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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

"Second" Declaration of Independence — ? No Contract

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is not a comment about the content of the so-called Second Declaration of Independence that has been circulated on the web, because I haven’t read it.

I don’t have to read it to know that it is another British Barrister’s trick—- and here’s why.

Ever heard of a “Chain of Title”? 

If you have claim to a piece of property — any kind of property— and that claim is based on a title or contract that is transferred over time, you must be able to demonstrate a step by step valid ownership
Interest transferred to you by the original grantor or patent-holder.

This is called a “Chain of Title” because each transfer of ownership represents a link in the “chain” linking the property to you.

Guess what happens if one link fails?

The chain of title breaks and you are out of luck. 

The same thing happens with all such claims and contracts.  Write this in big letters:  If there is a break between you and the original contract, you lose it.

That is what has happened to our Federal Subcontractors as a result of their own actions, and now they are trying to bait us into similarly castrating ourselves.

The “Second” Declaration is a lawyer’s trick  to sucker us into destroying our own claim to all that The Declaration of Independence established.

If you accept a “Second” Declaration of Independence, you cause a break between you and the original Declaration of Independence, and as a result, you lose all that your Forefathers won —- your land, your soil, your independence, your sovereignty, your Natural Unalienable Rights— all tossed away by your own hands.

And wouldn’t our enemies love that, if we were stupid enough to “voluntarily” forfeit all that our Forefathers won,  by accepting a “Second” Declaration of Independence?

We don’t need any “Second” Declaration of Independence.  The original still stands as glorious today as it ever was and ever shall be. And it is the only bedrock source of American independence and sovereignty.

Lose our direct connect to the original Declaration of Independence or foolishly exchange it or give it away for anything else, and we lose everything.

So did our Mothers’ raise stupid children? 

Despite Bill Gate’s claims about how stupid Americans are, we are not that stupid by a long shot. 


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  1. @Unknown.... This platform ultimately posts each of us as unknown or anonymous at some point. What Reference material would you like? I have almost 20GB of files on my computer and very willing to share as my mission is to help educate. Send me an email and I will let you know how to obtain all the info for the price of a Flash drive and around $2.40 in postage.

    Annie McShane
    Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    1. Annie - your post on another article had questions, but comments were turned off.
      Contact is law. Paper Up, record, join Assemblies. As Anna instructs. Anna knows contract is law.
      Where is Anna's contract to be Fiduciary? When does Anna's term end? What are the contractual duties, obligations & to whom? What happens if Anna can't fulfill her contract, then to whom does the obligation provide?

      OR is Anna self-appointed Fiduciary as bloodline heir claim? Which is it? Bloodline Royal heirship or contract with Americans? Provide the contract.

      Further, who is this Hein III? What is the Contract/Obligation with Hein III & with whom or what? What is Hein supposed to do with OUR WEALTH, as directed by Bloodline heir Fiduciary Anna for JEW Mnuchin to follow? Is Hein III a jew? PROVIDE THE CONTRACT. Or is this an agreement between Bloodline heir Anna & Hein? Or just a verbal agreement, no paper contract? :
      Monday, April 6, 2020 Dear Mr. Trump - 6 April 2020
      "...Your Administration must without further delay contact John Franklin Hein III and establish the means to move the "legacy trust assets" and actual money and verified credit back into circulation. Mr. Mnunchin in his capacity as an Interpol Officer and as both private and public fiduciary needs to get on the stick and set up the necessary mercantile bank accounts to do this..."

      American State Nationals/Citizens are required to produce paper evidence of their claims, correct their status, record it all. Contract is law. Anna knows this very, very well.

    2. Does Anna's Fiduciary status also provide that she is Immigration Tsar? We have asked for the law on which she bases her immigration claims. The closest we received was this:
      Friday, September 18, 2020 Coordinator’s Handbook- Chapter 2 The standard of evidence needed to change from a birthright American State National to a Municipal citizen of the United States was set on April 14, 1802, by 2 Statute at Large 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1. This remains the Public Law that pertains to Americans wishing to change their political status to that of Municipal citizens of the United States.

      NOTE: "Americans wishing to change their political status to that of Municipal citizens" - We can't find this law as proposed. Is this an 'inversion' of a Municipal law, & whats its origin? Was it Municipal law code statute (not lawful, but for corporations), or was this American law to become Municipal?

      This is one attempt by Anna to justify her jewdaic Multi-Culti, open borders for all immigrants who can come to America, hide out for 7 yrs, take no benefits, don't get busted by the Feds & Anna says they have a RIGHT to become American State Nationals & they get to choose their own state. NOBODY ELSE HAS A SAY, not the state, nor the people.

      There was another attempt by Anna to justify her claims, which were her "beliefs" in Multi-Culti'ism. BELIEFS DO NOT MAKE LAW. So she continues to skirt FACTS, AVOID LAW, make up that which pleases her narrative, faking it all, avoiding law. Why?
      Is it becuz American law provided that only those of sound good moral ethical character, Christian, White, European, & who could justifiable provide benefit as an American be allowed to emigrate?

      The next attempt to justify her jewdaic Multi-Culti claims was her last Zoom video in which she changed her justification to some baalcr*p she made up, saying that America was wide open & anybody who came here & settled would then be American.

      So did Anna skip over America law again, just making her baalsh*t up as she goes??? And this one didn't even speak English.

      WHERE IS THE CONTRACT? Reckon its the flimy-mimsy recorded documents, whatever birth certificate or credentials, or 'friendly' autographs they drum up. Where is the contract stating these immigrants KNOW AMERICAN LAW, promise to abide by American Law, to honor & respect Americans & what is OUR REMEDY AGAINST THEM FOR DAMAGES, EVEN DEATH CAUSED BY THEM against us? They don't even have to READ NOR SPEAK ENGLISH, soooooo I guess their excuse is THEY DIDN'T KNOW becuz they couldn't speak English & didn't understand.... and those drivers licenses don't apply, nor can checks be run on them to verify anything they say, we must take them at their word, so we can't issue a warrant beuz their address is fake.

    3. cont'd
      From our research, instances where an American would host a potential permanent or temporary emigrant guaranteeing character, vowing oversight, taking responsibility for this emigrant. Was a contract involved as guarantee on paper, by the host with the government? So if harm was done to an American or their property, a claim could be made against the American host, thus adding greater surety that this emigrant would behave well? Otherwise, where is the remedy?

      Well, lets consider that anyone who papers-up an immigrant based upon Anna's nonexistent law & makes immigrants American State Nationals, then THEY & THEY ALONE guarantee against any harm done to Americans by the immigrants & their family. Let those who perform this act be the very ones held responsible for any harm done to Americans by them, their family for their entire generations to come. Becuz one immigrant does not equal 1, it equal multiples.

      I damn sure do not want these immigrants granted a free pass to have access, any claims against me or my state or my nation ever. It will be claims against those who brought them here UNLAWFULLY & did their paper work, stamped their paper work, grating them MY AMERICA without law.

      Hell, since Anna keeps providing NOTICE to the world that our borders are wide open to anyone who sneaks in & doesn't get caught, then make Anna responsible too, for GENERATIONS UPON GENERATION TO COME. Let Anna's trusts be our surety & remedy, including any life they take or death they cause... cuz they can't speak English... didn't know they couldn't drive while drunk.

      ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? Where is the law? Provide the law. Anna's beliefs & fanciful machinations are NOT LAW.
      PROVIDE THE CONTRACT designating Anna as Fiduciary. Who is Hein III & provide his contract? NOW.

    4. ... Oh & that immigrant situation brought up on Anna's Zoom, so Anna could advise this immigrant, who can't speak English, well... they've been here for DECADES, hiding, avoiding detection. Anna provides them how to become an American State National & they get to choose their state.

      ANNA IS THE IMMIGRATION TZAR, self-appointed, Royal heirship, bloodline storyline... anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-Catholic, anti-European & a jewdaizer. Anna even knows the 'real name' of Christ but the billions of Christians do not. Anna insults Christians with a smile, enjoying their destruction, bloodline heiress to her throne which she claims to be America's Fiduciary. NO CONTRACT, no termination date, no rules, stated obligations to whom or what, we have no idea... BUT WE MUST BELIEVE IN ANNA BANANA. And if we don't believe in Anna Banana, then her little cadre's, Anna Bananaists, will whine & insult you, blame you for exposing the obvious. No contract necessary, cuz believers are her 'levers'.

      What could possibly go wrong?

    Here is a Video that discloses this sinister "Second" Declaration of Independence
    Guess by whom all of the same preps.

  3. The Smithsonian is the institution that is altering our true history huge skeletons found by the hundreds all over America everyone is shipped to smithsonian to never appear again.

    1. bubbapatric - yep. The Smithsonian is owned, run by jews & we gladly give them all of our history, artifacts, skeletal remains, or they barge in & steal it, then hide it or destroy it. We think we're giving it to our Smithsonian for safe keeping & recording the truth. NOT.

      As all the Egyptian artifacts, gold items, skeletal remains etc found in a cave in the Grand Canyon = >>> Confiscated by the bastards born of satans backside.

      And... almost all history is much more recent.

  4. Anna! Here in Florida the attorney general's office made laws to stop me from owning my land here! I can't get patent I can't never own my land! Look on the Florida attorneys website show you why!

  5. Little off topic but militia groups all are looking at separate nations it’s inevitable.
    The Balkanization the year for Hispanic to reconquest,Africans want Atlanta, New Orleans ,
    No matter what pure population density demands it
    Even if Anna is allowed traction the population determines the local politics.
    Just saying same In Europe sams in all the immigrant flooded places thanks to our eternal enemy .

  6. Anna, if The United States of America is a sovereign Republic , why does it need a hereditary Head of State. Do other Republics have that? Indonesia, Sth Africa?

    1. She’s already gone through that in her writings. You could do your own research if you really cared. Articles can be searched on her website. And you are thinking of self government? Please!

  7. Replies
    1. Wink Wink- What inauguration???, you meant being "Made" mafia style, right??? (Made: To be inducted as an official member of an organized crime family, thus getting full protection and care by other family members. Membership is for life and resignation is not an option. Often referred to as getting your "stripes" or "wings".)!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Heaven/Paradise!!!

    2. Originally posted on article by Anna: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
      Why Isn't the Trump Administration Cooperating --- and Benefiting?

      Make it happen- January 20, 2021 at 5:41 PM

      Anna my dear friend,

      Donald Trump may not become the unincorporated Constitutional Republic President like I said before in previous posts due to the fact that The Constitutional Republic does not exist at this moment but in the process of being re-established (not by The Assembly but by another organization The Assembly is not aware of that I personally am a lifetime member of)!!! I am not on this forum to be a spectator of The Assembly on the side line but to be a guide and director of The Assembly (no more, no less, all my predictions on this forum so far has come true [what more do I need to do to prove to The Assembly that I am your divine and mortal servant {leader}])!!! It would be divinely wise for every mortal on Earth to read and comprehend my scripts as if their mortal and divine lives depend on it, period!!! All the organizations I am part of are on the right track but stuck in the mud just like The Assembly!!! Only I have the solutions to getting unstuck out of the mud for all Earthly organizations who are pro-creation and pro-humanity!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

    3. holy moly - video says the inauguration was on TV in Spain 10 hours before the event... PRERECORDED tho stations said it was live.
      at 3mins Charlie Ward says it, he had it 7 am video, which is 11 DC time. So it was all recorded ahead of time??
      So whole ceremony was illegal?? Didn't happen at appointed time.
      Dang video stops & starts. Uggghh.

    4. Make it happen - ha ha ha Yeah: being "Made" mafia style, aka KOSHER NOSTRA STYLE. They're all married to jews at that. What could possibly go wrong??? Even the JEW WIFE of Hunters brother, Bidens son who died, immediately moved in with her deceased husbands own brother Hunter as lovers!!
      She immediately slept with, had long term affairs with HER DEAD HUSBANDS OWN BROTHER... until the family is said asked them to not be so obvious, as it seems word got out & kinda tainted the family image.


  8. It is very unfortunate that Earthly mortals severed the Paradise/Heaven on Earth "Chain of Title" with our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!! My personal divine command and mandate is to reconnect the broken "Chain of Title" without fail!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

  9. Tired of being viewed as chattel, everywhere you look slavery, trees, plants, cows, fields and meadows, seeds, life all of it often borrowed from God and then changed by science in to an alleged "improved"?? product that will not rot back to make soil and microbes. Animals around us must think we are totally crazy that we cannot live on the earth in a peaceful way accepting what it has to offer. Toss out these dam skyscrapers and and end slavery for good