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Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Role of Gold -- And the Central Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

We hold eighteen Irrevocable Powers of Attorney over all the gold used to underwrite  the Central Banks worldwide. 

Let that sink in.  

Julius Shiva is the direct owner of most of this gold and the chosen agent of other gold owners who trust him to do what is right. I am his Fiduciary because he is an American and I am the Fiduciary for The United States of America

Gold underwrites all these banks and without it, they cannot operate, because they have no basis to issue credit and then profit from the usury they charge on the credit. 

Because the owner of the gold also owns all the credit generated by the gold, minus some fees for storage of the gold, some taxes, etc., the banks only have an interest in their service fees and profits from interest charged on the loan of the owner's credit.  

The Central Banks are constrained to operate lawfully by The Department of Federal Treasury which operates through the Bank of International Settlements.  They oversee 64 banks.  There are seven Trustees. They issue gold certificates to the Central Banks and maintain the records between these gold certificates and the bullion banks where the gold is actually stored. 

These banks contract with the private owners of all this gold to use it as collateral underwriting their banks.  This is why these gold "reserves" are called "global collateral accounts".  

Their contract ran out in 2005 and they have been refusing to negotiate a new contract for the use of all this gold ever since.  Instead, they have come up with a fanciful story claiming that all this gold is "abandoned property" and that the banks have the right to distribute it as they see fit. 

We have all the records, all the receipts, and all the Powers of Attorney. 

So they have been running around trying to find ways to excuse their criminal behavior and trying to break into the accounts overseen by the Bank of International Settlements and they have been abusing funds that were entrusted to the World Bank to do all this mischief. 

Anthony Santiago Martin became the heir to a very large gold fund when he was just a baby. The World Bank was entrusted to administer these funds until he reached the age of majority. When he reached the age of majority, he decided that he did not want the responsibility and he assigned his assets to Julius as fully evidenced by his signatures, passports, declarations, assignments and the grant of his General Power of Attorney over the funds. 

At that point, the role of the World Bank should have ended, and control of the gold belonging to Anthony Santiago Martin should have been turned over to his Assign, Julius Shiva. 

Anyone who has listened to Karen Hudes has heard the tales spun by the World Bank about the "Global Collateral Accounts" and the "Global Debt Facility".  Now you know the rest of the story. 

The World Bank has failed its mission and been corrupted into its current state, either through ignorance or graft. We notice that the World Bank was also involved in the Pandemic Bonds scandal which appears to have been orchestrated in collusion with the Municipal World Health Organization (WHO).  The WHO declared a worldwide pandemic on the basis of 150 cases and the World Bank collected on Pandemic Bonds they sold, essentially as a "sure bet" to investors. 

With the WHO defining what a global pandemic is and the World Bank collecting on the bet, it was a sure bet for the bank and the UN CORPORATION worth a couple billion dollars. Nobody else. 

You may rightly ask what the world is coming to when institutions promoting "world health" and "world banking" are operating as rigged casinos instead. 

Suffice it to say that nothing has been on solid ground since 2005, nearly 18 years ago, and you can observe all the chaos and unrest and corruption and misinformation that has stemmed from the World Bank's control of Anthony Santiago Martin's gold accounts being used for unauthorized purposes and investments. 

Via Ms. Hudes' broadcasts you can also observe how leaders at the World Bank misinformed her and misinformed others about the ownership and assignment and proper ongoing administration of these accounts. 

What has been done with his money is not what Anthony Santiago Martin wanted done with it, and the same can be said of the gold that has been deposited from his and other private trusts ever since 1941.  

What was supposed to happen as of 1941 is that all government services and infrastructure were supposed to be paid for without taxation of any kind. 

The actual owners of these gold stores reasoned that taxation is a horrible, unnecessary, and very costly burden on humankind.  So they joined together to remove that "yoke" and set people and entire national economies free of it, but the Roman Pontiff and his Legions at the Vatican clung to their "Doctrine of Scarcity" and undermined the 1941 Initiative.  

They collaborated with the Allied Generals and Admirals to commandeer the funding and used it for rebuilding the damage from WWII and the owners of the gold went along with this as a necessity; then, after fifty years had passed and the rebuilding was done, the Perpetrators  asked for an extension until 2005, when the goals of the 1941 Initiative were to be realized. 

By 2005 the World Bank had illegally and immorally retained control of Anthony Santiago Martin's gold and was using that to create an alternative system that would continue to use coercive force to collect unnecessary "taxes" from people --- and keep people enslaved.  

It boils down to this: the Romans have traditionally made their fortunes by deceit and enslavement and coercive control, and they do not want to learn any other or different way to operate.  

It's up to the rest of us to teach them by example and by observation and by prosecution of their unlawful activities.  

Some members of the Roman Catholic Church are responsible for this mess, and others are blissfully unaware of it.  The same is true of the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Knights of Columbus, and other "Secret Societies" ----and other religious institutions as well.  There has always been a "Right hand path" and a "Left hand path" embedded in these organizations as a means to manipulate them.  This division of knowledge and functions has allowed the Romans to divide and conquer and undermine these institutions and organizations at will and from within. 

There are those who stand in allegiance with Life and those who ally themselves with Death. 
There are those who are honest and those who tell lies.  There are those who worship Mammon and those who worship the True Creator. 

The Commingling of the Bad with the Good is what allows this situation to continue. 

Choose this day where you stand.  

The Movement is on, worldwide, to discover and eradicate the evil threatening to overcome us. Let's all begin by recognizing the mismanagement of the World Bank and the theft of Anthony Santiago Martin's funds, and then, let's all sit down and rationally discuss a new contract for the deployment of the privately held gold resources that underwrite the banks of the world. 

Let's discuss the purpose and function of banking.  Let's look at what "wealth" really means. Let's examine the abuses of credit and the actual ownership interests.  

Life needs to win this argument.  Lawfulness, truth, and sanity must prevail.  The "yoke of enslavement" to Rome --- taxation in all its forms ---  must be broken and removed at last, and the Great Tribulation must end. 


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  1. Godspeed!!!💕💕💕
    Choose Life!
    Choose honesty!!
    Choose good!!!

  2. actually gold is just the present "Value" PlaceHolder.
    anything agreed upon could be used..... it used to be copper. and salt has been used too.

    1. the present "value" placeholder will be carbon and water. remove one item and you don't have the ability to produce money.

  3. Bank FOR International Settlements.

  4. Many folks now know the real history:

    1. Thank you! An amazing read! (I just emailed the author to tell him that.)
      (Quoted at:

  5. A sign on a hilltop memorial site on St Martin Islands explains an Admiral prohibited taxes and none are allowed there due to the fact taxes destroy economies.

  6. “That’s”INTERESTING:dear

  7. How could one man come to control or own all dat gold. Stolen gold stolen of old


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