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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

About the Texas Situation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Texas is the second largest State in the Union and we love her.  We don't want to see anything bad happen to Texas or the people who live there, so we work hard to prevent that. 

Texas also needs to protect itself, because there's just so much the Federation of States can do. So listen up--- we, the States of the Union, are in a use it or lose it situation.  

We form up our State Assemblies, stand up our courts, round up our militias --- or we don't.  

If we don't, our States cease to exist.  

Our States will disappear from the map like Czechoslovakia and get absorbed into the "North American Union" --- a globalist regional government consisting of Mexico, the "US" --- which isn't the American United States, BTW, and Canada. 

George W. Bush did this to you, so if you're mad as hell, he's your pin cushion. Don't blame the rest of us. And we will try not to blame you, either. 

Today, I suspended and removed the two Texas Coordinators who have been trying their best to get The Texas Assembly organized and keep your State on the map.  They have been trying, but they need more education and they need help. A lot of help. 

We need additional Coordinators to serve a State the size of Texas, upwards of a dozen people are needed. Those people need to be trained and get their questions answered, and we all need to stop flopping around here.  

It's not The Texas Assembly that has been suspended. It's your Coordinator team. These ladies have been struggling along, but they flat-out need more training and more help. 

So they are going to get it and if you care about your future and your rights and your lives, it's time to boot up. 

The Republic of Texas was a member of the old original Confederation of States, but both are long gone now.  All that remains of the original government is the State -- Texas.  It's the only boat afloat and you have to use it to get home. 

So stand firm and get your bearings. I haven't done this in spite. I have done it because Texas needs a whole lot more hands at the wheel and a lot more public education about what has gone on in this country since the Civil War.  

You need to learn what to do and then, you need to do it.  

Nobody outside Texas can do this for you. You have to save your State -- or not -- and now it's up to you.  


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