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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Evaluate the Options

By Anna Von Reitz

As everyone now has cause to fully grasp, there are two corporate "groups" standing under umbrellas as the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government.  They are both ultimately under the control of the Pope, so any idea that they are actually different or truly separate should be disallowed from the get-go. 

Now you know why no matter how you vote in their corporate elections, you get the same result.  This is why it doesn't matter if you vote for the mainstream Republican Party candidate or the Chosen One of the Democratic Party, either.  This is why it is always a choice between raspberry-flavored feces or chocolate-flavored feces. 

It's all the same overall course and affect in these corporate elections because both of the governmental services corporations are in the end being operated by the same puppeteers: the Roman Curia and their property managers at the Vatican.

The only difference is that the Territorial United States Government is run on a second-hand basis by the British Monarch for the Pope.  So the Pope governs the Territorial United States Government indirectly and the Municpal United States Government directly. 

Since 1976, the Municipal United States Government has tried to slough off its responsibility toward us by "releasing" the trusteeship they owe us to the United Nations via the International Organization Immunities Act; however, the Municipal Congress has no ability to do any such thing "for" us.

As part of this false initiative undertaken "for" us by the Pope's governmental services organization, there has been continued movement toward "regional government" --- a consolidation of power within "regions" again defined by the interlocking trust directorate established by the Holy See.

This is most visible in a series of treaties and trade initiatives undertaken during the Bush Administrations, which if successful, would totally undermine the national character and sovereignty of Mexico, The United States of America, and Canada. 

Britain is facing its own version of this with the Brexit Crisis.  The Svengalis working for the Pope in Bern are attempting to use similar "regionalization" treaties to hold Britain captive to the European Union --- their version of Regional Government.

It's time we all stopped deluding ourselves about the nature and intent of the Papacy.  The Great Good of the Church has been more than counterbalanced by The Great Evil of the Pontificate. 

There is no reason for us all to waste our time fighting and arguing with each other as nations nor as interest groups nor as ethnic minorities within nations.

What we all need to give our attention to are the 147 corporations that have thus far been identified as part of the interlocking trust directorate implementing these "programs" and manipulating currencies and commodities, and the illegal and immoral patents and trademarks giving life and profit to these schemes.

Most of all we all need to realize that we are responsible as nations for self-governance.  We did not agree to let nameless, faceless, foreign corporations control us, our economies, our currencies, our access to food, water, electricity, or anything else.  They have usurped these positions in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, and have no basis for their existence. They are crime syndicates.

Pope Francis and the Roman Curia are required to take action against all corporations that function in an "unlawful" fashion.  Please notice, I said: "unlawful" ---not "illegal", and please also note that all of the 147 corporations involved in the global interlocking trust directorate have indeed functioned in a grossly "unlawful" manner. 

That is their responsibility -- to clean up the mess they have created, to pull the plug on these colluding crime syndicates, and to honor the debts and obligations they have. 

What is our responsibility in turn?  To self-govern.  We cannot complain about what they plan and do to maintain normal public services and provide a system of law however foreign to us, so long as we fail to exercise our right to self-govern. 

To self-govern requires that we declare our identity and our political status and then to "populate" and operate our government made of flesh and blood. 

This is why you must correct your political status records and reclaim your birthright political status as a State National and, if you are of age (21)  and mentally and physically able, you are needed as a member of your State Assembly.  There are a few States that have still not assembled. They need to be organized as quickly as possible. 


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  1. good message here with lt col field mc connell yesterday . first 70 minutes or so good update;;

  2. Greg Rubini‏@GregRubini

    21. and the Jesuits have 28 Universities all over the US.
    28 Universities... guess where the "Social Justice" push, came from... check the (Jesuit) Georgetown University homepage

    20. and remember: NOTHING happens in Italy without the APPROVAL of the Vatican. Italy is in fact a COLONY of the Vatican. and the Vatican has powerful tentacles also in Washington DC. think Georgetown University... a Jesuit University founded in 1789 the way..Comey has a "higher loyalty" whom? to S.a.t.a.n
    13. Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein have a "higher loyalty". yes, to Communist China

    European Elites holding court in the Vatican

    1. wow Greg, if that is a real photo how damning is that!

    2. 1. imagine if at a dinner in Washington DC, in Oct 2016, you had: - John Brennan, Director of the CIA - Susan Rice, Obama's Nat. Security Adviser together with Eric Ciaramella - the Adam Schiff 'whistleblower'...

      Looks like everybody is looking for a photo of "whistleblower" Ciaramella. Here he is.......
      Joni Job‏ @jj_talking
      Replying to @15poundstogo

      And this is the ONLY picture of Eric Ciaramella I can find

  3. Please publish the list of the 147 corporations, if one is compiled...

    1. There are nearly 700 Corrupt Corporations deceitfully calling themselves Bankers, they never lent a dime. The served the crooked foreign power pretending lending, to steal all they can get, to turn into rental property for their evil profits.

  4. they took away your right of election as an elector with the 14th and 13th amendments. voting is for US citizen slaves and is only a poll for the elite land owners.