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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Queen of The Chair of Estates and The King of "Persons"

By Anna Von Reitz

I have received several inquiries from Scottish and Irish and Canadian groups who are confused.  They thought that ---to at least some appreciable extent--- they have been cut free from the British yoke?   So they are checking their treaties --- especially their Treaties from Westminster --- and wondering WTH? 

First Fun Flying Factoid -- "Westminster" is a separate principality of the Inner City of London which is itself an independent international city state and part of the municipal government established by the Holy See. 

So a Treaty from Westminster is a separate deal with a different entity than you might suppose. 

You may recall certain annual ceremonies where the Queen knocks on the door of Westminster and is admitted by the Lord Mayor?  And then she walks behind him in procession, head bowed? 
This is because she has entered the separate jurisdiction of Westminster, which does not, strictly speaking, exist on British soil.

In the case of Canada, and I have no reason to think it is substantially different for Scotland, Ireland, Wales or Australia, Westminster released the Canadians from subject status many years ago.  They entered into their national sovereignty --- meaning they gained control of the top six inches of dirt throughout the country known as a "soil jurisdiction".  The people were also released as living beings. 

All that is very well and good, but it does not release the land jurisdiction owed to the Canadians, which the Queen continues to claim and exercise via her office connected to The Chair of Estates. 

For the purpose of claiming and exercising her dominion over the land jurisdiction (deeper than 6 inches) she does not occupy her throne at all.  It is the underground portion that she retains and gloms onto --- the realm of the dead and of mineral resources.

This is why all the murders and child sacrifices and other dirty business always occurs underground.  This is why Princess Di was killed in a tunnel.  This is the "Royal Secret".  This is how Elizabeth could take The Coronation Oath with her living breath and promise to honor the Public Law and all the other good things that The Coronation Oath requires, and then, three days later, turn around and break it all. 

Three days after the Coronation, she stepped down from the actual Throne, occupied The Chair of Estates, and has remained there doing the dirty work and ruling over the dead realm ever since.

And so, while she is busy claiming the land and that means the physical land estates of the dead --- her consort, Prince Philip, is just as busy claiming the assets of all the various "Persons" --- also dead entities that belong to the realm of the dead.

Remember JOHN DOE --- "who" is a ward of the Public Charitable Trust run by the U.S. Attorney Generals' Office?  And therefore treated as an "incompetent" and a "ward of the state" and "legally and civilly dead"?  

He belongs as property to Prince Philip, and Prince Philip will tell you that, if you press him. 

Remember JOHN RAYMOND DOE? ---- "HE" is the ESTATE of "John Raymond Doe" --- an American presumed "lost, missing at Sea" --- after, that is, considerable self-interested falsification of both public and private records by Her Majesty's Territorial Employees.  HIS land assets are "presumed" to belong to the Queen, and all else that he might have is "presumed" to belong to Prince Philip. 

Remember JOHN R. DOE? --- this one is a Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchise, again, another "legal fiction entity" that is "dead" by definition, and also presumed to be a Territorial holding of Prince Philip. 

If you are all as fed up with this crappola as I am, write to:

The Ambassador
British Embassy

and to the:

Secretary General
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017

and to the:

President, Donald J. Trump
c/o The White House

And give them all a piece of your mind concerning your actual political status and your standing "in full life" and your opinion of all these mind-rapes and games that they have all been playing --- and taking seriously, too. 

It should not be necessary for you to demand the return of your "Life Force Value Annuities" --- to the extent that those "values" should never have been conceptually separated from you in the first place, but as things stand, we all have to call a halt to this nonsense.

And an end to the British Raj and the Bar Associations enforcing it all.

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  1. Thank you Anna for your time and considerable effort. You and your husband are much appreciated. This has been a hard awakening but I am diligently learning every day. I'm going to have to turn away from my children and move onto those who want to wake up. Seems the younger they are the less the mind is open.

    1. So , what have you learned? Please elaborate to teach others

    2. Annie....the younger generation isn't even in the work place yet and have no reason to investigate anything until they start working and getting married with tons of bills they don't understand...!! Then they will care...!! Just like all of us..!!

    3. trident ridge; why the snide question? If you are a regular follower of Anna’s and actually read her articles, you’d already know the answer to your question unless, of course, you haven’t been paying attention or, perhaps, you’re a troll trying to call into question the veracity of Anna’s articles and/or the extensive research she and her colleagues have done for the benefit of all mankind? I don’t understand people like you. You’re obviously trying to find fault with someone gracious enough to be thankful and say so! If you don’t appreciate the efforts of Anna and/or anyone who takes the time to give thanks; I suspect you have no friends, no close family and no hope! Are you as miserable as you sound? You hide your identity for a reason, no doubt.

    4. Annie, there should be no one more important to a mother, than her own children.

    5. Abby,
      Not picking on you. i know you see much of this the same.
      "Annie, there should be no one more important to a mother, than her own children."
      i am sure her children are very important to her and will always be.
      While turning away from my children sounds a bit extreme, perhaps she means letting them go on there own.
      This is also love. Children need to discover things on their own and make their way. Life experience is a great teacher.
      Also there should be someone more important to all of us.
      Study Bible
      The Cost of Discipleship
      25Large crowds were now traveling with Jesus, and He turned and said to them, 26“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters — yes, even his own life — he cannot be My disciple. 27And whoever does not carry his cross and follow Me cannot be My disciple.…
      Berean Study Bible · Download
      Cross References
      Matthew 10:37
      Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me;

      Luke 14:25
      Large crowds were now traveling with Jesus, and He turned and said to them,

      John 12:25
      Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

      Revelation 12:11
      They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they did not love their lives so as to shy away from death.

      Most people on many sites, seem only to consider their physical life.
      There is no faith, no trust, no respect, no fear. They think freedom is free, they think freedom means no consequences.

    6. Abby I feel thy love thank you!

    7. afollower, I understand you comment. But I was only referring to people in this world. I would never ever turn away from my own children, and give my attention to strangers; I think thats a good way to generate animosity from our children.

      IMO at age 18, they are absolutely not prepared to go out there and experience it on their own, or handle it on their own. They are too nieve and unaware of the evils of Man.
      I've seen and heard of far too many end up dead that way; murdered, and even disappeared.
      Our children will always be our children; we just hope we have taught them enough and had a relationship with them of mutual respect, sufficient enough that we can lengthen the leash, but we ought never to totally let them out of our sight.
      When my son finished school, I simply told God to WATCH OVER him for me so I could untie the apron strings from him, so to speak; so I could let him grow up normally. And God answered:
      Not long after that, spring came and he was out walking in the city park enjoying the air, sunny day, and he told me that suddenly he ''heard'' LOOK UP! LOOK UP! So he looked up and there was a low puffy cloud, and he saw distinctly, the eyes of Jesus looking straight down at him LOOKING OVER HIM !

      It was only THEN that I even told my son that was what I prayed; and that was the answer to my prayer. I will never forget it.

      As for 'hate your family members'.....IMO I believe that simply means to not put them as more important than God. Put God first, and family second. Scripture even says 'a man who does not take care of his own family, is worse than an infidel'. Why would God want us to suddenly turn and hate them?

      My own son is now well up in years, and he tells me that I was not too strict with him, it just means I cared what happened to him. And even in his early 20's he was very critical of parents who just handed them money and then turned them loose all day on saturday. He saw it as if they just wanted to be rid of them.
      Perhaps talking to kids sometimes will shed some real light on what they really think of 'being turned loose'.
      These days are the worst: there is just way too much danger to just let them go grow up by trial and error; those errors can ruin their lives, and ultimately will ruin yours too.

      IMO there has to be mutual respect and mutual consideration built throughout life, and if that is damaged beyond repair, you will all suffer the consequences. I just think God intended for us to have a loving family, just not put them ahead of God. And I don't see any 'expiration date' on when our own children stop being our children. Its just our relationship with them changes as they become adults.

      I can also say that as a young adult, even in my 30's and onward, I felt deserted because I had no parents I could ''go home'' to. Even now in my real older years, at times I feel like I'd just like to call my mom, but of course she has been long gone. Still, it would be far worse if she was still alive, and if we had a bitter relationship and she wouldn't even want to hear from me.

      Its really a very delicate situation that we ought to handle with great care, before we do irreparable damage. IMO.

    8. afollower, yes we do think the same things in many ways, ultimately.
      ''most people on other sites seem to only consider their physical life; they think freedom means no consequences''.

      Boy is that the truth. They seem to be clinging to this life in the physical here on this planet, and dont seem to realize this is very temporary. I sort of get the feeling they really don't want to face reality, and want to try to postpone the finality even after knowing how deep and dark this rabbit hole really is.
      I too have noticed how the majority do not want any consequences for sin, ungodliness, evil, or anything.

    9. afollower, when I said no one is more important to a Mother than her own children - - I was talking about ''in the people realm'...meaning we should put ''our own' first, and other people second, and only after we have fully tended to our own.

  2. In a previous email Anna told us to write to 3 places, The UN, The Hague and the British Embassy. I did that. I received a letter back from the UN. It was a form letter but it did acknowledge receipt of my letter. That I actually received anything in reply surprised me.
    Also Ben Fulford and Robert David Steele are saying that Trump is going to Japan to meet with the Princess after his meeting in Korea on June 12th. Seems like a lot is happening between June 8th and 12th....

  3. Where do I start to correct my political status. I am a victim of my own ignorance and have been icarcerated and my wife deported and I want my life back. I know there is fraud in this whole process and I am searching for the truth. Please point me in the right direction.

    1. Jim Walden Anna's website /Article #928 Basic Package of Editable Forms
      It's Anna's wishes, not to grab & go! Please help save America, not just yourself...

    2. Save america? Well why stop there?

    3. I have thought a lot about this 'save america' and I have to wonder just what kind of america would be saved. I look at what is being planned by the very nefarious dark hearted folks and so just what kind of america is developing.

      Do we want an AI country? world? Do we want transhumanism where 'they' will take it upon themselves to mess with our brains or change whatever does not suit ''them''? Do we really want a world where there will no longer be a shred of privacy left? Do we really think 'they' are finished with their manipulation of us, our very lives, our very nature, our individuality, our privacy? Do we?? And do we really want Agenda 21?
      So the question arises: just exactly what is it that you think you are working so hard to ''save''.

  4. Anna, James, plus the Living Law Firm. I can not thank you all enough, as We are in different locations. Soon We the People will Build a Freedom Bell. GOD Bless all that is not wicked.

  5. Annie, if you don't mind, I'd like to tell you a little story of a mother and her son, even though it is not really related to your own statement or situation. I just now recalled it, and its a very heartwarming reflection to me:
    I once went into a bakery in a shopping center to buy donuts. There was just one lady clerk there, and she just decided to strike up conversation with me, of something that must have been strong on her mind at that moment.
    So she began to tell me her son had set his wedding date which was a couple years earlier. But that just prior to the wedding her dad had died, and she wanted her son to postpone his wedding, but he refused to change everything.
    So she got mad at her son for that, and had stopped speaking to him for those past 2 years, so he joined the Navy and they moved away from Mom, and just left her alone then.
    So I asked her, what would her father have wanted her son to do; postpone or go ahead with his arrangements? Then I asked her if he was a bad son, did he cause her problems. She said oh no he was a really good son. So then you've had this falling out, just because he didn't do what you wanted him to do? Hmmm. And I just left it at that.
    A couple days later I stopped by her shop, and she was all excited, glad I stopped in, she wanted to show me a greeting card she had gotten and was debating about sending it to him. I told her he will be glad to get it; it was something like 'thinking of you, or missing you''. And I noticed she included his new wife, showing her acceptance of his marriage.
    He was stationed in Georgia, he must have gotten the card but her phone did not ring. Instead, she got up in the morning and looked outside; there was her son who drove all night to Ohio and was sitting in his car in her driveway, just waiting for her to get up. And that family has been mended ever since.

  6. They pile the charges on you panic cut a plea .it will take a less invasive system of common law once it starts it will snowball.ppl.are all ready bulkinizeing.white flight and live like Amish flip off the world unless they want to buy some organic vegetables or whole milk organic egges.

  7. What in your opinion is DOE, JOHN HENRY then. Is it a separate corporation? Who owns that?


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