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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Urgent Warning to All Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I know summer is a busy time for all of us, and yes, it may SEEM like the battle is passing you by and that all the action is happening at the international level—- but that isn’t really the case.  

It all actually depends on you, and in various ways, some of our assemblies have been under assault. 

First, I want to remind you what happens if you slack off your efforts to build proper functioning assemblies for yourselves:

 (1) Your State becomes abandoned property and any neighboring State can claim it and place it under their administration.  Vermont could become part of New Hampshire, for example. Maine could be “annexed” by Canada.  (2) You and your property assets lose indemnity and can be “seized upon” by foreign creditors to pay debts owed by the Federal Subcontractors,  (3) You could also be attacked by mercenary forces trying to establish claims against your property.  Such things have happened in other places and could happen here, too. 

And all because you got confused or got lazy, lost faith, or whatever else, and failed the test of self-governance? 

I am an old lady.  It isn’t going to matter what you gain or lose once I’m gone, but it’s going to matter to your children and grandchildren whether they live as free people or slaves. And it is all up to you.  I can’t do this for you. All I can do is keep the door open for you to do it for yourselves.

There are enough forces that would like this effort to fail without us dropping any balls, so be watchful and engaged. 

I must also point out that without your continued and faithful efforts, all the money that you and your friends and neighbors are owed will pass into other, foreign, hands. 
You and your State won’t be eligible to recoup a dime if there is no lawful State Assembly. 

Do you really want everyone in your State including yourself to be relatively impoverished because you dropped the torch? 

I think not. And I do have faith in all of you, and I am much encouraged by wonderful progress in many States—- but frankly worried about several States that have either lost focus or become hide-bound and stopped making the effort necessary to educate and attract new members. 

We as a country cannot afford this as we are approaching the most challenging times that our Assemblies have faced since the Founding more than 200 years ago.

I have spoken of this several times before and of the need to prepare and be vigilant and keep focused. 

As people wake up and face the truth they are often confused.  They have been told that they are “US citizens” all their lives and it is difficult for Americans to accept that this was just a self-interested lie. 

Many cling to their chains and just can’t give up this idea. They also find it difficult to understand that their public employees live under a Constitution, but as Americans they are owed the Constitutional Guarantees instead. 

That is, the employees are obligated to perform their stipulated duties and provide us those services in good faith and in the manner and within the limits of authority agreed upon. 

Many of those Americans who believe that they are “US citizens” are not prepared to make the necessary distinction between “these” States and “those” States.  

They will want to argue endlessly and pick fights and dominate others and they will be SO sure that what they are doing is right that they will try to carry everyone along with them—- but they will be wrong.  And so will you be wrong  if you allow this behavior in your Assembly. 

We are seeing symptoms of this in Oregon right now where two men, Robert Graves and Ron Vrooman have claimed to have set up a separate organization calling itself the Oregon State Jural Assembly.  Robert Graves is claiming to hold offices both in our State Assembly and in this other organization calling itself the Oregon State Jural Assembly. 

It should be apparent to everyone concerned that Jural Assemblies are drawn from and part of each State Assembly.  It is not possible to have a legitimate separate free-standing Jural Assembly in our form of government, and therefore whatever these men are doing,  it is not American, and not lawful. 

They are trying to engage our Assemblies and mix them up with whatever half-baked District Law Society ideas they’ve picked up along the way, and they MUST be sent packing back to the local District and Municipal Assemblies where they belong, no matter how loudly they declare that they have corrected their political status.  

It does not matter what you say on paper if you don’t understand what you’ve said.  Paper by itself does not stand good for who you are and what you believe and how you live. 

Bobby Graves and Ron Vrooman are making the same exact mistakes as the Colorado Nine and if The Oregon Assembly doesn’t draw the line against these  attempts to commandeer the organization I will be forced to dissolve The Oregon Assembly rather than see the members endangered and our efforts nationwide endangered. 

You cannot go into a foreign court, make false claims of authority, and threaten their officers. That is a crime called “Transgression” and is similar to Trespass on the land.  Mr. Graves has put on a uniform and gone into the foreign courts and done exactly that— transgressed. 
They can and they will arrest him, just as the Colorado Nine were arrested for the same thing. 

To make matters worse, he has claimed to be acting as an Officer of both The State Assembly and the purported separate “independent”  Jural Assembly. 

You can’t possibly be a member much less an officer of both a legitimate State Assembly which has its own Jury Pool and some separate renegade operation claiming to be a Jural Assembly for a foreign State Trust. 

I long ago taught everyone the difference between “Washington” and “Washington State” and it is exactly the same for Oregon and Oregon State. 

Oregon is the actual State.  Oregon State is the State Trust the Brits set up “for” us after the Civil War.  

The only thing they have in common is the name “Oregon” and the fact that everything in the Oregon State Trust actually belongs to Oregon. 

The State Assembly in every case must do the right things for the right reasons and not be confused by men who are either confused themselves or purposefully trying to entrap our assemblies and get our people into trouble. 

Robert Graves crossed over that line,  and disavow any relationship with Mr. Graves, the claims he is making, or the crimes of transgression he has been committing. He is not acting as one of us, and cannot be allowed to claim that his actions represent The Oregon Assembly. 

Our State Assemblies are lawful and stay in their own lane, neither tolerating trespass nor committing transgression. 

It grieves me to do so, just as it grieved me to part company with Bruce Doucette for all the same reasons. 

Anyone who agrees with Mr. Graves must leave The Oregon Assembly and go join a District or Municipal Assembly of their choice instead, because our lawful Assemblies do not operate as trusts of any kind and our Jural Assemblies are part of our Assemblies, not free standing organizations affiliated with foreign State Trusts. 

I hope that this is clear for everyone and that all other Assemblies will now be on the look-out for more of these confused people trying to join the State Assembly while promoting associations with other governments and taking belligerent actions against those same foreign governments. 

The perpetrators of such activities end up either in jail like Bruce—- or highly paid, like Michael Hamilton.  

Using the present example, Mr. Graves claims to be a member of an independent Jural Assembly which is foreign by definition and at the same time claims to be an officer of The Oregon Assembly.  

This is like claiming to be a cow-fish.  

You can be one or the other, not both.  

And if you want to be belligerent and combative and break the law, you absolutely cannot do so as a member or officer of a lawful State Assembly.  Any member that wants to transgress against the officers of a foreign government does so solely on his own volition and at his own risk and does not have any right or authority to misrepresent his actions or opinions as those of any lawful State Assembly. 

Our State Assemblies do everything by the book and the Public Law.  We don’t mix apples and kumquats.  We don’t encourage any form of violence.  We don’t interfere with or obstruct the activities of the district government courts or their officers.  We simply draw the line between them and us, and work hard to provide ourselves with our own courts so that we are naturally exempt from theirs. 


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