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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Blind Greed

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a Labrador Retriever, now very long in tooth for a Labrador Retriever, who has been a perfect gentleman his entire life, except for one fault.  He is a glutton.

Since puppyhood, he has been first and last at the food bowl, eating as fast as he can, as much as he can.  He is, when it comes to food, the epitome of Blind Greed.

There are many people afflicted by the same character fault and impulse.

If they see "money" --- even if it is debt notes issued against their own assets -- they can't help themselves.  They are nose up to the trough and going for it as fast as they can, without a second thought.  Oh, yum, yum, yummmmm!

Arbitration award?  Did someone say, "Arbitration award"?  

Now, don't get me wrong.  Thanks to the total mismanagement of the world economy by governmental services corporations operated by the Popes and the Queens and Kings for their own greed and other nefarious purposes, there are a good many people who are severely malnourished both physically and spiritually.  They have been ground down by years of deprivation and they can be easily forgiven for rushing toward any source of "food" whatsoever.

Nonetheless, it behooves all of us to look around the corners and see what is really going on here.

Two or three years ago, I happened to have a conversation with a senior government consultant to the Department of Administration.  His specialty was and is, accounting.  So I brought up the little matter of the National Credit owed to Americans.  After several exchanges bringing forward the obvious fact that there is an answering credit for every debt in a debt-credit system, the light bulbs went off and he scurried on with his business.

I hoped that he might do something good with the information.  Silly me. Last Friday, I found out what he did with the insight I offered him. 

He did the Glutton Thing and worked very hard to figure out a way to "get him some" and joined forces with Senior Flag Officers also intent on "getting them some" and they then went to Rand Paul and Ron Paul and set up the whole Arbitration Award scheme to "give back" money owed to the people of this country. 

Only it's actually military script that was and is still being issued on our credit, so what does that amount to?  More debt. 

Let me ask you ---do you believe Municipal Congress which has stonewalled Ron Paul for forty years would suddenly roll over and give his son, or us, anything good? 


What they are actually doing is counting on human need and human greed to fuel the engines destroying the Federal Reserve Note via hyperinflation.  That is, they are counting on people to embrace their own economic destruction by being senseless gluttons.

And that is what this man, this senior accounting consultant to DOA dreamed up, as a way to repay us the National Credit owed to us: indebt us some more. 

And, in the bargain, get people to voluntarily identify themselves as British Territorial United States Citizens, so that they officially release their inheritance as Americans, give up their constitutional guarantees, give up their land and soil, and --- score double points! ---become responsible for the debts of the British Monarch. 

This man, Richard, actually had the brass  to call me a "traitor" and an "evil old woman" --- after he and his buddies, Phil and the Flag Officers, came up with such a scheme and I declined to go along with it.  

Now, either these people are really stupid, or they are really criminal, and in either event, they are playing into the hands of the Municipal Corporation which is more than happy to pay us off by handing us more debt via these "Arbitration Awards", and the Brits are, of course, more than happy to get more Americans officially signed up to pay the Queen's debts.

All this undisclosed chicanery is just more fraud, leading to the same results as ever: the Americans being bilked by the Pope, who doesn't have to pay his debts under this scenario, and by the Queen, who gets American labor and American land and soil assets to help her pay her debts, via this Arbitration Award Scam. 

As for Richard and Phil and their pals, the Flag Officers --- better decide whether you are dumb and innocent, or smart and guilty.  As I see it, the Idiot's Defense is about all you have as an option.

If you want to be paid in actual money and retain all your rights and interests, go to:


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Evaluate the Options

By Anna Von Reitz

As everyone now has cause to fully grasp, there are two corporate "groups" standing under umbrellas as the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government.  They are both ultimately under the control of the Pope, so any idea that they are actually different or truly separate should be disallowed from the get-go. 

Now you know why no matter how you vote in their corporate elections, you get the same result.  This is why it doesn't matter if you vote for the mainstream Republican Party candidate or the Chosen One of the Democratic Party, either.  This is why it is always a choice between raspberry-flavored feces or chocolate-flavored feces. 

It's all the same overall course and affect in these corporate elections because both of the governmental services corporations are in the end being operated by the same puppeteers: the Roman Curia and their property managers at the Vatican.

The only difference is that the Territorial United States Government is run on a second-hand basis by the British Monarch for the Pope.  So the Pope governs the Territorial United States Government indirectly and the Municpal United States Government directly. 

Since 1976, the Municipal United States Government has tried to slough off its responsibility toward us by "releasing" the trusteeship they owe us to the United Nations via the International Organization Immunities Act; however, the Municipal Congress has no ability to do any such thing "for" us.

As part of this false initiative undertaken "for" us by the Pope's governmental services organization, there has been continued movement toward "regional government" --- a consolidation of power within "regions" again defined by the interlocking trust directorate established by the Holy See.

This is most visible in a series of treaties and trade initiatives undertaken during the Bush Administrations, which if successful, would totally undermine the national character and sovereignty of Mexico, The United States of America, and Canada. 

Britain is facing its own version of this with the Brexit Crisis.  The Svengalis working for the Pope in Bern are attempting to use similar "regionalization" treaties to hold Britain captive to the European Union --- their version of Regional Government.

It's time we all stopped deluding ourselves about the nature and intent of the Papacy.  The Great Good of the Church has been more than counterbalanced by The Great Evil of the Pontificate. 

There is no reason for us all to waste our time fighting and arguing with each other as nations nor as interest groups nor as ethnic minorities within nations.

What we all need to give our attention to are the 147 corporations that have thus far been identified as part of the interlocking trust directorate implementing these "programs" and manipulating currencies and commodities, and the illegal and immoral patents and trademarks giving life and profit to these schemes.

Most of all we all need to realize that we are responsible as nations for self-governance.  We did not agree to let nameless, faceless, foreign corporations control us, our economies, our currencies, our access to food, water, electricity, or anything else.  They have usurped these positions in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, and have no basis for their existence. They are crime syndicates.

Pope Francis and the Roman Curia are required to take action against all corporations that function in an "unlawful" fashion.  Please notice, I said: "unlawful" ---not "illegal", and please also note that all of the 147 corporations involved in the global interlocking trust directorate have indeed functioned in a grossly "unlawful" manner. 

That is their responsibility -- to clean up the mess they have created, to pull the plug on these colluding crime syndicates, and to honor the debts and obligations they have. 

What is our responsibility in turn?  To self-govern.  We cannot complain about what they plan and do to maintain normal public services and provide a system of law however foreign to us, so long as we fail to exercise our right to self-govern. 

To self-govern requires that we declare our identity and our political status and then to "populate" and operate our government made of flesh and blood. 

This is why you must correct your political status records and reclaim your birthright political status as a State National and, if you are of age (21)  and mentally and physically able, you are needed as a member of your State Assembly.  There are a few States that have still not assembled. They need to be organized as quickly as possible. 


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