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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Situation Update, Jan 19th, 2021 – Declass delayed, DC militarization goes extreme, Haspel resigns, dirty bomb weapons specialist soldiers deployed

(Natural News) Each day brings new observations and intel to the table, and today’s prognosis is largely negative, given that yesterday’s promised “declass” maneuver by the Trump administration did not materialize.

Because declass was an important waypoint in the entire operation, we might conclude that white hat operators have been defeated or significantly delayed, and this does not bode well for the outcome tomorrow.

On the positive side, we learned today that CIA director Gina Haspel has resigned, and she was a key person blocking many of the Russiagate documents all along. So it is possible that her removal now clears the way for declass to continue, although things seem pretty late in the game at this point, with less than 24 hours remaining in Trump’s first term.

We must all brace for the worst case outcome, which is Joe Biden being sworn in and transforming America into a communist-controlled authoritarian police state where free speech is illegal and conservatives are hunted by the government’s secret police. This is what the left-wing media is demanding at this point, and it smacks of the crimes carried out by every tyrannical regime we’ve seen throughout history, most of which eventually pursued outright genocide against political opponents.

Even though one source is telling me, “Everything is already wrapped up” and there’s no need for concern, I share the concerns of this audience in observing public events and not knowing whether we’re going to wake up under tyranny on Thursday morning, with an actual communist puppet in charge of the federal government, determined to silence Christians and conservatives at gunpoint.

As Patrick Byrne sent out on Telegram this morning, Biden’s handlers mostly consist of insane left-wing, power-hungry women who can’t wait to deploy their twisted anti-America agenda on the entire nation:

…These females running Joe n Jill are salivating and frothing at the mouth. They cannot wait to undo anything and everything Trump has brought forward via EO in the past 4 years. They aren’t even hiding the things they are going to implement week 1, month 1.

The entire Biden inauguration is a festival of fakery

It’s all fake. Now they’re putting 200,000 Americans flags on the capitol lawn to indicate “the People,” but they are flags, not people. The real people have been kept out with razor wire fences, barricades and a military presence that smacks of gunpoint authoritarianism.

Joe Biden’s election “victory” was faked and rigged, so it’s only fitting that his inauguration is also replete with fakery.

Legally speaking, nothing Biden does as “president” has any legal standing whatsoever, since his entire presidency is a lie rooted in treason and fraud.

Thus, even if he starts to issue a flurry of executive orders and policy positions, all that can be corrected if he arrested and removed from office in the coming days, should the white hats gain the upper hand. (And we pray they do.)

In today’s Situation Update for January 19th, I cover:

  • How the false flag plans of Antifa, the FBI and CNN were defeated over the last few days by people staying home.
  • Why the battlefield is a fluid situation with moves and counter moves. Some days the intel is positive, other days it’s negative. We can only watch and speculate.
  • Why we must double down on our faith in God for the coming days.
  • More good advice from Lin Wood about trusting in God and trusting Trump.
  • The NSA pushes for Michael Ellis to be general counsel, while Nancy Pelosi sought to block him. Ellis appears to be pivotal in the authorization of documents from the NSA.
  • The FBI is vetting all the troops at the capitol, pretending it’s about a few individuals who have “radical” ideas. But in truth, Joe Biden despises the military, just as he despises the people, which is why so much razor wire is needed at the capitol.
  • Dem. Rep. Steve Cohen disparages all White people in the military, claiming Whites might be terrorists. This is blatant racism and bigotry on display.
  • Dr. Charles Lieber arrested for sharing secrets with the CCP.
  • Why is Cuomo skipping the inauguration?
  • Scott Kesterson’s observation that DC looks like a giant detainment camp, possibly for holding military tribunals in the near future.
  • Active duty troops confirmed to be deployed to DC.
  • Pentagon brings in 750 specialist troops with training to deal with, “chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and explosive weapons.”
  • Another 2,000 active-duty military brought in, with claim they are present merely for “ceremonial” purposes (i.e. decoration). This seems to be nonsense.
  • 2000 National Guard troops sworn in as deputy US Marshals with arrest power. Big clue.
  • US Marshals running many aircraft to and from DC from across the nation.
  • US Marines arriving on Osprey aircraft.
  • Rumors of larger armored vehicles and additional possible missile systems, but not confirmed.
  • Major Gen. William Walker refers to the DC area as a “security bubble.” In another video, he talks about a “smooth transition to military authority.”
  • FBI visits a blogger who is angry. Aren’t we all?
  • Trump issued Proclamation on National Sanctity of Human Life Day. A critical declaration in the name of God, to position America as a nation under God, and not a nation of baby murderers.
  • Why Christians, conservatives and truth-tellers need to be ready to help free Leftists from their “hate cult” that has been pushed by the left-wing media for four years.
  • The media has incited left-wing radicalism while falsely claiming the real radicals are Christians and conservatives.


  1. I heard that if Biden does get inaugurated, it's for the illegal Corporate United States, Inc, which is totally defunct. We are going back to the original unincorporated united states of 1776, which the inauguration took place in March, not January. On the 21st, the Insurrection Act would go into affect and the military will take over the govt until a new Govt can be put in place, which would make Trump the 19th President of the real united states, whithout the Fed.

  2. Must Watch the following video. You have a right to choose your political status - whether you want to be ruled by the corporate Vatican City State of Washington DC. or live as a free and sovereign individual living in one of the states whose president is now operating out of Mar-a-Lago. Trump gave his farewell address as president of the corporate Vatican City State of Washington DC but apparently has made a decision to serve as President of the majority who voted for him. Trumps actions make sense because the majority of people who voted for him were American Nationals who are living outside the ten square of the Corporate Vatican City State of Washington DC. Consequently, Trump may serve as President of American Nationals and the new "White House" will be located in Mar-a-Lago.

    BardsFM, By and For the People - 20210119

    1. God Is Government

    2. And TX Buda Kyle tried to mix Christianity and Buddhism together, that's not going to work I know SO it won't work.


      Trinity of Global Control Vatican City, City of London, Washington DC - Religious Financial Military

    4. The Pope? How many divisions has he got? Josef Stalin (1879-1953): Soviet leader said, in connection with: Winston Churchill, The Second World War, vol. 1, "The Gathering Storm," ch. 8, (1948), said, 13 May 1935, to French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval, in reply to a suggestion that the Soviet Union should encourage Catholicism in order to propitiate the Pope.

      Know the upper layer people.


    "god is government" is the cry of socialists/marxists/hegelian-brainwashed people -- dialectical materialists. it is the "end of history" and the end of all law. it is merging legal and lawful together. law is from everlasting, like "god". "governments" and men and courts and constitutions come and go.

    it is delphi technique "consensus" -- the opposite of law. truth is entirely dependent on how many people can be
    deceived. does not exist, except as a fleshly, worldly, material popularity contest.
    the end of all "right" and beginning of all "wrong".

    that is "the lord" satan, obsolete. new test and christ came. those are the laws of satanists who deny christ. christ is spirit of truth, not "the law" (really, legal)

    law is god. spirit. right. truth.

    government (and "the lord" of old test, and sola scriptura) is legal -- shadow, empty shell; "by the letter" with no spirit, leftover, fruit of a particular spirit. may or may not be lawful.

    even kings did not proclaim this materialism -- they were there only so long as they obeyed god.
    Francis Duaren says, the reason why the ecclesiastics called the rules they established canons or rules, (canones id est regulas) and not laws, was modesty. They did not dare to call them (leges) laws, lest they should seem to arrogate to themselves the authority of princes and magistrates.
    non-satanists keep a separation. no worldly kingdom. "satan, god of this world" eastons bible dictionary, "satan".

    that position is taken. "good luck with that"
    At the time of the American founding, the most widespread claim was
    a form of the divine right of kings, that is to say, the
    assertion that God appoints some men, or some
    families, to rule and consigns the rest to be ruled.
    trump's supposed agents dressing up as antifa makes them pirates, losing any protection under the rules of war.

    as anna has said re: police, if you cant do it as a private individual, a badge (or hidden badge in this case) provides no immunity
    what is the current situation? divine right of military pirate kings.

    paul and anna push same old "the lord" "mary" heresy and 10 commandments, obsolete by the new test -- a denial of christ

    maxim of law: when 2 rights concur in one person, they are separate persons. Douay-Rheims warns about this, to no avail. such is "the lord" and "mary"; such is "their lord and his christ" worldly kingdom of revelation versus matthew 24 and John 18:36

    the 2nd coming worldly kingdom of "the lord" satan rolls on and on, doesnt matter if trump or biden or paul or anna are in "office"

    noone can serve 2 masters.

    fake "catholics" and quasi-christians who deny christ, and quasi-"jews" too.

    not seeing any difference than the prior "gov" -- same old hucksters selling satanism under guise of "god" -- divine right of kings.

    "the lord" sent them. the devil made them do it.

    wake me when the worldly kingdom of satan is actually "bound", and not just more deception.

    Jus et fraudem numquam cohabitant. Right and fraud never go together.
    Jus ex injuria non oritur. A right cannot arise from a wrong. 4 Bing. 639.
    Nihil facit error nominis cum de corpore constat. An error in the name is nothing when there is certainty as to the person. 11 Co. 21.

    Nil facit error nominis, si de corpore constat. An error in the name is immaterial, if the body is certain.

    Non differunt quae concordant re, tametsi non in verbis iisdem. Those things which agree in substance though not in the same words, do not differ. Jenk. Cent. 70.

    john 14:6

    1. what is the commmon denominator amongst paul anna trump and biden? they all reject christ for "the lord" and his commandments instead

      John 13:34

      I am certain that when in the Council I pronounced the ritual words ‘Exeunt Omnes’ (everyone out), one who did not obey was the Devil. He is always there where confusion triumphs, to stir it up and take advantage of it.

      Cardinal Pericle Felici, Secretary-General of the Council.

      ‘Humanly speaking, the Church is dead.’

      christ had a new commandment. people pushing "the lord" are satanists, it is a deliberate deception to get them to deny christ, and try to "go to the father" outside of christ.

      "the bible" is crystal clear on this. how many "warnings" does it take until people stop pushing devil worship?

      satan, god of this world. pretty clear. christ, spirit of truth.

      "the lord" -- people who reject christ.

      "our lord" christ, had a new commandment, saved people from "the lord" satan.

      "mary" jewish lady. bitter. "our lady" mother of god.

      noone goes to the father except through me -- bible christ.

      thats because "the lord" is satan.

    2. are there any actual genuine americans who are non-commies and who arent pushing "british israel" "the lord" deceptions?

      "the union jack" covers this (except it is kabbalah, not judaism)

      thats like 1970s. these are ancient british deceptions, from quasi "jews", for fabian socialism

      torah forbids secret books and trying to "force the end"

      that is what trying to force "the lord" on everyone amounts to -- denial of christ, apocalypse, satan wins. game over.

      it is forbidden by "judaism" -- what makes clueless "christians" think they are allowed to do it, and that they are allowed to deny christ?

      that is just yet another variation of the same old pirate schtick, dress up like "christians" and wear the "flag" to try to lead people to satan. besides damning themselves and damning other people, they lose any protection under the "rules of war"

      what is the benefit here? more hell on earth? they are losing their followers and have to get new recruits for the kingdom of satan on earth? they need to purloin some credit?

      it is called perfidy. its against judaism, christianity, "catholicism", and rules of war.

      its only "legal" for satanists.

    3. "the government is god" "god is government" ?

      as anna might say, you want them to change your diapers too?

      i thought the goal was to escape the legal de facto tyranny.

      so much for "spirit of truth" -- yet another psy-op, from people who have been repeatedly warned.

      not much else to say "satanists" on all "sides"

      looks like satan will win not just the material world (which he already had), but almost everyone's souls too.

      "china" ? CCP? we got commies right here on this board lol

      the churches are infiltrated. how many warnings does it take? "the lord" is satan. "our lord" is christ. never the two shall meet.

      you cant 'merge' them. thats just satan wins by default.
      you can pretend to be 'secular', again, satan wins by default.
      you can pretend to follow the "bible" to the letter, but seeing as how spirit is lost and all that remains is "the lord" -- looks like ppl will get tricked into devil worship,

      my kingdom is not of this world. noone goes to the father except through me. "the government is god" is the kingdom of satan and commies and quasi-jews.

      actual jews dont do this! its forbidden by judaism! its called an idol, like the golden calf.

      worldly israel is not the same as actual spiritual "israel"

      zionists are illuminist/kabbalists. why do you think there is a rothschild boulevard?

      every rothschild will convert to christ sooner than "the lord" satan becomes god.

      loosing binding. if you dont remember who god is, satan wins. as above, so below. revelation, keys to death and hell. thats what "the lord" is. christ has keys to heaven. a trinity.

      that means christ is god if you want heaven. if you want hell, christ is not god, and instead "the lord" of old test. is god.

    4. the beast of revelation is blasphemy. keys to death and hell.

      that is what all this "the lord" garbage is about.

      matthew 24 -- dont believe them. "the lord" is satan. easy.

      "our lord" christ, is part of a trinity, and is god.

      "the bible" warns about this. it says dont believe these "the lord" people.


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