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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Money is a Commodity

By Anna Von Reitz

I keep saying this from time to time, but people also keep missing the point.
Money is a commodity like rice, beans, and soybeans. Nothing more or less.
If you "corner the market" on any commodity, you can control the supply and if you keep the supply below the level of demand for that product, you can keep the "perceived value" of that commodity high. 
When the world had many different competing national currencies, there was a healthy and more or less honest exchange of goods and services.

Gradually, however, the Rothschilds and others controlling the transport of money -- like J.D. Rockefeller who made his fortune by controlling the transport of oil -- rigged and manipulated the market for money, just like some group might conspire to rig the market for pork bellies or fava beans.

This process culminated in the founding of the Federal Reserve Plan at Jekyll Island, Georgia, during the bankruptcy of the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America" -- Incorporated.

Basically, what the bankers in control of the transportation of money and a substantial share of the actual gold and silver decided, was to give themselves and all their corporations a Big Break, and load as much of the tax burden (as much as possible at every opportunity) onto the backs of all those ugly little people, the workers and farmers.

They also agreed to make their commodity, money, extremely plentiful for a period of ten years so as to devalue it, and then cut the supply of their commodity---money, --- a maneuver we all know as The Great Depression. This enabled the bankers to buy up vast amounts of actual assets for almost nothing.

Make no mistake, this was a criminal conspiracy for purposes of Unjust Enrichment that ultimately caused two World Wars. 
And it went unrecognized and unpunished as a crime.

Now they are doing the same thing again, only their success with these prior schemes has encouraged them to think bigger and to aspire to literally ruling the world by manipulating currencies and especially THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DOLLAR known as the USD.

This is a currency fronted by -- you guessed it -- not our country, but a corporation "representing" itself as something to do with our country, when in fact it is another impostor "trading upon" our credit under False Pretenses.

What these criminals propose to do, is to hyperinflate supplies of the USD by direct counterfeiting of USD in foreign countries and by "Quantitative Easing" which is another form of counterfeiting. Once again we see the same plan in motion--- devalue the currency, then cut off supplies, while the schemers claim bankruptcy protection at our expense and skate. 
When the Secondary Creditors come to collect, they will show up on your doorsteps claiming that a municipal franchise corporation named after you owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will look at them. They will look at you. 
Nobody will know that the actual scoundrels set you up and set up those Secondary Creditors, too. 

But, now you know. That is what is going on. A plan by these bankers and politicians to foist their debts off onto innocent people and on equally innocent business partners who have supplied them with everything from jet planes to champagne to wing nuts.

They plan to ride off into the sunset, still in control of the money supply, in possession of all their ill-gotten gains, and sit there, enjoying the show, watching everyone else starve to death and lose their homes and lives for lack of what?

Money, a commodity that the bankers produce just like Exxon produces oil, and which they control the supply of, just like OPEC. 
To avoid the catastrophic "end of the world" that the bankers have planned for 90% of humanity, the military of many nations must wake up, and the politicians must be convinced that their lives are on the line, which they are--- because if the banker's "end of the world" scenario doesn't kill them, the rest of us surely will. 
And all of this is over nothing. It's over chits, like poker chips-- "symbols" of value. 
The only reason it is even a serious threat, is that people don't realize that "money" is a commodity like Oreo Cookies, so don't pay attention to what the bankers are doing and don't ride herd on the bankers and don't hold the bankers feet first to the fire for their crimes. 
Let me suggest that all those people in Washington, DC are either (a) complicit in this crime; or (b) too clueless to live. This has been coming at us for at least five decades, and now, it has arrived.

The US, Russian, and Chinese military all sit around on their thumbs because they have been paid off with peanuts to do nothing. The idiot "Dems" and "Republicans" provide a sideshow entertainment to keep public attention distracted away from the hyperinflation that is stealing the value of the digits in your bank accounts and IRAs. 
They are too banal and self-satisfied to realize that they are the intended scapegoats.

And the Pope, who occupies "the" position that is most responsible for all this greed and guile and cruelty and criminality, does nothing at all. Perhaps he thinks he will survive the debacle that his lack of decisive action against the banks is allowing.

And now, it comes down to me and you. What are we going to do, besides wising up? 
I encourage you to join your State Assembly and to do so as quickly as possible.

I encourage you to support your lawful government, The United States of America, with might and main, with prayers and with pennies. 
This is a completely ridiculous situation but we are ham-strung by a doltish misdirected military and corrupt politicians. Unless this situation is promptly rectified, the entire world will suffer needlessly because criminals have been left in charge of money supplies and they have not been adequately recognized as the cause of the problems they are creating. 
They've gotten away with these "games" in the past, and see no reason why they shouldn't get away with another round. Let's let them know that we know what "money" is --- whether it is paper, gold, or plastic.  And we know who to hold responsible.


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For Those Who Grieve for Our Country - 22 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

I am often on the receiving end of angry people who are just now waking up.    Instead of thinking about the facts and taking action, these angry people just want to attack something, or someone -- usually, me -- and go back to sleep.  I have grown used to this response and consign such people to my "Hibernating Bear Bin" --- those who resist waking up. 

Harder for me to deal with, by far, are those who grieve for our country, who meet the Bad News head on, but with tears and horrible sadness.  Today, I had to meet with a young Russian immigrant who had such high hopes based on coming to America.  He didn't realize that he would struggle here, too, with a police state mentality and a corrupt government.  Like many immigrants, he came looking for America and found "the US" instead.

His disappointment was heart-wrenching.  He wept without sound.  He wept for himself, but also for me and for you and everyone else, and I recognized the moment: it's that hopeless moment between when you realize that you've cut yourself, and the bandage being applied.  Nobody can say much at such a time.  I am a Great-grandmother, so I know about such things, and yet. knowing doesn't always help.  All I could offer was a hand on his shoulder.

Then, quite by accident, in my "Poem-a-Day" subscription file (Poem-a-Day is an internet program from the Academy of American Poets that publishes a new poem every day) I found this and I quote:

"My Invisible Horse and the Speed of Human Decency" by Matthew Olzmann:

"People always tell me, "Don't put the cart
before the horse," which is curious
because I don't have a horse.
Is this some new advancement in public shaming--
repeatedly drawing one's attention
to that which is currently not, and never
has been, in possession of?
If ever, I happen to obtain a Clydesdale,
then I'll align, absolutely, to its proper position
in relation to the cart, but I can't
do that because all I have is the cart.
One solitary cart --- a little grief wagon that goes
precisely nowhere---along with, apparently, one
invisible horse, which does not pull,
does not haul, does not in any fashion
budge, impel or tow my disaster buggy,
up the hill or down the road.
I'm not asking for much. A more tender world
with less hatred strutting the streets.
Perhaps a down-tick in state-sanctioned violence
against civilians. Wind through the trees.
Water under the bridge. Kindness.
LOL, says the world. These things take time, says
the Office of Disappointment. Change cannot
be rushed, says the roundtable of my smartest friends.
Then, together, they say, The cart!
They say, The horse!
They say, Haven't we told you already!
So my invisible horse remains
standing where it previously stood:
between hot dog stands and hallelujahs,
between the Nasdaq and the moon's adumbral visage,
between the status quo and The Great Filter
and I can see that it's not his fault ---
being invisible and not existing--
how he is the product of both my imagination
and society's failure of imagination.
Watch how I press my hand against his translucent flank.
How I hold two sugar cubes to his hypothetical mouth.
How I say I want to believe in him,
speaking softly into his missing ear. "

I quote it for you, because this-- in essence-- what I hear everyday from people young and old, all over this country, and all over this world.  They want to believe in a better world and a way to get there, but in their grief, they don't see how.  They don't yet really know that the answer lies inside themselves, that they are the "missing" horse and the "missing" government.

In my own reply, I gently say--- wake up from the bad dream, my children.

It's only an old man behind the curtain. And he can't give you what you want.  Freedom, kindness, a better world--- these are all things that you can give yourself, and give to others, too. 

The lack of society's imagination, you can supply that.  The impotent, seemingly non-existent government, well, that belongs to you, too.  I smile. I rest a hand on a shoulder.

We'll answer the call.  We may be slow. We may make a lot of mistakes. But we will get where we truly want to go.  Five more States of the Union assembled themselves last week, took up the reins of self-governance, and put flesh back on the invisible horse again. 

No need to worry about the cart.  It's there, carrying a bin full of grumpy hibernating bears.


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Quotes from the Saints

Nothing is more to be feared than too long a peace. You are deceived if you think that a Christian can live without persecution. He suffers the greatest persecution of all who lives under none. A storm puts a man on his guard and obliges him to exert his utmost efforts to avoid Shipwreck.
Saint Jerome