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Friday, June 1, 2018

Looks Like A Bank "Revision" June 8

By Anna Von Reitz

Just became aware of an interesting recorded message issued by HSBC warning its customers that they will be doing an "upgrade" on the weekend of June 8, admitting that the records reflected on accounts may be incorrect for a time period of up to five (5) days, and advising depositors to keep track of their balances and records (presumably) thereof.

Things should be back to normal as of June 11, if recorded messages are to be believed. 

This would be a good moment to remind your bank of your private entity status and to begin accessing your accounts and saving the balance inquiry stubs.

You know how glitchy computer records can be.  One bad circuit and--- poof!

So secure and keep your hard copies of your account balances, and it is probably a good idea to do so no matter which bank(s) you do business with.

We used to have "bank holidays".  Now we have "bank revisions". 

Let's hope that what they really means is a "bank re-vision" so that banks are no longer in the business of mischaracterizing and defrauding customers.

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  1. Russian Banking System: what's ours is ours. what's yours is negotiable. your deposits become ours. here, have a free toaster!

  2. HSBC was involved in manipulation or spoofing precious metal prices. I have less trust for them than Deutschebank.

  3. I think it's time to stop blaming the Russians for every thing. Seems they are more on our side than not. Hope they have thicker skin than some who comment here.

    1. Annie, I agree. I don't think the russians are as bad as they are made out to be. Time for that montra to be put to bed IMO. It is Russia along with China, who created the CIPS money transfer system, which will eventually rid us of SWIFT which is always being highjacked. We will likely need to thank them for that sooner than later.

  4. Deutchebank already were forced to fire over 200 high level bankers recently...And the rest aren t far behind...!! It's finished..!! But not HSBC.....Chhinaa!!!I was just watching fox news and just recently an Albania resident withdrew his whole life savings and came here to see if he could but a retirement home for him and his family and rent it out till then....he got a rude awakening of the "American Dream" when he stepped onto U.S. soil....!! Customs agents harassed him wanting to know where he got the money and didn't like his answers, so they took all his money under "civil forfeiture " laws, meaning he doesn't have to be charged with a crime to confiscate (steal) it....And it's up to him to get it back... his son about 25 and speaks good English had to come down and explain it. But it's still in the hands of the govt, and once they get there hands on money they almost never let go.....Its one big money grab coming up...Get your money out of the banks before that date....june 8th. Way before...!! But it was always my understanding that if all you started with the bank is a non interest bearing account and nothing else (no checked or anything) than the bank could not claim it if they close...!! But hey, were dealing with criminals...!!


  6. HSBC is closely aligned with Bank of America...and both are totally corrupt. .Those two Banks work together with a huge law firm in between (Pike Dunken, LLC.....nothing but a huge foreclosure mill for the banks through the United States)... First they get B of A to somehow buy the property (since it failed 3 separate times at the auction block to sell, then title reverts to Pike Duncan, and when a buyer is finally found, the title reverts back to HSBC and no one is the wiser...!! Except those of us who follow the money trail...!! But the Real kicker is that the paperwork title at the county recorders office says B of A bought the property at $120,000 and we owed $200,000 on it, and the house sold a year later at $80,000..!! Now why would B of A take a loss like that....There is definitely some extremely ingenious accounting going on...!! They are as bad or worse than the attorneys...!!

    1. james, I think they are always dipping into the Trust Accounts of The People, dont you?

    2. You may not know, but the bank gets a judgement against YOU for the balance on the difference. That is the way it happened to me.

      Think how many times it has been paid for...
      1. You sign the note, and it is monetized for nine times the value through the Federal Reserve Window
      2. Foreclosure insurance as soon as they declare you are in default
      3. Bank bailout money
      4. Auction or outright resale
      THAT PUTS THE NUMBER OF PAYOFFS AT TWELVE TIMES THE VALUE OF THE HOME. That is not to mention lost equity, and they keep the equity, the home, and the NOTE (which is also illegal according to UCC laws/ regulations).... it is a nightmare theft on a magnitude not seen before.

    3. MrP, yes, when somebody signs the papers at the bank, for a car or house or anything, you have sold your Signature, which the bank uses TO create the money in that amount. Right there, the bank has been paid. Then they receive all your 'mortgage payments PLUS interest(which is more than price of the house). PLUS if you fail to make your 'payments' and they foreclose on you, they ALSO get the house back.
      Bank employees gets themselves houses this way, as well as handing them over to certain public 'officials'. It is such a scam it is downright criminal.
      Ive even seen pics of lots of foreclosed on homes, by banks, who have just left them to decay and become rat infested (such as in las vegas). This kind of thing proves 'they' just want to cause The People as much pain as they can. How hateful is that!

  7. What is the status on asan bank? I have enquired several times with no response!i would like to open an account thank you

  8. Money changers getting nervous .

  9. This coincides with Q's "Blackout" and refers back to CITY OF LONDON LLC. I wonder what is going on...


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