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Saturday, July 6, 2024

International Public Notice: Dear Derek Johnson, Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Armed Forces of this country have always depended upon volunteers, who largely bear the expense of their commission and equipment individually or by self-enactment of a tax at the level of the state as members of a state militia.  

We don't do "National Guards" and send them to places like Afghanistan. 

Ours is a different form of Armed Force than the paid-for military of the District Government, of which you are so fond.  It is the difference between a militia of the people and hired guns fielded by the foreign British-affiliated Territorial District Government. 

The Districts created by George Washington answered directly to the commander-in-chief not Congress and were part of the organizational structure of the Territorial Government as is the Office of the Commander-in-Chief itself.  All that is private, not public, incorporated not unincorporated. 


In order for these Districts to be created by the President, Congress had to give the President - power outside of the Constitution, as declared by Washington himself – these were not "emergency powers" per se; they were private non-delegated powers such as a corporation can exercise within its own operation or to fulfill its own functions. 

The so-called "Executive Jurisdiction" exercised by the same Office of Commander-in-Chief and recognized by the U.S. (Territorial) Congressional Act of 1845 is exactly the same kind of private prerogative of an incorporated entity granting a scope of action to its President that the office did not originally explicitly enjoy.  

It's all private "law" internal to the corporation, not the public.  


Martial law can be used as soon as the military is called upon to put down an insurrection or fight a war or engage in physical occupation; in this case, the for-hire British-affiliated and incorporated District Territorial Forces, e.g., U.S. Army have been occupying our country illegally since the 1860's.  

The reason that this is illegal is that the "Civil War" was not actually a war. It was a Mercenary Conflict.  And it was not an insurrection, either, as the parties engaged in this conflict did not have the standing to promote a political action. 


Put in another way, General Washington created District States, not state districts; and the military occupied, for example, the Pennsylvania District (Territorial District) until the insurgents went home, and disbanded when the rebellion ended. 

"The courts residing in these Territorial "District States", then are not Constitutional courts in which the judicial power conferred by the Constitution on the general government [of the Federal Republic] can be vested.


They are incapable of receiving it [thanks to the strictly limited nature of their venues].


"They are legislative courts, created in virtue of the general right of sovereignty which exist in the government, or in virtue of that clause, which enables Congress to make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory belonging to the united States."  

"The jurisdiction with which they are invested is not part of that judicial power which is conferred in the third article of the Constitution, but is conferred by Congress in the execution of those general powers which that body possesses over the

territories of the United States."

This is known as "territorial law" and is consistent with the exercise of powers delegated under the Northwest Ordinance, which permits the foreign British-affiliated District Forces, e.g. U.S. Army, to enter new territories and establish a temporary territorial government within the new state's presumptive borders. 

This form of law has been unnaturally prolonged in use throughout the Western States and those States formed during the so-called Civil War for want of the actual State Assemblies being in Session: there was nobody "home" to finish the process mandated by the Northwest Ordinance, so these States remained Territorial District States only until October 1st 2020, when the Assemblies of the pre-Civil War States unanimously enrolled and welcomed all the Territorial District States as fully empowered States of the Union. 

So let us consider this situation in terms of public Martial Law which is the Military Law of the Lawful Government of the States in time of war or insurrection or occupation, versus "Law Martial" which is Territorial law -- private law of District States and District Corporations engaged in Mercenary Conflicts. 

First, a statement of Martial Law which does not apply to forces deployed under Law Martial; that is, the following would apply if the battlefield were occupied by the lawful forces of the States, but as we've seen the forces deployed as, for example, the U.S. Army, were instead forces of the District States --- the Territorial States, operating under our delegated powers.   

Martial Law - Military jurisdiction - Military necessity – Retaliation: 

"Article 1. A place, district, or country occupied by an enemy stands, in consequence of the occupation,
under the Martial Law of the invading or occupying army, whether any proclamation declaring Martial
Law, or any public warning to the inhabitants, has been issued or not." 

The forces occupying our country have no recourse to Martial Law, only Law Martial, so have no "Martial Law of the invading or occupying army".  

"Martial Law is the immediate and direct effect and consequence of occupation or conquest. The presence of a hostile army proclaims its Martial Law."

Again, the only "law" possessed by the Territorial U.S. Army was Law Martial, not Martial Law, and the only means they had to invoke a court was as a Territorial Court --- a District State Court, not a State Court. 

"Art. 2. Martial Law does not cease during the hostile occupation, except by special proclamation,
ordered by the commander in chief; or by special mention in the treaty of peace concluding the war,
when the occupation of a place or territory continues beyond the conclusion of peace as one of the
conditions of the same."

By what right does an Army employed under contract by a peaceful civilian government and being paid by that government, become "hostile" to it? 

So here we have the two conditions under Martial Law, not Law Martial, describing how occupations end -- (1) special proclamation by the Commander-in-Chief; (2) peace treaty. 

Neither a Congressional Declaration of War nor any formal peace treaty ever ended the so-called American Civil War. 

So there was no actual "War" by parties competent to engage in war via any Congressional Declaration of War, nor any peace process ending it; there were, however, three Peace Proclamations issued in Public by President Andrew Johnson, that did not have the effect of ending the illegal occupation of our country by the Territorial U.S. Army. 

We are left with one of three possibilities: (1) Johnson did not have the proper Office and was not acting as Commander-in-Chief when he made the peace proclamations--- a situation similar to Joe Biden being "President", but not being the Commander-in-Chief; (2) Johnson's peace proclamations were a deliberate ruse by mercenary interests to confuse and defraud and disarm the public; (3) Martial Law (of the States) was being aped, but Law Martial (of the Territories) was being applied.   

Art. 3. Martial Law in a hostile country consists in the suspension, by the occupying military authority,
of the criminal and civil law, and of the domestic administration and government in the occupied place or territory, and in the substitution of military rule and force for the same, as well as in the dictation of
general laws, as far as military necessity requires this suspension, substitution, or dictation. 

This is the source of the repeated claim that, quote, unquote, "The Constitutions have been suspended." Once again, we are seeing the "appeal" to Martial Law, when Martial Law was never available to Territorial Forces.  Lincoln knew this.  Grant knew this. No doubt you know this, too, Derek, if you stop and think about it.  

Everyone also knows that any "military necessity" occasioned by the hostilities that ended in April of 1865 did not extend much beyond that, and could not be reasonably justified by any such tongue-in-cheek misrepresentations of "war" such as a "War on Poverty" or a "War on Drugs" for 164 years afterward.

Yet this is precisely what we see -- a succession of British-Territorial affiliated corporation Presidents acting as "Commander in Chief" making such declarations of "war" every two years and operating under "Executive Orders" that have nothing whatsoever to do with any authorities or delegations of power conferred by the people of this country. 

In other words, our employees have all been operating under Territorial Law--- Law Martial, not Martial Law; they've been running a Territorial "Congress" in place of the actual Continental Congress of the States or The United States Congress of the Federal Republic, and they've been occupying this country illegally under Law Martial and under color of law for over 160 years, simply by this ridiculous sleight of hand --- the Lieber Code, making constant reference to "Martial Law" when there was no "Martial Law" available to U.S. Territorial Forces. 

It's like talking about marital obligations in a whore house.  If you don't know where you are and who you are talking to, it can appear to apply and make sense, but the moment you come to your senses you realize that none of it applies to the situation in front of you. 

"The commander of the forces may proclaim that the administration of all civil and penal law shall continue
either wholly or in part, as in times of peace, unless otherwise ordered by the military authority."

Self-evidently, the "President" of the "USA, Inc." has no authority to write his own contract; also self-evidently, the Territorial USA, Inc. forces have no authority to conduct undeclared war "for" us and the "military authority" referenced in the paragraph above can only have been the British Monarch, except that the British Monarch wasn't actually ever operating as the King or Queen of England, and therefore had no "sovereign right" to conduct a lawful war of conquest nor any lawful right to occupy our country. 

It's a British Territorial fraud against America, wrapped inside a British National fraud against the Brits. None of it has been true or correct since 1707. 

What other possible option is left?  The Pope declaring a Holy War?  There is no evidence of that. 

The Roman Pontiff declaring a Municipal War? 

There is the agreement affiliating the Vatican forces represented as the Federal (Municipal) Civil Service with the Confederate States of America --- but as above, so below.  The Office of the Roman Pontiff attached to the Holy See was also a Territorial Office, which it had to be, in order to take part in an undeclared Mercenary Conflict. 

What all this adds up to, Derek, is a thoroughly illegal, immoral, and secretive occupation of our country by foreign mercenary interests that were supposed to be exercising our delegated powers in our defense, not acting as lackies for the British Monarch and the "Roman Pontiff" and being engaged in wars for profit, instead.  

This is gross criminal abuse of our flag, our resources, and our people at the hands of criminals acting in violation of their service contracts --- conducting wars for profit to the tune of Yankee Doodle.   

Both the facts and our direct experience indicate that the USA, Inc. secretly usurped against our lawful American Government and that the Territorial U.S. Army has illegally occupied our country ever since the so-called Civil War. 

What is further indicated is that the USA, Inc., has thoroughly dishonored our Title IV Flag entrusted to its use when exercising our delegated powers, and that both the HRE and the British Monarch acting as Principals have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their Service Contracts, that is, The Constitution of the United States (1790)  and The Constitution of the United States of America (1789). 

So, Donald Trump, appearing to be an American "Commander in Chief" when he is instead the District Territorial "Commander in Chief" is at the very least disingenuous and his actions and his inactions must be judged accurately for what they are. 

The only quasi-public notice of this circumstance otherwise given to the people of this country and the world, is the constant prating of the Tories, that is, British Territorials, about their "democracy" -- the mere mention of which should jerk Americans on their feet, realizing that our country has never been a democracy and therefore wanting to know WTH is going on here? 

This circumstance may be difficult to wrap your head around, considering the great duration of the fraud, but there is no statute of limitation for the crime of fraud and no excuse for continuing it. 

The Lieber Code, and that means the Hague Conventions also, are predicated on the fraudulent misrepresentation of a commercial Mercenary Conflict as a War, and the knowing substitution of Territorial Law Martial for Martial Law. 

Those who have done this have done this to profit themselves unjustly and have scourged and beaten, harassed, enslaved, and robbed their employers, in violation of the Laws of Earth and Sea and Heaven above; let them be so judged by history that their fraud is remembered along with the exact mechanisms and misunderstandings they used to procure these end results, so that this kind of travesty can never again succeed and these injustices never again have the ability to breed. 

This country belongs to the people who live here, not those who "reside" here.  Remember that, Derek. Remember that the Title IV Flag was loaned to the British Territorial Government for use when exercising our delegated powers -- not for when it was raping and pillaging and engaging in war for profit.  Remember that we, Americans, are not part of any democracy. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 6th 2024


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International Public Notice: Reply to Germany

 By Anna Von Reitz

The problem in Germany and in all other illegally occupied countries including The United States has been caused by being "represented" by British Territorial (USA, Inc.) Persons who are themselves limited by their allegiance (feudal fealty) to the British Monarch, who is a vassal of the Pope. 

They, the Occupiers, have no land rights and are permanently at sea, so their Monarch takes over as their Trustee on the land and soil, but if the Monarch vacates the land and soil, as the Brits have done circa 1703, the jurisdiction of the land and soil is vacated entirely and the law of those jurisdictions is also.  

The last land and soil jurisdiction Queen of England was Queen Anne (1702-14).  The land and soil of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales has been vacated for over 300 years and they are now scrambling and going in all directions trying to make up for their deceit -- to their own people and everyone else.  

Technically, with the thrones of those nations secretly vacated, those countries have not existed for 300 years.  That's why all of a sudden you hear about "King Charles of Scotland" and the Irish Clan Government, and our push for people everywhere to declare their birthright political status and realize that they are not "citizens" of these corporations and not subject to their foreign, private, corporate tribunals that were brought ashore under conditions of secrecy and deceit.  

All these courts operate in either Maritime Commerce or Admiralty jurisdiction.  

This is why their judges fall silent when we bring land law or soil law into their courts, or mention the Constitutional Guarantees we are heir to and which they actually owe us.  

They know that we have concurrent superior general jurisdiction, but out of loyalty to the Pope (in Municipal Courts) or the British Monarch (sea courts) --- not to mention their own bottom lines, as they collect booty and prize money on the side --- these officers have bullied it through and acted as privateers.

This has been accomplished by impersonating us as foreign citizens and misrepresenting our countries' land and soil jurisdiction government as being "vacant".  Whether England, The United States, or Germany, the game plan and scheme is the same. 

This is not a matter of political, religious, or racial differences; this is a matter of criminal constructive fraud.  The answer is hand-cuffs, not war. 

The English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh thrones have all been vacated since the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714) in favor of the "throne" of "Great Britain" -- an international land trust and trading corporation operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

The situation in Germany and through the rest of the world varies; so far as we can determine, Germany succumbed to this "occupied status" in 1918.  Australia in 1910.  And so on. 

The pattern resulting in each country being defrauded by its very own version of the British Raj in India is the same:

(1) Some kind of mercenary conflict or confusion or murder spree (as recently seen in Ukraine and Libya) either destroys or leaves the land jurisdiction government in chaos; (2) the British "Territorial" Government (usually using USA, Inc. Mercenaries or NATO Mercs (or NAZI Mercs?)) moves in on an "emergency" basis to "restore public order"; (3) they pretend that the lawful land jurisdiction government is "missing, whereabouts unknown" and this becomes their excuse for settling in and illegally occupying the victim country without the knowledge or consent of the people who live there; (4) they hire members of the Bar Associations to act as Mercenaries on Commission and set up foreign Maritime and Admiralty Courts on shore; (5) they impersonate and register the native population as "citizens" owing fealty to their Monarch and as "wards of the Crown" without the victim's knowledge or consent and use this to subject the victims to their foreign "law"; (6) they create franchise corporations operating under very similar names to familiar units of the actual government and substitute these for the familiar units of the lawful government so that the substitution goes undetected; (7) they set up their own "representative government" --- which represents their commercial interests --- and use legislative "statutes" and "codes" enforced by their own private corporate tribunals and private corporate police forces, to racketeer against the native population under color of law; (8) using these means and methods, they act as parasites, using the physical, intellectual and performance assets of the victims as collateral to borrow against, and cyclically bankrupting their own corporations to offload their debts onto the victims of this gigantic fraud and impersonation scheme; (9) meantime, the profits from all this are being exported offshore and money-laundered through foreign corporations named after the victims; (10) the split from all this is 60/40 between the Pope and the British King, as it has been since King Henry the Eighth.  

There are additional insurance and taxation frauds, monopoly interests and commodity rigging schemes that are very lucrative for the inland pirates. 

Every case that gets docketed in their courts is a bond, which gets traded in an elite "bundled bond" market that returns 96% conviction rates. 

We are each made to pay for life insurance policies on our own lives, which the Bounders collect on.  

Legal tender "laws" have forced us to trade actual goods and services in inequitable exchange for promissory notes that aren't even negotiable instruments. The list goes on and on and on.  

This is, obviously, an old evil. The modus operandi mimics clandestine operations of the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars -- sneaking into harbors under False Flags, swarming the wharves of foreign ports and claiming booty, while setting fire to all the other ships in the harbor before they can weigh anchor. 

But this isn't war.  It's a vast commercial crime.  All the elements of the entire schtick are recognized as crimes of fraud, impersonation, barratry, conspiracy, commodity rigging, false claims in commerce, racketeering under color of law, and so on.  The answer is hand-cuffs, not war. 

Of course, your priority is organizing your traditional land and soil jurisdiction government as quickly and intelligently as possible, so as to rebut any supposition that their continued occupation (and embezzlement) is in any way needed or desirable.  

The Rothschild banking interests have been central to all of this; the French Rothschilds have managed the Vatican's shady deals since 1823; the British Rothschilds have managed the British interests well-before Waterloo; the Swiss Rothschilds have received and keep the records of all the loot.  

This is why the Rothschilds and their Rockefeller collaborators and their banks are such a focus of world attention. 

This is why the Bank for International Settlements and the other Usual Suspects are pushing to develop "Mbridge" as a replacement for the SWIFT System and pushing "Central Bank Digital Currency" and also hoarding "Gold Revaluation Accounts" --- which they calculate will bring them back to solvency, even though the gold in those accounts has been stolen from other parties entirely.  

Neither the Department of the Global Federal Reserve (Rothschild et alia) nor the Octagon Group (their version of a mutually assured destruction pact) nor Bank for International Settlements (63 co-conspirators) nor the IMF (the Bag Man in the group) are coming clean about any of this skullduggery. 

They have to come clean and all this fraud has to stop, or there is literally no sane way to conduct business nor any reason to trust any conventional banking institution. 

So, we recommend reclaiming your stolen identity and birthright as a start, getting your bank account with the Global Family Bank set up, and restoring your lawful land and soil jurisdiction, government, court system, and everything else. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 6th 2024


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