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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Just LOOK at What They Have Actually Done

 By Anna Von Reitz

Look at what they have actually done: 

A Uniformed Officer (Medical Doctor) who doesn't even know that he has been conscripted by applying for a license with these Goons, coerces the unwitting Mother of the victim to create an equally unconscious contract and clearinghouse certificate known as a Long Form Birth Certificate and issues it in the name of a British Territorial "Person" who just happens to be named after you.   This attests that the clueless Doctor operating unknowingly and without disclosure as a British Territorial Officer, has picked up a baby on the "battlefield" and the Mother has "admitted" that the baby is a "United States Citizen" ---- of some kind. So, it's presumed that little baby Joe is a British Territorial Subject and Ward of the State, an abandoned pauper of unknown provenance, a bastard produced by an unwed Mother, most likely.  

Because a Medical Doctor outranks any Attorney in their system, the Attorneys act upon the "Orders" of the Doctors who are cashiering all these babies and misidentifying them as British Territorial (Commonwealth) U.S. Citizens.  

The American baby and their Good Name is "seized upon" and transported to the British Territorial Admiralty Jurisdiction and a Clearinghouse Certificate is issued showing the transfer --- baby is born on the land and soil of the State, transferred to the sea jurisdiction of the State of State, misidentified as a British Territorial "Person" who is a Subject of the British Monarch "adrift on the High Seas" and "salvaged" by an Officer of HRM's Crown Corporation doing business as "the" State of New York --- for example. 

This False Identity and Impersonation allows the Rats to copyright your Given Name and "own" it --- which in effect allows them to "own" you by assumption and association ---  and provides the basis to claim that you are a British Subject.  Your Name is now that of a British Subject and as such, you become subject to the British Parliament's Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.  

After seven years on this planet and with nobody the wiser, the banks that hold debts against every British Territorial Person, report you "missing" and "presumed lost at sea" --- so they create a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust in your name constructed as a foreign MUNICIPAL CORPORATION: ALEXANDER LAMONT WEBER, for example.  This is a Public Trust ACCOUNT established in Maritime Jurisdiction that accepts "hypothecated" debts addressed  in "the name of" your ESTATE.  Another clearinghouse certificate is created -- the Short Form BC --- showing the transfer of the British Territorial Person to Municipal Jurisdiction and from then on, this is the only Birth Certificate you will receive when you request one. This is again, another False Identity and IMPERSONATION. 

You the living man are now buried under two layers of thick legal balderdash and your identity has been shanghaied into two foreign jurisdictions --- British Admiralty and Municipal Maritime

All of this is virulent capital crime prohibited under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions ---  and the only way they are getting away with it is that (1) nobody knows about it and (2)  it was done one-by-one as a "private contract", so has to be corrected one-by-one as a refusal of contract, first at the Municipal level and second, at the British Territorial level, before you land safely back home again.  

From your perspective, of course, you never left.   Also from your perspective, the "Birth Certificate" is a "Death Certificate" as it represents the loss of your actual identity and political status and the trafficking of your infant self into a totally foreign jurisdiction where you are obligated to perform as a British Territorial Citizen and Subject of the British Monarch.  The second "Birth Certificate" is even more deadly, as the resulting ESTATE and associated DERIVATIVES and ACCOUNTS are dead ---literally --- and cannot be "redeemed" to use the Churchy phrase, until the presumed-to-be British Territorial Person shows up to claim the ESTATE.  The ESTATE and DERIVATIVES of it are all obligated to perform under Municipal Law.  

It's a deliberately constructed maze of fraud upon fraud against the American States and People and against their private property and public assets by the British Crown, the British Monarch, and the Holy See, all acting in collusion together in violation of their Treaties and Trust Obligations and Commercial Service Contracts --- that is, our Constitutions which they are seeking to evade with all this crapola, and despite all their famous obligations and sworn allegiance to defend these venerable public contracts. 

Despite their claims of "individual private right to contract" there is no reason that any sane American would adopt the political status (and debts) of a British Territorial Person/Officer, if given full disclosure of the deal, and there is even less reason for any sentient being to leave their birthright estate adrift as an unclaimed Municipal ESTATE property, liable to pay any bill addressed to it.  

And despite their claims that this was all couched in a situation of "wartime" there is no evidence that any war whatsoever occurred here since The War of 1812.  The next "war" that occurred, the misnamed American Civil War, was an illegal Mercenary Conflict from beginning to end, and all the other euphemistic "wars" on poverty, drugs, and whatever-else and ever since, have been of the same ilk - all without standing as properly declared wars, with no possible claim of military conquest. 

They've gotten away with this same set up from Boston to Bangkok.  Whatever else, the British Monarchy and the Vatican  and the British Crown Corporation are fully recognizable as welchers, thieves, con men, violent racketeers, and as institutions are not worthy of trust, respect, or honor --- which is, no doubt, why they have been at such pains to foist the blame for all this off onto their victims, the living people of this world, who have been defrauded and deprived of their guarantees and contractually-owed services as a result of these crimes of impersonation, non-disclosure, and deceit.  

Once you have a good nose-full of this, why would anyone ever want to do business with any of these yahoos ever again?  No matter where they hide or which nation (China) or institution (the UN)  that they try to hide behind?  Here they are, dishing out "economic sanctions" against Russia, when they are the ones that deserve to be isolated and left without the capability of conducting business with honest nations and decent men.  

Ask yourselves --- if they'd do this to their purported good buddies and Allies, the Americans, what would they do to everyone else?   The answer is a foregone conclusion.  Their greed, avarice, and deceitfulness has no apparent bounds. 


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  1. man cannot agree to what man does not know = no agree-ment exists.
    "fraud" renders all: null.

    1. Absolutely true, and that is what Anna has been saying all along - It is not real and has no standing, except it is a lot worse as she has stated. There is also criminal intent to deceive in secret, leading to assumptions that entrap you without your knowledge. There are only two caveats: (a) if you say and do nothing even though in ignorance, you default to the claimed status attached to this; and (b) if upon finding out you still do nothing, then you endorse the implied agreement to the false claims - you give it real teeth and you condemn yourself. It is not enough to say "no agreement" exists at the inception, as your lack of action to counter the presumption stands as an acceptance. You effectively then enslave yourself at this point. It is true fraud vitiates everything, but this is a process, and if you do not counter the clam with a tangible process, then you accede to their claims. So in essence it is you yourself which supply's the agreement they so sorely seek, by being ignorant of the manner in which to proceed against it. It requires a PROCESS to counter this matter, so we should stop blabbing our mouths off, and get into action to counter the claim. The status of "no agreement" at inception does not protect you from anything, but one's acquiescence to do nothing does convict you, and this is an act you yourself commit against yourself, and at this point only you are to blame. You call out "your honor they make a false claim", to which the judge says, "good give the proof". So where's your proof - it must be filed on the record people! as without it only your acquiescence stands as visible for all to see and witness.

      Fraud vitiates everything, yes - but do you now perceive that vitiating a thing demands an explicit process, that must stand on the public record, so that there is no confusion on the matter. So I say without your explicit process actions to vitiate the claim, then you stand convicted, and only you are to blame for your ongoing condition. Screaming at Anna is not the process that gets you out of trouble, and know this - nobody can do this process besides you yourself; and in doing it, make sure you do not inadvertently agree to something you should not. One wastes one's time at one's own peril. God cannot help you if you refuse to move forward in knowledge, or refuse to learn. Sadly that is most people out there.

  2. Anna, was the Papal Bull of Innocent III signed in 1213 with King John I, where the latter signed over the kingdoms of England and Ireland and all lands thereafter for 1,000 florins, (£666) per year to the Holy See, ever annulled?
    I’m told Henry VIII’s break with Rome effectively annulled this contract. However, I thought that a contract could only be annulled with agreement of both parties. What say ye as a legal eagle please?

  3. As I read this and sit back in my chair, I am a get to the source kind of person molded by machine operator and a programmer’s experiences. THINGS do not work unless we make them work.

    As I, in thought, look around, I am living in a personal proverbial cave. The cave is naïveté. So few even want to know more than the job they give all to each day clueless it’s not a race to the end. Our job number one is our lives. Real life. They’re stuck, seriously, and nothing, I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, will break that log jam but serious personal pain. That’s a lot of personal pain to change the sea of denial. To pick up the broken pieces and realize that “when all of the kings horses and all the kings men, don’t know their asses from a pathogen. This isn’t a warning, this is war!” A war with what? Ourselves? We allowed this to happen! “A Republic ma’am, if you can keep it.” Who raised the future of yesterday into today while men hunted and gathered? Trust?

    In the past, I have likened it to America a balloon filled with helium freely floating about. The balloon is poked (1871or thereabouts) and one by one US Citizens are created and expelled through the escaping winds of the mass naïveté, the proverbial byproduct of the alchemy? The winds are strong even for those still clinging to the balloon’s tare. As the balloon deflates, so does its ability to float freely and becomes hap hazard and it grows more and more difficult to re-enter and/or re-inflate America.

    The balloon is almost completely deflated. Man and his rib are wandering in circles again stepping over the flat balloon each rotation, absolutely clueless in “The Information Age.”

    1. good. pop that damm thing and drag it down. were not supposed to be up in the air. our feet are supposed to be walking on the earth God gave us dominion over!

    2. Exactly! Inside the (odd shaped) balloon, land between the firmaments.

  4. Most BCs I've seen are upper and lower case.

    1. there is more than one.
      it seems like the ones you get from the "Count-ee" are in ALLCAPS.
      then the one from the Corporate Division of the the SECRETARY OF STATE INC, is caps and lower.
      there may be more.

    2. They have the mothers maiden name on the certificate not her married name

      And what do they do with the children when only the mother is the one responsible and there is no father SIRENAME attached to the child?
      No father ever involved with my daughter and I gave her my surname not that of the father - no father listed on the certificate at all

      Social Security lied to my daughter - told her that the father came in and paid to have his name removed from her certificate
      BULLSHIT - his name was never on it

      Everything links to the SIRENAME, sur name

      The surname is what they think they hold copyright to

      The birth certificate is their creation anyways it is not yours

      Regardless the entire foundation is BULLSHIT

      They don't call it the Babylonian System (BULL SHIT) for nothin ya know

      They need you to claim it to attach you to it

      Ever wonder why the chosen ones trace their so called lineages through their mothers and not their fathers?

      And the name(mane) game shit is getting pretty worn out as it would appear that many a thinking entities just don't believe their BULLSHIT

      Sung by the band known as AMERICA
      I've been through the desert on a horse no name
      it felt good to be out of the rain (reign)
      In the desert you can remember your name
      'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
      La, la, la lala la la la, la, la
      La, la, la lala la la la, la, la

    3. And anyone who thinks the internet has all the answers that's just plain bullshit too
      Very profound what she displays

      And you have to ask yourself why would this blogger be shut down and not others
      He did a piece about how the inTRAnet was being cast over America and the goonies will have their own and the masses will only see what is approved
      Think about that

    4. 4:38 name of the beast, SIRENAME ie surname

      Also where the world boot bank is located and the world wide web which is CERN
      A hadron collidor or the real nemesis, the internet, hidden in plain sight

      'Anna'gram geneva - AVENGE
      Popular series named the AVENGERS
      Notice the line it is the 6th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
      and of course Disney is there too

      Lake tahoe
      Mountain resort look at what is situated around it
      One of the 3 stars of orion the hunters belt
      Thats why they keep using the name 'hunter' biden all the friggin time

      He has a better article with pictures of tahoe but I cannot find it at the moment


      They need your co-operation to MANIFEST THEIR DESTINY
      And what you are being sold as your freedom is a damn lie

      The sales pitch of all sails pitches, climb on board her ship

      And I've read that the Roamin empire was not roman at all but German

      at 43:31 check out the SPELLINGs on that page
      Does one of the beginnings of the spellings look like the name of anyone you might recognize
      And at 46 minutes in listen to him explain the 'von' and what it equates to

      We were never supposed to figure any of this out

      Tag, you're IT
      Have you been tagged now (NWO) that you've stepped forward
      Hmm didn't you get a new ID as in Individual Living Being your ILB assigned to you when all the verification background check processes through the coordinators was completed?

      See how that works - you're being played people

      And if you've read my other comments
      The movie, Mitchell's versus Machines, the company and application that takes over the internet and shuts down the wifi and moves the end users to octogon cubicals and connects them all together in silicon valley in the shape of a honeycomb like those made by bees is named PALS anagram it you get ALPS

    5. Hmmm an ILB is it
      Is it the BIL

      They like their word magic
      Read the transcript and look at all the UNIDROIT stuff on the right side
      Set up in 1926 as an auxiliary organ of the League of Nations, the Institute was, following the demise of the League, re-established in 1940 on the basis of a multilateral agreement, the UNIDROIT Statute.

      Now ask yourself why all the shit articles and no meat and potatoes when it comes to what the fuck is really going on here


      From the following

      Roman Cult BAR Members • The Roman Cult’s BAR member will represent you whether you like it or not, and if you do NOT object, the Clerk masquerading as a Judge will accept it as true - See the D.I.Y. Kangaroo Courts 5 – Testifying by the Liars

      • See the D.I.Y. Kangaroo Courts 1 & 2 that describe how when a Judge is dealing with a statute he is a bought and paid for Clerk masquerading as a Judge

      Greenland, where the roman cult hides out, swissy land, their banking ARM and HAMMER

      Only one I have ever heard talk about Aldobrandini is Santos Bonacci

      The books they revealed at the end of every Perry MASON shew
      Corpus Juris Secundum

      Santa's Elves - Satans Elves in the underworld

    6. Prince Harry and MM and their archewell FOUNDATION

      Page 1194

      Archae were established in all towns with sizeable Jewish populations. The registries consisted of Chirograph Chests and four Chirographers—two Christians and two Jews—and their clerks.133
      The Chirograph procedures were strongly reminiscent of traditional Jewish practice.134
      All bonds were to be formalized in the presence of the official witnesses, and immediately duplicated.135

    7. Interesting note the name BUNDY
      One year later, Cok Hagin appeared as co-surety to receive custody of Joce Bundy, a Jew who was charged with lending "money to Christians by blank tallies,154—leaving blank the amount due until after the debtor had signed.155
      Additionally, Bundy was charged with having lived, for some time, in Rayleigh without the King's license. For this offense all Bundy's goods and chattels were forfeit to the Crown. When Bundy failed to appear for his appointed court date, the court found Cok Hagin and his co-surety "in mercy."156

      Read it
      The First Reich, the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”

      Interesting reads

    8. And the pop eye is writing these Chirographs in modern times

      And golly gee gomer it pertains to healthcare, how bout that
      JIT, just in time for a glow ball health crisass

      And of course it must be SUSTAINABLE else would not go along with their so called 17 made up sustainable development goals/objectives

      Gee I wonder if there are 5 copies of birth certificate/bonds
      The name is James, James BOND

      Never witnessed so much sick wicked shit EVER

  5. The mud soaked glasses of an enigmatic system reveal nothing EVER! Running into walls continuously and endlessly describing said wall without remedy in fellowship is redundantly schizophrenic.

    Does anyone know what happens if Americans refuse to “Register” -To prepare for sale to the PUBLIC our children and refuse the medical tyranny at birth other than at home and written in a man written/creator bible? If so, parents, we have a responsibility to educate our own children, not PUBLIC homeschooling either rather, how do we teach them ourselves free from outside influence yet not create naïveté in children of a future world? We will never change the wave without changing the tide.

    1. wow. my respect to you!
      great comment. i am so with you on these things. great great comment. fantastic.
      this is our answer.

    2. Actually the wave was changed in 1903

  6. Ralph Edwards, a homesteader who live 40 miles away from any roads had 3 children who lived at home. The children went out to visit the world when older and two returned happier living away from the world. Home schooled, they were discovered by tests the world provided during their world visit to have equivalent of Phd level education. Its fear and speculation of what might be that drives people to send children to the public training facilties unkowingly forcing children to hobble their minds and impede natural interest in learning

    1. so true when family takes responsibility under duty to creator to nuture gifts creator gave each son and daughter... they thrive.

    2. @Ralph Edwards
      Much praise and respect for your pioneering effort to preserve family. You have built a life with a foundation of rock nestled among littered beaches of fluid sand. 🙏🏻

    3. Ask ourselves, if we were to ask a rich person what was the one thing that got them to that point no one would say school.

  7. suggestion: see: anonymous 12/9/22 7:06 am comment for ideas.

  8. $31 Billion to protect against weather warfare that the very perps bilking the masses for are deliberately causing
    Kaching like when they steered Katrina and Harvey in to this area and then did their land grab

    Exxon Mobile and the new gulf complete with their Saudi buddies

    What they dumped on the gulf oil spill,-Monsanto,-S510,-Xe,-BP-oil-spill,-chemtrails-and-vaccines-have-in-common-V2!-ijOEmtZyWTg-480p-1624602732716:a

    These criminals are beyond anything remotely close to being sane

    1. USAF spraying Wyoming

      Yesterday all over North Texas the entire sky looked like a checker board I kid you not
      They have already put out weather alerts that within the week there will be extremely violent weather North Dallas and all parts East and North East - hitting the new madrid zone

    2. Yesterday the sky above me yesterday or day before was 10 times worse
      Rained all day yesterday complete white out of sky from the spraying for 2 days now

      Tell me all of you, how you think your paperwork is gonna work out for ya?
      Maybe they have the remedy to illiminate (illuminate) the now sick and dying from all this shit they spraying and will only be available for a limited time what ya think a good campaign and advertising cure to what ails you and it only cost $999 flip the nines you get it right

      You must act now as supplies are limited
      Due to the deliberate supply chain break downs supplies will only be available for a limited time so you must call or go online NOW to ensure you have the cure

      There is a product being sold now called ANGLE VIEW MIRROR
      It's a big MIRROR so you can see all around you while in your car
      Supplies are limited due to pesky logistics operations which ran smooth as shit before 2019 but now they just dumb corporations that can't seem to get things operating so well
      FedEx carries payloads like this too and they have 685 aircraft in their fleet last I knew

      By all means have everything shipped order on line the dumb fuck logistics corporations can kill two birds with one stone, more bang for their buck
      Deliver shit and drop a toxic payload along the way
      It's a win win

      Chaching for aluminum resistant seeds and billy goates new farming mecca as they wipe out farmers all over the place or send storms their way, placing their bets on the Chicago Climate Stock Exchange on which town 'land grab' they will acquire/flatten next
      The ROUND UP of the OVERSTOCK to cull home as the map for the HUNGER GAMES is set to commence
      Thats the new game
      It is no longer MONOPOLY it is now

      Life Immitating Art/movie broadcasting to the dumb ass herd that this is what the plan is but hell we thought it was a movie of fiction
      'Fiction' ya know like the fiction that is your birth certificate and all these other things that are 'legal' 'fiction' but remain supreme unless you step up to the plate

      Plate, hmmm like in freemasonic baseball plate
      1:45:20 in, the baseball field, hidden in plain sight

      Not to be CONfused with an earthquake plate

    3. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next episode of
      and maybe some old
      GUIDING LIGHT episodes
      I suggest you give what he writes a read

      These fucks are literally beyond psychopathic

    4. Be sure and check out their new film BABYLON

  9. And by the way they are genociding haiti not preparing to invade
    They've been there since the earthquake they caused crippled the haitian people now it's just cut off water and wala 'dosease' outbreaks maybe some red cross small pox blankets and hell no telling how much collateral damage can be achieved

    What in the hell do you think they are doing to the dams and streams and rivers here you fools
    Here's some prep work they did in Canada

  10. And by golly gee the use of real time end user feedback through BIG DATA with SEIMENS
    Horizon 2020
    Check out slide number 5
    SMART Objects -shoes
    SMART Appliances
    SMART City Services like Healthcare, Tranceportation and e-government
    Slide number 6
    Can we EXPLOIT feedback from end user and big data

    Hmm I wonder if it could at all be related and relevent to EVENT 201

    They're SMART Cities now (NWO) and not labeled reservations

    They'll use climate change/weather warfare to cull and corral (ROUNDUP) the herd in to smart cities

    This shit is so in your face you would have to be blind not to see what the hell these psychopaths are doing

    And claiming a fucking fraud of a birth certificate hoping your pot of gold is waiting for you at the end of the rainbow while Anna writes nonsense every day to keep you busy and not finding the real gems to report on is her JOB

  11. Shelby you write a lot. Start your own blog and give us space.