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Tuesday, October 31, 2023


 By Anna Von Reitz

Population, as a subject for public consideration and debate, entered the arena in 1798 when Thomas Malthus, an English (it's always the Brits) Economist wrote a little tract called "An Essay on the Principle of Population".  

In this essay, Malthus supposed that population growth was exponential and growing by powers of 2 endlessly multiplied, while the expansion of food production was arithmetic in nature and bound to always fall behind demand, thereby causing poverty and starvation. 

Thus, Malthus opined, population growth was a problem and reproduction must be strictly curtailed. 

This subtle idiocy has stood as the excuse for poverty, cruelty, and scarcity in the midst of abundance ever since, and more than two hundred years later, Malthus's ideas continue to dominate discussions about population simply because nobody bothers to observe that his theory has been disproven. 

So have the embroideries of his students, the infamous authors of The Population Bomb, a reiteration of Malthusian Theory spiced up and reissued in the 1960's, been disproven.  

If the theories of Thomas Malthus were correct, or the additional suppositions of his students, either, we would all be living on top of each other and eating Salted Straw and Dirt Kabobs for supper.  

This predicted theoretical result is directly and observably absent more than two hundred years later, so the Sane Man concludes that Malthusian ideas about population are rubbish, and he may or may not trouble himself to poke around and discern why they are rubbish.  

In either case, the Sane Man does not continue to use Malthusian Theory as the cornerstone underlying public policies concerning population --- which suggests that the members of the EU Parliament and members of the US Congress and the members making up the entire Chinese Government have all lost their minds. 

The Earth is observably not overpopulated and our ability to feed ourselves and our brethren worldwide is only limited by our own stupidity, selfishness, and overall refusal to invest in better means of waste management. 

China, which actually instituted a draconian policy of population reduction called the "One Child Initiative", is now completely undermined and facing a population collapse.  

The one resource that China had in great abundance was its labor force, and they suicided that resource, killed off an entire generation of Chinese girls, and left an entire generation of Chinese men without wives.  The consequences of this are just now being realized in Beiijing and people in governments worldwide are standing around like dumbfounded fools coming to terms with the fact that Thomas Malthus was wrong!  

He's been wrong for over two hundred years, but who's counting?  

Tragically, for the Chinese, they took the bait and shot themselves in the foot and now the cynical Brits have them in a lose-lose economic headlock, which is no doubt why the Brits and the Vatican have been at such pains to sell Malthusian Tripe to the Chinese and everyone else. 

Overpopulation is such a plausible lie, especially when it is washed down with quasi-scientific mathematics and graphs. 

Without their people, the Chinese lose their labor force, and without their labor force, they lose their economic engine, and without their economic engine they are ripe for precisely the starvation and misery they hoped to avoid by reducing their population --- and perhaps more to the point, these sufferings lead inexorably to regime change.  

Western regime change. 

With the Brits in Shanghai running HSBC and the Brits in Taiwan holding the money bags and dictating everything to the Chinese, they are set to make their Big Move. The parasite is preparing to take over their new Host, which they hope will be less troublesome than the awakening Americans.

Within ten years, the Chinese will be paralyzed, as most of Western Europe already is.  The politicians responsible for this debacle will be hiding and making excuses, scuffing their feet and trying to avoid public discussion regarding their failed population policies. 
And Thomas Malthus. 

One can only imagine the backdoor "corrective" processes that these same politicians have been invoking, such as trying to move vast numbers of refugees from Africa, the Middle East, and South America into the stricken developed countries whose natural population resources have been decimated by four generations of "population control". 

The public policy failure that this represents in terms of economics and culture can hardly be assessed, but one thing is certain --- most of the Western World is facing a population collapse right along with China. 

Meanwhile, those responsible, the Cynics in Whitehall, are counting the gold purloined from the dead simply by touting another plausible lie that nobody should have believed in the first place. 


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