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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Interesting Poem

 "Twas the weekend before Kraken, and all thru the land, The lefties were

trembling at the cards in Trump's hand. The patriots were nestled, all snug
in their beds, While visions of perp walks danced in their heads. The
laptops recovered in a raid days ago, Shed new light on the crimes of our
treasonous foe. When up on the web there arose such a clatter, Big tech
blocking accounts like free speech didn't matter. Impeachment was
threatened, amendment 25, "The Trump administration must not survive!" They
screamed from the rooftops, on every news show. "This bad bad bad orange man
has just got to go!" But Donald J Trump had a card up his sleeve, a card so
glorious no one could believe. You see, he had caught them. He set a big
trap. He knew they would try this election fraud crap. He watched them all
do it, all in real-time. He was sure that Mike Pence would certify their
crime. His intel had told him they'd planned a false flag, To make sure
Trump's destruction was all in the bag. The Dems told Antifa "Show up in
disguise." "Wear your MAGA hats backwards so no one will get wise." "When we
start the debate, you all storm inside. Don't worry, the police will open
doors wide." "We will blame all your damage on Trump and his fans, So never
again will Trump thwart all our plans." Trump knew Dems would do this, he
sent special ops, They dressed like Antifa and grabbed the laptops. Upon
them was evidence of egregious crimes. The Deep State had done this crap so
many times. Straight to the military the evidence went. Charges of treason
were now imminent. No screaming or crying would stop what was to come.
Resignation and prison, and Gitmo for some. Military tribunals will convict
all these traitors. Who stole an election because they were haters. When the
trials are done and the votes are done right. Crimes done in the darkness
have come to the light... Trump will be sworn in to finish his eight. And we
will continue to make America great!"

- Anonymous

Situation Update, Jan 19th, 2021 – Declass delayed, DC militarization goes extreme, Haspel resigns, dirty bomb weapons specialist soldiers deployed

(Natural News) Each day brings new observations and intel to the table, and today’s prognosis is largely negative, given that yesterday’s promised “declass” maneuver by the Trump administration did not materialize.

Because declass was an important waypoint in the entire operation, we might conclude that white hat operators have been defeated or significantly delayed, and this does not bode well for the outcome tomorrow.

On the positive side, we learned today that CIA director Gina Haspel has resigned, and she was a key person blocking many of the Russiagate documents all along. So it is possible that her removal now clears the way for declass to continue, although things seem pretty late in the game at this point, with less than 24 hours remaining in Trump’s first term.

We must all brace for the worst case outcome, which is Joe Biden being sworn in and transforming America into a communist-controlled authoritarian police state where free speech is illegal and conservatives are hunted by the government’s secret police. This is what the left-wing media is demanding at this point, and it smacks of the crimes carried out by every tyrannical regime we’ve seen throughout history, most of which eventually pursued outright genocide against political opponents.

Even though one source is telling me, “Everything is already wrapped up” and there’s no need for concern, I share the concerns of this audience in observing public events and not knowing whether we’re going to wake up under tyranny on Thursday morning, with an actual communist puppet in charge of the federal government, determined to silence Christians and conservatives at gunpoint.

As Patrick Byrne sent out on Telegram this morning, Biden’s handlers mostly consist of insane left-wing, power-hungry women who can’t wait to deploy their twisted anti-America agenda on the entire nation:

…These females running Joe n Jill are salivating and frothing at the mouth. They cannot wait to undo anything and everything Trump has brought forward via EO in the past 4 years. They aren’t even hiding the things they are going to implement week 1, month 1.

The entire Biden inauguration is a festival of fakery

It’s all fake. Now they’re putting 200,000 Americans flags on the capitol lawn to indicate “the People,” but they are flags, not people. The real people have been kept out with razor wire fences, barricades and a military presence that smacks of gunpoint authoritarianism.

Joe Biden’s election “victory” was faked and rigged, so it’s only fitting that his inauguration is also replete with fakery.

Legally speaking, nothing Biden does as “president” has any legal standing whatsoever, since his entire presidency is a lie rooted in treason and fraud.

Thus, even if he starts to issue a flurry of executive orders and policy positions, all that can be corrected if he arrested and removed from office in the coming days, should the white hats gain the upper hand. (And we pray they do.)

In today’s Situation Update for January 19th, I cover:

  • How the false flag plans of Antifa, the FBI and CNN were defeated over the last few days by people staying home.
  • Why the battlefield is a fluid situation with moves and counter moves. Some days the intel is positive, other days it’s negative. We can only watch and speculate.
  • Why we must double down on our faith in God for the coming days.
  • More good advice from Lin Wood about trusting in God and trusting Trump.
  • The NSA pushes for Michael Ellis to be general counsel, while Nancy Pelosi sought to block him. Ellis appears to be pivotal in the authorization of documents from the NSA.
  • The FBI is vetting all the troops at the capitol, pretending it’s about a few individuals who have “radical” ideas. But in truth, Joe Biden despises the military, just as he despises the people, which is why so much razor wire is needed at the capitol.
  • Dem. Rep. Steve Cohen disparages all White people in the military, claiming Whites might be terrorists. This is blatant racism and bigotry on display.
  • Dr. Charles Lieber arrested for sharing secrets with the CCP.
  • Why is Cuomo skipping the inauguration?
  • Scott Kesterson’s observation that DC looks like a giant detainment camp, possibly for holding military tribunals in the near future.
  • Active duty troops confirmed to be deployed to DC.
  • Pentagon brings in 750 specialist troops with training to deal with, “chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and explosive weapons.”
  • Another 2,000 active-duty military brought in, with claim they are present merely for “ceremonial” purposes (i.e. decoration). This seems to be nonsense.
  • 2000 National Guard troops sworn in as deputy US Marshals with arrest power. Big clue.
  • US Marshals running many aircraft to and from DC from across the nation.
  • US Marines arriving on Osprey aircraft.
  • Rumors of larger armored vehicles and additional possible missile systems, but not confirmed.
  • Major Gen. William Walker refers to the DC area as a “security bubble.” In another video, he talks about a “smooth transition to military authority.”
  • FBI visits a blogger who is angry. Aren’t we all?
  • Trump issued Proclamation on National Sanctity of Human Life Day. A critical declaration in the name of God, to position America as a nation under God, and not a nation of baby murderers.
  • Why Christians, conservatives and truth-tellers need to be ready to help free Leftists from their “hate cult” that has been pushed by the left-wing media for four years.
  • The media has incited left-wing radicalism while falsely claiming the real radicals are Christians and conservatives.

Their "Republic" and Our Republic

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our confused Territorial Employees are trying to form their own "Republic" fashioned after our republics, but they don't know enough to do it properly and can only function on our credit, which prevents them from ever being a real republic. 


They think that they can occupy the old Federal Republic that was created as an instrumentality of the original Confederation and which was an American-run Federal Subcontractor --- but they don't have a contract to do that with the actual Delegator of the Enumerated Powers, and that's us, The United States of America. 

All the things that they are doing and trying to do reflect their confusion and ignorance of history and ownership interests and structure of the actual government.  

Just look at the laundry list of questions I received about the "new republic" that the Territorial U.S. Citizens are trying to launch for themselves: 

1. Why is the 'new' currency, still a 'note', instead of a dollar? Only thing that has changed is the players!
2.  Why is DT creating another "United States Republic", corporation. 
3.  Why are the Illuminati Goals of a Digital Currency, implemented, which is Push Button Control of the Population.  Total Transparency to Who. What happens if another Obummer Sneaks in. 
4. Why are the fraudulent Birth Certificates still issued by the 'State of' corporations still creating "Human Resource Units"?  Those should all cease and the Revenue inherent in them should be tendered to the Live Person They Defrauded by their Creation!
5.  If the IRS, Internal Revenue Service (joke) forms still being used, when they are completely fraudulently in nature, and the 'Service' is dissolved and doesn't exist any more.
6. The banks are still going to use the PN fraud, Why is that allowed to continue.
7.  Why are all the land deeds remaining in the PUBLIC venue, instead of moving them back into the private, reversing what FDR did. If our sweat equity paid for the land then we should go back to issuing "Grant Deed", where the language again is "Free from all taxes and encumbrances".  ( Look up any deed prior to 1925.) 
8. If, indeed, he is opening all Rothchilds Patent office to the public, why are we still dependent on Gas ( a bush world) and have modes of travel that produce their own energy.  I. E. Water separated powers cars great. Original Patent holder was murdered to stop their production.
9.  Why is the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, still pursuing fraudulent debt Collections. All Cases involving IRS and DOJ should be by EO dismissed ab initio, and all IRS debt cleared out!
10. Finally, The Common Law is Private Law. Corporate law is public, thereby stealing your property as they have an interest in your land. I.E.
Warranty deed, simply moves the next tenant in possession to the land temporarily, whereas a Grant Deed Passes Private title ( housed in the County Court house.) No opportunity to lien unless adjudicated by a court, justice of the peace.

****Please note the incorrect statement in Question 10 --- the way things are now and the way they have been for a long time, Corporate law is private, not public, and Public Law isn't rarely addressed at all.****

The thing to bear in mind is that this is their idea of a republic -- their republic operated for them--  and it has nothing to do with your State republics which already exist and which demand your time and attention.  Once again, the Territorial United States Government is reorganizing itself --- and trying to substitute itself for our American-run Federal Republic, similar to the way that Territorial State-of-State organizations substituted themselves for our American-run State-of-State organizations in the wake of the Civil War. 

They are still proposing to have access to our credit, and to issue cryptocurrency NOTES against our assets, but in point of fact, they are not operating under American control and oversight ---and the "Federal Republic" that has permission to issue credit in our names is American owned and operated, not British.  

They have to seriously rethink several aspects of their plan, or it is just going to be another illegal fraud and Mess. 

First and foremost, while we are willing to entertain their desires to operate as lawful people (State Nationals) and to be protected under the Constitutions like everyone else, and while we understand and agree with their desire to be employed and to adopt a republican form of government ---- they still can't be operating as rogue foreign corporations, pretending to be and to exercise the powers of our Federal Republic while in fact substituting a foreign organization for it, nor can they make false claims in commerce against us and our assets.  

That simply isn't going to work anymore. 

There is one way out of this, and that is to come clean all the way. 


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Why Isn't the Trump Administration Cooperating --- and Benefiting?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked why the Trump Administration is making all these mistakes and why they are not openly cooperating with our lawful government?
The short answer is that President Trump believes that he has to remain the "President" of the British Territorial Government in order to maintain control of the situation and have standing to operate as Commander-in-Chief.
This isn't true. He could actually operate as the President of the whole shebang and have a much more solid claim to be Commander-in-Chief, but in this as in so many other things, he is being advised by American Bar Attorneys.
American Bar Attorneys have been trained to operate as efficient Shipping Clerks in the British Merchant Marine Service. How much do you think they know about actual Public Law and American Government?
Not much.
A few more American Bar Attorneys have been trained in International Law as JAG Officers and they are competent in Admiralty Law --- which again, isn't the kind of International Law that our Treaties and Constitutions and Public Law address, but is still a great deal better than nothing at all.
The recent public embarrassment of multiple State Attorney Generals speaks eloquently to the problem. Multiple State of State Attorney Generals addressed the SCOTUS seeking to bring charges in Original Jurisdiction to challenge the election --- blissfully unaware that as State of State Attorney Generals they lacked standing to bring charges in Original Jurisdiction.
Now, these people aren't stupid, uneducated, or frivolous -- they simply haven't been educated in the subjects necessary.
Why haven't they been properly educated?
Because of the Great Fraud, the Public Law became inaccessible to the vast majority of people, and as a result, it fell into disuse.
There was no call for it, and demand was needed to justify expenditure of funds and assignment of personnel to administer courts of Public Law ---- and it wasn't in the self-interest of the traitors promoting the Great Fraud to educate Americans about their actual history or the Public Law, so, gradually, it simply dropped out of the Law School Curriculum.
A very, very few students, like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, were taken aside and privately tutored so that they learned the American Public Law -- but not for the right reasons. They were tutored in our Public Law by British Barristers, so that they could use it to protect themselves and their traitorous relatives in The Pilgrims Society.
Too bad these British mentors of the Dynamic Duo didn't know that Hillary was a member of the Irish Republican Army from childhood onward. We doubt that they would have been so avid and complete with their training assignments.
So, anyway, the vast majority of American Bar Attorneys and US Bar Attorneys, both, have never been trained in the forms of law that matter now, and they are falling back on what they do have in their kit bags.
The vast majority of American attorneys and judges think of themselves as "loyal Americans" and have been unaware of the Great Fraud they have been participating in. So, here they are, rallying around, trying to help without really having the tools to do the job, and not yet having the Big Picture perspective on the problems at hand.
Also, as you can understand, there is no great element of trust available when people are confused and trying to sort things out that are of ultimate and urgent importance. President Trump's mission and contractual obligation is to protect our country and our people, and so, he is doing his best with what he's got.
It will take time and perspective to realize that the American Government was "missing" so far as the international community was concerned, and more time to realize why it was "missing" and still more time to accept the fact that the Territorial Government is not the same as the American Government.
It will also take time to accept the fact that the actual American Government has been called into Session and is now here, presenting itself, after a purported hundred and sixty year Interregnum.
The Truth is often stranger than fiction, and frankly, Donald Trump has enough on his plate right now. He has sufficient granted authority to exercise his Office as Commander-in-Chief. He's doing a fine job with that. All the rest of the fine points can come later. The narrow Admiralty venue and the expertise of the JAG Officers is sufficient -- in a pinch -- to do what has to be done.

We trust these honorable men to protect the American States and People as their contractual obligations require, and we trust the International Admiralty Law to yield justice to international criminals.


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No Act Changes a Country Into a Corporation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lots of people are suddenly running around parroting nonsense, saying that "the Act of 1871" converted this country into a corporation, but that is an obvious impossibility that didn't happen in 1871 or at any other time. 

Countries are not and cannot be corporations. 

As I have already pointed out, the real mischief being referenced actually occurred the prior year, when the Municipal United States (falsely) claimed the ability (as a representative of our lawful government) to charter corporations.  

This Corporations Act of 1870 usurped upon a fundamental right and power of The United States of America that was never granted to the Municipal United States Government by any Constitution and it could not be magically granted to the Municipal United States Government by any self-serving Act of Congress. 

That entire action was unconstitutional Ultra Vires over-reach on the part of the members of the then-Congress, null and void from inception.  

Remember that under Roman Civil Law, that is, Municipal Law, you can lie and cheat and steal all you like, so long as nobody calls you on it.  Once fraud is discovered and opposed, however, that same Roman Civil Law will happily crush you underfoot.  

The Corporations Act of 1870 was a crime of fraudulent misrepresentation of authority undertaken by our Employees usurping upon us-----and we have objected to it. 

Just like a game of Wizard's Chess, the big chess pieces begin to move and things start blowing up.  A chain reaction of unavoidable, logical, inexorable consequences begins. 

Under their own law, the rats have to capitulate.  They always knew that they were running this risk, but did it anyway, thinking that nobody would catch on to their deceit.   

Now, all the "US" CORPORATIONS that were formed under these circumstances are having a hissy fit and trying to avoid the obvious fact that they have no valid charter.  

None of them have any valid basis to exist, unless we extend our sovereign power to reconvey their charters and place them under our Public Law and authorize them to continue to operate. 

All the Territorial USA Corporations are in exactly the same or worse position, because they were authorized as Municipal Corporation franchises, that is, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia authorized the existence of USA, Inc. as a franchise of the US, INC.  

Fraud vitiates everything it touches. 

So, here are all these thousands upon thousands of invalid business structures, and everything they do is tainted.  Are you beginning to see why the whole world is stymied and in a state of shock and paralysis? 

The only way that these businesses can continue to function is if we come back through the door and validate their incorporation, albeit, their incorporation under our own separate authority and control as the lawful government of this country. 

People like Bill Gates suddenly have a choice --- operate lawfully or go bye-bye.  

As the king pins in this corrupt system are mostly crooks themselves, this is not exactly a welcome "opportunity" and some elements are fighting it tooth and nail, but overall, reform beats the alternative --- liquidation.  

Picture yourself as a completely dissolute alcoholic playboy with a gambling addiction, ten mistresses, a drug habit, and debts to the mafia---- and suddenly, you are told in all seriousness, that you have to totally reform all your bad habits or die?  

Some of these corporations are going to choose "corporate death", because the reform required is too radical for their directors to stomach. Others are going to look at the situation and say, well, we can live and prosper under the Public Law.... we'll reform and re-charter.  

That is what the German, Italian, and Russian Governments have already decided, because it was never to their advantage to be part of the Municipal Scheme in the first place.  Others will follow. 

Our lawful government doesn't have a problem granting valid charters to "US" corporations that are operating honestly and providing goods and services that people need.  

In fact, by Operation of Law, we are holding all the US CORPORATION charters right now, which includes all the Territorial Corporation charters as a result of the way the whole thing was structured from the beginning. 

Getting back to the Mass Delusion about the Act of 1871 (which was repealed in 1874) --- all that really happened as a result of the Act of 1871 and the later tinkering that resulted from it --- was that our Federal Subcontractors stopped operating as unincorporated Business Enterprises and started operating as incorporated Municipal CORPORATIONS.  

This obviously did not change our country into a Municipal CORPORATION. 

The fall out of the Act of 1871 changed the business structures that our Municipal and Territorial Subcontractor's were operating under. It changed the power structure and relationship between the two Federal Subcontractors. It changed the form of law they were operating under.  It allowed them to exploit bankruptcy privileges.  It allowed them to commit crimes of deceit.  

Yes, the combined result of the Corporations Act of 1870 and the nested tangle of legislation stemming from the Act of 1871  had a lot of unfortunate (for us and others) consequences, but, it resoundingly did not change our American Government, it did not change the obligations of these Federal Subcontractors, and it did not "change our country into a corporation".  


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"Second" Declaration of Independence — ? No Contract

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is not a comment about the content of the so-called Second Declaration of Independence that has been circulated on the web, because I haven’t read it.

I don’t have to read it to know that it is another British Barrister’s trick—- and here’s why.

Ever heard of a “Chain of Title”? 

If you have claim to a piece of property — any kind of property— and that claim is based on a title or contract that is transferred over time, you must be able to demonstrate a step by step valid ownership
Interest transferred to you by the original grantor or patent-holder.

This is called a “Chain of Title” because each transfer of ownership represents a link in the “chain” linking the property to you.

Guess what happens if one link fails?

The chain of title breaks and you are out of luck. 

The same thing happens with all such claims and contracts.  Write this in big letters:  If there is a break between you and the original contract, you lose it.

That is what has happened to our Federal Subcontractors as a result of their own actions, and now they are trying to bait us into similarly castrating ourselves.

The “Second” Declaration is a lawyer’s trick  to sucker us into destroying our own claim to all that The Declaration of Independence established.

If you accept a “Second” Declaration of Independence, you cause a break between you and the original Declaration of Independence, and as a result, you lose all that your Forefathers won —- your land, your soil, your independence, your sovereignty, your Natural Unalienable Rights— all tossed away by your own hands.

And wouldn’t our enemies love that, if we were stupid enough to “voluntarily” forfeit all that our Forefathers won,  by accepting a “Second” Declaration of Independence?

We don’t need any “Second” Declaration of Independence.  The original still stands as glorious today as it ever was and ever shall be. And it is the only bedrock source of American independence and sovereignty.

Lose our direct connect to the original Declaration of Independence or foolishly exchange it or give it away for anything else, and we lose everything.

So did our Mothers’ raise stupid children? 

Despite Bill Gate’s claims about how stupid Americans are, we are not that stupid by a long shot. 


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My Pillow CEO Says Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s to Stop Selling His Products

The 1776 Report from The President's Advisory 1776 Commission, January 2021

Why would President Trump publish this now?


Down to the wire. Trump's last chance? Watch tomorrow and find out.

Robert David Steele interviews Charlie Ward.