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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Lord Love Jon Rappoport

 By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the Dinosaur Days (prior to 1965) we still had a reasonable number of American Journalists, but since then the numbers have dwindled steadily toward extinction. 

Please meet Jon Rappoport, one of the last of this notable Endangered Species. 

One of Jon's hallmarks is his uncanny ability to logically plow through the meat and guts of the topic under his scrutiny, and then--- deliver the shining one-sentence coup de grace that sums it all up.  

I am going to give you that one-liner from one of his recent articles about vaccines: 

"There is no way to differentiate antibodies against the virus from antibodies against the adjuvant."

The adjuvant is whatever carrier fluid they use to make the dead virus or bacteria (or nanoantenna assembly or plasmid or scrap of mRNA) injectable. 

So, antibodies are formed no matter what foreign material you put in your body, and the more foreign material you inject, the more antibodies are formed.

There is no way to tell if the antibodies were triggered by a dead virus or the adjuvant carrying the dead virus. 

You get an antibody response no matter what you inject and it is proportional to the amount of crud you inject, either way. 

So there is no way to measure vaccine efficacy by volume of antibodies in the blood. 

The whole Germ Theory, including the use of vaccines to immunize against viruses, is thus up for grabs. 

If you want to tune up your immune system and produce a lot of antibodies,  you might be better off injecting boiled potato water. 

Here's the whole article from Jon: 

The Vaccine Fallacy That Almost No One Mentions: 

THE fallacy stems from the fact that the viruses vaccines are supposed to protect against don’t exist. The viruses are fairy tales.

I’ve spent much time proving this over the years.

But for the purposes of this discussion ONLY, let’s assume the viruses do exist and do cause disease.

What is vaccination? It’s a rehearsal.

Some fragment or piece of a virus, embedded in the vaccine, will provoke the immune system to mount a defense. Specifically, front line scouts called antibodies will appear.

But the question is, since the rehearsal is successful, why is it necessary at all? We would expect the same positive result (with no rehearsal) when the real thing, the full virus, showed up in real life.

The rehearsal proves the body’s defense system was and is already prepared for the real thing.

This stunner puts the entire vaccine empire teetering on the edge of a cliff.

So the experts have a canned response.

They say the rehearsal is an “enhanced event.” It produces an extra-special magnified reaction from the antibodies, because something has been added to vaccines:

An adjuvant.

Often an aluminum compound, the adjuvant multiplies the antibody response, beyond what it ordinarily would be.

Thus, the rehearsal trains the immune system to mount a magnified attack against the virus when it really comes along, at a later time.

There is, however, a fatal flaw in this argument.

There is no way to prove the enhanced antibody response, during the rehearsal, is against the virus and not against the adjuvant.

There is no way to differentiate antibodies against the virus from antibodies against the adjuvant.

So the experts’ story falls flat. It’s a failure.

Moreover, who in his right mind would risk injecting an aluminum adjuvant into the body? Where is the proof that this is a safe practice? Obviously, nowhere.

Injecting aluminum, or some other metal, or different type of toxin will definitely produce an “enhanced” antibody response. The body is calling for all hands on deck to neutralize a clear and present danger.

This has nothing to do with fortifying the immune system against a virus. It has everything to do with combatting vaccine damage—often labeled “autism.”

The medical establishment will do whatever it takes to avoid calling vaccine damage Vaccine Damage.

Its mandate and oath to protect human life only extends to the people connected to the vaccine empire.

THAT is the war it fights; committing mass war crimes every day.

-- Jon Rappoport