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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Blockbuster Find From Walter Burien ---- Here is Where Your Wealth Went

From an email from Anna Von Reitz

The Big Picture of: "Government Wealth vs. Private Sector Wealth"
 by Walter Burien - CAFR1

1. What do Government corporations have the intent to do?

    ANSWER: Take over all other corporations (Private)

2. Look at the numbers. Who are all of the private corporations (and I note the public) in hock to?

    ANSWER: Government investment capital.

3. Look at the numbers of Financial Institution wealth (Banks, Brokerage, and Insurance) compared to government's controlling equity. Who wins out there?

Keep in mind that the investment capital those entities are holding and investing (Banks, Brokerage, and Insurance) is "primarily" collective government's equity, all of which are networked through private associations that government itself started and its own personnel are the primary members of.

4. The categories cover the entire wealth of the private sector; private corporate, and private non-incorporated. It also shows the debt liability of the private sector.

Is the private sector in hock to the "globalist banking cartel"?  No, they are in hock primarily to government. (75%). Per mortgages, the primary debt of the private sector, 90% is funded directly or indirectly by collective government investment capital.

Government "promotes" through their covert media sources the exact opposite of reality to the population. That being it is the big-bad international bankers and large corporations that is the cause of the peoples woes.

The reality of the situation is that government now controls by ownership; investment; and cash (debt provided) the above, and the beat goes on, and the public is played like a Stradivarius violin.

** It is all about greed and opportunity running unrestrained. **

When I first started with national disclosure, I use to give an example to impact parents the following analogy:

"Would you ever  give your 14 or 15-year old son cart-blanch to right his own allowance check?

Every one instantly said in so many words: "Hell no!"  Then I bring up the point: "That is exactly what we did with our own government" and I note: "A government primarily run by attorneys whereby the public gets screwed every time, with more and more wealth being taken from them and that wealth transferred to government and the government's inside players." The same applies to the takeover of the corporate private sector in all respects.

I have been actively looking for this "Collective" consolidated data for the last 20-years and found it two-weeks ago. Obscurely entitled the: Z.1. report.

The following document is put out by the Data division of the Federal Reserve.

The link is the category listings of wealth held for years 2011 through 2015. This covers total Federal Pension Funds; Local Government Pension Funds (L; 119. a, b, and c. L120 a, b, and c = 16-trillion+); Federal and Local total investment wealth held; the a showing for the private sector (L.118.a, b, and c); financial institutions; insurance Companies, Brokerage; Banks, etc.

Also included is Worldwide wealth held by all of the above. The categories also cover the "Total Debt" held by all of the above AND who is the investor holding that debt. After digesting the numbers you will see that the private sector; AND corporations; etc. are primarily in debt to government via government's (collective local and Federal) investment capital.

When you look at the data, I note two things:

1. The data is in billions of dollars. So when you see a figure such as 6457.23, that is six trillion, 457 billion dollars.

2. After you pull out your calculator and add up the category listings on a specific issue, (I suggest to do this with Federal and Local government pension accounts), the total there is in excess of 16-trillion dollars of wealth held. Now compare that figure with the same for the private sector.

Who do you think wins out on that comparison?

Then find and take a look at home and commercial mortgages by investor category. Who is funding the majority of that debt as the "investor"?

Between Government and all others, who do you think is the primary investor, (L.124 Government Sponsored Enterprises, 6.4 trillion dollars just there) So is it: Government or every one else that is the investor in that 24-trillion dollar private and commercial mortgage collective market place?

** On one last very important note that you could miss, if not told to you here:

When it lists "Private Sector" wealth in all respects, and in all categories, past and present government employees are part of the private sector in those totals shown. So, with the millions of government employees, what percentage of that wealth in fact was accomplished by government funds passed on to government employees compared to everyone else???

The data section starts off with L.100. Here it shows total wealth of "Non Financial" Domestic. For the end of the year of 2015, it shows total wealth at 98.7 trillion dollars and total liabilities at 61.14 trillion dollars.

Also when you see "Liabilities" especially for government Pension funds, keep in mind that is liability "projected out 35 to 45-years. The "Standing wealth" held today is the reality of the situation..

One last note: In most cases for government investments, the accounting used: The investment wealth held is offset for the same as a "liability". A 100% default or a 100% payout over the next 45-years is the only thing that would make it a 100% liability. Seems like a cute tactic to show a diminished "net" worth compared to actual wealth "standing" today...

The link for the data, L.100 to L.234 is:

The Federal Reserve's Z.1. Raw Data Report

Please share the link above and my comments made here with all you think would want to know the "Big Picture" of: Government Wealth vs. Everyone else.

Also, please copy and share across the land to every chat board and news site you have access to.

Walter Burien - CAFR1

PS: This is the raw data of which the Net Figures are derived from. The government boys will in some limited cases quote the net figures. They NEVER will quote the standing figures for an obvious reason: Total wealth built and now held by collective government, the people were never supposed to see; hear about; or comprehend.  THIS IS THEIR OWN DATA! Government shills will have a visceral reaction to this coming out, and use every and any tactic to misdirect; obfuscate; and intimidate the public away from this data so it can not be comprehended or seen. The implications are as severe as they get. Is this the USA we all use to know from decades ago, or is it now a form of true communism designed for absolute wealth take-over for and by a runaway for profit government with a fascist twist to maintain direction; enforcement; and absolute control?

The raw data in the Z.1. report answers that question succinctly .
Government's operating capital shown? Very low.
Government's collective investment capital shown? As big as it gets! "Government owns it all by investment!"


  1. Good to see Walter popping up here!

  2. Thanks for sharing Anna! This more or less explains the source for all the negative chatter from stooges & minions usually found here in the comment section of this blog as well!
    This also totally substantiates (and vice-versa) the documentary "Corporation Nation"! Available for free on UTube by simple search. If you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it!
    Once again, "Government" isn't really government! Itsa veneer for fraud! Another good reason to man up our government through the jural assemblies. i'm jus sayin...
    All The Best, Wirkin

    1. I guess the "stooges and minions" you are trying to insult on this site would be those that do not agree with your opinion and do not hop at everything posted on this forum as the rest of you brainless toads do!!! I'd like to know just what that touted "Michigan Jural Assembly" that gets peddled here so much has DONE!!!??? I keep ASKING this question and so far, not even queen ann will take up the challenge and post all of its accomplishments!!! Silence!!! I have posted several times that the FEDs have passed a Law that ONLY they can assemble a jury that has power of indictment and that must have escaped your attention, Sherlock!!! I also posted several times the constitutional Grand Jury assembled in Harlem by Dr. David Manning that convicted Barry the Fairy of 22 counts of crime but went unheeded!!! That also must have escaped your astute observation!!! So, before you call any person here that disagrees with all of the other stinky shinola here that get posted, you might want to EDUCATE yourself first and all of your other toad buddies that hop on all the other stinky shinola that gets posted here!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You might just have a little credibility if you weren't known as "unknown".

    4. So, Unknown, even in the face of hard evidence being presented here and verifiable black and white printed truth you can research on the record, you still refuse to acknowledge the inevitable of the demise of the cabal and continue to defend them? You are definitely not the brightest crayon in the box, now are you? You further fail to realize that all 50 states must be part of the assembly before a continental congress can be convened to enforce it's decisions. This is happening as we speak with all 50 states now represented as of last week. It appears that you are the only toad here hoping to your own agenda and that of your masters. You are not that hard to figure out.

    5. I seem to recall that unknown said one time that he was a Vietnam Vet and at another time he said "here in the uk" Bravo on the first but what is going on on this side called the Western world is a result of the lousy limeys in Britain and that horrible reptile in the palace and here equally despicable consort. They call each other lords and here in Canada all the pansies call themselves honorable and pledge allegiance to a de facto ( JAH VS REGINA ) lizard queen of no authority since Queen Victoria died in 1901. You are trying to destroy the inevitable. Kindly go play with your dinkies and leave the adults alone. Paul/Anna why do you allow this troll on here at all ?

  3. The Light is getting brighter and brighter, shining in all the hidden cracks and crevices Now!!! Keep shining everyone!! Thank you Walter for exposing this vital information for All to see!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  4. And the concept of the "Economy" people have no clue what it actually means, when they speak economy they are referring to the the Governments economy their overall investments debts and performance.

    Clint Richardson did extensive work with Walter and put out a long detailed documentary series 7-8 years ago explaining all the CAFR and Pension Scam investments schemes.

    The Corporation Nation


  5. What are participating in and through?

    Sin/sign by the X and who administrates for the foundling/abandoned estate of X?

    Name comes from nomen/no-men, oh the name is not the thing/res-ident.

    Every thing that is X belongs to X until the thing is identified. ORC. 3705.11

    Unless and until people get this, USA remains potters field!!

    participation (n.)

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    1. Decedent, 1730, "dead person," now mostly as a term in U.S. law, from Latin decedentem, present participle of decedere "to die, to depart" (see decease (n.))

    2. The Internal Revenue Manual (I.R.M.), “An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN.”

  6. X
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    Used allusively for "unknown person" from 1797, "something unknown" since 1859. As a type of chromosome, attested from 1902 (first so called in German; Henking, 1891). To designate "films deemed suitable for adults only," first used 1950 in Britain; adopted in U.S. Nov. 1, 1968. The XYZ Affair in American history (1797) involved French agents designated by those letters.

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  7. Think you know what a cross means?
    Is man wearing the cross of flesh and blood?
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    1. you pretty much covered it Cube but you missed the most obvious and that is at the end of the year , all persons must make an accounting to the gods from hell and that is done on the accounting cross of commerce. All are hanging on it. I got off in 2014 when they put me out of business but still have to make an accounting cross every year to get oas. I suppose you could call it a meta physical meaning. IRS/CRA are both revenue enforcers/collectors for the Federal Reserve. The real tax collectors for the most part are the business owners. Did it like it was law from 1975 to 2002 when i found out the truth. Then they bared false witness and stole and destroyed a viable family business. They will pay if not in this flesh, in the judgement.

    2. Cube just an interesting side note. I was told by someone I trust and believe he knows this from experience. He said if you cut off a chickens head the headless body will run around after the head is cut off, (which I've heard many times). But he said if you draw an X in the dirt or lay 2 sticks in an X on the ground and cut off the chickens head in front of the X, the headless chicken will lay down right there on the spot and die. Does that mean chickens are afraid of the cross? LOL

  9. Now I know why so many people say that Enhlish is one of the hardest languages to learn....its composed of to many other languages which are the root for other languages....and still no one agrees of the definitions....!! Who are these people that deem themselves so intectually superior to everyone else that they get to define words for the rest of us.....!! They even define government as a body politic that entails some elements of "FRAUD"..!! Really...!! Since when do we have to settle for a government and have to except fraud as a part of the greater good...If that's the case, we don't need government at all...Since when is fraud an acceptable nuisance in order for government to function.....!!!
    Who defined govt. that way.....attorneys....!! No thanks...!!
    I don't know what the alternative is, but it isn't govt...!! They create nothing but take everything...!! "Pension Funds" were created as a "bribe" to work in the public sector, and make rules for the rest of us..!! The better you are at making rules for everyone else, the higher up the food chain you go in life as agents and traitors for the "globalist"..!!

    1. hey James, it is ok what Cube did. Why you crossing him ? lol. I for one am glad he posted it. To me it prompted a definition which I think no one will disagree with. I know Kelley knows about it.

  10. The one word I wanted to get right was "English". But of course I would have to delete the entire thread and re post it all for one word...! I ain't doing it anymore..!!

    1. English AKA Dog-Latin designed this way for a reason!

  11. Dog-Latin, Glossia, Blacks-law, and more. All part of Black-Magic. Black-ops, Black-hand. Evil at war with Good

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  14. I'm no kind of "bright" when it comes to all this, but I'm trying to catch up. I like reading it all. I never know what will connect another dot! So I just keep donating and reading even though my blood pressure goes sky high. I do suspect this though: Those swamp creatures will not go quietly into the night.
    John in Tampa


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