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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our "Great Work" Versus THEIR "Great Work"

By Anna Von Reitz

Today, of all days, the Fourth of July, this blockbuster radio broadcast from the late (and truly great) William Cooper surfaced again; after many years, I listened to it again and recalled a time in my life when I was deeply immersed in the study of witchcraft and "spiritual philosophy" --- not to practice it, but to know it.

Here is the link.  I suggest that everyone take the time to listen to it carefully and match it up with the present negotiations to join Mexico to the United States.  

Mexico is the "missing capstone" of the pyramid which appears on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. Practitioners of this ancient religion believe that if and when Mexico is joined to the United States, it will issue in a new Golden Age and the rebirth of the civilization of Atlantis.  

A first principle of action in all things is to clearly define the problem(s) you are facing, and the second principle is to know your enemy.  

Understanding this, it should be no surprise that I have driven very deeply into the darkness to define and perfect my own light.  

The first thing you must understand is that the words "The Holy Bible" translate as "The Sun Book".  

The second thing to know is that the Bible is a grimoire -- a book of magic spells and incantations, as well as a scripture.  It just depends upon how you read it and what you read it for. 

It represents the scripture of Ancient Egypt, Judaism, and Christianity and can be cherished by literate pagans for reasons that would shock and amaze most Jews and most Christians. 

As William Cooper noted in this referenced radio broadcast in the link above, the popular and beautiful song, "The Rose", has a double meaning, one that is obvious and one that is not, except to the initiated. It is the same way with The Holy Bible. 

The third thing to know is that long, long before Jesus, Mary, and Joseph -- at least 24 centuries before -- there was another Holy Family: Horus, Isis and Osiris, respectively.  Wikipedia summarizes their story thus: 

"The Osiris myth is the most elaborate and influential story in ancient Egyptian mythology. It concerns the murder of the god Osiris, a primeval king of Egypt, and its consequences. Osiris's murderer, his brother Set, usurps his throne. Meanwhile, Osiris's wife Isis restores her husband's body, allowing him to posthumously conceive their son, Horus. The remainder of the story focuses on Horus, the product of the union of Isis and Osiris, who is at first a vulnerable child protected by his mother and then becomes Set's rival for the throne. Their often violent conflict ends with Horus's triumph, which restores order to Egypt after Set's unrighteous reign and completes the process of Osiris's resurrection. The myth, with its complex symbolism, is integral to the Egyptian conceptions of kingship and succession, conflict between order and disorder, and especially death and the afterlife. It also expresses the essential character of each of the four deities at its center, and many elements of their worship in ancient Egyptian religion were derived from the myth."  -- unquote. 

So... in Egypt, long before, we have a murdered god--Osiris. (Or was it Jesus?)   His body is recovered and anointed and brought back to life by his wife, Isis. (Or was it Mary Magdalene?)  Together they conceive a son even after Osiris's death: Horus.  (Or was it the Risen Christ?)  

The links and the interplay go far, far beyond this skeletal comparison. 

Notice that while he was in Egypt, according to the Old Testament, Joseph married the daughter of the Egyptian High Priest, so that his sons Ephraim and Manasseh, were half-Egyptian.  

Notice that if you count carefully, there are Thirteen Tribes descended from Jacob, not twelve. 

Notice that when David stole Bathsheba, she was a Hittite, so that their surviving son, Solomon, was half-Hittite, too.  

Now, notice that Solomon's Temple had a design with an Outer, Middle, and Inner Court.  The Outer Court is where the common people came to worship.  The Middle Court was where the Magistrates -- the Judges -- held court -- literally -- to settle disputes and to purify themselves.  The Inner Court was occupied by the High Priest and his entourage only.  

So where are all the Bar Association Members in America "lodged"?  The Middle Inns of Court in Westminster, part of the Crown Temple complex. 

These people are pagans and practitioners of witchcraft -- literally -- and for thousands of years it has been this way. 

In the center of Solomon's Temple is Solomon's Seal. It is a great circular raised foundation that any witchcraft practitioner from Boston to New Delhi will recognize as a "Magic Circle"--- "the place that is not a place, in a time that is not a time" --- a symbolic representation of the "Eternal Moment" known as "Now".  

Many of the ideas and beliefs these people have are not that strange or evil at all, but some of their teachings border on the criminally insane, and it is the pernicious evil of these relatively few beliefs and practices that set us eternally at odds. 

Though much more aware of ancient history and mythology than average Christians are, the followers of the so-called "Egyptian Mysteries" are deceived and their religion has long been polluted by Babylonian idolatry (money worship) and child sacrifice (necessary because they use sex as a sacrament and that led to vast overpopulation problems), pedophilia, temple prostitution, burnt offerings, summoning of the dead and demons, and the promotion of elitism and Nazi-like social regimentation. 

It is this Babylonian pollution of the original Egyptian religion that Jesus, a Nazorean Hebrew living in Samaritan Galilee -- referred to as "The Great Abomination".  If the pagans among us would correct their offending practices, then we might all live in peace.  

Until and unless they do, we are faced with the necessity of defending ourselves and our children from the whackjob elements of their religion and their "laws"---and the practical consequences of those few but deadly errors. 

As you listen to the radio segment you will put two and two together as never before. You will see how what I have just told you about their religious practices lead naturally to child abuse and sexual blackmail, and why the oppression that follows from the practical idolatry of using money to "symbolize value" is presided over by Seven Grumpy Old Men --- the Seven High Priests of the Temple of Ba-El. 

You will also understand why, in the queer diabolical duality of their thinking, "National Security" has been used to promote National Destruction, instead ---- not only in America, but throughout the world. 

They have tried by various means to succeed in capturing Mexico and adding it to the hegemony of the Territorial United States.  They've tried to use the "United Nations" as a vehicle to establish their control over the entire world.  They've tried various treaties to establish "Regional Government" that would join both Canada and Mexico to the United States.  And even as we speak, there is talk of invading Mexico -- for no clear or sane reason.  

Mexico is the Crown Jewel of the madmen trying to impose a return to the Antediluvian World of the Atlanteans, and the rigid, eugenically engineered caste system that made it all work.  

In that caste system, black and other colored people were slaves generally treated little better and often worse than animals--forever. They were to be used for labor, without consideration, without dignity.   

The members of the Merchant Caste were unbelievably dishonest and devious, so devious that in order to deal with them at all, the Ancient Parthians developed and used a mathematically-interfaced language to form contracts that couldn't be argued over.  Notice the revival of that ancient language and concept in the modern world by David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-J:Gould: Parse. 

The members of the Military Caste were genetically modified to be Super Soldiers.  Those that we now identify and call "Reptilians" are the distant progeny of the original Dracos.  They were bred to only be able to think in terms of "Either-Or" which makes them great soldiers and horrible rulers. 

The members of the true ruling class were the Priests, known as the "All Seeing" because of their ability to walk the time grid and travel to different dimensions and communicate not only with the dead, but with beings in the far future.  In this way, they were able bring back advanced technologies, research actual history, and hopefully---safeguard the progress and promote the well-being of everyone concerned. 

The progeny of all these original castes --- all the products of genetic engineering and eugenics programs carried out in the Sirius B and Orion star systems millions of years ago --- are still present on the Earth today. Many of them don't know who or what they are, or why they are different from other people.  

The resurgence of the ancient "Mystery" religion is no mystery at all.  It has been sheltering behind the facade provided by the Roman Catholic Church in the Office of the Pontificate all along.  

And it is now being forced out into the open.  People are being forced to recognize the paganism and history that was hidden in plain view for many, many generations. 

The "Statue of Liberty" is exposed as a giant idol honoring Ashtoreth, the creator of the Great Abomination, standing where --- in truth, she ought not to be standing.  And as Jesus said, it is "as it was in the days of Noah". 

The Order of the Rose Cross is revealed as the Mother of all the other Secret Societies with which it remains allied: all the Freemasons, all the Lodges, all the "perverse" religious Orders like the Dominicans who are responsible for running the Inquisition, all the polluted Orders of Knighthood including the Knights of Malta (Greek and Minoan Temple Soldiers) and Knights Templar (originally from the Levant, North Africa -- Carthage, and Rome Temple Soldiers), all the various and colorful and more or less aligned "spiritual science" cults that suddenly appeared in the nineteenth century.  

Like everything else, there are good and bad elements to this entire spectrum of religious practice and belief.  There are "White Witches" and "Green Witches" who bring great healing and wisdom and peace to the world, just as there are "Black Witches" and demon worshipers who seek to steal and ruin and destroy.  Often, these factions among the Mystery Schools are locked in mortal combat, and that is exactly the situation today. 

The Forces of Evil must be countered by the Forces of Good.  The sheep must be protected by The Shepherds from the attacks of The Wolves. 

But it also time for the "sheep" to wake up and be sheep no longer.  It is, in fact, time to---- in the popular lingo---- ascend to a higher level of awareness and self-governance and self-knowledge, to face the world as it is, not as we want it to be, and at the same time----to see what it could be, and to fearlessly accept our responsibility for it all.  

In a nutshell --- what the White Witches strive for is to nurture and set Mankind free, what the Black Witches strive for is to enslave and destroy Mankind.  

Two paths are set before us --- one that is narrow and difficult and blocked with many stones and obstacles, one that is wide and well-traveled and easy and pleasant to walk.  Which one will you choose?  

What will you do, given this information on this auspicious Fourth of July?  

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  1. Can't wait for you know who's interpretation of that information. Tick tock....

  2. "The problem is choice" "Resistance is assistance"

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Awesome message Anna!! Thank you for the wonderful gift of William Cooper and link today, so thankful!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Now

  4. Nobody knows what was going on in ''star systems millions of years ago''. What hogwash this Article is. Truly worthless and belongs in a cross cut shredder, which I just so happen to have. Not one bit of backup for any of this; yet most breathing entities will just buy it hook line and...........sinker.

    1. But, Abby, your beliefs are the correct beliefs, right? Your abject intolerance for different beliefs, and pretty much everything else as far as I have witnessed, indicates insecurity in your own beliefs and explains your hostility towards everything! Thank God, or Mohammed or Zeus, that you're not able to launch Nukes! If you weren't so insecure in your beliefs, you wouldn't be protesting. Besides, any "belief" is personal in nature and is held in the absence of logic and evidence; that's why it's called a "belief" and not a "FACT"!

    2. Abby,
      This is why we must discern everything on every site and set ourselves apart. We must stay focused on His Truth, not on this 'mythological' garbage as Truth.
      When they write and post this how much other deception are they carrying with them?
      Abby, i was led this morning back to His prayer in John 17, i ask you to also look at verse 20.With His love we can pray for all others, in our prayer closets. Not in public as the world does.
      They can not stop us, nor Him.

    3. Abby,

      Its like the scientist cutting open a corpse looking for memories which can't be found. Then states memories don't exist denying what is a fact within the framework of experience with every living body. You should remain silent an thought a fool, such expressions remove all doubt. This is an opportunity to improve if you seize the moment!

    4. Jack, yes absolutely my beliefs are the correct beliefs. But they are far from ''just beliefs'. I have had much incontrovertible proof of it as being fact; literally. It has been life saving in many instances; is that Factual enough for you?
      And so now I can say without a doubt that there is a lot of bullshit here, but for those that find it easier to ''just go along to get along' rather than to actually use the brain God gave, then enjoy your walk thru the Dung.

      If you do not have sense enough to question how anyone can state what went on in the universe millions of years ago, then it would be well worth your spare time to question your own cranials instead of joining forces against those few of us who actually do Think.
      I stand on the Rock; you wanna stand on Shinola, then dont complain when you sink to the southern depths.

    5. Cube, some of the statements made in this ARticle obviously came from ''little green men from out there'' which don't even exist. There is something very nefarious going on here, and anyone who just buys into things without question, are the ones who can be thought of as fools.
      This ''channeling' from which much information is derived all across the Net these days, is straight from Demonic entities/spirits, which are the spirit of deceit.

    6. Abby, read between the lines,

      Interesting since thought itself belongs to the category of past, bounded by time and therefore unreal and in direct conflict with the reality.
      "Can you, by taking thought add one cubit to your stature"

    7. DEAREST ABBY has spoken!

      Yet Abby is the epitome of Biblical fanaticism gone bizaro & that is OK!

      She is non violent like Jehovah Witnesses so what more could Prince ask of her?

      "PURPLE Rain"....

    8. Abby, not everything is as it appears... We live "in" the world but are admonished not to be "of" the world. This world is a world of illusion and lies by it's very nature, and most of what we believe is based upon our "perceptions" of these illusions. "Time" is one of those illusions, and we are lied to by our own beliefs in 'time', everyday. However, it is possible for us to learn Absolute Truth (God's Truth) as we follow Jesus' advise to "seek first the Kingdom of Heaven"... Jesus did so, and was able to walk on water (no little green men needed); and he did much more which doesn't fit with our present belief systems (because the illusions 'taint' our understanding).
      You no doubt do not know that we are able to "know all things" in Absolute Truth, because the Kingdom of Heaven is
      "Within us"; and that means that we have God within us!
      (the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be the Kingdom of Heaven without God)
      So, to summarize, please don't be so hard on Anna... she CAN see what may be past or future provided she has sought and found the Kingdom of Heaven within herself (so can we all!!).
      Unfortunately, only a few of us take Jesus' words seriously, and even fewer truly find the Kingdom within!!
      If you cannot "state what went on in the universe millions of years ago," then it would be well worth your time to search your own soul more deeply.

    9. CJ, "God would that none should be lost"... Perhaps Abby doesn't understand today, but tomorrow she may 'know all things.' How DELIGHTFUL Truth is!!

    10. YAYYYYY! I'm so glad for you!

    11. Jim, no. The kingdom of God will arrive to earth when Jesus returns and brings it with Him. Until then we have a world that satan has taken rulership of. In case you didn't know, satan is the god of this world we are living in right now. 2 Cor.4:4 and he has blinded most of the people.

      The Kingdom does not reside inside anyone. What is 'inside most people'' who are so deceived as to think (daydream) that God is in them, actually have crap in them. It sure isn't God, thats for sure.
      Ask yourself: Does God argue with himself? Now there is your proof.
      Remember the old adage: you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. Well, thats what these wishful delusional folks are like, who love to think the 'kingdom is within everyone'.
      Apparently most are totally unaware how Jesus told the Pharisees they were 'of their father the devil; children of hell'. That scripture and tons of others dispels the silly notion that 'the kingdom of God is within'.
      And offhand, then how do you explain that list of 18 kinds of folks in 2 Tim. 3 who we are told to ''turn away from'? Why would he tell us to do that, IF 'the kingdom of God is within them 'all''?
      See how even just a little common sense dispels a lot of what is said in here by the deluded ones?

  5. I got to tell you, my shineola meater just slamed over so hard it broke the neadle off. Not buying any of this.

    1. Mike, broke the shinola meter for sure ! This author just lost more credibility by even giving credence to such things as Mythology; and suggesting now that healing and goodness comes from white witches and green witches??
      And then all the misapplication of so many scriptural references?
      Y'all better get new working shinola meters and turn them up on High !

    2. And on another note. . . The very release of this article by Anna, will ABSOLUTLEY drive away some of the very people she is intending to reach due to the fact that their whole lives have been indoctrinated to the point that they simply cannot see that the doctrines (religions) they follow are even just a small fragment of that small fragment I mentioned in my other post. And let me tell you, I was one of you! I followed a religion - at all costs, dedicated, unwavering - for many years before I figured out that it was a pigeonholed version of the reality of spirituality that allowed me to see it for what it was, a control mechanism. Once I freed myself from it, my eyes opened, and I realized that I had actually missed SO MUCH by being in that pigeonhole!
      Let me give you something to gnaw on. This is DEFINITELY SURE to get under some of your feathers, but think about it with your real mind, not the indoctrinated one. . .
      When God created man, according to the Bible, what did He (or She, it does not specify, anywhere) say?
      He said,"Let us create man in our image."
      He said . . . Let . . . US. . .! Who was he talking to? Now, I know those indoctrinated will say he was talking to the trinity (father, son and holy ghost (or spirit if your indoctrination uses that one).
      In actuality, was he talking to other Gods? Possibly in multitudes of numbers? The Bible does not say. So it is very possible that some or all of the Gods from throughout the eons of time were also there for this grand experiment we call mankind.
      JMHO - YMMV

    3. Doug, what you were involved in was nothing more than a religion club/organization, led by one or more, few People with their own opinions or personal viewpoints. It sounds like that is what you were involved with.......which is not biblical at all.
      In reality, the bible is not about religion; it is about the past, the present and the future of mankind. It is more accurate to refer to it as Gods Truth, or His Word, or scripture....and anyone can get their information directly from there, having no need for any institution to tell us what it says.
      Any time there is Controlling going on, or confinement or a narrowing or lessening of freedom, then it is likely a cult.
      Because, scripture tells us that ''who the Son (Jesus) sets FREE, is FREE indeed''.
      And I can vouch for the fact that that is true; but it does not at all mean 'free to do any damned thing one pleases''.
      There ARE boundaries, but all of them are for our personal Protection, not as imprisonment.

      The Father was speaking with the Son when He said ''let US make man in OUR image'. Overall study confirms this. To let the mind wander as you did in your last paragraph, only serves to make you totally confused.
      Your error was in your seeking out people or an institution for information; Instead, you should have sought out God himself to 'teach you all that you need to know''.

      ''Let God be True, and all men liars''.

    4. Dearest Abby still hasn't figured out she believes in a space god, though...Oh well...she will! Lol

    5. Abby, I do not dispute that what I was in was nothing more than a religion club/organization. That is why when my eyes opened to that fact, it was time for a change in direction.
      You said any time there is controlling going on. . . it is a cult. . . With that statement, you are calling every single church assembly, and religious (and also, possibly spiritual) gathering a cult. I tend to agree to some degree.
      You said my error was seeking out people or an institution for information. You obviously know the drill. . . How can they hear unless there is someone to tell them. . .etc (paraphrased, of course). The plain and simple fact of that matter is that I was absolutely NOT seeking the answers at that time. There was a girl I wanted to date and she invited me and I went. I never dated the girl. . . But that was the beginning of, actually a GREAT time in my life! I learned a LOT there, but the longer I remained there, the more "canned" I felt. So, I moved on to much bigger things.
      As for the "who. . is free is free indeed. . ." I absolutely agree with that statement. The basis of all law is Common Law, commonly referred to as "God's Law". You may do whatever you choose so long as you don't bring harm to anyone else, do not impinge upon anyone else's rights or don't damage someone else's property. As an example, under Common Law, you have the right to go blazing through a residential neighborhood at 100 miles an hour so long as you don't hurt someone, their property or invade their rights. But would you? Absolutely not! Common sense would tell you that was not a good idea!
      So, yes we are FREE. But with FREEdom comes great responsibility!
      Thank you for your viewpoints and generally pleasant discussion!
      Have a GREAT DAY!

    6. Doug,I am simply saying people should not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
      Personally, I have never obeyed any 'church' because they don't have any such authority. They are supposed to be a mere Servant, not play God. But as you can probably already see, lol, I am pretty hard to control or dictate to, as I have a pretty good mind of my own and I use it, lol. I tend to think outside the box, and am out of step with the rest of the world, Lol. Yet, I am not at all hard to get along with as long as people don't try to get over on my 'territory' ....I also don't get over on theirs.
      (I'm just part of that minority, His Little Flock)

      Doug, thanks for the nice response.

  6. All religions are Belief Systems, or B.S.
    All Belief Systems are protected by Amendment One.
    Truthy is sold as truth, universally. Be not deceived.

    1. Sativa, and just what qualifies you as an expert in religion? And what is ''truthy'? Ive not heard that word anywhere.

    2. So is scientific dogma. Not one person or scientist can come up with a logical explanation for the Big Bang theory. It remains a therory to this day. No thinking scientist believes that something came from nothing. It violates the 1st law and 2nd law of thermodynamics.

    3. Dear Abby,

      here's a factual footnote.

    4. Pastor Dan the speed of light :-)

    5. Sativa, wikipedia is not Factual. They say themselves that they contain many errors and always ask people for corrections to their information.
      Besides, my question to you was ''what makes you an expert in religion' to know what is BS and what is not?

    6. Dearest Abby...I love this quote! Did u?

      Blame Marxism. 

      “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” ― Groucho Marx

    7. Abby, please don't question Sativa's capacity to be "an expert in religion" unless you are without error yourself...
      (He without sin may cast the first stone.)
      All authority is derived from God, and none that I know can fully speak for God, so Sativa may know what you do not, and visa versa... let us be kind in our judgments of our fellow man, for "even as you have done it unto the least of these," you have done it unto yourself!!

    8. Jim, you quote out of context. I happen to have been cleansed of all unrighteousness, and therefore I do not have any 'sin'. They have all been thrown as far as the east is from the west, by God himself.
      You are also wrong in saying that 'no one can speak for God'. I absolutely have been sent on Missions especially TO speak for God, what he wanted verbalized in person to certain other people; And I know this for a Fact because it was confirmed to me by those I spoke to, after the fact.
      I have also had other folks speak to me, in the same way at various times.
      It is all beyond explanation to people who have not had such things take place in their lives.
      All correct corrections ARE kindness. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people from all over the world who read these comments; therefore, I find it necessary to speak up with corrections when there is obvious lies and deception being spread in this venue.
      I can back up everything that I say in here; sativa cannot; all she gave was her personal opinion. And p.s. errors are not sin. But neither you nor anyone else has pointed out any errors I've stated.

  7. I believe this article is a compilation of results from certain research and I gather the message from it, it's Anna's hope we all get on the task of research and action. As much as it would be nice for Jesus to come save us tomorrow, from the wolves, as programed to believe, ma is given the ability of "Critical Thinking" to help ourselves, today. Belief is personal and restrictive. Love is to be shared free of retrictions and judgement. If we choose not to Love our Brothers and Sisters because of beliefs, we will never get out of this mess alive. Thank you Anna for the information. You could choose to walk away from stupidity and i appreciate your thick skin. I speak to people all the time about the truth of how we are enslaved. Most laugh and tell me I'm nuts. I'm learning to get thick skin and use the word "Next".

  8. To those detractors, let me toss in a little bit of flair here just to see who it derails. . .
    When reading this post by Anna, which in my opinion is very direct, truthful and on-point considering what we know. . . or don't. . . about religion and spirituality. Religion is NOT spirituality. Religion is someone's personal interpretation of spirituality.
    Consider this:
    When reading about Horus, Osiris and the lot, and the many other "religious" writings brought down through time, take a look at the writing about Jesus. There were scribes (documentarians) who followed everyone of any importance around, everywhere they went, and "scribed" their every move. The stories of Jesus are NOT told *as* he is walking the planet, but were told by historians giving an account of his life and travels. At a later time. . . Where were the texts scribed as he walked the earth? Simply put, there . . . are. . . none. . . So did he actually walk the earth? Or were the stories brought forth, which, by the way, are not all in agreement (if the scribes had been doing it as he went, they would have all be pretty much the same, now wouldn't they?) simply accounts of someone that were simply the latest iteration of a fable or legend being told?
    Don't get me wrong here, people! Do I believe in God? I absolutely believe that there is an entity (or entities even) that is greater than we are that have been there throughout the eons of time. We have existed in about a milisecond of time out of those eons of past and future and yet we claim to know all there is? Not possible!
    So, is this story about Osiris, Horus, Set, Columbia (the mother harlot) and all that just legends? Fiction? . . .Stories? The version we know of the story is the millisecond fragment of time out of the eons that are past and future so who are we to say that the stories of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set, Ra, Jesus and all others are not fully correct, for the time in which they are supposed to have happened?

    1. No, Anna's Article here is not truthful. Anyone who states to the world that ''the bible is a book of magic spells and incantations'' is telling a bold face lie; sorry but its one of the biggest lies I've heard to date!
      And then to further insinuate one has a choice in ''how they read it'' !
      Show me one single ''magic spell or one single incantation' anywhere in the bible; it is NOT there.

      Now Doug, to you........for you to say Columbia is the mother of harlots is about as far fetched as anything I've ever heard . It shows that you have no inkling what harlotry even is.

      2) Religion; you can have religion without spirituality; it goes on in most churches all the time. They are called white washed tombs; dead mens bones. But Spirituality deals with the Spirit; God is a Spirit. You cannot have God without having the Spirit (the Holy Spirit). However, there is also a counterfeit 'spirit' which is demonic. Its important to know and understand the difference between the genuine and the counterfeit.

      As for the bible, it only says one thing, and only means one thing; it is not multiple choice and its our job to understand what IT says; we do not get to decide what it says, nor do we have the privilege to make it say what we want it to say, or to 'read it whatever way we choose to read it''.

      We either know what IT says and means, or else we don't. And when we don't we simply say we don't and move on. At some later time we may come back to that portion and come to know then what it says. But in any case we do NOT form our own opinion about what it says; and we don't try to make it fit in with us; we must fit in with IT.

    2. Thank you Abby for the nudge! The correct name (instead of Columbia; I had read somewhere that Columbia (as in District of Columbia) could be considered the seat of harlotry (those people whore themselves out DAILY to big money interests) hence why it is called the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA) should have been Isis. Other names include Semiramis, Feronia and Cybele. Also, in Pagan circles, Ashtoreth, Ishtar and Astarte. That is who the statue of liberty actually is. "Liberty" actually has a very different meaning than that which we give it today. It was Nimrod who was in pursuit to free (give liberty) to the people from the fear of YHWH (God? Jesus? The Holy Spirit?) His mission was to free the people from God's laws and direction.
      Thank you Abby for the pleasant discussion! Shows character!

    3. Doug, Life must have an anchor; a Center; a Guideline from which to launch our lives. Without it we would have utter chaos; no one could say what is Right and what is Wrong. Everything would be just a matter of self-preferred preference.
      So it stands to reason that since God gave Life, created it, then He would not be so foolish or thoughtless as to not realize Man would need Guidelines and an Anchor of sorts. And that is what the bible is for.
      We can also realize that this world has great disdain for the bible, and for any sort of Overseer at all. Man has now become ''too smart in his own right'' to have need of they think. And so the result is we have a world that is run amok now.


      Just think someday, some life soon u might actually be receptive to what Jesus actually is telling u in the here & now in a nice kind way presumably as Jesus explains to u why he isn't the onlybegotten & never ever taught that, but thanks for thinking that way anyway all this life so far because if u remain kind to animals & people in general while spreading about your misunderstanding of onlybegottenism truth, that is ok ☇

  9. Anna is correct and she is wrong.

    What was the original Egyptian religion??
    If you listen to all of Bill Cooper audio you will know! But it sure aint’ where the true God is but yes they knew about the true God and heard about Him BUT they did not know him. Moses didn’t know about him either till the burning bush.

    The bible (Correct term is Scriptures) are not a compilation of spells and incantations. But if you read it from a Masonic perspective believing what King James and his cronies put in it, then yes it is.

    Here is a BIGGY. The Scriptures are not meant to be understood by everyone.

    Proof?? Yeap.

    Did Jesus speak in parables to help them understand things better?? NOPE. That’s what the priest of Bal tell you. Read it and believe it and you will start understanding!

    Mat 13:13  Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.
    Mat 13:14  And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

    So a prophecy is being fullfilled, you see it? And what would of happen IF THEY had UNDERSTOOD??

    Mat 13:15  For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

    Jesus would have had to heal them from their spiritual deprivation IF they understood. But they didn’t cause it was only for those whom he choose to understand. God is the great causer of all thing.

    There are two Jesus in the Scriptures. One on a white horse with a BOW AND ARROW, when went out to conquer and plunder the nations (Plymouth Rock, Nina, Pinta and the St. Maria = little Mary dressed in pink). Then there is the real Messiah on a white horse with a sword in his hand called the WORD.

    Luk 23:43  And Jesus said unto him:
    1. Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.
    2. Verily I say unto thee Today, shalt thou be with me in paradise.

    What side you are on depends on how you understand this verse. There is no comma in the original so if you believe #1 then you go straight to heaven upon death. If you believe #2 then this is a future event that shall happen.

    Point is there is the real word of the Most High and then there is the mimic word by Satan right along side. If you believe there is such thing as a good witch you definitely ain’t on the good side of the tree. Horus has you on the python grip.


  10. When there are so many people waiting for this or that lie to happen and nothing never does then I guess it's time to baffle them with bull shxt from the golden bull.Well done now all go take a shower please!

    1. Keep paying your income taxes, too, Unknown!

      By Anna Von Reitz

      There is a widespread swath of gross ignorance in America populated by True Believers who think that they know all they need to know and devil take the hindmost.

      No doubt that is comforting to them and they cling to their suppositions accordingly, like Linus clinging to his Blanket.

      ---Until, that is, they land in a "US District Court" and are told that they have no constitutional guarantees and other wake up calls come due.

      For all of those who think that I am a "Patriot Guru" and that I can't possibly know what I am talking about despite the abundant factual and actual proof that I do (admittedly not paying federal income tax since 1998, for example) here is a compilation of primary source quotes from people as diverse as Frederick Douglas and JFK in support of the information I am giving you---300 pages worth:

  11. What I don't understand about all of this is there is absolutely no reference to anyone young...children..!! Including Jesus..!! We are only told of the adult versions of these people...
    But what happened to the child growing up...!! Hardly anything in any religion talks about what the child was like......why not..!! If anyone knows of the life of Jesus as a kid growing up, please illuminate me...!!
    Because, the child growing up says a lot about the man to come...!! Why does the bible purposely leave this out...!! Especially with such a special person, who when born was already known to be the Christ by the three wise men who came to see him....!! Why leave that out...!!In fact, why is it left out of every single religion to this day....!! It is just as important to know the child as it is the adult....!! Don't you think...!! I hate stories that aren t complete...!!

    As for the question of "direct testimony" from Jesus himself , I think a story has much more validity when it is "WITNESSED" by other people who are unbiased and not tooting his own horn..!! That's why witnesses are so important in court...!! Basically, the bible is telling us indirectly, never walk without a "witness" through your journey...!! Especially in court...!! But you guys still do it....WHY..!!

    1. James,
      I left definitions of child and infant as well as others. After reading, a child is the creation of the State, its not you and me, its not baby and man is omitted as well. A child/infant/golem/product is female and in the process of dying/decedent without a Will. Does that sound like us? They tell us what that is and where its found on a pre-scribed form.


  12. Blame Marxism.

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” ― Groucho Marx

  13. Interesting....very interesting. I know nothing!!

  14. Personally I have always admired merry go rounds, all the bs flies off at some point.

  15. C,

    This is being posted for others to just look at it, not to accept or reject, to just look to see if a bigger picture emerges that begins to take shape and and replaces those spaces/divisions with some illumination that was dark and void. Dogma! Yes it is, very timely. Nature sets the standard, the State has been weighed, measured and found wanting! Keep sharing!!

  16. She admits to practicing witch craft on all you loyal cretins.

    1. Better than being a black magician like U for stealing ALL of Frank O'CONNOR material & pretending u had ANYTHING TO DO WITH the creation of it UCADIA in America theft chief!

      How r the lawsuits going to divest your entire American legitimacy con man?

    2. You know absolutely nothing at all, Cretin. Read it and weep.


  17. "The first thing you must understand is that the words "The Holy Bible" translate as "The Sun Book"."

    Let us look at the first thing.
    Does it?
    Does The Holy Bible = The Sun Book? Or is this what the world has turned it into, same as before, sun gods and sun worship.
    The 'Set apart Word' is closer to the Truth.
    Holy = Set apart
    Bible = Biblia the books, teaching, scripture.
    We have been warned of those who masquarade as agents of light. Also, we have been warned of those who add and or subtract from the scriptures.
    His True Word has been twisted by the magician, by Simon the sorcer and others like him the resulting confusion is still with us today as shown by Anna and the article above.
    Heed the warnings and seek Him yourselves.

    1. a follower, oh we sure do have a number of those among us who are masquerading as agents of light, but are nothing but wolves who go out of their way to appear to be 'helpful'. And now we are beginning to see a further agenda to turn the bible into something other than what it actually IS. And oh look at how ever so slightly it is at work here; just drop a word here and later another one, test the waters see how it is received, then continue. Yesterday it was 'a book of magic spells and incantations; now today it is ''the Sun Book', lol.

      Actually, 'the first thing you must understand is the sneaky agenda when you see it''.

  18. Seek deeper within for true INsight and wisdom for balancing our own personal scales of justice as needed within/without for true peace, love, joy and abundance withIN Now. It IS time Now!
    Much gratitude, Love and Peace Be

  19. i agree.
    Many of them say it, but do they do it?
    Many say the building is not the true church yet do they actually know this?

  20. These posts make me sad and also further elucidates and clarifies why we cannot work together and beat them, whatever you want to call them. White witches, the hamburglar, oscar the grouch or miss daisy. If everyone could focus all of that misguided gobblydeegook towards a pointed goal, we would all be out of this cesspool and in your heaven of choice, so sad really. Some times you just have to stfu and just be.

    Hear that, its the infinite...

    1. C. Johnson: Don't be discouraged by the discouragers. Your input has helped me and, no doubt, many others. If you do decide to unsubscribe, bless you on your way. Many thanks for your contributions.

      Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

    2. It is a fantastic time to be ALIVE! Thankfully as Soul grows spiritually...Soul moves out of its infancy of believing in ANY Savior & becomes ITS own Savior thru right & loving actions with respect to ALL life....@ ALL times if

      St. Francis is a good role model in some respects on how to treat others. There r countless other magnificent Souls since time began to rediscover as well...if role models r needed. Jesus is another great Soul made into a god by his ignorant followers....& that is ok, too!

      God is LOVE!

    3. As smart as u r in supra legal matters dear CJ does not necessarily mean u have totally escaped the onlybegottenism trap whatsoever.

      But that is ok. Soul is eternal & eventually thru countless incarnations Soul can become one with the holy spirit as well...if not in this particular lifetime.

      There r countless examples of such beings & as great as Jesus may be in your eyes & so many other Christians (& even mine from past lives!), that does not neccessary mean Jesus attain oneness with God as the onlybegotten versus no other GREATER Souls than Jesus EVER!

      Figuring out that is the beginning of true humbleness CJ ~ imho.

      God is LOVE, though, so ALL is ok in ALL of ITS worlds @ ALL times - regardless of what my & others opinions r & that my friend is TRUTH CJ☇

    4. Mr. penny4. The problem is we are not privy to any real results for the effort. There are even devout Trumpsters who are becoming disillusioned by Trump not showing us any results after he made many promises to his voters.

      None of the big names have been arrested, they are still just as free as they were 2 yrs ago. We still don't have a wall. We still have seen no movement to correct voter fraud, mandating going to paper ballots, and counting them where they were marked in front of all voters to oversee the vote count, as it is supposed to be done.
      We see turncoats like Sessions who is still in his job, doing NOTHING. We see soros still free as a bird to do all his dirty work, etc.
      So the same goes for what is supposedly being worked on in this venue; all talk and not one shred of accomplishment; a total dissing of The People, giving not one lick of Update on anything.
      So it should be no surprise that there is a lack of cohesion.

    5. CJ...u r writing of Cosmic Consciousness. One can NEVER EVER be ONE with God...A co-worker yes☇

      "Melania Trump
      Happy #IndependenceDay
      May God bless this great nation & all the people who protect it! "

      Finally someone not telling what God to do in public!

    6. IT is eternal...always has been, always will be. Soul is a mere spark of IT & Soul created by IT is eternal as well.

      Onlybegottenism sells the lie of separation of Soul from IT. Soul can never ever become IT.

      The illusion Cosmic Consciousness Christian followers of merely the light of GOD or IT is that usually they have not yet discovered that what Jesus originally taught was that the word of IT, God had little to do with man/woman words written down in manmade, but somewhat divinely inspired Bible ~ i.e. semantism, but the eternal musical VOICE of GOD....which the light of IT (God) is the reflection of the audible musical VOICE of GOD - dear CJ.

    7. Soul was created by IT (GOD), thus eternal.


      Clearly CJ u have been brainwashed by the onlybegottenism believers & that is ok!

      If u haven't heard the musical divine melody/voice of IT (God), then u haven't understood a thing I have written here yet

      No divinely created Soul (& ALL SOULs r divinely can be one with IT. Soul can only become a co-worker with IT.

      Soul, however, can be one with the Holy Spirit, i.e. the force☇

    8. U presume Soul, a divine creation of God, can ever be one with God.

      Thus ultimately that is the fallacy of any earthly form of manmade/womanmade onlybegottenism cult on this particular planet.

      God is ALWAYS GREAT, thus EVERY DAY is ALWAYS a good day in Godspeak- C.J.

      May the Blessings Be!


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