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Friday, June 1, 2018

A World of Oxymorons

By Anna Von Reitz

The most prevalent oxymoron I run into is "sovereign citizen" which is an impossibility and contradiction because one cannot be both at the same time. One can act as a "citizen" or one can act as a "sovereign" but never the twain meet.

As egregious and common as the "sovereign citizen" oxymoron is, and as prevalent and as ignorant as its use is by government attorneys and press agents, I am finding an even worse example of insanity and internal contradiction rising to the surface of the vast sea of popular ignorance and misconception: "secular religion". 

Anyone, even a blind rat clutching a threadbare rope over a thousand foot chasm, should be able to recognize "secular religion" as an impossibility and contradiction.

It is, however, being applied with some fervor and success to the ridiculous practices and sophomoric norms of another oxymoron addition to popular culture--- "political correctness", and most recently to "racial sensitivity".  

As if anything "political" could ever be "correct"?   As if anything "secular" could be "religious"?  As if anyone or anything possessing "racial" characteristics could be "insensitive"? 

The Queen of The Chair of Estates and The King of "Persons"

By Anna Von Reitz

I have received several inquiries from Scottish and Irish and Canadian groups who are confused.  They thought that ---to at least some appreciable extent--- they have been cut free from the British yoke?   So they are checking their treaties --- especially their Treaties from Westminster --- and wondering WTH? 

First Fun Flying Factoid -- "Westminster" is a separate principality of the Inner City of London which is itself an independent international city state and part of the municipal government established by the Holy See. 

So a Treaty from Westminster is a separate deal with a different entity than you might suppose. 

You may recall certain annual ceremonies where the Queen knocks on the door of Westminster and is admitted by the Lord Mayor?  And then she walks behind him in procession, head bowed? 

Looks Like A Bank "Revision" June 8

By Anna Von Reitz

Just became aware of an interesting recorded message issued by HSBC warning its customers that they will be doing an "upgrade" on the weekend of June 8, admitting that the records reflected on accounts may be incorrect for a time period of up to five (5) days, and advising depositors to keep track of their balances and records (presumably) thereof.

Things should be back to normal as of June 11, if recorded messages are to be believed. 

This would be a good moment to remind your bank of your private entity status and to begin accessing your accounts and saving the balance inquiry stubs.

You know how glitchy computer records can be.  One bad circuit and--- poof!

So secure and keep your hard copies of your account balances, and it is probably a good idea to do so no matter which bank(s) you do business with.

We used to have "bank holidays".  Now we have "bank revisions". 

Let's hope that what they really means is a "bank re-vision" so that banks are no longer in the business of mischaracterizing and defrauding customers.

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Federation and Confederation

By Anna Von Reitz

We live in a world that functions via duality: positive and negative, male and female, light and dark, private and public. 

This does not imply that a starry night is evil or that a sunny day is good, even though they occupy opposite ends of the spectrum in our perception.

There has been considerable misunderstanding among White Hats and average folk concerning the Federation of States and the Confederation of States, and assumptions that people make about "Good" and "Bad" polarizing efforts that need to work in tandem. 

The Federation of States needs to be assembled first, so that certain of its powers can be delegated to the Confederation of States, which is needed to restore the Federal United States.  It's that simple.

The Police Trainer Who Teaches Cops to Kill | The New Yorker

Some people should NEVER be given a gun and a badge, and when the training is faulty from the start it creates a very high probability that someone is going to die as a result.

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