting all Central Banks, administered by the Bank of International Settlements and its Department of the Federal Treasury, bearing Witness for former Senior Trustee Giovanni Baptista Ricchello and issuing Public International Notice:

This is Public International Notice to the World Bank and its Assigns and Affiliates that Anthony Santiago Martin gave his General Power of Attorney over all assets of his that have been held and administered by the World Bank since his infancy to Julius Shiva.  Cease and Desist all claims to the effect that the owner of these assets has abandoned them or left them to be disposed of by the World Bank.  Control and administration of these so-called "Global Collateral Accounts" must be returned to the lawful Assign and his International Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger, without further delay or obfuscation. 

Similarly, the Trustees of the Federal Department of the Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements are ordered to Cease and Desist all excuses for failure to establish a new contract for the use of the private gold, silver, stocks and bonds, cash, credit, land, and other assets being used to underwrite the Central Banks and the Trustees of the Federal Department of the Treasury are hereby Ordered by the International Fiduciary for Julius Shiva to enter into negotiation and respond with Good Faith no later than Wednesday the 14th of December 2022, or else shut down all operations dependent on the assets of our eighteen co-signers who have provided us with verified General Powers of Attorney, including Anthony Santiago Martin. 

This is Public International Notice to the United Nations Organization that the Municipal entity operating as the World Health Organization dba WHO has committed serious economic crimes and crimes of genocide disguised as maritime commercial business, and it must be liquidated along with its parent corporation, the UN CORPORATION, which has allowed and promoted  veiled crimes of impersonation against living people in order to evade prosecution for genocide and crimes ranging from inland piracy and kidnapping to strong arm racketeering under color of law. These corporations are prohibited from receiving any funding or credit of any kind from the Global Collateral Accounts or any credit source derived from the Global Collateral Accounts until further notice.  Any country or government failing to prosecute these crimes will similarly be denied. All surveillance grids, human tracking systems, and digital currencies must be scrapped and payment for all this illegal and immoral activity must be charged back against the accounts of the individuals, banks, and commercial corporations responsible. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
On:            8 December 2022
Return:      In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


Just LOOK at What They Have Actually Done

 By Anna Von Reitz

Look at what they have actually done: 

A Uniformed Officer (Medical Doctor) who doesn't even know that he has been conscripted by applying for a license with these Goons, coerces the unwitting Mother of the victim to create an equally unconscious contract and clearinghouse certificate known as a Long Form Birth Certificate and issues it in the name of a British Territorial "Person" who just happens to be named after you.   This attests that the clueless Doctor operating unknowingly and without disclosure as a British Territorial Officer, has picked up a baby on the "battlefield" and the Mother has "admitted" that the baby is a "United States Citizen" ---- of some kind. So, it's presumed that little baby Joe is a British Territorial Subject and Ward of the State, an abandoned pauper of unknown provenance, a bastard produced by an unwed Mother, most likely.  

Because a Medical Doctor outranks any Attorney in their system, the Attorneys act upon the "Orders" of the Doctors who are cashiering all these babies and misidentifying them as British Territorial (Commonwealth) U.S. Citizens.  

The American baby and their Good Name is "seized upon" and transported to the British Territorial Admiralty Jurisdiction and a Clearinghouse Certificate is issued showing the transfer --- baby is born on the land and soil of the State, transferred to the sea jurisdiction of the State of State, misidentified as a British Territorial "Person" who is a Subject of the British Monarch "adrift on the High Seas" and "salvaged" by an Officer of HRM's Crown Corporation doing business as "the" State of New York --- for example. 

This False Identity and Impersonation allows the Rats to copyright your Given Name and "own" it --- which in effect allows them to "own" you by assumption and association ---  and provides the basis to claim that you are a British Subject.  Your Name is now that of a British Subject and as such, you become subject to the British Parliament's Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.  

After seven years on this planet and with nobody the wiser, the banks that hold debts against every British Territorial Person, report you "missing" and "presumed lost at sea" --- so they create a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust in your name constructed as a foreign MUNICIPAL CORPORATION: ALEXANDER LAMONT WEBER, for example.  This is a Public Trust ACCOUNT established in Maritime Jurisdiction that accepts "hypothecated" debts addressed  in "the name of" your ESTATE.  Another clearinghouse certificate is created -- the Short Form BC --- showing the transfer of the British Territorial Person to Municipal Jurisdiction and from then on, this is the only Birth Certificate you will receive when you request one. This is again, another False Identity and IMPERSONATION. 

You the living man are now buried under two layers of thick legal balderdash and your identity has been shanghaied into two foreign jurisdictions --- British Admiralty and Municipal Maritime

All of this is virulent capital crime prohibited under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions ---  and the only way they are getting away with it is that (1) nobody knows about it and (2)  it was done one-by-one as a "private contract", so has to be corrected one-by-one as a refusal of contract, first at the Municipal level and second, at the British Territorial level, before you land safely back home again.  

From your perspective, of course, you never left.   Also from your perspective, the "Birth Certificate" is a "Death Certificate" as it represents the loss of your actual identity and political status and the trafficking of your infant self into a totally foreign jurisdiction where you are obligated to perform as a British Territorial Citizen and Subject of the British Monarch.  The second "Birth Certificate" is even more deadly, as the resulting ESTATE and associated DERIVATIVES and ACCOUNTS are dead ---literally --- and cannot be "redeemed" to use the Churchy phrase, until the presumed-to-be British Territorial Person shows up to claim the ESTATE.  The ESTATE and DERIVATIVES of it are all obligated to perform under Municipal Law.  

It's a deliberately constructed maze of fraud upon fraud against the American States and People and against their private property and public assets by the British Crown, the British Monarch, and the Holy See, all acting in collusion together in violation of their Treaties and Trust Obligations and Commercial Service Contracts --- that is, our Constitutions which they are seeking to evade with all this crapola, and despite all their famous obligations and sworn allegiance to defend these venerable public contracts. 

Despite their claims of "individual private right to contract" there is no reason that any sane American would adopt the political status (and debts) of a British Territorial Person/Officer, if given full disclosure of the deal, and there is even less reason for any sentient being to leave their birthright estate adrift as an unclaimed Municipal ESTATE property, liable to pay any bill addressed to it.  

And despite their claims that this was all couched in a situation of "wartime" there is no evidence that any war whatsoever occurred here since The War of 1812.  The next "war" that occurred, the misnamed American Civil War, was an illegal Mercenary Conflict from beginning to end, and all the other euphemistic "wars" on poverty, drugs, and whatever-else and ever since, have been of the same ilk - all without standing as properly declared wars, with no possible claim of military conquest. 

They've gotten away with this same set up from Boston to Bangkok.  Whatever else, the British Monarchy and the Vatican  and the British Crown Corporation are fully recognizable as welchers, thieves, con men, violent racketeers, and as institutions are not worthy of trust, respect, or honor --- which is, no doubt, why they have been at such pains to foist the blame for all this off onto their victims, the living people of this world, who have been defrauded and deprived of their guarantees and contractually-owed services as a result of these crimes of impersonation, non-disclosure, and deceit.  

Once you have a good nose-full of this, why would anyone ever want to do business with any of these yahoos ever again?  No matter where they hide or which nation (China) or institution (the UN)  that they try to hide behind?  Here they are, dishing out "economic sanctions" against Russia, when they are the ones that deserve to be isolated and left without the capability of conducting business with honest nations and decent men.  

Ask yourselves --- if they'd do this to their purported good buddies and Allies, the Americans, what would they do to everyone else?   The answer is a foregone conclusion.  Their greed, avarice, and deceitfulness has no apparent bounds. 


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The Role of Gold -- And the Central Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

We hold eighteen Irrevocable Powers of Attorney over all the gold used to underwrite  the Central Banks worldwide. 

Let that sink in.  

Julius Shiva is the direct owner of most of this gold and the chosen agent of other gold owners who trust him to do what is right. I am his Fiduciary because he is an American and I am the Fiduciary for The United States of America

Gold underwrites all these banks and without it, they cannot operate, because they have no basis to issue credit and then profit from the usury they charge on the credit. 

Because the owner of the gold also owns all the credit generated by the gold, minus some fees for storage of the gold, some taxes, etc., the banks only have an interest in their service fees and profits from interest charged on the loan of the owner's credit.  

The Central Banks are constrained to operate lawfully by The Department of Federal Treasury which operates through the Bank of International Settlements.  They oversee 64 banks.  There are seven Trustees. They issue gold certificates to the Central Banks and maintain the records between these gold certificates and the bullion banks where the gold is actually stored. 

These banks contract with the private owners of all this gold to use it as collateral underwriting their banks.  This is why these gold "reserves" are called "global collateral accounts".  

Their contract ran out in 2005 and they have been refusing to negotiate a new contract for the use of all this gold ever since.  Instead, they have come up with a fanciful story claiming that all this gold is "abandoned property" and that the banks have the right to distribute it as they see fit. 

We have all the records, all the receipts, and all the Powers of Attorney. 

So they have been running around trying to find ways to excuse their criminal behavior and trying to break into the accounts overseen by the Bank of International Settlements and they have been abusing funds that were entrusted to the World Bank to do all this mischief. 

Anthony Santiago Martin became the heir to a very large gold fund when he was just a baby. The World Bank was entrusted to administer these funds until he reached the age of majority. When he reached the age of majority, he decided that he did not want the responsibility and he assigned his assets to Julius as fully evidenced by his signatures, passports, declarations, assignments and the grant of his General Power of Attorney over the funds. 

At that point, the role of the World Bank should have ended, and control of the gold belonging to Anthony Santiago Martin should have been turned over to his Assign, Julius Shiva. 

Anyone who has listened to Karen Hudes has heard the tales spun by the World Bank about the "Global Collateral Accounts" and the "Global Debt Facility".  Now you know the rest of the story. 

The World Bank has failed its mission and been corrupted into its current state, either through ignorance or graft. We notice that the World Bank was also involved in the Pandemic Bonds scandal which appears to have been orchestrated in collusion with the Municipal World Health Organization (WHO).  The WHO declared a worldwide pandemic on the basis of 150 cases and the World Bank collected on Pandemic Bonds they sold, essentially as a "sure bet" to investors. 

With the WHO defining what a global pandemic is and the World Bank collecting on the bet, it was a sure bet for the bank and the UN CORPORATION worth a couple billion dollars. Nobody else. 

You may rightly ask what the world is coming to when institutions promoting "world health" and "world banking" are operating as rigged casinos instead. 

Suffice it to say that nothing has been on solid ground since 2005, nearly 18 years ago, and you can observe all the chaos and unrest and corruption and misinformation that has stemmed from the World Bank's control of Anthony Santiago Martin's gold accounts being used for unauthorized purposes and investments. 

Via Ms. Hudes' broadcasts you can also observe how leaders at the World Bank misinformed her and misinformed others about the ownership and assignment and proper ongoing administration of these accounts. 

What has been done with his money is not what Anthony Santiago Martin wanted done with it, and the same can be said of the gold that has been deposited from his and other private trusts ever since 1941.  

What was supposed to happen as of 1941 is that all government services and infrastructure were supposed to be paid for without taxation of any kind. 

The actual owners of these gold stores reasoned that taxation is a horrible, unnecessary, and very costly burden on humankind.  So they joined together to remove that "yoke" and set people and entire national economies free of it, but the Roman Pontiff and his Legions at the Vatican clung to their "Doctrine of Scarcity" and undermined the 1941 Initiative.  

They collaborated with the Allied Generals and Admirals to commandeer the funding and used it for rebuilding the damage from WWII and the owners of the gold went along with this as a necessity; then, after fifty years had passed and the rebuilding was done, the Perpetrators  asked for an extension until 2005, when the goals of the 1941 Initiative were to be realized. 

By 2005 the World Bank had illegally and immorally retained control of Anthony Santiago Martin's gold and was using that to create an alternative system that would continue to use coercive force to collect unnecessary "taxes" from people --- and keep people enslaved.  

It boils down to this: the Romans have traditionally made their fortunes by deceit and enslavement and coercive control, and they do not want to learn any other or different way to operate.  

It's up to the rest of us to teach them by example and by observation and by prosecution of their unlawful activities.  

Some members of the Roman Catholic Church are responsible for this mess, and others are blissfully unaware of it.  The same is true of the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Knights of Columbus, and other "Secret Societies" ----and other religious institutions as well.  There has always been a "Right hand path" and a "Left hand path" embedded in these organizations as a means to manipulate them.  This division of knowledge and functions has allowed the Romans to divide and conquer and undermine these institutions and organizations at will and from within. 

There are those who stand in allegiance with Life and those who ally themselves with Death. 
There are those who are honest and those who tell lies.  There are those who worship Mammon and those who worship the True Creator. 

The Commingling of the Bad with the Good is what allows this situation to continue. 

Choose this day where you stand.  

The Movement is on, worldwide, to discover and eradicate the evil threatening to overcome us. Let's all begin by recognizing the mismanagement of the World Bank and the theft of Anthony Santiago Martin's funds, and then, let's all sit down and rationally discuss a new contract for the deployment of the privately held gold resources that underwrite the banks of the world. 

Let's discuss the purpose and function of banking.  Let's look at what "wealth" really means. Let's examine the abuses of credit and the actual ownership interests.  

Life needs to win this argument.  Lawfulness, truth, and sanity must prevail.  The "yoke of enslavement" to Rome --- taxation in all its forms ---  must be broken and removed at last, and the Great Tribulation must end. 


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International Public Notice: Reports of Friendly Fire

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal Corporation dba "the White House Office, Inc."  reportedly set up a trap this week and killed U.S. Troops on our soil.  The remaining U.S. Troops reportedly killed the Municipal personnel staging a small-scale ambush in Colorado. 

I hope Joe Befuddled is really proud of himself and his ongoing attempts to pass off the Municipal United States as the original Union of States which did business as  "the United States"  from 1776 to 1851--- when it restyled its name to its current form: The United States.

Heck, given Joe's state of mind, he might not even know the difference.  

The Municipal Government in particular has no authority to have armed personnel --any armed personnel -- on our soil.  That includes all  hired AGENCY Personnel --- BATF, FBI, IRS, and so on, who would be manipulated and used as undeclared foreign mercenaries.  

All such mercenary soldiery and private security forces were allowed only under the Pinkerton Act by a Congress lacking authority to grant access to our land and soil.  Any activity on our land and soil continuing an illegal mercenary conflict is strictly forbidden, which includes any entrapment schemes, threats, or live fire exercises directed against our service personnel. 

Both the "Municipal Government" and the "Territorial Government"  are foreign corporations and we are sick of their antics and thefts and abuses of our trust --- and that includes misinforming and misdirecting the young men and women who have accepted mercenary service without full disclosure.

A number of them just lost their lives for no good reason as a result of the treasonous meddling of politicians who are "Presidents" of foreign commercial corporations--- not  The President of The United States and not The President of The United States of America, either.  

The actual States are in Session.  The actual American People are present and accounted for. 

All this nonsense has to stop and the subcontractors must come to heel, or we will annex the Municipality of Washington, DC, NYC and the UN holdings back into the States from whence these so-called independent international city-states were extracted without permission from the actual States and People, who are the only Parties having authority to make land grants within the boundaries of any State of the Union. 

This action will sever the seat of government granted to Washington, DC, and we will do it for cause, specifically for failure to honor the limitations and obligations of their treaties, trusts, and commercial service contracts --- unless the Popes, the Brits, their Chinese Puppets, and Joe Biden get back in their lane and stay there. 

They are all here to do a job, to provide essential government services.  The duties of the Municipal Government do not include any armed personnel functions.  The principal function of the Municipal Government is to provide Postal Service, and to maintain a safe and neutral meeting place within the boundaries of Washington, DC. 

They have been abusing the trust granted to our Congress by allowing their Congress to run as a substitute for our lawful Government's Congress and have abused a plenary oligarchy provided for other purposes to usurp our authority and steal  our assets under color of law. 

The British Territorial and United States Service Personnel of the American Armed Forces have a distinct mission to protect our land and soil and our people from all enemies both foreign and domestic. As a result, they are welcome on our land and soil so long as they are pursuing their duty in good faith.  

We specifically request and require them to point our guns and nuclear arsenal toward targets in Rome, the Inner City of London, Paris Underground, Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, and the UN Headquarters in New York.  We realize that China is being used as a sock-puppet and now know, for sure, where the actual evil resides. This time, if they want a war for profit, we are going to take out the cause of the war where it lives instead of letting these evil men use poverty-stricken mercenaries to do their dirty work.  

We also request and require the immediate arrest of the Lords of the Admiralty. 

Maybe the Perpetrators can build themselves an artificial island out beyond our continental waters and tell someone else their lies, but we will no longer bear their obfuscations, substitutions, lies, omissions, usurpations, bad faith, breach of trust and violation of their service contracts.  

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  The United States of America

                   Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                   The United States of America


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Share About the Federal Reserve

 By Anna Von Reitz

This came over the transom this morning from Richard Martin via the "Prepare for Change" website, and the Author.  I have only one thing to add and I will add it after reposting Chris Black's Article.

[Campers, I suggest that you all send a copy of Chris' Article to every member of Congress and as many local and State of State Officials, including the Governor and the State of State Secretary of State--- as possible.  Be sure Ron Paul gets a copy!] 

If this doesn't wake someone up somewhere, it surely should. 

The Truth About the Federal Reserve
by Chris Black

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says it will back each Federal Reserve Note in circulation with forty cents of gold.

They don’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says that bankers are to be held personally responsible if they fail.

They are not.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says if a Fed bank is insolvent, it is to become the property of the US.

It doesn’t.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says that insolvent Fed banks shall forfeit their shares in their Regional Fed.

They don’t.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says that it will use its profits to supplement the gold reserve and pay down any US debt.

It definitely doesn’t do this. lol

The Federal Reserve has 3 mandates —people now only talk about the dual mandates, which are stable prices and low unemployment—the third mandate is to keep long term interest rates constant.

They don’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says that the Fed will maintain parity of all forms of legal money issued by the US and strengthen the gold reserve.

They don’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says the Fed Board will audit Fed banks at will.

They don’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says its by-laws are not to violate US law.

They do.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says that Fed banks cannot discount stocks or commercial paper.

They do.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says each Fed bank will maintain a surplus fund from its profits, up to 40% of its paid-in capital stock.

They don’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says the Fed Board will supervise Fed banks.

They don’t.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says Fed banks will publish complete details weekly of their assets and liabilities, as well as the nature of their transactions.

They don’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says the Fed is required to write off worthless assets on its books.

It doesn’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says it is to have reserves in gold equal to 35% of its deposits.

It doesn’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says it will maintain a gold account at the Treasury.

It doesn’t do this.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says the Fed’s franchise will be forfeited if they violate law.

It is not.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says that Federal Reserve Notes will be redeemed for gold.

They’re not.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says Fed bank owners will be held responsible for all Fed bank debts and contracts.

They aren’t.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says US Treasury yields are to be paid in tax-free gold.

They aren’t.

Gold is mentioned 53 times and on 11/25 pages.

The word gold is littered throughout the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, basing one promise after another on GOLD.

It was the ONLY reason the legislation passed.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 says the Federal Reserve will not pay any income tax, its shareholders will receive a 6% dividend or the yield on a US 10-year treasury (whichever is lower) and also to have all their expenses paid.

They did manage to uphold these parts of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Why do we have a Federal Reserve again?


My comment: Section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act serves as its Enabling Clause because it contains the very-veiled remedy to the Federal Reserve Act -- our right of redemption, without which the Federal Reserve Act is illegal.  But, because the remedy was never fully and intelligibly disclosed to the Public and no instructions were provided to allow access to the remedy, bad faith and deceit and obstruction are evident, with the result that the Federal Reserve Act is still illegal.  

Remedy obstructed results in crime unabated. 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


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Money, Credit, and Stupidity

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hunter Aki has a Private Membership Association called the Global Family Group.  I don't belong to it or any other Private Membership Association (PMA).  As part of the PMA he has a Prosperity Program for willing investors.  Now, rumors have surfaced that some investors in the Prosperity Program haven't been paid according to their expectations. 

None of this has anything to do with the banks. None of it has anything to do with me.  

Yet certain unscrupulous or otherwise witless people, have sought to involve me and blame me for this alleged "crisis" in the PMA Prosperity Program. 

To date, nobody has produced a contract that has been breached.  Nobody has come forward and said, "I was promised this and I got that."  and provided an affidavit and supporting evidence for any complaint.  Nobody has proven any wrong-doing or failed obligation, yet there is all this clack, clack, clack ---- and when I ask the Complainers to prove up on their complaint, everything goes silent.   

Crickets.  No broken contracts have landed on my desk a week after the purported crisis began.  

This tells me one of two things --- there is no actual problem and this is being trumped up as a publicity "hit" on Hunter (and they are trying to make it a hit on me) or this is a problem and the Complainers are culpable --- there's something they don't want to show me in the contract, most likely something that invalidates their complaints. 

This is not my first trip to the rodeo.  They've opened the chute but no bull has come out.  

Think hard. 

The other thing that has surfaced is a basic misunderstanding about actual lawful money and credit.  

International Trade Banks deal in gold, silver, gems, etc.,--- actual, factual assets, and trade using money that is: (a)  based on actual, factual assets --- like Silver Certificates or (b) coinage or gold-bearing bills --- actual bills similar to what you are used to, that carry a layer of gold equal to the face value of the bill. 

So, we have ordered 55,000 Metric Tons of American gold to the United States Mint to be made into American Gold Eagle coins, which everyone is familiar with.  And we are looking at various options to produce gold-bearing bills and calling this new currency the American Federation Dollar to distinguish it from the silver-based United States Silver Dollar and Silver Certificates (Certificates are never lawful money per se because they didn't have the silver embedded in the bills, but they are redeemable warehouse receipts for lawful money called "Money Orders" or what a banker would call a "lawful money cash value receipt".) 

We are making good progress to open up our International Trade Banks and supply them with --- you guessed it ---- lawful money.  

Commercial banks deal in what is called "commercial paper" --- which creates representations of accounts, filled with "money of account" ---which is credit, not actual money.  Mortgages, securities, stocks, bonds, promissory notes, letters of credit, bank drafts, checks, court judgements, debits, liens, and so on are examples of commercial paper instruments.  These instruments have no value in-and-of themselves and they generally represent no specific asset; they are created from paper and thin air, yet because of legal tender laws, they have to be exchanged as if they were actual money and they have to be "accounted" in the same way. Such instruments have to be "monetized" by a bank which creates more fiat currency and ledgers it into the accounts of the bank. 

One way to look at this is that one form, asset-backed money, is the currency of physical things, while commercial paper is the currency of performances -- labor, usury, debt, credit owed, and so on.  

Not surprisingly these are two completely different systems, which is why we have International Trade Banks and Commercial Banks, both.  

Both banks ledger assets, howbeit, of different kinds.  Both banks keep accounts, the trade bank accounts for actual money and the commercial bank accounts for credit assets.  

It should be apparent from this that you can have digits standing either for the value of physical assets or standing for the value of labor/performance assets --- actual money or credit, either one, can be expressed in term of dollars and cents. 

So, in September, with threats of bank bail-ins mounting to a fever pitch and threats from the Commercial banks to "wipe" their accounts and more threats from the Biden Administration to purposefully "put inflation on steroids" I suggested the obvious -- that the only safe place to put your "credits" from the Commercial Bank System --- might be The Global Family International 
Trade Bank, which is, generally speaking, the only International Trade Bank open to the Public right now.  

What happens when you take credit to a trade bank?   It has to be "lawfully converted" into actual money.  It comes out of the airy-fairy world of commercial credit that can be created or destroyed or "revalued" at whim, and enters the realm of terra firma.  Doing this provides some very substantial benefits in times like these --- first, actual money can't be "bailed in" or "wiped off" a bank's balance sheet without any consequence; second, actual money holds its value no matter what inflation does or doesn't do.  It acts as its own natural hedge fund. 

So some people took their increasingly worthless Federal Reserve Debt Notes to The Global Family Commercial Bank and denominated these I.O.U.'s as lawful money, and The Global Family Commercial Bank dutifully did what they requested and converted the credit evidenced by the debt notes into lawful money which The Global Family International Trade Bank ledgered onto its balance sheet.  

Their "money" --- that is, credit --- didn't disappear; it was converted into actual asset-backed money and ledgered by the International Trade Bank according to their own directions. 

Now, because we are still in the process of minting and printing the cash value gold coins and gold-bearing bills, there is no physical medium available to pay them out and some of the dimmer wits among us are panicking and trying to cause a bank run because of this. 

They should have been prepared to leave their assets safely bulwarked in the Trade Bank for the very reasons that they placed it in the Trade Bank to begin with, and short of an emergency, been content to wait until our new asset-backed currency is released.  

If they think their activities are going to collapse our bank and give them an opportunity to commandeer what we've worked for, they will be sadly disappointed. Their actual money assets can be converted right back into credit and they will be back where they started --- holding onto increasingly worthless debts owed to them by a bankrupt commercial corporation, facing the End Game where the commercial banks "wipe the books" because of the bankruptcy. 

You all know how bankruptcy works, don't you?  The court takes charge of the bankrupt entity and assigns a Trustee to divvy up the assets among the creditors, and when there's no more to distribute, all the lesser creditors suck wind.  

All these people now spreading rumors and unfounded suspicions and blame and all the rest of it are Lesser Creditors who stand to lose everything they've got --- and they are running straight back into the fire, even after they were given a way out.  

So let me voice some suspicions of my own.  The man who is complaining that he didn't get his 5% interest got his rent paid for and a free education.  The man who accused Hunter of running a Ponzi Scheme was also getting free rent and and education. And now he's doing the same thing that Hunter has done, selling what he learned to much bigger clients than Al and Joanne down the street.  Go figure. The women who are chasing around like the Harpies from Hell and being faithless and gossiping and  trying to tear down what they helped to build get very low marks for good sense.  They are trying to blame me for something they constructed.  

Go figure again.

I am telling you flat out, that unless we stand together, support each other,  and bring forward the Truth about this and everything else,  the world economy is going to resemble a flaming bag of dog dung left on someone's front porch --- yours. 

You'd all better pray that all the efforts being made now succeed, including Hunter's efforts.  


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