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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Why Isn't the Trump Administration Cooperating --- and Benefiting?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked why the Trump Administration is making all these mistakes and why they are not openly cooperating with our lawful government?
The short answer is that President Trump believes that he has to remain the "President" of the British Territorial Government in order to maintain control of the situation and have standing to operate as Commander-in-Chief.
This isn't true. He could actually operate as the President of the whole shebang and have a much more solid claim to be Commander-in-Chief, but in this as in so many other things, he is being advised by American Bar Attorneys.
American Bar Attorneys have been trained to operate as efficient Shipping Clerks in the British Merchant Marine Service. How much do you think they know about actual Public Law and American Government?
Not much.
A few more American Bar Attorneys have been trained in International Law as JAG Officers and they are competent in Admiralty Law --- which again, isn't the kind of International Law that our Treaties and Constitutions and Public Law address, but is still a great deal better than nothing at all.
The recent public embarrassment of multiple State Attorney Generals speaks eloquently to the problem. Multiple State of State Attorney Generals addressed the SCOTUS seeking to bring charges in Original Jurisdiction to challenge the election --- blissfully unaware that as State of State Attorney Generals they lacked standing to bring charges in Original Jurisdiction.
Now, these people aren't stupid, uneducated, or frivolous -- they simply haven't been educated in the subjects necessary.
Why haven't they been properly educated?
Because of the Great Fraud, the Public Law became inaccessible to the vast majority of people, and as a result, it fell into disuse.
There was no call for it, and demand was needed to justify expenditure of funds and assignment of personnel to administer courts of Public Law ---- and it wasn't in the self-interest of the traitors promoting the Great Fraud to educate Americans about their actual history or the Public Law, so, gradually, it simply dropped out of the Law School Curriculum.
A very, very few students, like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, were taken aside and privately tutored so that they learned the American Public Law -- but not for the right reasons. They were tutored in our Public Law by British Barristers, so that they could use it to protect themselves and their traitorous relatives in The Pilgrims Society.
Too bad these British mentors of the Dynamic Duo didn't know that Hillary was a member of the Irish Republican Army from childhood onward. We doubt that they would have been so avid and complete with their training assignments.
So, anyway, the vast majority of American Bar Attorneys and US Bar Attorneys, both, have never been trained in the forms of law that matter now, and they are falling back on what they do have in their kit bags.
The vast majority of American attorneys and judges think of themselves as "loyal Americans" and have been unaware of the Great Fraud they have been participating in. So, here they are, rallying around, trying to help without really having the tools to do the job, and not yet having the Big Picture perspective on the problems at hand.
Also, as you can understand, there is no great element of trust available when people are confused and trying to sort things out that are of ultimate and urgent importance. President Trump's mission and contractual obligation is to protect our country and our people, and so, he is doing his best with what he's got.
It will take time and perspective to realize that the American Government was "missing" so far as the international community was concerned, and more time to realize why it was "missing" and still more time to accept the fact that the Territorial Government is not the same as the American Government.
It will also take time to accept the fact that the actual American Government has been called into Session and is now here, presenting itself, after a purported hundred and sixty year Interregnum.
The Truth is often stranger than fiction, and frankly, Donald Trump has enough on his plate right now. He has sufficient granted authority to exercise his Office as Commander-in-Chief. He's doing a fine job with that. All the rest of the fine points can come later. The narrow Admiralty venue and the expertise of the JAG Officers is sufficient -- in a pinch -- to do what has to be done.

We trust these honorable men to protect the American States and People as their contractual obligations require, and we trust the International Admiralty Law to yield justice to international criminals.


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  1. TrumPuppet is a Jesuit Mason just like the rest of the puppets before him. He fast tracked Operation Warped Speed and 5GStarlink which are the two most dangerous agendas facing us today!
    Thanks for trusting THE PLAN💉🧬🛰📲 SUCKERS, I mean Q-TARDS!

    1. @Jayebird65.... You made the Claim so Where can I look up the evidence that Trump is a Jesuit Mason? You are claiming Trump fast tracked Operation Warped Speed and 5GStarlink.... Where can I find this information? Is this documented Evidence or your Belief?????? Is the illusion part of Trumps Chess Game? You do know in the game of chess you have to sacrifice some of your pieces. Funny how Trump protected the Military from the vaccine requiring it to be proven safe first, while seeming to support a fast science vaccine for the public. Is this because people are to damn stupid to read the facts about what a virus actually is in the first place?

      I believe the most dangerous agenda, if you want to call it an agenda, is people with limited thinking passing off their beliefs as Facts.

      Did you not learn to say NO as a toddler? If you did learn to say NO why would you consent to a toxic vaccination. Just because all the other masked people are lining up to get a vaccine doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Obviously you are still in the name calling business. When does that stop? 3rd grade? 5th grade? 10th grade? Some people it seems never graduate 10th grade, remaining small minded for life. Just an observation.

      Who exactly did you help with your post? Did you provide any education or resources for those in need? Since I have never once listened to Q-anon I can't be a Q-TARD, but I am sure you can come up with another negative descriptive Name, reach in your hat and pull one out just for me! I'll be sure to worry obsessively about your Opinion while I am doing 3 Notices of Discrimination a week and helping people learn how to do a commercial lien and file Mechanic's lien to protect their home from Pirates.

      What are you doing to find a solution to predatory Corporations? I apologize for my childish questions, I let your stupid comment get under my skin as I have had enough of stupidity for one day. Where can I send your cookie?

      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    2. Jaybird65:

      Here's your supporting evidences. Every day Trump manifested on the news media, PRETENDING THAT


      Why look for more evidences smart people?

  2. Wow you two bring a new MEANING to IGNORANT .....................

  3. Require proof ? It’s broadcast on media daily fast track warp speed vaccine bypassing all long term trials .
    Same with 5G no disclosure using WW2 safety limits on radiation. .Debora Travoris website stop the crime net . Produces documents on agenda 2030 and it’s implemention.
    Safe for military vaccinations that’s a first the canal knew the swine flu vaccine caused cancer because huge number of cases ,
    As Ted Gunderson FBI director of Northern California describes.
    So they planned a pandemic to wipe out the population using a variation of the same ingredients.

  4. Interessantes Foto auf der neuen White House seite, nicht?

  5. Geht in Amerika nun Volks Verfassungs Staats Recht über U.s.UCC Verwaltungs Recht .

  6. Anna my dear friend,

    Donald Trump may not become the unincorporated Constitutional Republic President like I said before in previous posts due to the fact that The Constitutional Republic does not exist at this moment but in the process of being re-established (not by The Assembly but by another organization The Assembly is not aware of that I personally am a lifetime member of)!!! I am not on this forum to be a spectator of The Assembly on the side line but to be a guide and director of The Assembly (no more, no less, all my predictions on this forum so far has come true [what more do I need to do to prove to The Assembly that I am your divine and mortal servant {leader}])!!! It would be divinely wise for every mortal on Earth to read and comprehend my scripts as if their mortal and divine lives depend on it, period!!! All the organizations I am part of are on the right track but stuck in the mud just like The Assembly!!! Only I have the solutions to getting unstuck out of the mud for all Earthly organizations who are pro-creation and pro-humanity!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

    1. Originally posted on article by Anna: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
      "Second" Declaration of Independence — ? No Contract

      Make it happen- January 20, 2021 at 6:03 PM

      It is very unfortunate that Earthly mortals severed the Paradise/Heaven on Earth "Chain of Title" with our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!! My personal divine command and mandate is to reconnect the broken "Chain of Title" without fail!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!