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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Money, Credit, and Stupidity

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hunter Aki has a Private Membership Association called the Global Family Group.  I don't belong to it or any other Private Membership Association (PMA).  As part of the PMA he has a Prosperity Program for willing investors.  Now, rumors have surfaced that some investors in the Prosperity Program haven't been paid according to their expectations. 

None of this has anything to do with the banks. None of it has anything to do with me.  

Yet certain unscrupulous or otherwise witless people, have sought to involve me and blame me for this alleged "crisis" in the PMA Prosperity Program. 

To date, nobody has produced a contract that has been breached.  Nobody has come forward and said, "I was promised this and I got that."  and provided an affidavit and supporting evidence for any complaint.  Nobody has proven any wrong-doing or failed obligation, yet there is all this clack, clack, clack ---- and when I ask the Complainers to prove up on their complaint, everything goes silent.   

Crickets.  No broken contracts have landed on my desk a week after the purported crisis began.  

This tells me one of two things --- there is no actual problem and this is being trumped up as a publicity "hit" on Hunter (and they are trying to make it a hit on me) or this is a problem and the Complainers are culpable --- there's something they don't want to show me in the contract, most likely something that invalidates their complaints. 

This is not my first trip to the rodeo.  They've opened the chute but no bull has come out.  

Think hard. 

The other thing that has surfaced is a basic misunderstanding about actual lawful money and credit.  

International Trade Banks deal in gold, silver, gems, etc.,--- actual, factual assets, and trade using money that is: (a)  based on actual, factual assets --- like Silver Certificates or (b) coinage or gold-bearing bills --- actual bills similar to what you are used to, that carry a layer of gold equal to the face value of the bill. 

So, we have ordered 55,000 Metric Tons of American gold to the United States Mint to be made into American Gold Eagle coins, which everyone is familiar with.  And we are looking at various options to produce gold-bearing bills and calling this new currency the American Federation Dollar to distinguish it from the silver-based United States Silver Dollar and Silver Certificates (Certificates are never lawful money per se because they didn't have the silver embedded in the bills, but they are redeemable warehouse receipts for lawful money called "Money Orders" or what a banker would call a "lawful money cash value receipt".) 

We are making good progress to open up our International Trade Banks and supply them with --- you guessed it ---- lawful money.  

Commercial banks deal in what is called "commercial paper" --- which creates representations of accounts, filled with "money of account" ---which is credit, not actual money.  Mortgages, securities, stocks, bonds, promissory notes, letters of credit, bank drafts, checks, court judgements, debits, liens, and so on are examples of commercial paper instruments.  These instruments have no value in-and-of themselves and they generally represent no specific asset; they are created from paper and thin air, yet because of legal tender laws, they have to be exchanged as if they were actual money and they have to be "accounted" in the same way. Such instruments have to be "monetized" by a bank which creates more fiat currency and ledgers it into the accounts of the bank. 

One way to look at this is that one form, asset-backed money, is the currency of physical things, while commercial paper is the currency of performances -- labor, usury, debt, credit owed, and so on.  

Not surprisingly these are two completely different systems, which is why we have International Trade Banks and Commercial Banks, both.  

Both banks ledger assets, howbeit, of different kinds.  Both banks keep accounts, the trade bank accounts for actual money and the commercial bank accounts for credit assets.  

It should be apparent from this that you can have digits standing either for the value of physical assets or standing for the value of labor/performance assets --- actual money or credit, either one, can be expressed in term of dollars and cents. 

So, in September, with threats of bank bail-ins mounting to a fever pitch and threats from the Commercial banks to "wipe" their accounts and more threats from the Biden Administration to purposefully "put inflation on steroids" I suggested the obvious -- that the only safe place to put your "credits" from the Commercial Bank System --- might be The Global Family International 
Trade Bank, which is, generally speaking, the only International Trade Bank open to the Public right now.  

What happens when you take credit to a trade bank?   It has to be "lawfully converted" into actual money.  It comes out of the airy-fairy world of commercial credit that can be created or destroyed or "revalued" at whim, and enters the realm of terra firma.  Doing this provides some very substantial benefits in times like these --- first, actual money can't be "bailed in" or "wiped off" a bank's balance sheet without any consequence; second, actual money holds its value no matter what inflation does or doesn't do.  It acts as its own natural hedge fund. 

So some people took their increasingly worthless Federal Reserve Debt Notes to The Global Family Commercial Bank and denominated these I.O.U.'s as lawful money, and The Global Family Commercial Bank dutifully did what they requested and converted the credit evidenced by the debt notes into lawful money which The Global Family International Trade Bank ledgered onto its balance sheet.  

Their "money" --- that is, credit --- didn't disappear; it was converted into actual asset-backed money and ledgered by the International Trade Bank according to their own directions. 

Now, because we are still in the process of minting and printing the cash value gold coins and gold-bearing bills, there is no physical medium available to pay them out and some of the dimmer wits among us are panicking and trying to cause a bank run because of this. 

They should have been prepared to leave their assets safely bulwarked in the Trade Bank for the very reasons that they placed it in the Trade Bank to begin with, and short of an emergency, been content to wait until our new asset-backed currency is released.  

If they think their activities are going to collapse our bank and give them an opportunity to commandeer what we've worked for, they will be sadly disappointed. Their actual money assets can be converted right back into credit and they will be back where they started --- holding onto increasingly worthless debts owed to them by a bankrupt commercial corporation, facing the End Game where the commercial banks "wipe the books" because of the bankruptcy. 

You all know how bankruptcy works, don't you?  The court takes charge of the bankrupt entity and assigns a Trustee to divvy up the assets among the creditors, and when there's no more to distribute, all the lesser creditors suck wind.  

All these people now spreading rumors and unfounded suspicions and blame and all the rest of it are Lesser Creditors who stand to lose everything they've got --- and they are running straight back into the fire, even after they were given a way out.  

So let me voice some suspicions of my own.  The man who is complaining that he didn't get his 5% interest got his rent paid for and a free education.  The man who accused Hunter of running a Ponzi Scheme was also getting free rent and and education. And now he's doing the same thing that Hunter has done, selling what he learned to much bigger clients than Al and Joanne down the street.  Go figure. The women who are chasing around like the Harpies from Hell and being faithless and gossiping and  trying to tear down what they helped to build get very low marks for good sense.  They are trying to blame me for something they constructed.  

Go figure again.

I am telling you flat out, that unless we stand together, support each other,  and bring forward the Truth about this and everything else,  the world economy is going to resemble a flaming bag of dog dung left on someone's front porch --- yours. 

You'd all better pray that all the efforts being made now succeed, including Hunter's efforts.  


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  1. Where and how and what is minimal balance to open a savings account in the international trade bank?

  2. With the CBDC threat looming, priority number one should be to get the Trade Bank FULLY operating; including minting and printing the cash value gold coins and gold-bearing bills.

  3. "The man who is complaining that he didn't get his 5% interest got his rent paid for and a free education. The man who accused Hunter of running a Ponzi Scheme was also getting free rent and and education."
    Would someone explain to me how the above happened? How are these guys getting their rent paid and a free education ???? I'm not getting this.
    I'm not looking for this free rent and free education, but this is the first I've heard of such a thing. Have I missed something? Thank you.

    1. Dummy, it’s called welfare, pandemic payments, free government handouts…mostly for illegal aliens, single mothers and all other non whites or anyone but white Christian males who are registered republicans.

  4. that’s-nice, dear


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