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Friday, June 1, 2018

A World of Oxymorons

By Anna Von Reitz

The most prevalent oxymoron I run into is "sovereign citizen" which is an impossibility and contradiction because one cannot be both at the same time. One can act as a "citizen" or one can act as a "sovereign" but never the twain meet.

As egregious and common as the "sovereign citizen" oxymoron is, and as prevalent and as ignorant as its use is by government attorneys and press agents, I am finding an even worse example of insanity and internal contradiction rising to the surface of the vast sea of popular ignorance and misconception: "secular religion". 

Anyone, even a blind rat clutching a threadbare rope over a thousand foot chasm, should be able to recognize "secular religion" as an impossibility and contradiction.

It is, however, being applied with some fervor and success to the ridiculous practices and sophomoric norms of another oxymoron addition to popular culture--- "political correctness", and most recently to "racial sensitivity".  

As if anything "political" could ever be "correct"?   As if anything "secular" could be "religious"?  As if anyone or anything possessing "racial" characteristics could be "insensitive"? 

Half the time, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but at the very least, let us learn to recognize that we are being bombarded with BS from the doyens of the press and the politicians and whoever else is coming up with and using all this drivel to pollute our thinking and our language.

We must call them on it. 

Otherwise we will be believing in carnivorous sheep and honest banks and  talking about secular religions and sovereign citizens and political correctness with straight faces and a dumb, vacuous stare.  We could, if we continued on this track, end up among the vampires at a dinner party beyond the Beltway, simply because we allowed our own logic circuits to slip a cog.

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  1. Navel gazeing,watching grass cool, not.women are the most susceptible because so social.

  2. Please!!! I look the living soul in the eye at least before passing judgement.

    I have a vagina and do not fit into your parameters. Any living being deserves to be observed with open eyes. I don't have a great opinion of Men, but I work hard everyday not to judge one by the other. I really believed this was an adult platform. I graduated 10th grade in 1975.

    1. Are women more social than men ? Better belive it.

    2. Wired mentally diffirent forget biology far more left brain.better verbally men are more right brained better at abstract problems.sorry majority of women voted for the wrecking ball obummer.

    3. This is very funny, and sad. Here, is a soul that identifies the reality with a body, which is male and female, though preponderantly female. Such erroneous conclusions based on the past, memory and bounded by time can never experience anything new, wow. The Summa Theologica means 2 intersecting points where 2 halves become 1 at the summit/mountain top. The whole of creation is testimony that without sex division, no thing is made. Study the Zygote and learn the mystery of life and then know that those who do control those that do not.

    4. That reminds me of a beautiful old song........Ah, sweet mystery of last I found you......

      Actually I do not like to sit around and talk with people I don't know; I really wanted to be a singer, believe it or not. That way you can say a lot, but people think its just a song, lol.

  3. Annie, quit lying to yourself..!! We all judge people way before they open their mouth and start to talk...thats why I always tell people that no matter how evil the courts and their officers, especially the judges, are you should always look well groomed and presentable, which for a man is limited to short groomed hair (if you have shaven and we'll dressed with a shirt and tie...!! At least make them think you may know something, instead of just walking off the street and waiting for your next "fix"...!! The court is all about psychology..!! Don't take it lightly...!! I guarantee you the judge has already decided what he's going to do to you by not showing the least respect for that forum...!! And don't walk in with the flag wrapped around you....!! People (patriots) do shit like that all the time..!!

    1. Last tie I worn was @ my daughter's grandfather's private funeral. I sat next to Joe Adams...the decease's 'manager'....You can see him protrayed by Harry Lennix in the Oscar winning "Ray".

    2. "We all judge people.... way before they talk etc..?
      So should we, Is this right?
      Anna speaks of remembrance, as does the Bible.
      Is the Messiah a respecter of persons, and should we be?
      Even after people talk we should not be so quick to judge.

    3. afollower, to begin with everyone is at the same starting point. That is the 'no respecter of persons'. But as time goes on even God splits people off; the good from evil; the believers from the unbelievers; the truth from a lie; the wheat from the tares. You know all this. We cannot try to keep everybody glued together; they make their own choices, and if they prefer the wrong road, then we say bye bye.
      What does Light have to do with darkness?

    4. I am fairly new to this website and was wondering what I should address myself instead of going by the corrupt system term of "sovereign citizen"?

  4. Always loved 'oxymorons' because it weighs so heavily upon the 'moron' portion......

    robert: carr

  5. I may have missed it somewhere along the line but are there contact people in each State? If so who might one contact in Massachusetts to learn more?

  6. In the Vatican there are secular cardinals. What does that mean to you ?

    1. blue, really? How did they get there, how were they chosen and based on what. First time I've ever heard this. (see we never stop learning, lol)

  7. They want them to use the term sovereign citizen because it makes them admit to being a "citizen". Sovereign or not a citizen is a citizen.

  8. One thing I've never understood, ever, is why some people have such a need to control somebody else. Maybe I am missing that 'gene' because I've never had the desire to control anyone.

    1. U never had a job where u were a boss Abby? Or watched for someone a wandering kid or grandkids Abby? That is a form of controlling someone.

      How about dreams...u never tried to control them &/or wake up in one while having an OBE?

      Soul is eternal. Divine Love sets Soul free from those controlling lower 'realities' desires for ultimate perfection ever being possible here.

    2. Yes, Ive been a boss, but that was a Director position, to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. That is not the same as 'a cunning secretive controlling of people' nefariously or with ulterior motives or 'self pleasing'.

      Ive never had a job involving children, but for those that do, or with their own children, it would be a huge mistake to be ''controlling'' with them. Instead,it should be a training /instructive/teaching role; a constructive mentoring along with a protective connotation and mixed together with encouragement.

      I do not do out of body experiences, I'm too 'busy' trying to get a good nights sleep in spite of my 2 whiplashes from stupid drivers, Lol.

    3. U must have missed St. Paul's OBE in 2nd Corinthian...It is ok to have them. It is what St. Paul meant about "Dying Daily" believe it or not.

      God lets Souls control others in 'nefarious(ly)' ways until Soul has enough. Then that is when God is there for Soul from my experiences in this life so far.

      Actually God is ALWAYS there for Soul. When Soul decides to wake up & takes responsibility for ALL of its actions is the key to true liberation, but that is another subject matter entirety.

    4. Leland, totally hilarious the way you twist and slant things.
      I hope your not toking any whacky weed.

    5. Standard troll language u just used Abby....Tacky, tacky...

    6. That is the type of language "control freaks' use Abby. Yet, u claim not have a control 'gene' in u....

    7. Leland, face it, you are talking smack and I know it; you got caught, thats all. If you want to spar, then go down to the boxing arena; I am NOT your pawn.

    8. Lol...'Smack"....troll language again. So is 'pawn'....

    9. 'Control freaks' like u Abby r in EVERY forum....And that is ok, too.

  9. I am fairly new to this website and was wondering what I should address myself instead of going by the corrupt system term of "sovereign citizen"?

  10. This Article is like putting an empty pacifier in a baby's mouth, trying to make it think it is getting milk.
    Instead, how about bringing us up to date with some profitable progress; Like, where are those 9 Trusts that Anna said she HAS. Or what is the response from the World Court? Or how about the u.s. Fiduciary Office; have they ever transferred everything over to you? Where does your Notice to the BAR attorneys stand? What is happening with your huge multi-gazillion $ lawsuit against the BAR Assn.?
    What kind of responses are all these criminals giving 'us' the People?
    Got lots of unfinished business thats important; lets stop with these meaningless distractions.

  11. I came across this definition...

    Sovereign immunity, or crown immunity, is a legal doctrine by which the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution. It is a principle of international law which exempts a sovereign state from the jurisdiction of foreign national courts.

  12. Nihil facit error nominis cum de corpore constat. An error in the name is nothing when there is certainty as to the person. 11 Co. 21.
    tom bearden, "excalibur briefing 2nd edition, explaining
    paranormal phenomena"
    page 138
    2. A Fundamental Correction to Classical Logic
    Let us now make a fundamental correction to Aristotle's three laws of logic.
    the four-law system is indeed closed, and the logician's
    dream of a closed metalogic is realized. Furthermore, anything which contradicts
    any combination of the first three laws automatically is covered by
    the fourth law,
    which is the law of the paradox.
    The new logic works as follows: either the first three laws apply (separation of
    A and not-A is permitted), or the fourth law applies (separation of A
    and not-A is
    not permitted). The fourth law applies only to — and in fact creates — a bound-
    ary. The first three laws apply only away from a boundary.
    in masonic/"communist"/"spinosoan" metaphysics (and apparently "overunity" physics too, but they would say they are actually following the "every action has an equal and opposite reaction", there is no "overunity", and the mainstream "physicists" are the ones practicing "overunity" and are the ones doing "perpetual motion machines" while accusing others of it)

    such "synthesized mergers" are "allowed", nay, "constantly occurring". call it "hegelian" if you want. substance versus form, spirit versus flesh. mind versus matter.

    (furthermore, some "philosophies" mind creates matter. we are living the "dream" the "creator" dreamed up. see rosicrucians/masons/etc.)

    i tend to find such things "satanic" and used to deceive, but there is something to them. i just dont consider them "moral" and just because physical "sex" works that way, i dont buy we must categorize the whole world (or the spirit world) and everyone and everything that way.

    it is useful sometimes, but i dont elevate it as "the one true truth" it is also inherently "eastern" and not "christian" ("i came with a sword").

    "satan" is always trying to "unite" everyone into his worldly kingdom. same old nimrod/babylon/tower of babel/etc.

    it is useful "philosophy" for "artistic" reasons, to "merge" or "divide" things, to get at what is real from things already "merged", they must be separated again.

    1. e.g. equity/law merchant/chancery have all merged into "law" and the only way to see what "law" is being used is to break them apart again.
      on ships the captain/husband (not a marriage term, could be a "female", "caretaker", same with "farms". see websters 1828) wrecks into a cliff and damages the ship and cargo (owned by others in transit).

      perhaps wounds/kills a few of the crew too

      who is at fault? well, captain is not necessarily "owner". crew might be on "contract" not his "Vassals".

      think delta air line pilot as opposed to "private plane". that seemed to be the "norm" (pirates excepted). delta might own the "Crew" too.

      hypothetical example.

      owner: that's the captains fault, he wrecked it!
      captain: the owner didnt inspect the ship, gave me a bad crew, didnt pay me enough!
      owner: i was 5000 miles away at the time!
      judge: whoever is getting the profits and acting like the owner should get the liabilities too.

      irrespective of who is "registered owner" "recorded owner" who has "certificate of title" etc.
      "a treatise on the law relative to merchant ships" treatiseonlawrel00abbo.pdf

      also lists 5 types of "american" vessels, and recording/registration had to do with "citizenship", where the vessel was built/etc. many similar to motor vehicles.

      black paint white letters, the name of the ship and the "port" it was "home" to. drivers license/certificate of title/vehicle registration.

      a ship had to be "bonded" $200-$2000 sounds quite good, one lump sum. how nice that would be for "lifetime insurance"

      also |S versus ||S (two slashes). dollar sign. did this ever mean anything?

      "Secular religion" IS allowed TO THEM. see mitt romney. "living prophet" because "truth" is relative.

      in the end it is a lie and "satanic" but it means something TO THEM.

      strictly a sovereign can define "citizen" however they want. not a good idea for comity

      the real question is "citizen of what?" my body, soul, mind, air, earth, doubt, wal-mart, unincorporated body politic "people of xyz state", commercial "state of x inc." ?

      "citizen of the world" is another problem. formal "i like to travel, dont like nativism" or literal "World government".

      "god of this world" is "satan" of course.

      websters 1828 shows you "american english" is a conglomeration of all the "immigrant" languages who came here.

      same exact words might mean different things in "british english" than "american english". has a copy.

      "husband" is a lost cause. popular usage takes over the true meaning. happens all the time.

      if the "masons" got one thing right, truth is almost always buried/fleeting/lost and has to be "rediscovered".

      there is nothing new under the sun, but many old things we dont know yet -- ambrose bierce.

      "citizen of what type of law"?

      citizen of a common law state/county/etc. is very different than "citizen of roman civil law"

      a "law merchant" foreigner who travels and uses his own IOU notes is very different than "merchant at (common) law on the cash (specie) basis" who is a "native" at might also travel, but uses the "native" money and not the "law merchant"/UCC/etc.

      a biblical "merchant" precedes when they went "commercial".

      so, that is another word with the same problem. you have to ferret out their "citizenship", which types of money and "law" they use, to see which type of "merchant" they are.

    2. the trick with "secular religion" and "people who want to merge everything" is to create your own "synthesis" before they get a chance to "merge" you.

      you just have to find the right road block/boundary.

      hence neko, common law cat. he IS a "boundary". he IS "the state". he delegates nothing to anyone.

      noone else has showed up yet.

      arguably, he is the only "native" in the whole game. everyone else is at "War" of one type or another.

      QUOTE 3

      Neko is an overpriced merchant, but he sells useful things sometimes.

      CAT, n. A soft, indestructible

      Rick: [to Imhotep] Look what I got.

      [holds up the cat, Imhotep gasps, cat hisses, and Imhotep shrieks and flees in a dust storm],-The.html

      O'CONNELL Okay, let's cut to the chase. He's afraid of cats, what's that about?

      According to the ancients, cats are the guardians at the gates of the underworld. Imhotep will fear them until he is fully regenerated, and then he will fear nothing.

      "He told them he disliked cats"
      i rest my cat.


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