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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Blockbuster Find From Walter Burien ---- Here is Where Your Wealth Went

From an email from Anna Von Reitz

The Big Picture of: "Government Wealth vs. Private Sector Wealth"
 by Walter Burien - CAFR1

1. What do Government corporations have the intent to do?

    ANSWER: Take over all other corporations (Private)

2. Look at the numbers. Who are all of the private corporations (and I note the public) in hock to?

    ANSWER: Government investment capital.

3. Look at the numbers of Financial Institution wealth (Banks, Brokerage, and Insurance) compared to government's controlling equity. Who wins out there?

Our "Great Work" Versus THEIR "Great Work"

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, of all days, the Fourth of July, this blockbuster radio broadcast from the late (and truly great) William Cooper surfaced again; after many years, I listened to it again and recalled a time in my life when I was deeply immersed in the study of witchcraft and "spiritual philosophy" --- not to practice it, but to know it.

Here is the link.  I suggest that everyone take the time to listen to it carefully and match it up with the present negotiations to join Mexico to the United States.  

Mexico is the "missing capstone" of the pyramid which appears on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. Practitioners of this ancient religion believe that if and when Mexico is joined to the United States, it will issue in a new Golden Age and the rebirth of the civilization of Atlantis.  

A first principle of action in all things is to clearly define the problem(s) you are facing, and the second principle is to know your enemy.  

Mailing List Migration!

By Anna Von Reitz

Mailing Lists around here migrate in the summer and winter, unlike the busy birds and butterflies that use their common sense and do it in the spring and fall.  No, I had to choose a propitious and obvious annual housecleaning date (so I wouldn't just plain forget to do it).

So..... if you are used to getting updates from me when I publish news blurbs and articles and they suddenly stop (for some unknown and probably unknowable reason) and you want them to continue, simply drop me an email at  with "Add Me" as the subject line. 

I am putting together a master list of bloggers and news link managers and organizations to help communicate better with everyone. 

The Real Story of the Star-Spangled Banner

By Anna Von Reitz

The naval bombardment of Fort McHenry near Baltimore was one of the most fierce naval bombardments in modern world history, if not "the" most ferocious. The bulk of the entire British invasion fleet was centered on Fort McHenry for the simple reason that if they could make the Fort "strike colors" they could use it and the harbor of Baltimore as a center for invasion of the rest of the states.

This profound strategic importance and the terrible might and ferocity of the bombardment which inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the words of "The Star Spangled Banner" are not reflected in the verbiage of such sources as Wikipedia:

Fort McHenry

Bastion Fort

Fort McHenry is a historical American coastal pentagonal bastion fort located in the Locust Point neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. It is best known for its role in the War of 1812, when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British navy from the Chesapeake Bay on September 13–14, 1814.

It was first built in 1798 and was used continuously by the U.S. armed forces through World War I and by the Coast Guard in World War II. It was designated a national park in 1925, and in 1939 was redesignated a "National Monument and Historic Shrine".

Oh, ho-hum, right?

Tragic "Misunderstandings" -- Number One

By Anna Von Reitz

The first misconception we are heir to is the idea that the federal Constitutions were ever created to rule over us.  In fact, the Constitutions (multiple) were established to rule over our Federal employees, and to create, define, and control subcontracting organizations that provide “essential government services” under a delegation of powers agreement. 
Big Time Message here --- the Law “of” the Land is not the Law “for” the Land. 
The Constitutions are often referred to the “Law of the Land” because the Federales all function exclusively in the jurisdiction of the sea. 
They are obligated to obey the “Law of the Land” when they come “ashore” and enter our jurisdictions.