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Monday, March 6, 2017

Clarification ----Exactly What Is the "Fourth Branch of Government" Justice Antonin Scalia Referenced?

By Anna Von Reitz

Heads up, Grand Jury Movement, but first....

Justice Edwards of Illinois and I have talked about the Continental Marshals and the proper role of the Grand Juries and the limits of the State Superior Court Justice office. We are fully in accord. Please stop giving him H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. He is on track to the extent that he ever left it. 
As for "Marshal Edwards" I am afraid that "he" is a fabrication of my pen and miscommunication of information---which has been too abundant.

The object of all the work I have done and that so many, many others have done is to restore the American Government and see it functioning properly again.

It is not an effort aimed at further undermining the structures of our government or redefining the offices established under it.

Those who support and who operate the actual American Government of the people, for the people, and by the people must make every effort to fully grasp both the enormity of the duty owed and the lawful limits that our system of government imposes on every office and every official.

Checks and Balances are not only supposed to operate between the separate branches of government, but at every level of government.

The county has its inherent powers which cannot be overstepped by the state, the state has its powers which cannot be overstepped by the federal government, and the united States of America have powers in common that cannot be usurped upon, either. 
At each level of government and with respect to the public offices established at each level of our government, limitations are set and functions are assigned.
It is in that light that we have to address the confusion about the role of the Grand Juries.

There has been much made of Justice Scalia's almost off-hand admission that the Grand Jury in effect is the "Fourth Branch of Government". 
People desperate for a ray of hope and some practical means to re-establish control over the runaway disaster in Washington, DC., have seized upon the Grand Jury as a panacea. The abject confusions, wasted efforts, and wrong-headed assumptions created by the National Liberty Alliance have been one result of this. Attempts to grossly expand the role of the Grand Juries and assign them other duties have also slowed progress and undermined credibility.
Let me, oh, Lord, say this very plainly and clearly so that everyone grasps this, both near and far:

The Grand Jury's duty is to investigate crime and allegations of crime occurring in their service area and jurisdiction, and to determine whether or not a probable cause demanding further action exists. If not, they do nothing. If so, they hand down either an indictment or a presentment. That's it.

That is all a Grand Jury does. 
Important as this function is, it is only the beginning of a process of justice that then depends upon the courts and the law keepers to take action. The miscreants must be summoned or arrested and brought to trial. A Trial Jury must be convened....

There are as many different kinds of Grand Juries as there are service areas and jurisdictions. 

 It is this fundamental fact that escaped the organizers and participants in the NLA-sponsored effort to organize Grand Juries nationwide.
Can U.S. Citizens have Grand Juries that serve in their international jurisdiction and work for "Martial Common Law" courts? Yes.

Can this be the same Grand Jury that the people--- the American state nationals---- are owed? No. 
We are talking about two separate jurisdictions, two different courts--- and so, there has to be two Grand Juries, one composed of U.S. Citizens, one composed of American state nationals, and never the twain to meet, even though they may both be seated in the same geographic location.

A U.S. Citizen is not the "peer" of an American state national, and vice versa. Grand juries of Admiralty and Maritime courts cannot hand down decisions for Land Jurisdiction courts. 
There are apples and there are oranges.

Does a Grand Jury of the people (land jurisdiction) interface with a U.S. District Court? No. Never. 
Can a Grand Jury of U.S. Citizens (sea jurisdiction) ever interface with a land jurisdiction county court? No. Never.

And this is why all the heartfelt Mandamuses and Writs and Declarations issued by the NLA-Grand Jury movement fell on deaf ears and got no reply. 
They were, in effect, sending a "Dead Letter", addressing a court operating in a foreign jurisdiction that has nothing to do with the people of the land. 
Please note the words: "service area and jurisdiction". 
This is not just some theory. This is the factual nature of the situation, borne out in actual experience many, many thousands of times across this entire country.
So where are the land jurisdiction courts which are owed to the people of this country--- the courts that the NLA Grand Juries were trying to address and which they assumed to exist? 
Those courts are mostly standing vacant, dust shrouding every vestige, except that a few of us have occupied the vacant offices, dusted off the Public Law, and made ready to do business again.

Without a court and peacekeeping forces ready to do its bidding, a land jurisdiction Grand Jury is like a wagon without wheels. It can investigate crime and issue Writs until the cows return home and get exactly where the NLA Grand Juries have gotten: nowhere.

It is only when the people officially throw off any supposition that they are acting as "U.S. Citizens" and organize their unincorporated land jurisdiction counties (and from there organize their unincorporated land jurisdiction states) and elect judges and clerks and sheriffs and hire bailiffs that the people's Grand Jury has any teeth. 
And even then, the county court is limited to dealing with issues that are within its "service area"----its geographic boundaries, and its "jurisdiction" --- the land and people of the county.

A land jurisdiction (unincorporated) county court can't address issues arising in another county, for example. Nor can a land jurisdiction county court hear disputes that arise between corporations. 
These basic limitations are built into the fabric of the American Government to protect the rights and prerogatives of the people living here.

So, if we want to restore control of our own government--- including that portion of it that our states delegated to the United States Government, we have to self-govern first. 
We have to renounce "U.S. Citizenship" in favor of our birthright political status as American state nationals (Wisconsinites, Nevadans, and so on) and restore our lawful land jurisdiction court system.

How do we do that?

We form jural assemblies of American state nationals in every county across the nation. These unincorporated assemblies then elect their county sheriff to enforce the Public and Organic Law and their judges known as "justices of the peace" and their court clerks and their coroner. They hire bailiffs. And they begin operating the unincorporated land jurisdiction county courts again.

Next, the counties thus restored and serving the American state nationals join together to form their unincorporated state jural assemblies, and they go through the same process of electing their state justices, clerks, militia commanders, (often called by other names) and begin operating the unincorporated land jurisdiction state courts again.

Next, the states in each Postal District elect judges to serve on the Federal Postal District Court, which is the land jurisdiction counterpart of the U.S. District Circuit Court, serving the states in each service area. 
Please note that although the Federal Postal District Court works for the actual land jurisdiction states and people, it functions in international jurisdiction just like the U.S. District and U.S. District Circuit Courts.

The difference is that the Federal Postal District Court addresses issues arising under the undelegated powers retained by the states and people ----which is everything and anything in international jurisdiction that was not specifically delegated to the US Government by the constitutional agreement---and the U.S. District Circuit Court addresses everything that was delegated to the US Government.

At each step, in each county, each state, and each postal district court there are Grand Juries investigating crimes and doing their part of righting the wrongs.

At the Federal Postal District Court level, Grand Juries are enabled to hand down indictments against U.S. Citizens (territorial citizens) and "citizens of the United States" (municipal citizens) who commit crimes on state soil.
This is where the organic states and people interface with the United States Government and its employees and the other U.S. territorial and municipal citizens residing among us. 
This is where the "Fourth Branch of (the United States) Government" resides.
This is where pedal hits the metal, where the Grand Jury owed to the people living in each Postal District is enabled to investigate the crimes being perpetuated on American soil by "U.S. Citizens" ----including U.S. Corporations-----and hand down indictments to the Federal Postal District Courts and the Continental Marshals Service for prosecution.

Enforcement at last.

Once properly organized and wielding the full power of The Constitution, the United States can raise no valid objection against the retained right of the American states and people to to prosecute all trespasses made against us.

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  1. A Noble Truth from Judge Anna.

    Toleration Is Compromise - Ignorance Is Complicity - Inaction Is Approval

  2. True and you demand the lawful sheriff must empanel a jury of your peers once you know who you are. Public v. Private. Think andy griffith of mayberry. :-)

    Technically you can throw a wrench into their system now by demanding this but if you dont know who you are as anna says you cant do it. You are a legal person and not entitled to that right as you have waived that right.

    1. Also notice how the flipped the term on you. Jury trial v. Trial by jury. If you look up definitions of jury you will see that that it is the true lawful judge. Which is why the supreme courts have their jury not a judge

  3. How can a common wo/man who has until recently been mis-informed of their proper status, correct their status and actually find remedy? I am personally ahead of the curve in my study, and steps I've taken to re-express the NAME trust created between my parents and the State. But there is more that needs to be understood, by myself, and others with even less understanding of these things, of how to get remedy (for example, traffic tickets that may lead to actual jail time, let alone the many fines and fees). What information in this site or elsewhere can you direct me to that lay out tangible, actionable steps for individuals to take, short of getting lawful government organized? Thank you.

    1. Need to stay out of thair kangaroo courts unless you are understanding all the things Taking place you might stand a chance. Justice curry does not go into thair court room appearance in paperwork .that's just a sample many technics diffirence ppl.
      no easy answer.

    2. check out and his show mon and wed nights on hindsight radio 7pm and judge for yourself. best info so far ive seen and had results with. But take your time and dont jump the gun on anything.

    3. If you aren't a U.S. citizen, then go to and learn how to set up your own court of record via a counter claim. I won't go into detail here, but you will be pleased with what you can do in a court of record, and a judgment there is supported by the U.S. supreme court.

  4. My head is spinning and I'm wondering how what Judge Anna has outlined can ever come into existence in any widespread and meaningful way. Each person reading this is an isolated individual not knowing any like minded person. The law as The Judge knows it is beyond the average person's knowledge.

    I am an educated man, however, I don't know the law in any form and I'm thinking that the law as Judge Anna writes about is not taught in our law schools, but I could be wrong.

    More education seems necessary. Perhaps a correspondence course in law would be a good first start for readers of this website. Like I said, my head is spinning.

    Capt. Kent

    1. Sheriff Mac actual sheriff won a case to be able to enforce the Constitution . But the power of statutory law /commercial /admiralty law 100 million statues they can stock thair corperate northern trust inc. Courts and prisons. Until the sheriff's cut ties and revert to the light it we be up to nationals effectively replace with sworn constitutional. And protect his jurisdiction .

  5. i cannot comprehend what the difficulty may be to grasp the concept that a Grand Jury is bound by its geographical location, jurisdiction; and, the particular subject matter being invetigated....

    A Grand Jury exist only "within" a particular jurisdiction and although it's investigative nature in determining whether or not an allegation may indeed need further determination by a trial by jury, it is nontheless confined to Its particular jurisiction where the crime may or may not have taken place and the subject matter...

    robert: Carr
    The Pennsylvana common wealth

  6. i cannot comprehend what the difficulty may be to grasp the concept that a Grand Jury is bound by its geographical location, jurisdiction; and, the particular subject matter being invetigated....

    A Grand Jury exist only "within" a particular jurisdiction and although it's investigative nature in determining whether or not an allegation may indeed need further determination by a trial by jury, it is nontheless confined to Its particular jurisiction where the crime may or may not have taken place and the subject matter...

    robert: Carr
    The Pennsylvana common wealth

  7. Question: How does the Preamble to the US Constitution of 1789 fit into this discussion? Does it not establish the People as the Embodiment of the Sovereignty of this nation? As such, does not the Sovereign have the inherent authority to deal with crime, fraud, etc. wherever it might exist? If the People are indeed the Embodiment as a Group, do they not have the obligation to deal with crime wherever it exists, especially if those in the particular area are not doing so and apparently have no intention of doing so, considering the length of time that it has be on-going? Hence the justification for a Unified Common Law Grand & Petit Jury arrangement to deal with directly if necessary or cooperatively with those in the immediate area needing attention. Also have not many, if not most, local court systems usurped their rightful venue when they have placed Admiralty/Maritime (Law of the Sea)courts where the Common Law of the Land should prevail? rational rebel

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Convening grand juries in every county to consider the evidence of the 9-11 crimes is the theme of

    I would appreciate any suggestions in opening this Pandora's box in the Comments at the website.

    Thank you.

  10. Grand Juries...what Grand Juries. What you refer to as our Grand Juries now are nothing more than extensions of the DA's office who simply direct all grand juries what, where and who to investigate , when in fact the grand juries should already know that they answer to no one. But that would mean all jury members , Grand and Petit, know as much or more than the judges themselves. If they dont, what good are they to anyone. Id would have more justice being tried by "ORDEAL", which is the practice of trying someone during the salem witchhunt days where they would typically dunk you into water for 5 min or so. If you actually lived through it, you were declared innocent by god. The Grand Juries today are nothing like the ones we had when the constitution was first drafted. Everyone back then did know law, because there were none of the overwhelming distractions we have today....radios, TV, computers, cell phones that do more than computers themselves, and of course lets not foreget about the most insideous distraction of all....corp. professional sports. How are you going to overcome that in this day and age. Never...thats when. Its extremely nieve of you to think people will even sacrafice even 5 min. of their pressious time to learn one bit of law if it cuts into their sports additions. The Constitution is dead. Give it a rest. Are you really prepared or society to accept a truely Common Law Court. You know what that really means.....All drugs under common law can be completely lawful as long as no actual crime was commited with a "corpus delicti" or property. Do you understand that. He would of have to have stollen or hurt someone trying to get the drug to be a crime. But the drug itself is not a crime. Of course there are only a few of us that can actually be functional adults when doing drugs in moderation. But the majority of people today are just the opposite. But just like the 2nd amendment arguement that "guns dont kill, people do" its the same with drugs...drugs dont kill or steal from people, people steal from people. But so many people on drugs would steal and commit crimes, that eventually the majority(again) would just make a sweeping law making anyone doing them a felony, taking away my right as a responible and hard working person to not only do drugs but arrested and jailed....and within a short period of time we would have the exact same system we have today. Do you agree with my assessment. Then you have the people, animal lovers, that think its perfectly ok to have 10 dogs living right next to you and think they havent damaged me. What the hell is your definition of "injury". Mine is way different than yours. In fact everyone here probably has a different definition of it. We wouldnt even be in this situation if people knew how to treat one another and stop being so damn greedy and self centered. Before your system of law will work, the entire population of America not only has to know law, they have to love it the same way they enjoy "corp. Professional Sports". I dont see that happening soon
    ..DO YOU..!!!!

  11. Well I have been studying this for a while now and I do know about all the remedies I can take to stay out of the system and use the UCC to my advantage. I believe that until there is a paradigm shift in attitude and the masses can be made aware that we are slaves living on a plantation controlled by the Queen and Vatican I see no hope in people trying to figure this out until it slaps them in the face. Ok I am a self taught engineer, carpenter, pilot business owner who has came to the conclusion that that shift will come when people actually come to their senses and realize that they are not spinning at 1000 mph and the earth is as flat as the sea is level. As a pilot I have never adjusted for curvature, and as a carpenter I know water is always level and does not curve around a circle, no matter how much relative bullshit gravity you say keeps it there. So this will be the shift that when NASA is exposed for fraud, all be it compartmentalize fraud because there are good people in NASA who do not have a clue. This will be the straw that breaks the camels back when the greatest lie ever told is brought to life. I am not a batshit crazy I have given this a lot of thought, and the only thing I can actually prove is that we do not live on a spinning ball traveling at 1040 MPH. This is when they all will get booted from the Admiralty courts and Corporate States offices, and people will start to come to their senses from the brainwashing that has been done to them for the last 150 years.

  12. A circle 25,000 miles, the diameter being 0.318 x 25,000 = 7950 miles divided by two = a radius of earth at 3975 miles and the suppose curvature of the earth. That translates into 839 feet per mile of curvature. 839 feet x 25,000 miles =20975000 feet divided by feet in one mile 5280 feet = 3973 miles simple math to figure that 3973 miles is suppose to be the amount of curvature of the earth..... So now we cannot figure the diameter and the radius of a circle because it would expose an insane amount of bullshit that we are living on a ball that for every mile traveled we should be dropping over a curve of 839 feet??? Bill Nye and Neil D T, explain these math facts. Or better yet someone tell me that my math is wrong, I did get politically unacceptable grades in math. 1 divided by 0.318 equals Pi or 3.144654. 25,000 divided by 3.144654 = 7950 miles diameter of earth.

  13. I have been hearing a lot about the "flat earth" theory lately. But how do you explain thr fact that all GPS systems work on the fact that the earth is a sphere using latitude and longtitude to locate a specific point on earth. GPS wouldnt work if the earth was flat. In fact none of their math that NASA uses would work. It would all be flawed. And yet it works..How can you explain that!!!!


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