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Monday, March 6, 2017

Reply to Michael R. Hamilton in Regard to Continental Marshals Service

By Anna Von Reitz

Mr. Hamilton, my information on the subject of what the "founders" who started the Continental Marshals knew and didn't know comes directly from Bruce Doucette, who was in fact the one who started the whole ball rolling.

It was NOT the intention of those acting that night on a teleconference to create a Continental Marshals Service. 

They had no idea that there was a separate, special, international jurisdiction involved that is the special province of international police officers called "marshals".   They just wanted protection in place for the people and they thought "marshals" sounded good. 

That is straight from the horse's mouth, and it was corroborated by three witnesses who were present during the initial and subsequent discussions. 

I have never said otherwise and have had no cause to say otherwise.

The Situation Report

By Anna Von Reitz

Today we face cleaning up the biggest Con Game in human history.   For those yet in the dark…..

Following the Revolutionary War the Founding Fathers formed a union of their separate states called The United States of America

They then created and set apart a separate foreign “federal” government for the benefit of the British King and the Roman Pontiff-----the United States--- and gave them the District of Columbia as the headquarters of the United States.  This created a separate foreign "Federal Enclave" on our shores.

They delegated nineteen enumerated “powers” naturally belonging to The United States of America to the United States via a contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.

Clarification ----Exactly What Is the "Fourth Branch of Government" Justice Antonin Scalia Referenced?

By Anna Von Reitz

Heads up, Grand Jury Movement, but first....

Justice Edwards of Illinois and I have talked about the Continental Marshals and the proper role of the Grand Juries and the limits of the State Superior Court Justice office. We are fully in accord. Please stop giving him H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. He is on track to the extent that he ever left it. 
As for "Marshal Edwards" I am afraid that "he" is a fabrication of my pen and miscommunication of information---which has been too abundant.

The object of all the work I have done and that so many, many others have done is to restore the American Government and see it functioning properly again.

It is not an effort aimed at further undermining the structures of our government or redefining the offices established under it.

Those who support and who operate the actual American Government of the people, for the people, and by the people must make every effort to fully grasp both the enormity of the duty owed and the lawful limits that our system of government imposes on every office and every official.

Checks and Balances are not only supposed to operate between the separate branches of government, but at every level of government.