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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

International Public Notice Concerning Our Great Seals and Seal of Saint Peter

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Great Seals of The United States and The United States of America were stolen in October of 1865 and last seen in the Office of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banks.  They have since been reported in the possession of the President of the Philippines.  

We are the actual Owners of these Great Seals and we have never authorized any of these Third Parties to possess or use these Great Seals. 

Possession by pirates does not change ownership and we hereby request and require all men and women of goodwill and all honorable Officers to return our stolen property. 

Likewise, we are Witnesses to the fact that Pope Benedict XVI did entrust the Seal of Saint Peter to James Thomas McBride, an American, and did instruct James Thomas McBride to open the storehouses of the Lord for the protection, sustenance, and care of the living people worldwide. 

We are likewise Witnesses to the fact that Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations did fall upon James Thomas McBride in ambush and did falsely arrest him and did take the Seal of Saint Peter from McBride and did not return it.

We call upon Pope Francis as a loyal Jesuit to honor the instructions of Pope Benedict XVI referenced above; we ask him to require the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Inc., to return the Seal of Saint Peter to us as James Thomas McBride's Fiduciaries recovering property belonging to the Holy See, to be used for the purposes expressed by Pope Benedict XVI.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

October 31st 2023


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Media Whores or Gagged Victims?

 By Anna Von Reitz

In answer to the many inquiries I have received about the silence of American Media: 

The U.S. Army has been in control of this country since 1863, and has imposed gag orders on the newspapers and radio since 1917.  They simply expanded their gag orders to television as it began to be popular, and now, they've gagged the internet. 

This has resulted in many decades during which America has been deliberately dumbed down and left isolated, unable to rightly assess what is going on in the rest of the world.  This has been done deliberately to manipulate and control public opinion in this country.  

Americans who knew the truth about Quadaffi's effort to form an African Union and enable the countries of Africa to have a common gold-backed currency-- that is, to do what we did ourselves back in 1776-- would never support the unprovoked attack on Libya and the murder of their leader.  

We wouldn't send our sons and daughters to do such a thing.  We wouldn't condone the use of our credit for such purposes.  We'd shut the crooked bankers and war contractors and corrupt generals down.  

If we knew.  

So it has become their business to keep us ignorant and manipulate us into believing or assuming things that simply aren't true, and also to keep us from knowing anything about what goes on in the larger world. 

Right now, there are 22 hot wars engaged worldwide, most of them in Africa, which is being systematically raped by mercenaries hired by the old colonial and corporate powers.  Reports put the death toll in Ethiopia alone at 800,000 people -- that's twelve Vietnams in less than a year, but we haven't heard a word about this mammoth continent-wide carnage from any major news source. Not a word. 

Since Dubbyah got away with his ridiculous and clearly disproven claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, public employees have been lying non-stop about nearly everything. Michael Hayden, former CIA Chief, came out and bragged about it on PBS.  

What more do you need to know?

These men who claim to represent you, are worthless Sons of Satan, lying their rumps off for fun and profit. And proud of it, too.  They have no moral compass, no common sense, and day by day and year by year, they have disgraced themselves and this country with ever-increasing audacity and contempt for the American people. 

The Apologists for all this criminality, the lies, and the senseless wars for profit, will tell you not to worry your pretty little head. It's all for your own good.  You don't know how the world works.  

This is coming from the same brigands who have usurped against your lawful government and made it their business (literally) to keep you dumbed down and clueless. 

It will come as a surprise to many people to learn that the same Directed Energy Weapons that were "tested" on Paradise, California and on Maui, Hawaii, have also been unleashed to destroy Acapulco:

And we haven't heard a word about it.  No rescue efforts have been mounted.  No humanitarian assistance is on its way.  

When first asked why this is, I replied that the Media is gagged --- and they are, but, people need to understand the greater scheme of this. 

All the corporations are owned, ultimately, by the Pope.  Anyone who works for a media corporation is gagged by the Pope's hired mercenaries as a condition of employment. 

They've bought all these corporations in your names and managed them "for" you.  You've paid the taxes for them. And been abused by them. 

It's the Pope's duty under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate all corporations that are operating unlawfully, and we have brought the claim to the Vatican Chancery Court to enforce against the offenders, but meanwhile, new offenders appear like dandelions in May. 

Francis, if he is still alive, knows that the clock is ticking. The cards have been called. 

The point is that this same control structure operated by False Trustees impacts corporations of every kind.  They are all publicly owned (in your names, no less) but privately managed, and therein lies the rub. 

People incorporated their businesses willy-nilly, without being fully or honestly informed about the pros and cons.  So they gave away their control and ownership interest in their own businesses and their private assets to the attorneys who were the ones advising them to incorporate in the first place. 

This gross unjust enrichment and usurpation of authority has taken place right under our noses and has impacted every corporation and every industry and every resource since it got started under FDR in the 1930's.  

It's not "just" the monster media corporations that are under gag orders. Every corporation you can name or think of, has come under the same gun.  And right about now, the members of the World Economic Forum are getting the same bad news. 


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 By Anna Von Reitz

Population, as a subject for public consideration and debate, entered the arena in 1798 when Thomas Malthus, an English (it's always the Brits) Economist wrote a little tract called "An Essay on the Principle of Population".  

In this essay, Malthus supposed that population growth was exponential and growing by powers of 2 endlessly multiplied, while the expansion of food production was arithmetic in nature and bound to always fall behind demand, thereby causing poverty and starvation. 

Thus, Malthus opined, population growth was a problem and reproduction must be strictly curtailed. 

This subtle idiocy has stood as the excuse for poverty, cruelty, and scarcity in the midst of abundance ever since, and more than two hundred years later, Malthus's ideas continue to dominate discussions about population simply because nobody bothers to observe that his theory has been disproven. 

So have the embroideries of his students, the infamous authors of The Population Bomb, a reiteration of Malthusian Theory spiced up and reissued in the 1960's, been disproven.  

If the theories of Thomas Malthus were correct, or the additional suppositions of his students, either, we would all be living on top of each other and eating Salted Straw and Dirt Kabobs for supper.  

This predicted theoretical result is directly and observably absent more than two hundred years later, so the Sane Man concludes that Malthusian ideas about population are rubbish, and he may or may not trouble himself to poke around and discern why they are rubbish.  

In either case, the Sane Man does not continue to use Malthusian Theory as the cornerstone underlying public policies concerning population --- which suggests that the members of the EU Parliament and members of the US Congress and the members making up the entire Chinese Government have all lost their minds. 

The Earth is observably not overpopulated and our ability to feed ourselves and our brethren worldwide is only limited by our own stupidity, selfishness, and overall refusal to invest in better means of waste management. 

China, which actually instituted a draconian policy of population reduction called the "One Child Initiative", is now completely undermined and facing a population collapse.  

The one resource that China had in great abundance was its labor force, and they suicided that resource, killed off an entire generation of Chinese girls, and left an entire generation of Chinese men without wives.  The consequences of this are just now being realized in Beiijing and people in governments worldwide are standing around like dumbfounded fools coming to terms with the fact that Thomas Malthus was wrong!  

He's been wrong for over two hundred years, but who's counting?  

Tragically, for the Chinese, they took the bait and shot themselves in the foot and now the cynical Brits have them in a lose-lose economic headlock, which is no doubt why the Brits and the Vatican have been at such pains to sell Malthusian Tripe to the Chinese and everyone else. 

Overpopulation is such a plausible lie, especially when it is washed down with quasi-scientific mathematics and graphs. 

Without their people, the Chinese lose their labor force, and without their labor force, they lose their economic engine, and without their economic engine they are ripe for precisely the starvation and misery they hoped to avoid by reducing their population --- and perhaps more to the point, these sufferings lead inexorably to regime change.  

Western regime change. 

With the Brits in Shanghai running HSBC and the Brits in Taiwan holding the money bags and dictating everything to the Chinese, they are set to make their Big Move. The parasite is preparing to take over their new Host, which they hope will be less troublesome than the awakening Americans.

Within ten years, the Chinese will be paralyzed, as most of Western Europe already is.  The politicians responsible for this debacle will be hiding and making excuses, scuffing their feet and trying to avoid public discussion regarding their failed population policies. 
And Thomas Malthus. 

One can only imagine the backdoor "corrective" processes that these same politicians have been invoking, such as trying to move vast numbers of refugees from Africa, the Middle East, and South America into the stricken developed countries whose natural population resources have been decimated by four generations of "population control". 

The public policy failure that this represents in terms of economics and culture can hardly be assessed, but one thing is certain --- most of the Western World is facing a population collapse right along with China. 

Meanwhile, those responsible, the Cynics in Whitehall, are counting the gold purloined from the dead simply by touting another plausible lie that nobody should have believed in the first place. 


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About the Texas Situation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Texas is the second largest State in the Union and we love her.  We don't want to see anything bad happen to Texas or the people who live there, so we work hard to prevent that. 

Texas also needs to protect itself, because there's just so much the Federation of States can do. So listen up--- we, the States of the Union, are in a use it or lose it situation.  

We form up our State Assemblies, stand up our courts, round up our militias --- or we don't.  

If we don't, our States cease to exist.  

Our States will disappear from the map like Czechoslovakia and get absorbed into the "North American Union" --- a globalist regional government consisting of Mexico, the "US" --- which isn't the American United States, BTW, and Canada. 

George W. Bush did this to you, so if you're mad as hell, he's your pin cushion. Don't blame the rest of us. And we will try not to blame you, either. 

Today, I suspended and removed the two Texas Coordinators who have been trying their best to get The Texas Assembly organized and keep your State on the map.  They have been trying, but they need more education and they need help. A lot of help. 

We need additional Coordinators to serve a State the size of Texas, upwards of a dozen people are needed. Those people need to be trained and get their questions answered, and we all need to stop flopping around here.  

It's not The Texas Assembly that has been suspended. It's your Coordinator team. These ladies have been struggling along, but they flat-out need more training and more help. 

So they are going to get it and if you care about your future and your rights and your lives, it's time to boot up. 

The Republic of Texas was a member of the old original Confederation of States, but both are long gone now.  All that remains of the original government is the State -- Texas.  It's the only boat afloat and you have to use it to get home. 

So stand firm and get your bearings. I haven't done this in spite. I have done it because Texas needs a whole lot more hands at the wheel and a lot more public education about what has gone on in this country since the Civil War.  

You need to learn what to do and then, you need to do it.  

Nobody outside Texas can do this for you. You have to save your State -- or not -- and now it's up to you.  


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Populating Your Counties as You Populate Your States

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please generously share this article with all the Coordinators and anyone else who needs to know what we are doing and how we are doing it and why. 


Populating Your Counties as You Populate Your States

There are two ways to populate the soil jurisdiction Counties in your States. 

The Founding Fathers started with the Counties and organized them first, and then organized the States. This was orderly and sensible, given that they were organizing in the wake of a land war and everyone in America was then standing on the land and soil. 

We, however, face a far different prospect.  Nearly everyone in America has been individually and purposefully trafficked off the land and soil jurisdiction and into the foreign jurisdiction of the sea.  We've been shanghaied and misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens -- as if we were all born in Puerto Rico. 

So we are coming back home from being at sea ---which is a distinctly different position and starting point. We have to re-enter the country via the International Jurisdiction and move from the sea to the land, and then from the land of the State to the soil of the County. 

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this, but this is just common sense. You retrace your steps, or in this case, the steps taken "for" you without your knowledge or consent, to get back home.   

As each American arrives back home and records their birthright state nationality and notifies their State Assembly, they automatically populate the County they live in, too.  

It only takes two people living in each County to populate each County. 

So just keep on bringing people home and through the door of the State Assembly and all the rest of it sorts itself out.  

Also, ignore all the foreign organizational overlays that have been so generously applied by our run amok public employees -- the "Game Management Units" and "Soil and Water Districts" and "Boroughs" and so on.  

Every State including Alaska has Counties, whether those Counties were formally occupied prior to this or not. It's time to occupy them.  We do that the same way that all the other Counties are populated --via repopulating the State Assembly and one by one dropping into place in each of the Counties we live in.

We were removed from the land and soil on a one by one basis, via unlawful conversion and undisclosed registration practices. We have to return one by one, too. 

This is the Maxim of Law that applies: "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound." 

We are coming home from over the sea, one by one, by a different route than our Forefathers, but our old three-masted wooden Ship of State is still afloat and we are bearing for home port. 

We, the long-lost Americans, are coming home.  


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Lord Love Jon Rappoport

 By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the Dinosaur Days (prior to 1965) we still had a reasonable number of American Journalists, but since then the numbers have dwindled steadily toward extinction. 

Please meet Jon Rappoport, one of the last of this notable Endangered Species. 

One of Jon's hallmarks is his uncanny ability to logically plow through the meat and guts of the topic under his scrutiny, and then--- deliver the shining one-sentence coup de grace that sums it all up.  

I am going to give you that one-liner from one of his recent articles about vaccines: 

"There is no way to differentiate antibodies against the virus from antibodies against the adjuvant."

The adjuvant is whatever carrier fluid they use to make the dead virus or bacteria (or nanoantenna assembly or plasmid or scrap of mRNA) injectable. 

So, antibodies are formed no matter what foreign material you put in your body, and the more foreign material you inject, the more antibodies are formed.

There is no way to tell if the antibodies were triggered by a dead virus or the adjuvant carrying the dead virus. 

You get an antibody response no matter what you inject and it is proportional to the amount of crud you inject, either way. 

So there is no way to measure vaccine efficacy by volume of antibodies in the blood. 

The whole Germ Theory, including the use of vaccines to immunize against viruses, is thus up for grabs. 

If you want to tune up your immune system and produce a lot of antibodies,  you might be better off injecting boiled potato water. 

Here's the whole article from Jon: 

The Vaccine Fallacy That Almost No One Mentions: 

THE fallacy stems from the fact that the viruses vaccines are supposed to protect against don’t exist. The viruses are fairy tales.

I’ve spent much time proving this over the years.

But for the purposes of this discussion ONLY, let’s assume the viruses do exist and do cause disease.

What is vaccination? It’s a rehearsal.

Some fragment or piece of a virus, embedded in the vaccine, will provoke the immune system to mount a defense. Specifically, front line scouts called antibodies will appear.

But the question is, since the rehearsal is successful, why is it necessary at all? We would expect the same positive result (with no rehearsal) when the real thing, the full virus, showed up in real life.

The rehearsal proves the body’s defense system was and is already prepared for the real thing.

This stunner puts the entire vaccine empire teetering on the edge of a cliff.

So the experts have a canned response.

They say the rehearsal is an “enhanced event.” It produces an extra-special magnified reaction from the antibodies, because something has been added to vaccines:

An adjuvant.

Often an aluminum compound, the adjuvant multiplies the antibody response, beyond what it ordinarily would be.

Thus, the rehearsal trains the immune system to mount a magnified attack against the virus when it really comes along, at a later time.

There is, however, a fatal flaw in this argument.

There is no way to prove the enhanced antibody response, during the rehearsal, is against the virus and not against the adjuvant.

There is no way to differentiate antibodies against the virus from antibodies against the adjuvant.

So the experts’ story falls flat. It’s a failure.

Moreover, who in his right mind would risk injecting an aluminum adjuvant into the body? Where is the proof that this is a safe practice? Obviously, nowhere.

Injecting aluminum, or some other metal, or different type of toxin will definitely produce an “enhanced” antibody response. The body is calling for all hands on deck to neutralize a clear and present danger.

This has nothing to do with fortifying the immune system against a virus. It has everything to do with combatting vaccine damage—often labeled “autism.”

The medical establishment will do whatever it takes to avoid calling vaccine damage Vaccine Damage.

Its mandate and oath to protect human life only extends to the people connected to the vaccine empire.

THAT is the war it fights; committing mass war crimes every day.

-- Jon Rappoport

Monday, October 30, 2023

Israel, Inc., the British Territorial Corp...and So What?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The last two days my desk has been awash with Henny-Penny doomsday predictions centered around the idea that the end of Israel, the nation-state, is predicated on the end of the Balfour Declaration --- that is, the end of the British Territorial Protectorate.

The end of Israel, Inc., and the end of the hoary Protectorate both signal the end of the British Raj in "Palestine".  

Though many people need to remember this common fact, you can reach the air jurisdiction by either land or sea.  

The sun setting of the sea-going British Crown corporation calling itself, "Israel, Inc.", opens up the possibility that Israel will begin lawful (land to air) commerce and put an end to its dependency on the British Raj and the duplicitous, violent, hypocritical form of colonial government that supports it. 

In other words, the end of Israel, Inc. is good news. 
It's not the end of the world. It's the beginning of a whole new opportunity for people to live at peace and self-govern.  

Pause a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Many generations of people have waited for this time to come. 

As of tomorrow, All Hallow's Eve, as we remember our loved ones who have died, we will have cause to celebrate new life and hope. 


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"Poison" Package Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are facing a new round of another old fraud scheme famously (and illegally) used by the Department of Justice back in the 1930's, which I call the "Poison Package Fraud".  

If they wanted to target someone, they simply had one of their flunkies send the victim a package containing some federally regulated substance, like a box of smuggled Cuban Cigars or booze that wasn't shipped into the country "legally" and so on.  

Today, the targeting scheme has become more sophisticated and the poisons are typically things like cocaine or fentanyl seized at the border but never inventoried as contraband.  These controlled substances are then sent through the U.S. Mail -- which is a felony -- to your name and address, by dirty private law enforcement agents who pretend that they intercepted the poisoned package, when they are the ones who were paid to send it. 

This is a technique used in Third World countries for targeting political opponents, and now, thanks to J. Edgar Hoover and Associates, it has come to America.  

They use the fact that you are the intended recipient of the poisoned package as circumstantial evidence that you are conspiring to commit a crime with persons unknown.  

Therein lies the important word "conspiracy".  That is what they try to hang the heavy lifting on, the idea that the Sender is acting in collusion with you, to import controlled substances of some kind into this country. 

But you aren't in control of whatever any unknown person might send to you in the mail for nefarious purposes and the postal laws recognize this, even if the "federal" scumbags try to hang their scams around your neck. 

If you are contacted by anyone pretending to be a Border Patrol Agent or some other federal officer telling you that a package addressed to you has been intercepted blah, blah, blah --- take down their badge number, name, etc. 

Send a nasty note to the Postal Inspector General, the US Attorney General, and the local U.S. Congressional delegation and object to this breach of postal law and attempt to misaddress you under the auspices of a known form of mail fraud that has been outlawed since the 1930s. 

Where's Elliot Ness when you need him? 


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"Better Control of My Tuesday Podcast"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

How about me taking better control of Coordinator Training?  Let's start there. 

Let's make it perfectly clear to the Coordinators --- it isn't your job or within your authority to "control" me. It's within my job description and my authority to control you.    

You are working with the Federation on behalf of your State Assembly to restore and bring your State Assembly into Session.  You are all volunteers.  You are all ASNs.  You are all expected to focus on the actual important work that needs to be done, and keep your noses where they belong--- which is in your State of the Union doing the best job you can. 

That is the sum total of your authority and job description. Period. 

You don't get to function as your own separate little middleman "government" electing yourselves to offices that don't exist and then proposing to use those offices to lord it over other people. 

That's how we got into this mess and trading one group of tyrants for another is not a viable answer. 

Yes, I heard your comments yesterday at the Coordinator's Meeting, talking about how you were going to seek means to better control my podcasts --- presumably to make yourselves look better when you make gross errors and trample the rights and disrespect the needs of the people unfortunate enough to be in "your" assembly?  

Yes, I listened and took notes. I am not going to be party to yet another usurpation against the people of this country operated in secret by Coordinators hiding under my skirt.

It's not "your" assembly, it's their assembly.

Your responsibility as a Coordinator is to act in good faith and upon the advice of the Federation to: (1) expedite the repopulation of your State of the Union, (2) properly guide the recorders when a question occurs, (3) help the members of the State Assembly get organized to convene a General Assembly and next,  to provide themselves with the services they need --- a properly functioning International Business Assembly, their own State Courts, and their own Assembly Militia.   

Anyone caught unreasonably delaying or obstructing the people from recording their birthright claims, or obstructing their membership in their assembly, is going to be toast.  

Anyone using vetting improperly, anyone using time outs improperly, anyone acting like a Nazi Control Freak and shirking their duty to educate and help people transition --- is going to be blackened toast. 

Anyone treading on the equal rights of free speech and sneaking in censorship favorable to their own viewpoints is going to be in the same waste bin. 

You are supposed to be getting answers from the Federation for your Assembly during the assembling process. Do so.  Don't presume that you have the answers. And don't make stuff up and pretend that it came from the Federation when it didn't. 

For example, you are not supposed to be making up things like Ad Hoc Committees in international jurisdictions and electing yourselves to offices that don't exist and which you have no authority to create.   

It pains me that I have to say something so obvious, but apparently, it's necessary. 

Don't put the Great Seal on State paperwork, making it look like it came from the Federation.  

Again, it pains me that I have to say something so obvious, but apparently, it's necessary.

And don't gripe because North Carolina had the gumption to do the Tuesday Podcast.  Any one of the assemblies could have done the same and didn't. 

Don't imagine that there is any competition implied between the Monday Webinar and the Tuesday Podcast, either.  

That's just more "competition indoctrination" making you assume that the moment two different things exist, they are in competition with each other.

That's not true.  

That's just more BS embedded like a time bomb in your psyche --- a "bomb" that serves to undermine all of us and causes completely misguided and unnecessary strife in this world. 

Watch yourselves and jettison the Corporate Crappola. 

Realize that you have been indoctrinated and trained like monkeys to accept and act upon an assumption of endless war and competition that only benefits our common enemies. 

Early on in this effort, we had fear-mongers preaching Federation Fear, because people were confusing our unincorporated Federation of States with the Federal Government they are too familiar with.  

We finally got past that, and now, more fear-mongering and people imagining "infiltrators" behind every bush and underlying every new 1779 Declaration. 

Realize that fear-mongering is the way of THOSE United States, not THESE United States.  We don't encourage our people to be fearful and suspicious and weak-minded and we don't use fear as a means to control people, either.  

So where is all this fear and fear-mongering coming from, if not the foreign corporate service-providers and the indoctrination they shoved onto us?  

Sure, there may be real live infiltrators coming into our assemblies.  So what?  It's up to us to grow a brain and identify and confront them.  Most of them are Ex-Cons being coerced and bullied to act as snitches. 

The rest of the real life infiltrators are Agency Personnel acting out of school. These rats come in two primary breeds. 

Breed Number One:  they are so arrogant they adopt obvious phony names like "Connie Cowcatcher" and say things that are patently over the top. They cast suspicion on everyone and everything and fear-monger and preach violence. They are like caricatures of "patriots" acting out their idea of what a "sovereign citizen" is and if you can't identify them you probably can't tell the difference between a pear and a grapefruit, either. 

Breed Number Two: they say little or nothing at all and just lurk around in the background like a piece of mold on a log. They blink once in a while or you would mistake them for lizards. They are very quiet. They have no opinions. They are there to watch and spread whatever little fear-mongering and doubt they can without drawing attention to themselves. 

There will be a lot of confused and ignorant people stumbling their way into our assemblies like refugees. That is a given.  Most of us were confused, too, and some of us still are, including some Coordinators. 

That doesn't mean they are "infiltrators".  

We have to prepare better new member orientation materials if we hope to meet the demand and maintain sanity.  A lot of people need to learn some surprising things quickly -- fundamentals that will reshape their vision of themselves and their world. 

Things like: 

1. You are a national of THESE United States, not THOSE United States.  Our United States are fifty physically defined States of the Union. Their "United States" are fifty British Crown corporations in the business of providing government services or fifty Municipal Corporation franchises in the same business. We are unincorporated.  They are incorporated. 

2. If you are a State Citizen in your State Assembly, you can be considered a Citizen of The United States, but otherwise, most Americans aren't citizens of any kind at all. 

3. The word "citizen" implies an obligation to serve a government, instead of the government having an obligation to serve you. Are you a government employee or the dependent of a government employee? 

4. We don't live in a democracy. We don't depend on majority rule, also known as mob rule.  We have our own "republican form" of government that upholds the rights and property interests of each one of us.  

5. We don't live under any Constitution, though we enjoy the benefit of Constitutional Guarantees.  We live under The Declaration of Independence, instead. 

6. 92% of Federal Code and 100% of State of State Statutes do not apply to us.  This is why Americans don't, generally speaking, stand under any Federal Code, and why State of State franchise statutes should never be applied to us. 

Only about 8% of all Federal Code, that which is published in the Congressional Record, may apply to average Americans if we choose to: (1) engage in federally regulated activities (manufacture, sale and interstate transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms) or (2) enter the premises of known and actual federally owned and operated facilities like Post Offices and Naval Dockyards. 

Please note that in the majority of cases, the actual States never ceded the land and soil underlying  "federal" facilities, and our money and our credit assets were used to build them.  This means that many facilities that appear to be "federal" actually belong to us and are State Trust assets.  

7. There are three separate populations of people in this country -- State Nationals, Territorial U.S. Citizens, and Municipal "citizens of the United States".  It is necessary for you to know which group you belong to and have reasonable evidence to prove it. 

8. We are guaranteed the right to live under American Common Law, while our employees live under Maritime and Admiralty Law.  We have the right to set up our courts and run them for our people within the boundaries of our States.  Our State Courts are Courts of General Jurisdiction that can judge the law and the facts of any case.  Their State of State courts are strictly limited tribunals that collect debts and punish employee infractions. 

These are the sorts of things that Coordinators should know and be teaching others, instead of standing around fear-mongering and spreading suspicions that every new member is an infiltrator, or demeaning new members for being "ignorant". 

Let me remind every Coordinator in this country -- there was a time when you didn't know, either, and from the evidence of recent events, there is still a lot for some Coordinators to learn. 

Better learn it now, because there's no room for Coordinators who are acting like tyrants, not doing their jobs, and bottlenecking progress. 

There's no need to look for infiltrators when you are acting like infiltrators yourselves and yielding the same results. 


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