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Thursday, December 8, 2022

International Public Notice: Reports of Friendly Fire

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal Corporation dba "the White House Office, Inc."  reportedly set up a trap this week and killed U.S. Troops on our soil.  The remaining U.S. Troops reportedly killed the Municipal personnel staging a small-scale ambush in Colorado. 

I hope Joe Befuddled is really proud of himself and his ongoing attempts to pass off the Municipal United States as the original Union of States which did business as  "the United States"  from 1776 to 1851--- when it restyled its name to its current form: The United States.

Heck, given Joe's state of mind, he might not even know the difference.  

The Municipal Government in particular has no authority to have armed personnel --any armed personnel -- on our soil.  That includes all  hired AGENCY Personnel --- BATF, FBI, IRS, and so on, who would be manipulated and used as undeclared foreign mercenaries.  

All such mercenary soldiery and private security forces were allowed only under the Pinkerton Act by a Congress lacking authority to grant access to our land and soil.  Any activity on our land and soil continuing an illegal mercenary conflict is strictly forbidden, which includes any entrapment schemes, threats, or live fire exercises directed against our service personnel. 

Both the "Municipal Government" and the "Territorial Government"  are foreign corporations and we are sick of their antics and thefts and abuses of our trust --- and that includes misinforming and misdirecting the young men and women who have accepted mercenary service without full disclosure.

A number of them just lost their lives for no good reason as a result of the treasonous meddling of politicians who are "Presidents" of foreign commercial corporations--- not  The President of The United States and not The President of The United States of America, either.  

The actual States are in Session.  The actual American People are present and accounted for. 

All this nonsense has to stop and the subcontractors must come to heel, or we will annex the Municipality of Washington, DC, NYC and the UN holdings back into the States from whence these so-called independent international city-states were extracted without permission from the actual States and People, who are the only Parties having authority to make land grants within the boundaries of any State of the Union. 

This action will sever the seat of government granted to Washington, DC, and we will do it for cause, specifically for failure to honor the limitations and obligations of their treaties, trusts, and commercial service contracts --- unless the Popes, the Brits, their Chinese Puppets, and Joe Biden get back in their lane and stay there. 

They are all here to do a job, to provide essential government services.  The duties of the Municipal Government do not include any armed personnel functions.  The principal function of the Municipal Government is to provide Postal Service, and to maintain a safe and neutral meeting place within the boundaries of Washington, DC. 

They have been abusing the trust granted to our Congress by allowing their Congress to run as a substitute for our lawful Government's Congress and have abused a plenary oligarchy provided for other purposes to usurp our authority and steal  our assets under color of law. 

The British Territorial and United States Service Personnel of the American Armed Forces have a distinct mission to protect our land and soil and our people from all enemies both foreign and domestic. As a result, they are welcome on our land and soil so long as they are pursuing their duty in good faith.  

We specifically request and require them to point our guns and nuclear arsenal toward targets in Rome, the Inner City of London, Paris Underground, Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, and the UN Headquarters in New York.  We realize that China is being used as a sock-puppet and now know, for sure, where the actual evil resides. This time, if they want a war for profit, we are going to take out the cause of the war where it lives instead of letting these evil men use poverty-stricken mercenaries to do their dirty work.  

We also request and require the immediate arrest of the Lords of the Admiralty. 

Maybe the Perpetrators can build themselves an artificial island out beyond our continental waters and tell someone else their lies, but we will no longer bear their obfuscations, substitutions, lies, omissions, usurpations, bad faith, breach of trust and violation of their service contracts.  

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                  The United States of America

                   Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                   The United States of America


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    Is that an admission that the info/news on this website is legitimate?

    1. That’s what I want to know I can’t find nothing on anything

    2. Anonymous, Dec.8,
      @8:38 am....
      All l could get was errors, & page not found, etc. for over 40 mins but eventually it opened up. l thought it was taken down or censored but was finally able to read it. Well, l guess stalling it is a form of censoring.
      lMO, the story appears to be real.

  2. Hmmm

    1. thank you, i truly needed to watch and i did repeatedly.
      thank you

  3. Dave Slater of Pennsylvania: Anna very disturbing! Who were the shooters? And how many. As well as how many US Troops perished? I this The listed helicopter crash in Colorado cover up?

    1. Marines reportedly intercepted an illegal arms shipment guarded by Army South of Colorado Springs on 25. Bits and pieces showing up on alt news. No confirmations yet.

  4. Am British,also of Scottish and Irish maori blood.
    I believe and back all that is written by Anna Von Reitz.
    How as English born man,can I help
    I want help take down this deep corruption.
    I want to see this Vatican) Rocafella) Rothschild punished,and charged with murder and genocide
    I believe that these head parasites)
    How can I become a man that helps
    I feel I have be part of there demise

    1. suggestion: Fact-Check.

    2. There is no such thing as "fact check". You could say- keep listening, look for supporting information, due diligence. "Fact check" equates to "blindly believe communist democrat propaganda".

    3. it does not, it means check to see if whats written is fact.

  5. why is Paul and Anna hell bent on misleading We The People?
    the stylization of the several states is : state not State
    you think she'd know that
    also that bullshit Naturalization Act 1 pager she had everyone sign is BS
    as our status and color of authority is shown by the Seal of The People in our country = ex.: Maine state
    Also she never did answer us about that Indemity Bond that she claimed us all under the Holy See
    which apparently is Roman Curiea and Vatican.
    What is she up to?
    I am amending my court of record and voiding out that expatriation BS and her Indemity Bond Bullshit
    She and her buddy David Straight are agents...
    It's more than obvious

    1. man: cliff (sicasevilis)December 8, 2022 at 7:52 PM

      question: have you "corrected your status" via american state nationals? making your expatriation status to become "american state national"?
      any information you can share is needed will be appreciated.

    2. no man can expatriate (another) man; only (the) man can expatriate.

    3. truly, what man comes back to the place he stands and never left?

    4. woman:janmarie,
      please be clear?

    5. woman:janmarie,
      it is my understanding that the process of the american state national is requesting the corporationof slavery to classify as a non-slave... but why ask you owner for permission to be free? also this process can be a criminal act as well as the department of homeland security, and all other law enforcement orgs and corps have deemed all "american state nationals" sovreign, freemen, natural men, and any groups alike as a threat to others(terrorist and hate groups) with a tendenvy for violence against police.

    6. the tally is 10million+ victims of anna and her belcher

    7. a1245pm
      youre the only one who can separate (you) from your fathers: "patri/pater".

      if youre standing on a piece of ground and dont leave it, you cant come back because youre already there.

    8. a1253pm,
      yes, to me its believing you have to get permission from another man (who says you owe your allegiance to him) to live under God freely, unmolested, and in peace instead.
      i believe the word crime is a Commerce Term, so anything can be made into a "crime", including political points of view or statuses.... that doesnt mean its *wrong*, it just means the Commercial Entities dont like it.

  6. Re: military clash/ambush in CO, check with RRN (Real Raw News) for more details. If what RRN publishes was untrue, MB would be in GITMO. He's spot on and can be trusted.

  7. President Trump needs to activate the 16 million Veterans. Tell them the truth. Pay them there back pay.
    It would end very quickly.
    The longer President Trump waits the more will die.

    Semper Fidelis

  8. Are there any documents to prove what you are saying? All other sites I have that make ANY claims always back up what they are saying with proof? You never do. Why?

  9. Whitehouse Inc, you must remove, when pope set up and canceled all corporations better remove that corporations off america like pope Francis made the law, 2013, if state don't used the distraint notice, mean you rich, let state of states take from America the Republic in sessions with what, my employee come first as law state, hope state follow, be nice that state they sovereign and rich.


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