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Thursday, November 11, 2021

We Have Announced What We Are Doing

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have announced what we are doing and who we are. 

We are traditional peaceable Americans coming together in every State of the Union to restore our lawful American Government.

That includes declaring and recording our political status. 

That includes accepting the traditional and historical definition of the States. 

That includes honoring the responsibilities of each State including its contracts and treaties. This includes being responsible members of the Federation of States.

That includes the hard work of studying the history and the Law and applying ourselves to the tasks of self-governance. 

That includes organizing the General Assembly, the International Business Assembly, the Courts, and the Assembly Militia. 

That includes conducting proper Public Elections,  maintaining both Public Records, and Assembly Records. 

That includes creating and maintaining a friendly, community atmosphere competent to conduct business without obstruction. 

That includes undertaking the work of reconstructing the American State of State organizations and the Federal Republic. 

Anyone who doesn’t agree with any aspect of this organizational mission SHOULD NOT join our Assemblies. 

There are two (2) District Assemblies for those who want to fight and cheat and steal and seize power over their neighbors.  

If you are “all about you” and your issues and your opinions and your beliefs held without actual knowledge, don’t even think about joining an American Assembly. 

Being part of an American Assembly is a grave responsibility which reflects the rights our Assemblies exercise—- anyone who does not accept this and doesn’t understand the lawful role of the Federation of States, which every State of the Union is a member of,  needs to leave now, or better yet, never join at all. 


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Direct to Colorado

 By Anna Von Reitz

All the State Assemblies are supposed to be beyond the point of asking what, for example, "Colorado" is.  If you are not sure what we are talking about when we say that we are here to restore the government of Colorado, listen up.  
Colorado is a State of the Union and a Member of the Federation of States, which is physically described and which exists within established borders.  That is what Colorado is, and the lawful government of Colorado is what we are seeking to restore.  

The lawful Government of Colorado (as opposed to the legal government of Colorado) is operated by living people who accept and/or adopt the political status of Coloradans.  If you are a Coloradan, you have a Public Duty to uphold and defend your State of the Union. 

Because Colorado is a member of the Federation of States, Coloradans owe a Public Duty to protect, preserve, and defend the Federation, too.   

The Federation operates primarily in international jurisdiction.  The State operates in national jurisdiction.  Together, Colorado and the Federation are part of the same American Government, unlike the two remaining Federal Subcontractors----which are foreign Territorial and Municipal service providers supplying "essential government services" under contract.

The people who live in Colorado may live there as State Citizens and call themselves Coloradans, or they may be State Nationals, who call themselves Coloradans, too.  

There are also persons who reside in Colorado on a transient basis --- U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States. 

The Coloradans, U.S. Citizens, and Municipal citizens of the United States all consider themselves to be Americans to one extent or another, but they are standing in different political jurisdictions and operating under different forms of law. 

We all have to become aware of this situation and we all have to make decisions about it and act accordingly.  

It may be surprising, it may be confusing, but still, the situation is what it is, and you must all study hard enough and long enough to grasp the issues and make decisions for yourselves. 

Coloradans have Constitutional Guarantees, stand under the Public Law, and can own land in this country.  Coloradans enjoy freedom, independence, and sovereignty in their own right.  All Coloradans are free and independent beings, in possession of their natural and unalienable rights. 

U.S. Citizens, by contrast, have no Constitutional Guarantees, stand under private Federal Codes, and can't own land in this country while adopting U.S. Citizenship. Most U.S. Citizens are in the Military or are Dependents of members of the Military; they are considered British Territorial Subjects when overseas, pay Territorial taxes, and are treated as indentured servants for the duration of their service obligations.  They are permanently domiciled in the District of Columbia.

Municipal citizens of the United States also have no Constitutional Guarantees, and no natural and unalienable rights, though they have been granted Equal Civil Rights that apply from time to time at the whim of their Municipal Congress.  They can't own land in this country, and they stand under Municipal Code as slaves of the Pope. Most Municipal citizens are Federal Civil Service Employees, or their Agents, or their Dependents. They are permanently domiciled in the Municipality of Washington, DC. 

So, which status applies to you? 

You have to sort it out in your own head to know which group you belong to and which form of law you are obligated to obey. 

Our States are all republics, not democracies, not theocracies. 

Our States are all physically defined, actual, factual, places where people live. 

Our States don't operate via offices and positional authority or Legislatures.  They operate via Assemblies of living people, and get things done cooperatively. 

Our States don't have political parties.  

There are a lot of differences between the American Government and the U.S. Government and it is best for everyone to chuck everything that they ever thought they knew about "their" government at the door, because the American Government hasn't been operating as intended for 160 years. 

Unless you are over sixty-five years of age, it's unlikely that you ever studied American History as a subject separate from United States History.  

As a result, Americans don't know their own government and barely know their own law anymore, because we have been lulled to sleep and misinformed, and like Rip Van Winkle, we are all waking up with a lot to learn.  

One of the things that you have to learn is that with State's rights come State's responsibilities, too.  The Federation has survived despite all odds for six generations, and it is the Federation of States that has called the American States to Assemble at this late hour.  

Without the Federation, you wouldn't know this history.  You wouldn't have a State Assembly.  You, yourselves, would be misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and have no recourse.  It should be apparent that you owe the Federation a great debt, and if that is not perfectly clear, let me put it to you again ---- America and the American Dream have hung by the most fragile of threads, and yet, here it is, reborn. 

If the American Dream of brotherhood and freedom is a strange dream, be content that it is what it is, and it's yours.  Yours to learn about.  Yours to explore.  Yours to defend.  Yours to enjoy.  But not just yours.  Every other American and every other State of the Union has the same birthright, the same guarantees, the same rights, and the same obligations. 

It is because of the Federation of States that Colorado has been reborn.  It's because of the Federation holding tough and risking its neck that you are here at all, enabled to navigate the way home, able to stand up as an American, able to reclaim your property assets, able to save your land from foreign creditors, able to save yourselves from resettlement. 

So stop the stupid us-or-them stuff and stop mistaking the American Federation for the foreign "federal" subcontractors who have acted in breach of trust and plundered and pillaged this country for six generations.  Wake up and make the effort to discern friend from foe, right from wrong, truth from falsehood ---- because your life depends on it.  

And the lives of your children and grandchildren, too. 

The days are coming and indeed, are already here, when lies and confusions will attempt to overcome the truth --- a time when you need to be able to account for yourself and firmly declare your political status as an American. 
Not a British Territorial Subject.  Not a Papist living in a Municipal theocracy. 

There is nothing obligating you to keep faith with Colorado, or with America, for that matter.  You have complete freedom of choice.  I have described the choices for you.  Make the choice, make it honestly, and act accordingly. 

If you are a Brit and want to live as a Subject of the Queen, join the District Assembly. 

If you are a Catholic and want to live as a Subject of the Pope, join the Municipal Assembly. 

If you are an American, join your State Assembly.  

No need for arguments.  No need for insurrection.  Just follow what you want and let everyone else do what they want --- separately, according to the political status each one chooses. 


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