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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Public International Notice to the United Nations and Bank of International Settlements and World Bank

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

I am the Fiduciary for Julius Shiva, Owner and Assign of the Global Collateral Accounts underwriting all Central Banks, administered by the Bank of International Settlements and its Department of the Federal Treasury, bearing Witness for former Senior Trustee Giovanni Baptista Ricchello and issuing Public International Notice:

This is Public International Notice to the World Bank and its Assigns and Affiliates that Anthony Santiago Martin gave his General Power of Attorney over all assets of his that have been held and administered by the World Bank since his infancy to Julius Shiva.  Cease and Desist all claims to the effect that the owner of these assets has abandoned them or left them to be disposed of by the World Bank.  Control and administration of these so-called "Global Collateral Accounts" must be returned to the lawful Assign and his International Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger, without further delay or obfuscation. 

Similarly, the Trustees of the Federal Department of the Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements are ordered to Cease and Desist all excuses for failure to establish a new contract for the use of the private gold, silver, stocks and bonds, cash, credit, land, and other assets being used to underwrite the Central Banks and the Trustees of the Federal Department of the Treasury are hereby Ordered by the International Fiduciary for Julius Shiva to enter into negotiation and respond with Good Faith no later than Wednesday the 14th of December 2022, or else shut down all operations dependent on the assets of our eighteen co-signers who have provided us with verified General Powers of Attorney, including Anthony Santiago Martin. 

This is Public International Notice to the United Nations Organization that the Municipal entity operating as the World Health Organization dba WHO has committed serious economic crimes and crimes of genocide disguised as maritime commercial business, and it must be liquidated along with its parent corporation, the UN CORPORATION, which has allowed and promoted  veiled crimes of impersonation against living people in order to evade prosecution for genocide and crimes ranging from inland piracy and kidnapping to strong arm racketeering under color of law. These corporations are prohibited from receiving any funding or credit of any kind from the Global Collateral Accounts or any credit source derived from the Global Collateral Accounts until further notice.  Any country or government failing to prosecute these crimes will similarly be denied. All surveillance grids, human tracking systems, and digital currencies must be scrapped and payment for all this illegal and immoral activity must be charged back against the accounts of the individuals, banks, and commercial corporations responsible. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
On:            8 December 2022
Return:      In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652



  1. this looks like what they did before but with different Names. "Trusts".

    1. ANNA isn't not true the BIS is Bank FOR ( not "of" ) International Settlements?

  2. is this supposed to scare them?

    1. To: Anonymous December 8, 2022 at 11:58 PM
      "is this supposed to scare them?"

      Are you looking for someone to "scare them" for you?

      Instead it is likely supposed to wake you up, so for you also to bring (shine) the "truth," and magnify the power of "truth." Yes there is such a actual/factual as "truth." And the truth is for you to join with those of the way, ". . . truth, and the life."

      You write as though maybe you believe you are a mere uninvolved spectator "at the games." But what is written about on this blog is not your uninvolved spectator-ism - you are involved.

      You are involved, come hell, heaven, or high water. Sink or swim.

    2. Once you put your hand to the plow, there is no looking back. . .You fight until the end, in righteousness, truth and integrity. Evil will not prevail. We can only overcome evil by doing good.

  3. Write notices all you want, they will be ignored. You don’t have a military to back you up.

    1. TO: AnonymousDecember 9, 2022 at 2:06 AM

      These "Notices" may be useful if to scare you, with the "...way truth and life?" Aiming you toward doing something good with what time you have remaining between now and what becomes of all of our tomorrows?

      You may prefer to help on behalf of goodness? Instead of knowing, at your core, you merely hectored, kibitzed, or complained in the peanut galleries of life.

      Why would anyone, military or otherwise, protect your attitude?
      Enlighten me.

  4. Ooopppsss we are the Military as if we need a MILITARY? You believe you need, what a imagination, we need the bodies that are walking around to use what is inside that some call brain’s or is that to much to say is brainwashed out to watching a football game that throws a funny shape piece of leather to each other hoping to get it to the other side before the other teams knocks them on the ground, oh ya yoyare one of those spectators???!!##

  5. Please provide proof of these statements. It should be public record. A FOIA request would produce them. Or it would be much simpler if you backed up what you are claiming with the links to the proof. Every other site making any claim provides a link to prove the claims?? Why is there never any links??


      (try thinking axiomatically = self evidently)

      "Proof" of these "statements" are made hereby. These "statements" are indeed a "public record" Rthyme2stand.

      "A FOIA request would produce them" - FOIA alone demonstrates manufactured deceits - Demonstrates that Rthyme2stand accepts support from "who" would hide, deceive, and lie? That "who" being "who" infiltrated truth, and "who" self-evidently also infiltrates what is or is not released under "FOIA" i.e. redacted, redacted, redacted.

      Rthyme2stand "it would be much simpler if you (Rthyme2stand) backed up" to the beginning of Anna Von Reitz's almost 4,000 blog postings and read them.

      Rthyme2stand you have abandoned KNOWING and adopted a clever manipulation evidencing your deviation from KNOWING.

      To your little credit, we all make errors; but the good news is that the best among us are self-correcting when new evidence appears.

      Rthyme2stand, you are hereby requested to go to FOIA, and come back with your "PROOF."

  6. Anna has all her links. Look them up

  7. We The People back Anna up.


  9. cause and effect, effect and cause, time delay, judgement is know.

  10. Thank you for the notification as it is procedure in being lawfully intelligent.

  11. Regarding "hopium"

    Bad Hope = where you fail to prepare because you have 1% of hope all may be well, ho hum, relax.

    Good Hope = where you have become so desperate under conditions so unendurable you have 1% of hope you may escape one day. No you wont.

    Pandora's box - the last evil out was "hope." now we know why?

  12. as Emeril says on the food show "kick it up a notch!"


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