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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Media Whores or Gagged Victims?

 By Anna Von Reitz

In answer to the many inquiries I have received about the silence of American Media: 

The U.S. Army has been in control of this country since 1863, and has imposed gag orders on the newspapers and radio since 1917.  They simply expanded their gag orders to television as it began to be popular, and now, they've gagged the internet. 

This has resulted in many decades during which America has been deliberately dumbed down and left isolated, unable to rightly assess what is going on in the rest of the world.  This has been done deliberately to manipulate and control public opinion in this country.  

Americans who knew the truth about Quadaffi's effort to form an African Union and enable the countries of Africa to have a common gold-backed currency-- that is, to do what we did ourselves back in 1776-- would never support the unprovoked attack on Libya and the murder of their leader.  

We wouldn't send our sons and daughters to do such a thing.  We wouldn't condone the use of our credit for such purposes.  We'd shut the crooked bankers and war contractors and corrupt generals down.  

If we knew.  

So it has become their business to keep us ignorant and manipulate us into believing or assuming things that simply aren't true, and also to keep us from knowing anything about what goes on in the larger world. 

Right now, there are 22 hot wars engaged worldwide, most of them in Africa, which is being systematically raped by mercenaries hired by the old colonial and corporate powers.  Reports put the death toll in Ethiopia alone at 800,000 people -- that's twelve Vietnams in less than a year, but we haven't heard a word about this mammoth continent-wide carnage from any major news source. Not a word. 

Since Dubbyah got away with his ridiculous and clearly disproven claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, public employees have been lying non-stop about nearly everything. Michael Hayden, former CIA Chief, came out and bragged about it on PBS.  

What more do you need to know?

These men who claim to represent you, are worthless Sons of Satan, lying their rumps off for fun and profit. And proud of it, too.  They have no moral compass, no common sense, and day by day and year by year, they have disgraced themselves and this country with ever-increasing audacity and contempt for the American people. 

The Apologists for all this criminality, the lies, and the senseless wars for profit, will tell you not to worry your pretty little head. It's all for your own good.  You don't know how the world works.  

This is coming from the same brigands who have usurped against your lawful government and made it their business (literally) to keep you dumbed down and clueless. 

It will come as a surprise to many people to learn that the same Directed Energy Weapons that were "tested" on Paradise, California and on Maui, Hawaii, have also been unleashed to destroy Acapulco:

And we haven't heard a word about it.  No rescue efforts have been mounted.  No humanitarian assistance is on its way.  

When first asked why this is, I replied that the Media is gagged --- and they are, but, people need to understand the greater scheme of this. 

All the corporations are owned, ultimately, by the Pope.  Anyone who works for a media corporation is gagged by the Pope's hired mercenaries as a condition of employment. 

They've bought all these corporations in your names and managed them "for" you.  You've paid the taxes for them. And been abused by them. 

It's the Pope's duty under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate all corporations that are operating unlawfully, and we have brought the claim to the Vatican Chancery Court to enforce against the offenders, but meanwhile, new offenders appear like dandelions in May. 

Francis, if he is still alive, knows that the clock is ticking. The cards have been called. 

The point is that this same control structure operated by False Trustees impacts corporations of every kind.  They are all publicly owned (in your names, no less) but privately managed, and therein lies the rub. 

People incorporated their businesses willy-nilly, without being fully or honestly informed about the pros and cons.  So they gave away their control and ownership interest in their own businesses and their private assets to the attorneys who were the ones advising them to incorporate in the first place. 

This gross unjust enrichment and usurpation of authority has taken place right under our noses and has impacted every corporation and every industry and every resource since it got started under FDR in the 1930's.  

It's not "just" the monster media corporations that are under gag orders. Every corporation you can name or think of, has come under the same gun.  And right about now, the members of the World Economic Forum are getting the same bad news. 


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